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Acting President Scott pleased with infrastructure development on the Copperbelt

General News Acting President Scott pleased with infrastructure development on the Copperbelt

Dr Guy Scott Acting President Of Zambia during the Handing Over 129 houses of the Chiwala housing Project by Zambezi Porland Cement in Ndola Rural on 15-01-2015. Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse.
Dr Guy Scott

Acting President Guy Scott has expressed happiness on the progress recorded on the infrastructure development programme on the Copperbelt and the country at large.

And Road Development Agency (RDA) Chief Executive officer Bernard Chiwala who accompanied Dr Scott on the tour of road works said the Sabina -Kalulushi road was part of the 8000 link Zambia project aimed at improving the road network in the country.

Speaking when he inspected various road works as well as Ndeke Village Hospital and a police post in Kitwe today, Dr Scott said government was on track on the infrastructure development projects and that the works were visible for everyone to see.

He particularly expressed happiness with the manner the Kalulushi- Sabina road has been constructed and described it as impressive.

The vice president said it is not time for politicking because the works of the PF government can speak for themselves.

And Road Development Agency (RDA) Chief Executive officer Bernard Chiwala who accompanied Dr Scott on the tour of road works said the Sabina -Kalulushi road was part of the 8000 link Zambia project aimed at improving the road network in the country.

Mr Chiwala said the construction of a bridge on the road was also underway.

Earlier Dr Scot held a rally in Chililabombwe where he drummed up support for the PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.

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  1. Burial Program for Late PF Party & Government

    Ths’ to Inform all PF Cadres, Thugs, Panga, Machetes,Relatives and Friends tat the Late PF & Unruly Government tat departed us Together with Michael Sata will be put to rest on 20 January 2015 at the Bottom of Sea ( To avoid nightmares Like US did to Bin Laden) as per program below:

    09.00 hrs Mourners gathered at Mortuary & PF being wrapped in dumping black plastic
    09.30 hrs Church Service at Embasy Park to reunite ghost with owner
    10.30 hrs Depart to Sea
    11.00 hrs Committal of Late PF & Government & Lowering into sea
    11.45 hrs Laying of Wreath
    12.00 hrs Life History by -Inonge Wina
    12.10 hrs Speech by Famly Rep-E.Lungu
    12.15 hrs Speech by Govern Rep-Dr.G.Scott
    12.30 Closing Player- Wyinter Kabimba ( as he…

    • Tell Akainde to own up and be a man. He must pull up his diaper.

      He must apologize to the Zambian people for embracing toxic tribal and regional in the same way he rebukes and condems violence when its allegedly done by PF.

      Why cant he speak against tribalism….why? Its because it puts him in a comfort tribal and regional zone.

      Akainde rose to upnd helm not because he was the best candidate to take over from Mazoka (MHSRIP) but he used tribal schemes.

      Why should Akainde leave his dirty work to a mwenye, a patel a complete outsider to clean it up for him?

      Zambians are notoriously known to reject leaders who promote tribal polics and Akainde is just waiting to score a double brace. He already scaored a hat-trick

    • UP at its best just wishing people death nzelu za ba Mason wishing death on all who do not support. Zambians have already seen your evil minds that’s why you will never see plot one not even 2016, unless HH resigns

    • @JK

      Weak, very weak Mr. PF cadre! You’re another poor unintelligent soul who thinks this is the height of being clever!

      It’s all been tried before, and your efforts are actually not even on par with the previous dullards who have tried this tack

    • Iwe jessie. Our cabinet is real watch us on friday when HH gives us his first cabinet or ok try guesing the hh cabinet and do not try to give me pf tag when munkombwe and i have partnered to promote our choma chief hh. Be ready to be ruled for real.

    • If you’re really not PF it’s a twisted way to ensure that this great guy is not appreciated for the right reasons and hated because he is only a ‘Choma Chief’.

      Shut up if you can’t see that you are supporting the stupid claims that the PF cadres sing day in and day out about Mr. Hichilema. Be smart. Maybe stick to just “Viva HH”? It’s safer than decampaigning your own candidate with falsehoods. Sha!

    • @jessie
      Maybe you are right. Viva hh viva tonga bull viva. Viva mwanamucende viva. Viva ba mukuni viva ba mwami moonze viva. Viva ku musanza viva. Viva munkombwe viva. Viva mwaanga. Viva hh vivaaaaa! Viva ba muntanga viva. Viva ba nkombo viva, ayebo mweetwa viva. I am opening ***** aba hamududu viva. Chalila kokwesu ku monze muna demu.

