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Five party presidents turn up for presidential debates

Headlines Five party presidents turn up for presidential debates

The logo for the presidential debates beams on a TV screen at Mulungushi international conference centre in Lusaka
The logo for the presidential debates beams on a TV screen at Mulungushi international conference centre in Lusaka

Five political party leaders turned up for presidential debates at Mulungushi International Conference Centre last evening ahead of the January 20, 2015 by elections.

The Muvi TV and Hot FM organized debate featured candidates from Forum for Democratic Development (FDD), United Party for National Development (UPND), National Restoration Party (NAREP), Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and Green Party (GP).

The heated debate was this evening tailored on unemployment, labour and social protection, water and sanitation, environment and climate change, Agriculture and Health.

FDD president Edith Nawakwi said she will review the school curricula and incorporate technical skills in order to solve the problem of unemployment.

Ms/ Nawakwi pledged to promote a system where farmers will have total control over there produce and be able to maximize profits accordingly in order to boost the Agriculture sector.

And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on his part said he will revamp the Agriculture sector by supporting a good market system by introducing fair selling prices.

Mr/ Hichilema said he will reduce the retirement age from 65 to 55 in order to allow youths to explore their potential by having access to decent jobs.

NAREP president Elias Chipimo says Zambia was missing quality leaders by not utilizing the natural resources that the country is endowed with further sating that he will out natural resources to good use in boosting the Agriculture sector.

Mr. Chipimo said to fight unemployment he will introduce the public procurement process where funds will be made available to the vulnerable.

And MMD president Nevers Mumba says small scale business men will be empowered in order for them to be able to add value to the produce that are found in different localities.

And Green party president Peter Sikamba says under his admiration trade unions and farmers funds shall be formed in order for them to have access to capital further stating that value addition is a myth without capital.

He maintained that to create job opportunities he will legalize Marijuana production through the Zambia National Service which will be grown in high security zones.

The debate which kicked off at 18:00 hours was beamed on Muvi TV and was live on Hot FM , Liseli, Yasatsani, Icengelo and Zambezi Radios.


The Statement below circulated to media houses is FRAUDULENT.  PF Media Team has not issued this statement. As LT we Sincerely apologise to PF for not counter checking with them and their official media channels.


15 January 2014

Official statement on tonight’s MUVI TV Presidential debate

Many of you asked in person and on the internet why I am absent from tonight’s MUVI TV debate, to which I felt a response was required.

The answer is very simple – why should I, having only recently been elected leader of the PF, have to defend my party’s record of the past amongst such an audience?

I appreciate that my decision may have disappointed some of you who would have liked to have seen me on the stage, but why should I let my political opposition candidate, who is well trained to point out these issues, try to humiliate me through issues that were no fault of my own? That would not be right.

If I can win these elections next Tuesday, as I really hope to do, then I will build my own reputation through my own policies. I will try to make things better and to repay all of my fellow supporters who have fought so hard for my campaign, and deserve to have more food on the table.

Once I have executed my own policies and forged my own reputation as President, then I will be prepared to be judged by public opinion in a debate. But to do that now I believe would be foolish and unnecessary. I apologise to all those that decision disappoints.

I trust you can all understand this position and I urge you all to vote for me on 20th January.

Thank you and God Bless.

Hon. Edgar Lungu
PF Party Presidential Candidate


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  1. am listening to the debate right now,,,, sivintu!, if you ask me,,, Nawanki, HH and Chipimo are the real deal, i dont mind anyone of them becoming president,,,,


      The REAL Axis of Evil

      Currently at loose, some are suspected mental patients suffering from severe cases of DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, they are accused of TRYING BUT FAILING TO deceive bloggers and inciting hate by vomiting the usual tribal insults

      1 Wanzelu
      2 Blago
      3 Wantanshi
      4 Nostradamus
      5 Mei Matungu
      6 One Hit Wonder
      7 Anderson Chisala

      Under observation in the mental ward

      1 Dude Love / Jessie wa mu town
      2 Biggg Hhhheaded
      3 Sido Mark

    • Agree with you Ndobo.

      ED should have been there but it is probably better he didn’t shoot himself in the foot so close to the big day.

