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Edgar Lungu promises to deal with high poverty levels

General News Edgar Lungu promises to deal with high poverty levels

Edgar Lungu  addressing the  rally in Solwezi
Edgar Lungu addressing the rally in Solwezi

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) presidential candidate Edgar Lungu says his priority if elected will be to deal with the high poverty levels in the country.

Mr Lungu said he will not be forced to sign the social contract but he is committed to giving Zambians a new Constitution if elected president in next Tuesday’s election.

Addressing a rally at Solwezi’s Kyawama Secondary School grounds yesterday, Mr Lungu said his first task will be to reduce poverty levels among Zambians because the PF was founded on the principle of uplifting the living standards of the poor in society.

Mr Lungu also said he will prioritise economic empowerment for women and job creation for the youth.

“In the midst of high poverty levels, lack of transport and communication as well as lack of quality education for our people, I cannot prioritise the Constitution and because of this, I will not sign the so-called social contract but this does not mean that I will not deliver the Constitution,” he said.

Mr Lungu said enacting a new Constitution will be one of the many issues he will look at.

He also said he will work on the Solwezi-Chingola road to enhance economic activities in North-Western Province.

Mr Lungu pledged to reduce the price of mealie meal by setting up milling plants in places where maize is produced.

He further promised to improve the conditions of service for miners.
“We are also going to engage the mines in the provision of education facilities to our people because even if you are a farmer, you must have some level of education so that you know how to manage your farming business,” Mr Lungu said.

At the same rally, former President Rupiah Banda pleaded with the people of North-Western Province to give Mr Lungu a 100 percent vote in next week’s presidential election.

Mr Banda said Mr Lungu is ready to be president as he has served in various portfolios under late President Sata which has given him enough experience to govern the country.

“My brothers and sisters, I stand here before you to tell you that Edgar Lungu is prepared to be the leader of this country because he has showed humility to work for the people in all the positions he was appointed to serve,” he said.

Mr Banda urged all MMD supporters not to vote for party president Nevers Mumba but turn out in large numbers on Tuesday to vote for Mr Lungu.

“Don’t vote for the MMD. You must vote on the PF and Edgar Lungu,” he told the cheering crowd.

And Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata said PF is an all-inclusive party that deserves to be in Government.

Meanwhile, UPND and PF members clashed at Kyawama Market, forcing police to fire teargas canisters to disperse the unruly cadres.

The incident happened between 10:00 hours and 11:00 hours shortly before Mr Lungu’s arrival as a truck with PF supporters was allegedly stoned by suspected UPND cadres.

Police quickly moved in to stop the fracas and detained eight people.

“We have eight people in our custody that we have arrested for conduct likely to cause the breach of peace at Kyawama market and they will appear in court soon as the case is being processed,” Mr Sibote said.

North-Western Province commissioner of police Eugene Sibote said yesterday that the eight will appear in court soon.


    • Lungu got impressed how other candidates can deal with that poverty he is dreaming. Sounds like Sondashi’s analysis.
      I am sure he took all kind of notes, especially in the last debate.
      Muliokela is the man with answers where poverty is concerned.

    • Mr Me too,,,lol. How are you going to achieve this? Oh, sorry he chickened out last even´s debate to tell the nation how he intends to achieve this. Scared president. It´s done!!! People know that you are chicken. You hide behind cadres Edgar Chicken Lungu.
      Ok today its Edgar chicken Lungu vs Muliokela… lol… chickening out?

  1. Keep quiet you feeble liar surrounded by powerful thieves. You cant sign the social contract because you know you are telling lies on the constitution. We cannot trust you at all. We will punish you in the booth!

  2. This Lungu guy has just proven that he is potically impotent and coward who can not articulate national issues and cannot be trusted with what he’s telling pro ok out there.

  3. Direct quotes:

    Maureen Mwanawasa at a rally says “HH could have been a President long time ago had it not been his tribe.”

    HH at a rally in Northwestern says, “Do not vote for party that digs Copper from here and develop Muchinga.”

    Charles Milupi at a rally says “Southerners, Westerners and Northwesterners should unite in this election to win the President.”

    Master of Politics of the Belly, one Daniel Munkombwe says at rally, “It is time for a Tonga President.”

    • PF is Party of Fieves! What happened to the millions of jobs they are supposed to have created since 2011? All lies. Now poverty is worse. They prioritized by-elections over job creation. All those were Satan ‘s vision: high poverty, high fuel prices, high mealie prices, not paying farmers, no constitution. Vodka Chakolwa Lungu will never deliver the new constitution.

  4. The man is naively arrogant. he even has the guts to publicly say that the constitution is not his priority. zambians , please let’s chuck these thugs out once and for all

  5. A spell in opposition is probably the best learning ground for ED. Sadly he is beginning to look like an arrogant, petulant, power hungry, spoon fed RB puppet.