  2. Iwe mune takanya ngale. First off having you allowed yourself an opportunity to be oriented by the HH matrix?
    Alot of prominent Zambian politicians and business people have consistently objected to HH’s claim of being a self made businessman. The ranches he owns where established and well run by a businessman a Mr Cornhill the fathet to Adv. Cornhill. All HH did was to pay for a well oiled business with it’s well functional infrastructure. In fact this should explain Suresh Desai involvement to the syndicate.
    In all fairness it’ll define HH by description as a beneficiary of the Late Anderson Mazoka – Anglo syndicate as he was the runner for the syndicate. It could as well be that UPND is just a SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE for this syndicate. The ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT? Awe…

  3. You can even plan to launch a space craft to Mars tomorrow,Awe the people are already decided
    All that money spent on infrastructure is not pf’s money but taxpayers.They take the credit,not you pf kabwalalas

  4. Secretary to the Cabinet has released the following program for Inauguration of His Excellency President HH on 24.01.15
    10.00 All invited Guests to be sited
    10.10 Arrival of service chiefs and Diplomats
    10.15 Arrival of Chief Justice 10.20 Arrival of Acting President Dr G.Scott
    10.25 Arrival of President Elect- His Excellency Hichilema H.
    10.26.30 National Athem 10.27 HH takes Oath of Office & Receives Instrument of Power fro G.Scott
    10.30 Speech by His Excellency President Hichilema H.
    11.00 21 Gun Salute & National Athem End of Program
    14.00 President HH Announces his Cabinet and the Kwacha jumps to K2.5/$1 Zambia heads for massive economic, social development under HH for next 11 Years.!

  5. Its very sad that people have chewed HH’s money in the campaigns and are now saying “dont kubeba” on him.

    This world is cruel…so many business opportunists.
    It reminds me of a certain joke of known tribe looking at those advert screen on the Great east Road robots…street kids made him pay. The next moment he brags to his fellows ” ati mubemba tagonj’i…ndakamugong’a.. ndamupa k60 instead of k100.

    HH, bantu balibe chifundo. Sorry anyway.Please consult enlightened people next time before you spend huge sums of money.

    • Don’t write this again! 15 times is enough for your fellow idi0ts to have got it!

      Bet it’s the cleverest thing you’ve ever done

  6. No need for insults!!Edgar Lungu is Zambia’s 6th president!!!we’re seeing PF’s good projects,so they must continue in power!!!we fought for EL to be adopted on PF ticket so we cant disappoint him!!IFINTU NI LUNGU AND THOSE WITH NO TRIBALISM IN THEIR BLOOD LIKE MOST TONGAS CAN CONFIRM SINCE EL IS VERY POPULAR ON THE GROUND!!! GO PF GO!!

  7. For your information the cabinet is as follows:

    1. President HH
    2. Vice Gary Nkombo
    3. Defence conellius Mweetwa
    4. Finance Request Muntanga
    5. Local govt Jack Mwiimbu
    6. Home Affairs Kennedy Siadunka
    7. Foreign Moreen K. Mwanawasa
    8. Health canisius Banda
    9. Tourism Hamududu Havi
    10. etc
    When we say it is time for a tonga to rule this is what munkombwe meant tulemiteka. Southern province especially Livingstone choma mazabuka monze zimba siavonga needs all the attention. Bank of Zambia governor should be some one of us including tuma commercial banks where govt has part.

    We deliberately did not talk of barotse agreement because they are already supporting us. Try this nosense we will arrest you. DPP has to be replaced by Augustin Hamweela and then demand proper Mazoka…

  8. Ok Scotty, we both know this is not reallywhat you’re pleased about.

    You are pleased that this is the last weekend (ever) you’ll have to pretend to support PF and particularly Edgar who you hate passionately.

    You’re pleased that the day draws closer when you’ll have the satisfaction of exacting your measure of revenge against those that have wrestled your brainchild from you and killed it – in the secret ballot booth.

    But saying you’re pleased with infrastructure development was a good cover, albeit transparent.

  9. We are getting back mazoka shares from post. The paper owner thought maureen somehow should be trusted. We used you and now you have to dance to our tune. HH wa wina kale. Katuya musankwa.

    • @JK
      Shut the fcuk up! Now you are just displaying ignorance and total ungraciousness.

      I maintain you are a PF cadre. No intelligent UPND supporter would spew kaka like this.

      Not clever. Took me 3 seconds to figure you out.

  10. a lungu just trust God. you are his child and HH is his child also, as for me and my family were PF but we fasted. we were in the spirit when we saw in the spirit that HH must be choose to be the president of Zambia.

  11. Jessie don’t stress over the detractors.HH will carry the day fair and square.By the way I loathe that old fool Daniel Munkombwe for giving these PF *****.s free tribal ammunition.He should never have been given a platform by the UPND. Please UPND strategists you misfired on this one.

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