      GREEN: Great intent. Our military will be as high as kites during his reign.

      MMD: Mumba rushed and jumbled but had his moments.

      NAREP: Chipimo often resorted to analogies and life experiences, he shows the sparks of brilliance one would like to see exhibited in any head of state.

      FDD: Well rounded knowledge, confident and practical. No doubt that she has put a lot of thought to her vision.

      HH: Great speaking tone. Speaks with good knowledge base and holds his own. Makes killer points.

      Would love to actually see them work together in the future.

    • I agree, Nawakwi was and continues to lead the debate. First half Elias came second best but in second half (as it is presently going live) Nevers has come equally good. Edith, followed by Nevers Mumba/Elias seem to be good.
      But I have my reservations about all of them- Will they do -Walk the Talk? I am not talking from nowhere. I know in-and-out of four of them (minus Green Party Mr. Sinkamba).
      Actions of all of them are different from their speeches and tract record.

    • The debate is ongoing…. talked about foreign policy. Yes, you read right. No creating jobs by employing relatives unneccessarily. This was Dr. Mumba contributuin

    • Hahahaha Lungu, that is a lame excuse…. the chap just can’t debate with the likes of HH and Chipimo, he was indeed going to look foolish.

      But if Lungu says he was going to continue the Sata’s legacy, why can’t he protect and defend it during the debate?

      Lungu is simply dull…. we need to differentiate dullness from humility, Lungu is not humble but dull.


    • ALungu is the boss now…he needs to explain the pangas at least! He keeps on saying he is going to continue Sata’s work, well that is something worth ‘selling’!! Besides, he has being a top boss for years, even acting Presedo many a time! This guy is just scared to meet people who can articulate issues!

    • If Zambians make the Mistake of voting for the absentee landlord Edga Lungu next week, they will be putting the final nail in the coffin of a dying country. Can you believe the explanation he has given above for his absence. He says he doesn’t want to defend Sata’s record, but he has been campaigning on this same record. He says he does not want to be embarrassed, is he admitting that others are better than him. Lungu is depending on tribalism and Kaponyalism for these elections. That’s it!!

    • Tomorrow debate is Muliokela vs Lungu. Same calibre. Obviously Lungu will cjicken out again. What a chicken….lol. A coward president. Miles was better for PF. Atleast he had a one on one debate with Muhabu before. HH is the real deal.Chipimo good one too bro. Nice.

    • Lame excuse, Edgar Lungu is a visionless sole loser! Wina ngati azintundila par debate!
      4 days left until PF is democratically kicked off.

    • Here is an intelligence report from the OP. They have done there survey country wide. They are saying that, HH will win elections by 55%, EL 34%. BUT, they are saying PF will attempt to rig votes by: 1, they will start counting in all UPND strong holds. 2, later on, they will start counting in PF strong holds covering the gap. 3, as they get closer, they will now send all their cadres to the High court and start chanting PF victory and celebrating that EL is now the new republican president. Then justice Ireen mambilima will fail to announce the true winner. 4, they are saying, UPND should send their cadres to the High court first.
      4 days left,PF is being buried!

    • hey 2020 my dull little friend how about a little insight into that unbelivably cowardly statement from your visionless and cowardly leader lungu. quickly before my meds kick in.

    • The official statement”deemed fraudulent” tells the exact story of why Kaminamisa Lungu did not attend the debate. The writer should be highly prased for this.

      Lungu is not able to defend his parties numerous shortcomings – period. And would seriously dent his chances and expose his weaknesses, so best strategy is to stay away.

      Viva HH

    • imwe ba Lusaka times mwatina Edgar is a fool himself and has dull advisors who are wrongly destroying him by not advising him intelligently jobseekers.


      OH DEAR DEAR .


    • HH Didnt make much sense in his arguments, He was too hollow, but NAWAKWI is good. I like Nawakwi she has vast experience and spoke practical ideas. She at a point said “we dont need just a good man in state house but a good constitution that will guide a man in state house” this was immediately after HH said we need a good man in state. On many occasions Nawakwi shot down HH’s ideas. HH was too much in praising himself and drawing too much attention to himself than debating the subjects presented. Nawakwi made lots of practical sense than all of them their today.

