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Southern PF urges Edgar to fire Munkombwe

General News Southern PF urges Edgar to fire Munkombwe

Defense Minister Edgar Lungu (l) who is also PF Secretary General with Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe (c) and Western Province Minister Richwell Siamunene (r) at a PF Rally meeting at Blue Gums in Mongu District of Western Province
Defense Minister Edgar Lungu (l) who is also PF Secretary General with Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe (c) and Western Province Minister Richwell Siamunene (r) at a PF Rally meeting at Blue Gums in Mongu District of Western Province

Southern Province Patriotic Front (PF) vice chairperson Charles Hamududu has called on party president Edgar Lungu to immediately relieve Daniel Munkombwe of his duties as provincial chairperson .

Mr Hamududu said this is because Mr Munkombwe does not mean well for the ruling party.

ZANIS reports that Mr Hamududu said the party in the area was shocked with the levels of desperation exhibited by the provincial Minister who yesterday endorsed the candidature of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Hamududu said Mr. Munkombwe’s behavior which is entirely that of scavenging for any political party that is willing to feed his stomach does not much his age and experience in politics.

Mr. Hamududu said following Mr Munkombwe’s behavior to endorse Hichilema as his preferred candidate in next week’s presidential election, the party has been left with no option but to call for his removal as party provincial chairperson.

Mr. Hamududu has since imposed himself as provincial chairman with immediate effect.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Mazabuka , Mr Hamududu stated that Mr Munkombwe should therefore not be addressed as the PF Provincial chairperson due to the fact that his behavior does not befit that of a senior party official.

He said it was now clear that Mr Munkombwe’s allegiance does not belong to the ruling party but to the opposition UPND as evidenced by his move to support the candidature of Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Hamududu observed that Munkombwe was supposed to retire from active politics with dignity and due respect saying his current deeds had now compromised his standing in public life.

He said removing Munkombwe from his position as chairman will not have any effect on the smooth running of the party because he was not a factor adding that he had failed to mobilize and increase the numbers in the PF ranks since he was appointed provincial chairman.

Mr Hamududu also assured that campaigns in the province had reached a climax and the party in the province was convinced that come January 20 Mr. Lungu would scoop the Presidential polls.


  1. Where’s the fun in that? The man selected his own date of a firing ceremony. Oh please oh please wait for next week and just continue burning bridges. Chuckle.

    • Just chew those Boko Haram dollars while they are still there. From next week, you even won’t hear of RB’s name anywhere. The PF presidency will also be grabbed from Edgar by real owners soon.

    • The Legendary Munkombwe yesterday said that, he has not been relegated to a back seat of a political party and if any tries to do so to him, will be doing it on their own risk!
      As substituted by his belly politics, he said that he has always been in the drivers seat and now.

      “My brains have opened up now, I realize what is good for Zambia, I therefore officially endorse the candidature of HH. In the next 4 days, I will not sleep at my house, I will go flat out to tell people who to vote for. I am a political animal” said Comrade Munkombwe.
      PF is democratically kicked off in 5 days time.Edgar Lungu and RB will cry PF the ocean!
      Viva HH and Viva Hakainde Hichilema for best collaboration of democracy.
      The Skeleton Key

    • PF cadres are so dull, that guy cant be fired now becuase he was appointed by president MCS………….have you wondered why most of these ministers are still holding on to their ministrial positions up to now? its coz scot cant fire anybody

    • Actually Kalonga, the request to relieve Mr. Munkombwe is for his party position and not Ministerial position, which is within the powers of the PF President to decide. Hire or Fire. Just a point or correction. And for the future, it would be helpful to ease up on the name calling, especially, when it turns out that your own posting is seriously flawed. ….Just a thought…

    • @Kalonga. Ba Kalonga muli kakopo sana. The PF cadres are not calling for the remove of Munkombwe as minister but as PF chairperson for southern province. In trying to looking in intelligent, you end up looking stuping

    • @Kalonga. Ba Kalonga muli kakopo sana. The PF cadres are not calling for the remove of Munkombwe as minister but as PF chairperson for southern province. In trying to look intelligent, you end up looking stupi.d

    • @ Undertaker you are indeed dangerously dull buddy. Read and understand to avoid behaving like wild dogs. Olympia Ext is right and expressed his/her opinion but as usual bachikopo ba Under taker without really understanding the whole thing, think Olympia is stup!d. Muleikalafye if you have nothing to write sha

  2. Not only Munkombwe but GBM too. Why is Edgar failing to act on his turncoats yet he “acted” so quickly to fire Kai Shikoti


    • GBM does not hold any party position in PF from which he can be fired! Munkombwe is PF Provincial Chairman hence Hamududu’s asking for him to be fired. Even if Edgar fires Munkombwe from PF position he will still remain provincial minister as no one at the moment has the power to fire him from the government position he was given by the late president!

