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DRC, Cape Verde and Tunisia settling-in at Group B base

Sports DRC, Cape Verde and Tunisia settling-in at Group B base

While Zambia were still marooned in Johannesburg, their three 2015 Africa Cup Group B opponents are already stretching out at their Ebebiyin base.

Operational reasons have been given by officials for Zambia’s 72 hour delayed departuire in Equatorial Guinea after the team failed to arrive in Malabo at lunchtime on Wednesday.

DR Congo arrived on Wednesday after flying in from neighbouring Cameroon where they were camped for two weeks and even trained later in the afternoon.

Cape Verde too are in Ebebiyin after flying from Senegal via Benin on Wednesday after camping in Dakar where they had stopped over for four days from Portugal to play a friendly against Congo Brazzavillle that they won 3-2 last Saturday.

Tunisia also landed in Equatorial Guinea after flying straight from Tunis.

Meanwhile, Zambia are only expected to leave on Thursday at 14h00 for Equatorial Guinea via Addis Ababa and land in Malabo on Friday just 48 hours before they face DR Congo in their opening Group B match on January 18.



  1. It’s time we changed faz administration at the next polls. We have tolerated this nonsense for a long time and it seems their is no improvement and the situation is not promising to change

    • No. It’s time to change the people at Ministry of Sport because they are the ones who make travel arrangements. Or rather change the people who plan the travels. To me there seem to be so many incompetent people at the ministry who do not understand soccer or let alone what it means to arrive early at a games venue. FAZ does not make travel arrangements please.

  2. What is the problem with zambian organisers? What kind of dulness is this? Probably Who ever bewitched the zambian person is not alive by now – DIED LONG AGO.

    Every time we seem to fall into the same ditch and yet we never learn…..we almost did not qualify because of this poor organisation and yet we are at it again.

    I HAVE STOPPED………………………………

  3. You know if people over stay in one position as leaders two things are bound to happen :-

    1. They will either run out of details or

    2. Ideas will run out of them.

    When did Zambia qualify for the Afcon? Didn’t FAZ know that the team needs to be in Malabo by Wednesday?

    Remember the Ghana fiasco in London where the national team used students. Remember the Cape Verde fiasco also!!

    The coach has no contract…This is drama. I think Kalusha and his minions should go at the next general conference. We need Solomon Kapona

    • Even this coach Janza, how do you work without a contract? This is shameful..Hope the boys will reach quarter finals. Meanwhile its HH2105.

  4. Guys lets not crucify Kalu i am sure he is not the one to blame anyone who comes in can experience this, it is because FAZ depends on Government so if they were told that they will hire a plane for them and then last minute the change what do you expect Kalu to do, for sure there will be plan B until Faz stops depending on Government this will Continue and some people will say 99% of Nation teams in Africa depends on government but how do the get it right, i leave it here Kalu must come out and explain himself why this embarrassing situation before the AFCON AND NOT AFTER.

  5. Kalusha is broke and is busy trying to earn a living, attending FIFA functions at the expense of team. His prime interest is not the team but very good at assessing what he can chew from what is taking place. His friends Abedi, Weah, Okocha etc made money when they were still playing. Him wants to make money now. He is an *****!

  6. This is more of a reflection on the incompetence of our government than it is of FAZ. The government knows how important soccer is as a motivational factor in our country. Instead of helping FAZ achieve self reliance and funding the minister of Sport has spent two years fighting and harrasing innocent students at UNZA. KAMBWILI was busy trying to get RB to support Lungu instead of actually doing his job. If nothing else Sata was right about one thing “USELESS MINISTERS”.
    Meanwhile does anyone know of any farmers that got paid today?

  7. Regardless of what FIFA says, the kwacha stops at Kambwili’s doorstep. He should have requested for a schedule from the incompetent colleagues at FAZ and monitor the progress, possibly on a weekly basis.

    Who can fire Kambwili now?

  8. Kambwili is used to casualization even at his company in luanshya employees struggle to get paid now he wants that to be taken at national level. what a shame a national team coach working without a contract, Kambwili m
    ust rethink this RUBBISH

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