    • Elias Chipimo killed it tonight. He was head and shoulders above all the other candidates combined. Edith came a distant second and HH third. Elias is one for the future. He was eloquent, composed and articulated his points clearly. After Edgar Lungu, we need to consider this man seriously. For now Edgar must work closely with Elias. Honestly HH didn’t live up to the hype and came off as proud and distant. The Green party idea needs to be tested and piloted like the USA is doing to generate money in Colorado today- he maybe on to something big- like develooing a fully fledged pharmaceutical manufacturing industry not just for majurana. All in All the debates were a fantastic platform and hope we get more of these in 2016.

    • That was a snub to the people of Zambia by Edgar Lungu. Maybe they should put him in front of a live TV camera so he can show the Zambian people the middle finger.

    • @2020vision: Now pay attention to my words, it’s free advise but it will pay wildly profitable dividends if you apply it diligently. Ready? Here we go: if you combine your accute vision with Dan Munkombwe’s deadly instincts to pin-point with cruise missile accuracy exactly where the food is, you would abandon that canoe faster than a frightened ghost. Munkombwe is better than all opinion polls to predict where the gravy is. Just follow his scent



    • Iam very disappointed with the level of contribution by most LT bloggers.You failed to distinguish between who was only using spiced English but no practicle solution and jumbled points ,just because he was speaking fast(Chipimo)The only to mature and well composed debaters were HH and Nawakwi.Mumba started very well but messed himself when it come to the constitution and foreign policy when he criticized America,I could see the USA ambossader very disappointed.Sinkamba was the list.All in HH is in his own class and completely out shined his counterparts I coud see defeat in the eyes of nawakwi .She could acknowledge HH’s points .HH was composed,well dressed,his getsures and posture together with the voice projection was that befitting a president.He was able to put points cleary.

  2. El is a humble person. He is speaking honestly, a rare commodity to find amongst politicians. I agree with him that he was not captain of the ship. The ship had its captain and many First Engineers like of Chikwanda who is on record (through the Post recording) that he was running the company. I like Mr. Lungu for his forthrightness and fighting all odds (GBM’s pompous money, Kabimba’s arrogance and manipulations, Cartel’s badmouthing and UPND blame game) and coming out strong. I wish him well. I will definitely vote for him and convince my colleagues to vote for him.
    Edith is good alternative and if she can join PF government after elections it will be good for Zambian Republic.

  3. Did the president say would be foolish for him to attend the debate? I think it was foolish not to attend. Any person seeking public office of president should be able to face the electorate and the opposition to explain their vision. He said he wanted to continue with Sata’s legacy now he has changed and says he wants to execute his own policies. People want to know those same policies. We don’t want to be taken by surprise. My vote goes to ….

  4. what an excuse….May the Lord Almighty have mercy on Zambia and give us a President with a head, not this EL who doesnt know what he stands for…

    • Lungu is following Sata’s vision who never faced cameras at state house to answer question from the press up to his grave.

  5. I like this Green Party guy. He appeals to my chuckle side big time. He has some great points though. Top class comedy except he’s kinda serious. Somewhere in all that crazy talk is some actual brilliance. Green Party for Prez. He’s going to make us $15 billion a year selling Mary J. It’s got to be done… for medicinal purposes of course. Guarded by the military and with caboodles of cash being promised to all key sectors. He has golden dreams!

    • kekekekekek…. i like the man he is `cure` of depression, i cant stop laughing when he speaks!!!,,,the guy is so funny

  6. Wow, this is amazing state of affairs. Like I have indicated Zambia will come out the other side as a glowing example never seen before on the continent. I love this country from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Edgar has no vision of his own & taking him for a debate is merely exposing him. However, his explanation does not hold water. PF has a manifesto which Mr. Lungu is fully aware of the contents in it. I wonder what he means when he says he is following late President’s vision. President Sata was merely following the PF manifesto to execute some of the projects. Would I be wrong if I say Zambia soon we have a mediocre president who cannot articulate himself to the public? What legacy then is Lungu following. It would have been better if Mr. Lungu defended the PF manifesto than to chicken out of presidential debate and give a lame excuse.