  3. Munkombwe said his is politics of the belly…obviously he has seen that UPND is winning hence his elenth hour switch. mind you Mumnkobwe has information from OP being a Provincial Minister and knows that HH is winning hence the switch.

    • And Edgar Lungu and Guy Scott have better intel; perhaps even from the CIA. Do not be fooled. HH will lose in Copperbelt, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula, Eastern and Central Provinces. Considering the circumstances, even N. Western could go PF’s way!

  4. Mr. Munkombwe already pinpointed to you when it should happen. Don’t spoil things – You are the ‘What he said’ party.

  5. A the ops in southern p God who shud knw things before it happens? cos i knw everyone shud knw after casting a vote cos we o have phones we can contact our friends fr other places b4 official announcement

  6. I just do not believe this news. Why? 5 weeks ago the news had an article reading “entire PF Southern Province defects to Rainbow Party”. So which PF Southern Province?

  7. There they go again, always beaten – “metoo”; Munkombwe has already determined his date of leaving PF, so announcement too late!

    • Munkombwe only follows where he smells victory. This is an old politician who has been in politics since time immemorial. So for him to stick it with HH then he has seen who Tuesday’s elections are going.

    • Is that the reason PF is falling because of Munkombwe that is a green lie you managed to rig Livingstone because of the same old man influence and now your MP is crying that he can not organize a meeting in the province.

    • @ Sata Chimba it is you who is dull Lungu as the powers to fire that old man as provision chairman but not as Minister of southern province and if you were not that dull you could have seen that the guy is asking Lungu to for him as provision chairman don’t show your stupidity to the whole world kolwe iwe.

  8. By next Friday (23rd Jan) Dan M will retire from politics for good. No need to beat a dead snake. Thank you Mr Hamududu for your vigilance.

  9. Why are politicians so dull to see the climate move. HH cannot win the upcoming elections. EL has East, Luapula,North, Muchinga Copperbelt, Central and Lusaka. What does HH have?

    A UPND friend of mine who has just returned from Northern province told me that HH has nothing in Northern province. GBM is just confusing things there. People are just chewing HH’s money ‘Dochi Kubeba style.

    • you are joking with Bembas. There will teach HH a lesson, which he will never forget in his life.

      Northerners+ Easterners = EL

    • You are tribal my friend..The wind of change is rooming at the fast rate. It seems you are still living in the old statistics. HH this time around will get a lot of votes in these provinces. CB and LSKA are not stronghold for PF its 50:50. HH2015

  10. Political tourists can visit UNIP, MMD, PF and UPND. A political tourist is on a mission to enjoy, no matter his age, he/she can enjoy with all sorts of gestures including lifting legs even at the expense of others! But one should always ask him/herself: what type of a politician am I.

  11. No one can fire Munkombwe because no one has the power to do so. The Zambians on January 20 will decide and fire the present acting president and his ministers. The new president will appoint his ministers.

  12. All of us at least have an idea of who will win the elections. However, in each and every person there is a spirit of dying hard on what you favour. Otherwise, strictly speaking, all political cadres through there intuition at least have an idea if at all their candidate is going through or not. In fact this makes life interesting. This is the reason why between those who bet there is always one who resists that the amount need not be much. In most cases, this is psychological, since one has an idea that his team will not carry the day.

  13. These factors below are very important, if you have them you have won already



  14. Iwe Chi Munkombwe,If you want a Tonga President, why did UPND decide to compose their campaign song (Moses wanomba) in Bemba.
    They shud have sang it in Tonga.Malabishi
    We’ll withdraw the song so that you can compose your own in Tonga.

  15. The clock is fast ticking to deliver the winner in next week election. The handwriting is on the wall for all to see. May all candidates wear breastplates of strength to cushion the shock of losing the much expected seat for we don’t want to see agitators after these elections but willing acceptance of results. Thank God for the mature way all parties have at the least well conducted campaigns with civility despite blows on each other which is expected where rivals are , but these blows have good been met with a lot of restraint from the provoked camp. Kudos Zambia.

  16. Firing Scott was instant because he was being a stumbling block to Lungu nomination and campaign. If he did not tone down he would not even have been acting by now. He was going to be fired from the party, parliament and government as well. Munkombwe is just an old comedian not worthy disrupting campaigns for. GBM will be forgiven. He is just a spoilt brat whose political umbilical cord is still complicatedly tied to his grand father who pf will actively have to make amends for damage done to him by the cartel who wanted Sata to differ with his own people.

  17. No he will not be fired, save stationery ….but Edgar will appoint another person in his place soon enough…..kikikiki


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