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Felix Mutati has appeals to people in Eastern province to vote for HH

General News Felix Mutati has appeals to people in Eastern province to vote for...

Felix Mutati Kasama
Felix Mutati Kasama

MMD Lunte Menber of Parliament Felix Mutati has appealed to people in Eastern province to vote for United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema in next Tuesday’s Presidential By-elections to redeem themselves from poverty.

Mr.Mutati said the hardship people were facing will only be eradicated once they vote for Mr. Hichilema who has the capacity to do so.

He was speaking at a rally to drum up support for Mr.Hichilema in Chipangali constituency in Chipata district.

He stated that all the provinces are rallying behind the UPND saying he was optimist that eastern province will follow suit.

Mr. Mutati said the violence being perpetrated by PF shows that they have no capacity to run the country.

He further said eastern province depends on agriculture to take their children to school such that there is need to have a leader who can improve on the sector.

Mr Mutati further stated that teachers have no houses and yet they have a huge task of teaching children whose ratio was at one teacher against 200 pupils.

“Roads, bridges are still not accessible here in Chipangali because they have not been worked on by government, hence the need to vote for a serious leader who will deliver development”, he said.

He stated that he was happy with the turn out for meetings in the districts he had been to like Katete, Vubwi, Chadiza and Sinda.

Mr. Mutati also stated that PF presidential hopeful has already shown that his delivery of development will be that of copy and paste as already shown by copying ideas being highlighted by UPND on how they will tackle issues once voted into office.


    • It’s you the PF that is looking at UPND through a tribal lens. We the east of Zambia believe in HH and his vision. We are tired of the PF broken promises and failed policies

      Viva HH

    • The problem with staying In Zambia too long is that you learn to compromise and accept the bad state of the country as normal and move one.

      Unemployment, poverty, street vending, dirty streets, corruption, compromised judiciary, run down hospitals, should not be a normal and accepted way of life. This is what we have to go through with the PF government. This would never be tolerated in developed countries where people know what is right and what is wrong.wake up people. We can do better than this.

      Viva HH

    • Felix, we Zambians will not join you in honoring either the Tonga or Oppenheimers causes. We do not fit in and are not collaborators. You have subscribed to it alone with your fellow plunders and agents of the Oppenheimers’ causes.

      Enjoy it as a legion of plunder while we have a Zambia to preserve as our united country.

      Hakainde Hichilema-Anglo American agent
      Felix Mutati-Anglo American agent
      Dipak Patel-Anglo American agent
      Charle Milupi-CEC Anglo American Agent
      Katele Kalumba-Laptop witch doctor
      Vernon Mwaanga-Country Recruiter of the Brenthurst Foundation (Oppenheimer) interests in Zambia.

    • @Wanu Ngwee the tribalism talk is boring and outdated.At no time did HH campaign using tribe.so stop it is a useless gimic to sway votes ,Iam sorry is wont work.People the real tribalists.

    • Watch the space folks. But please don’t blame or break your TV for showing you every moment of the Edgar Lungu inauguration this week. Cheers.

    • Tongas are very human my friend.

      When ever i give a lift my tribal cousin (mbuyaz) i wll either lose coins or a pen.
      When you give a lift to Tonga , your items in the vehicle are safe.

      They reason we wont vot for a Tonga as esternerz is because they attack lungu usiing zwd for no reason. We love lungu.

    • @Kitwe Musatabanyoko wabamensa banyoko( meaning your mothes long rectum) May be when you were born you passed through the Anus.

    • You also have to convince hh to accept the invitation card to the heroz stadium.

      If he does not appear we shall conclude that he is bitter and next year he will lose again.

  1. mutati wen u insult lungu u insult all of us as easterners so we wil teach on a lesson on tuesday not far,u thought u can win by accompanying wit a thief mangani?infact a finnished politician who can not win an election even wen he stands wit a dog he can loose ask mtolo phiri,real bemba’s cant vote for HH a job seaker useless mutati is a disgrace come 2016 lunte is waiting for u.

    • @Sam now Zambians can tell who the true tribalists are from your comment.Leave HH alone.Zambia United Go Go forward.

  2. No options this time is for HH.Lungu has no vision and cannot hold a rally until HH holds a rally to that place so he says me too. Like what he says in Livingstone. Viva HH

  3. Mutati muselela kwakaba. After the campaigns Nevers Mumba will deal with you and when you lose the seat nzala izakunyopola and will be begging for a job from Edgar.

    • True. Mutati is such a let down together na Mucheleka. They shud join UPND and leave MMD alone. How can you have an MP champaigning against his own party?????? Ni vi nimbwa ivi

    • My realistic view is: Zambians are very notorious and extremely good at rejecting a political leader who cannot deliver,” said Prof Saasa. “But we have also broken the record of not knowing how to replace a bad leader. We know how to diagnose a problem but we don’t know how to diagnose the solution. So, when you are replacing something that has failed, it’s always better to look for something better than what you are replacing. It’s like someone who divorces their wife because they were caught in an adulterous situation and then they go and replace her with a prostitute who goes out every night.” Prof. Oliver Saasa – ***

  4. Go go Mutati, you made the Zambian Economy vibrant under MMD except for Rupiah who came to vandalise and now has joined PF. This is the reason I have stopped supporting PF. My vote for H.H and my wife. So count two votes now.

  5. All HH needs to win is: Southern and North Western 80%, Western 70%, Central 50%, Lusaka and Copperbelt 40%, Eastern 30%, Luapula, Northern and Muchinga 20%

  6. It’s a fallacy to imagine hh winning, how? Zambia does not need to endorse tribalism by electing someone to the presidency when he was picked on the basis of tribe. Hope upnd is learning it’s mistakes; Nevertheless PABWATOOO!

  7. well done mr mutati, katele kalumba, mucheleka, madam nalumango i love you, maureen mwanawasa my dear lady and all others ah the big gbm most feared northern mp by pf . you guys have shamed the pf and their devilish cadres zambia belongs to all of us . any one can lead this country as long as one has the brains required. we admire you. will see you there in the new zambia on that day time for tribe is over .viva hh viva upnd viva zambia

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