    Zambian people open your eyes and vote wisely. Otherwise you will blame yourself if you vote for Lungu. He will be controlled by RB. Vote wisely

  8. Foolish reason by Edgar. If he knows he’s not well trained in national issues then why is he standing for president. Atase.

  9. Edgar Lungu never issued that statement it’s purely fabricated at no time has Edgar ever issued a statement himself always it’s done by pf media through the SG

    • “I am Edgar Chagwa Lungu, and I approve this message.”

      To avoid being misrepresented, the foregoing statement would save his pattooty.

    • Then he’s not even worth to be a leader if he cannot control what comes from his office, Disorganisation at its best

    • #Mkm. I am sure the police will start some investigations soon as to who leaked the most private and honest thoughts and fears of EL from the Justice Ministry..

  10. EL, I agree with you that you were going to be humiliated without mercy. In summary you are not following Sata’s vision. You are visionless.

  11. EDgar,

    Why are you talking about a chance to implement your own policies when you’ve said time and time again you’ll continue Sata’s legacy??????

    You’re now talking out of your rear end. There’s no need for explanation – you knew you have poor grasp and articulation of issues and were afraid that everyone would be witness to your bumbling on stage.
    We are not children that can be hoodwinked – You don’t have the capability to be president, and we know it – so do you.

    • The letter attributed to Mr Lungu is fake. Please LT be professional and verify the source. Pull that letter off your site, it is unprofessional. Why can you contact Mwamba to verify.



  12. Mr Lungu has repeatedly said he is carrying on Mr Sata’s vision, what has changed now?? Why didn’t attend the debate, whay are you afraid to defend Mr Sata’s vision??? You are the most dull lawyer I have ever seen. I hope people will see through. Thank you

  13. Mr. Sata only gave you those offices to hold for him temporarily while he was sick because you were the least threatening to his own position – you were too dull to even aspire to the presidency.

    He didn’t recover and that’s why you are where you are, and Zambia is where it is. Don’t come here and spew crap about you’ve only been there a short time. YOU WERE A PART OF PF AND HAVE PLEDGED TO CONTINUE THE LEGACY!!!!!

    See how stup!d you sound? Sha!

  14. ‘Am shocked to hear that Vodgar will start his own policies when he has often times that he had no vision of his own but simply to continue with late sata’s vision. Dangerously he says he will reward those who have campaigned for him. Is this not a terrible strategy? Rewarding your cadres and not the nation? What a useless man this chakolwa is.

  15. Edgar Lungu, the court of public opinion can be brutal but your response does not inspire confidence either. Its a shame.

    • Well, it turns out that EL did not issue any statement. I also take back my statement.

      Actually LT, that was a serious lapse on your side as a media outlet. You always have to verify sources of information before they are published. I have always considered you to be quite balanced when it comes to reporting on events. Even more balanced than most mainstream media outlets. Based on your past record, I will only conclude that there was no negative intention involved.

  16. After watching the debate, I now understand why Edgar Lungu decided not to participate. There is no way he could have made any sense among those 5 great minds. No way. He would have lost even the little confidence some people have in him. Anyway, surely what do you expect from someone who is managed by bena Willie Nsanda, Kambwili, Cipuba Mukanga, Kalaba, Rupiah Banda, Jean Kaputa, Nkandu Luo and team? Just look at that team!!!!But Zambia. Awee sure.

    • Python You are right. it was a pleasure to watch. Just imagine if Zambians voted for any of these candidates (apart from Sinkamba) instead of the likes of you know who and the man he left in charge EL. Afraid to be on the same stage with his fellow competitors. No excuse will do for being absent. oh and shame on ZNBC, you see people we don’t need them, just invest in the private media, you get quality and value for money. Congratulations to Muvi TV, So proud to be Zambian tonight.


  18. Waste of space Edgar fool bastard ,no clue no vision even a dog would have done better .

    When are the medicals ?

  19. as usual, coward and dull pf president. cant debate with intellectuals like hh. you can tell from the way his apology letter is constructed; even my grade 7 eleven year old girl can write better English!!!! God save us from another round of mediocrity. kick out these lumpens!!!