  6. it is time for Lungu to rule Zambia now. PF should not sleep in event they formed government or continued in government. They should do much better than they have done so far. Blessings to team Edgar and Mother Zambia for decision they will make in a couple of days.

    Thanks to God for peaceful period of campaigning.

  7. EL and RB, what a joke- this is not the right couple of guys who to inspire hope in the future.
    So, let us scan through the opposition and check their credibility. …..

  8. This pompous, drunkard of a thief wants to take Zambians for fools. If he can’t be trusted with a few thousand kwacha’s of client’s money what more of billions in government treasury. No votes for Vodka Lungu the conman!

    • Mmmm u pipo jus talk,embezller embezler,the truth is he neva embezzled the money,it jus went missin and subsequently it ws recoverd,dont jus b rantin anyhw plz

  9. Lungu makes it seem like he will be the one in charge if he won. We all know that RB would be calling the shots. Judging from his performance walready know that the poor will ne the last concern he holds. Look at how the PF has treated our poor farmers.

  10. Ba lungu how you flight poverty ? Even KK said the something in 1964 . Stop talking shit we aren’t dull like you to tell lies . You never talked about the economy and Zambia government depends on western money . All Zambians if you vote for PF again then you really like poverty and your education is ZERO

  11. Lungu, a man without a vision is the one who is bringing all these confusions. He is the one who started when got his position as PF candidate. Guy Scott doesn’t like like this kachasu man. He even failed to attend the interview because his visionless.

  12. If Lungu does not deliver the constitution, in the time remaining before 2016 elections it will be goodbye PF.

    People will not tolerate any failure on this and understandably, even I would have to plum for another party most likely Nawakwi.

    In my opinion, Lungu should be more emphatic on delivering the constitution. He must seek the peoples support for that mandate. There must be no ambivalence. The social contract is a silly hoax. Just ‘my word is my bond’ required. Delivering it will enshrine Lungu’s presidency in a top position in our history.

    As for RB, any prominence in government will be ill considered, and will create a wrong environment of distrust. PF must deliver a female Vice President. It’s time for women in the ultimate positions.

    • too many gymnastics. pf just need to go away thats all. we do not need a soap opera govt where they will be preoccupied with dealing with the inevitable confusion in this hopeless party instead of dealing with the people’s problems. to hell with this coward lungu. we need an assertive financially independent leader not some weak puppet now in debt to nigerians and rb.

  13. Yamikata message ba UPND. Ni Lungu uyu. He knows how to talk. Nangu nga alishile ku debate yenu ngamwalimona ati alishiba ukucita debate ukucila HH. ‘I will not sign the so called social contract but that doesn’t mean I will not enact the constitution.’ ba UPND naba grand coalition people are not interested in the constitution.


  15. We knew before that he can’t face the reality!! It only takes people of low caliber to support nonsense. A public finger shunning away from such events!! Look at the embarrassment he has been subjected to!! As old as he is pretending to shade tears when delivering a speech!! Pretence!! Chickening out twice for Presidential debate! Threatening ZNBC! Preaching violence and say the law is against opposition!! Which school of law did he attend?? These are the Masumba type!! Why not attend to defend your so called developmental policies?

  16. It is not in dispute that Mr. Lungu and PF have brought more poverty and misery to Zambia: In 2011, Mealie meal was K47 it is now over K70; the ZMK/$ rate was K4 500, it is now K6 600. The examples are many. Even cross border traders are having it very tough. The statistics are there for everyone to see that Mr. Lungu has a bad record on fighting poverty. PF must be voted out for worsening the poverty situation. Even the infrastructure development they keep talking about is just a huge financial scandal because of the way it was financed! For as long as the kwacha weakens further and the hard currency loans are still outstanding the kwacha cost of this infrastructure will keep rising!

  17. Mr. Lungu you do not have shame. Your record and that of PF on poverty reduction has been horrific! Say something else! With such a candidate and such statements which are meant to mock and provoke the Hungary citizens, PF deserves to lose Tuesday’s election!

  18. This man is in North-western Province to tell the people there lies. What development plans does he have for NWP? From his speech it is clear that he has nothing.He was just waffling. Any f0ol can say he will work to reduce poverty. He just wants the NWP votes and turn his back on the province like the rest did apart from Mwanawasa. NWP should give HH massive support not the uncaring PF and its EL. NWP will make the worst mistake to vote for EL. Viva HH.

  19. I feel for Andrew Banda, to have this shameless and deceitful man for a father, is tough. Even the deceit which was being created that he was a Statesman has been deleted and the truth about him has been laid bare! ATI EBA WISO ABA, KUKOSA!

  20. I cannot stand people without strength of character – Lungu’s non-attendance of the debate and his flimsy excuses has made me despise him to the core.

    Prior to yesterday it wasn’t his character that I was so against, but after yesterday, it is. Apart from having a poor grasp of the issues, he’s spineless. That’s something you can’t say about Mr. Sata, love him or loathe him, the guy at least had guts.

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