  20. Is this statement truly from Mr. Edgar Lungu, the PF Presidential candidate. If it is true, it is shocking and completely unacceptable! Political Parties at these debates use the occasion to explain their Party Policies on matters of national interest not their individual views/positions. Mr. Lungu has been a Senior PF Minister since 2011, he has acted President before under PF. At these levels it is PF and Government Policies and their implementation that are discussed everyday. How can Mr. Lungu say what he has said. I hope someone from PF can clarify this statement, it doesn’t make any sense at all!

    • It has been clarified Mr. Woods, it is a fake and was not verified with the PF camp before being published. I was also shocked to read it because if you have read anything of his in the past and understand his style of writing, this statement did not fit him. My reference point being the shenanigans that we were subjected to during his infighting with Guy Scott. People may acuse of being a poor speaker, but he does have very good command and articulation of the Queen’s language on paper.

  21. What!? Okay folks, lets take our partisan hats off for just a moment and reason together in an objective manner.
    Kindly read over Lungu’s reasons for not attending the debate. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Now please recall that
    the foundation of Lungu’s campaign is the continuation of Sata’s legacy. Now he refuses to attend a debate because he cannot be held accountable for the poor performance of Sata’s administration??
    Fellow Zambian’s, how can we continue to shout “ifunthu ni Lingu” in the face of such flip flopping behavior. Fellow Zambians, please remember that leadership is primarily a function of who you are. This is young Zambia’s Golden Jubilee year. The time is ripe for us to demand national leaders that command respect and admiration purely by their…

  22. EL was scared to be on direct screen for long time incase he needed a sip to stop him from shaking or could have gone there drunk and start being violent for lack of ideas

  23. If I am elected president ‘I will build my own reputation through my own policies’, says Edgar Lungu. All along he has repeatedly indicated that he will go by Sata’s vision (whatever that is) and now that appears to have changed. Is he getting muddled up already?

    Secondly, I think it is unwise for him to prioritise the ‘repaying of his supporters who campaigned for him’. The danger is, whether he likes it or not he will never please them all, they are selfish and a greedy lot. They will pose a huge problem for him and will fail to govern.

    His reasons are for chickening out of the debate are laughable and mean that he has completely nothing to offer. He is just busy de-campaigning himself on a daily basis.

  24. HH tells Mumba country cannot be run on morals alone but on morals coupled with capacity and not also a country running behind the group of knowledge.

  25. Performance from best to last

    1) Chipimo: I think NAREP needs a closer look. It’s president was the biggest winner since he gained more mileage than the others. He has my vote for 2021.

    2) Nawakwi: was solid and confident. Well rounded as well. She can make a good president as well. She speaks to the issues that matter in a household.

    3) HH: came out firm on his points and his belief in the promise of economic management and prudence. I think he was able to talk to the undecided in the swing provinces of LSK & CB.

    4) Nevers: was the best on foreign policy. Sparks here and there.

    5) Sinkala: shouldn’t have been on that stage. Mainly spoke about ganja, when livelihood are at stake.

    I think the post-election landscape is looking up. Less junk.

    • Miss Pretty you are right. LT needs to issue a separate post on this. Everone keeps reading the post and conveniently ignoring that it is fraudulent and posting all kinds of things. Personally I believe that it is a fraud because the statement on repaying supporters is not one a politician would make publicly and in such a manner. Also references to ..”my political opposition candidate who is well trained to point out these issues..” is not in line with him.. I know you don’t like the guy but I also see reasoning in your writings. He may be a lot of things, maybe not even a great speaker, don’t know, but his style of writing is more refined than the email attributed to him.

    • No apology should be given here. In any case he hasn’t given a reason for his absence so that the undecided voters can hear from him too. This iddiot chickened out and he still wants to lead the country? You cant be serious! The truth is that he could have been annihilated by these intelligent candidates. He wasn’t going to be a match hence kuingila pachani.

  26. Aba ma dizzy nkanshi mwasumina ati muli bwa mwenso!!! Edgar Lungu behaves like nkhuku za loan! Too scared to face the voters and his opponents. Thats the best mediocrity that came out of PF? Sad

    • The fact that it is not on Watch Dog is even more reason to believe that it is fraudulent. Do you honestly believe that if this statement had truly been issued by the PF Media Team, ZWD would not have been the first to report it and point out just how bad EL is? Let’s be objective and also fair.

    • @Olympia Extension Chick!

      Thank you. LOL.

      Want PF cadres to acknowledge that the ZWD is also fair in it’s reporting. Ok at least 99.99%. 🙂

    • @Olympia Extension Chick: the argument by Pretty is that LT is pro-Lungu and the presence of Vodka Chakolwa Lungu’s statement on LT should be credible. If the statement was on ZWD you would have been howling your empty heads off about pro-HH propaganda. I am inclined to believe this statement and the PFoolish flip-flopper has just sobered to the fact that he has shot himself in the head.

  27. The debate has exposed hh as an under five. Watching him was embarrassing! Self centered and just focusing on farmers not been paid! Chipimo outsmarted the lot followed by Nevers and Nawakwi. Is this what the upnd cadres were eager for us to watch? A Whimp of a leader, ECL has again proved better in thinking tactics! Novices! Pabwatofyee!!

    • Did you have a problem with the TV? It seems you were watching something totally different, ZNBC maybe? Are you not the same cadres who said EL shouldn’t attend, it didn’t matter you said. Why were you even watching? Why is your candidate embarassing himself by trying to explain why he didn’t attend

    • Jayjay, you are right. HH was self-praising and Edith showed him his true place-Nowhere.

      Edith shall after elections be consulted and all good ideas be taken and implemented. If she is willing she can join government, afterall EL is president for all.

      Edith scored 10, Elias 8, Never 6, HH 3, Sinkamba 2

  28. You tested the waters to see how your first reason for absence would be received. You realize it’s actually lost you support so you pretend it’s a mistake.

    Ok go back to the drawing board to manufacture Reason #2.

  29. Okay so this Lungu guy claims to be continuing Sata’s vision but fails to defend his mistakes? What a coward, at least he has admitted that the late MCS destroyed the country and he will probably be worse since that was his mentor. YOUR TIME IS UP PF, NEXT WEEK YOU WILL BE GONE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH YOU CANNOT CONTINUE TO DESTORY OUR GREAT NATION

  30. Keep on wasting your time on those debates or believing opinion polls by Costa Mwansa (a certificate holder) while mass Zambians have already decided to vote for Edgar Lungu next week.recall in this election, we want to defeat tribal leader (HH) then shame spoilers like GBM,Masebo who think they own voters in Kasama and Chongwe.if you have ears and eyes then you’ve heard and seen how popular Edgar Lungu is on the ground!!!HH WILL BE SHOCKED AND RETIRE BCOZ IN 2016 ONLY TONGAS WILL LISTEN TO HIS FAKE AND TRIBAL MESSAGES BCOZ A LEADER LIKE HIM IS A DANGER TO OUR PEACE!!! IFINTU NI LUNGU!!! GO PF GO!!!

    • Eddy you can’t be a mass Zambian!! You are a single Zambian so let everybody wait for next week. You are asking your friends to wait while you go ahead and claim victory based on nothing. That doesn’t make sense.

  31. PF was not deabting bcoz they can’t articulate issues properly,they’ve got no vision and couldn’t defend their awful record in office.

    PF ni chama cha wafisadi,vipofu na wajinga.

  32. Okay if that EL statement is a fake sorry for commenting on it. BUUUT if Lungu had shown up at that debate I am afraid it would have been a disaster for him, so good move not showing up. I don’t think he would have managed going up against Nawakwi, HH and Chipimo, he would have been slaughtered.

  33. Only dull people can not see that the letter is fake. Mind you Lungu has LLb degree and debating,reasoning are part of any lawyer’s job. Go to UNZA and you will agree with me how hard it is to get a degree. What can ka costa ask which Lungu can fail to answer? Go back to school guys. For Lungu its better he continues campagning because he was busy sorting out the cartel first. Season greetings to all Zedians.

  34. Similar trend in Botswana’s last election. Khama left the debates to the 2 leading opponents but still trounced them election time. These debates are of limited influence and relevance. No wonder Cameron is also trying to duck them in the UK. Why do we have to APE everything American when their democracy if far, far from perfect. Our literacy levels are amongst the worst in Africa and debates in the Queens langauge are useless to speakers of the native tongue. Abash presidential debates.

    • @43 Ba Folosho

      In any case you can clearly see that NONE of the headless UPND Cadres have moved away from HH to back Nawakwi who has been agreed to be the best debater.

      So what is the point of these debates?

      Zambians pick a side and stay on it!

  35. Must be hard being a PF supporter on such days. It hard when you candidate can only articulate the use of violence but refuses to show for an issue based discussion.

    Pathetic Formular.

  36. That is an honest draft letter of EL’s most private thoughts and fears of public debates leaked by someone from the ministry of justice.

  37. EL attending a debate organised by Muvi TV??? No ways!!! Not with what Muvi has been doing against PF. Muvi have been bought off by HH and have been covering him all throughout this campaign period. Just look at the logo for the presidential debate, all UPND colours!!!! Muvi have never said anything good about PF and you expect EL to grace their debate? No ways!! A once loved TV of choice is now the most abandoned. The National Broadcaster is more professional than Muvi. So EL was right not to attend. There are better things to do. A time of reckoning is coming for Muvi. God will do everything to frustrate those who despise His choice.

  38. The majority of the voters don’t understand English (comprehensively) and don’t even have TVs. This debate served no purpose and won’t be a factor in the outcome of the election!

  39. It is not Lungu who wrote that rubbish naimwe. Even if you are UPND mwakwatako amano. It is very clear even my 2 year old can decipher that no one can write such about themselves. You have not read about an email account that has been created by UPND to churn out rubbish purpoting it has come from EL? That is why HH will never be president. The level to which he has descended is just appalling. Ba Lusaka Times naimwe just remove. Even if you cancel we can still read and some fools without brains like HH and UPND quacks will take it as truth.

  40. LT, again you have shown the world that your team is made up of incompetents. Honestly, how do you go and print ‘a letter’ purported to be written by someone without first verifying with the source. This is one of the opportunities when the powers that be should use to close you down or at least make you pay heavily by suing you silly butts. Honestly, even the worst of colleges, not even Evelyn Hone, will teach those ethics in the journalism class. I pity you lot.

  41. Its obvious Lungu sent that statement and after being advised it was suicidal they have now decided to shift the blame! Useless manipulators! May God visit you on the 20th and remove you from Govt for being liars!

  42. public campaigns are tailored at the illiterate. we as UPND and other parties have done that i.e in NWP, NP,LP LsP name them. not all literate persons attend the public rallies as they are usually busy at work. as one of them i enjoyed the debate and atleast had chance to listen to the befitting president. that debate therefore mearnt to compaign to the literate.

  43. It’s good the debate happened and regrettable that one of the top contenders (Chagwa) never showed up. I didn’t see the debate but reading in between the lines, it comes out clear that Edith did better than the rest. Here is a caveat to all voters; it’s always not the case that one who talks or wins a debate is the best performer. This applies in job interviews. One can present himself/herself very well but has a weak work culture and poor performer. This is the reason we contact referees especially the most current supervisor. Some may know the theoretical part of the work but are lazy. It is for this reason that I always say interviews are like acting…and I emphasise on giving candidates some practical scenarios to demonstrate their competencies including writing a report ( because some…

  44. cont’…It is for this reason that I always say interviews are like acting…and I emphasise on giving candidates some practical scenarios to demonstrate their competencies including writing a report ( because some people can talk yet can’t put on paper what they say). I always consider the candidates aptitude, attitude, experience and quality of work and rate at which they produce it. Edith was in government before, how did she perform? During my career, I have come across people who are not good at presenting themselves during an interview but are strong achievers and have a great work culture. In this political case candidates must be judged looking at what they have achieved in their own standing.

  45. From the way back we know that Muvi and other so called organizers of the debate are one sided. A wise person like EL can’t attend such nosense debate. We witnessed this during the Muvi TV Presidential candidate interviews. Too many stupid question

    Icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya

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