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Electoral Commission of Zambia is ready for the polls -Justice Mambilima

Headlines Electoral Commission of Zambia is ready for the polls -Justice Mambilima

ECZ Chairperson Justice Ireen Mambilima
ECZ Chairperson Justice Ireen Mambilima

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has affirmed its readiness to conduct tomorrow’s presidential election in which the country’s sixth president will be elected.

The Commission is also assuring the nation and electoral stakeholders that adequate measures have been put in place to ensure that the presidential election is held in a transparent and secure environment.

Chairperson Irene Mambilima says her commission is thus ready to receive the results of the poll which she says are expected to be received and announced expeditiously in line with stakeholders.

Speaking this afternoon during the official launch of the 2015 Presidential Election Results Center hosted at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Center, Justice Mambilima has disclosed that staff anJustice Mambilimad election materials have already been deployed to the various districts and that by this evening her commission will be doing the final touches.

Justice Mambilima, who was flanked by the presidential election returning officer and Acting Chief Justice Lome Chibesakunda, states that her commission will receive the election results both electronically from collation centers in the constituencies and manually from the districts to its headquarters and the Election Results Center that is being hosted at Mulungushi International Conference Center.

Justice Mambilima is further assuring the nation that all results will be verified after which they will be publicly displayed in the center and aired as they are received from the collation centers throughout the country.

She has also disclosed that tomorrow Tuesday the 20th of January which is the polling day of the presidential election, her commission will conduct three media briefings at 10:00hrs, 15:30hrs and at 20:00hrs.

The ECZ chairperson says these media briefing are meant to address any issues and concerns that may arise during the poll adding that her commission will additionally be available to address and communicate any matters of concern throughout the period as and when need arises.

She says her commission will to this effect ensure that there is adequate flow of information to all stakeholders through the help desks that will be set up at the Presidential Election Results Center and at the commission’s headquarters to address issues of concern and respond to questions that may arise on the poll day until the end of the process.

And Justice Mambilima has also appealed to all political parties taking part in tomorrow’s presidential election to observe the end of the campaign period which is 18:00hrs today the 19th of January.

She is also appealing to political parties and aspiring candidates to advise their supporters and political party cadres to conduct themselves responsibly during the polls tomorrow regardless of the outcome of the election.

Justice Mambilima states that all political players must remain calm and peaceful during and after the election as her commission carries out its mandate.

She has also cautioned the media to desist from speculating on the election results in order to avoid conflicts and adverse consequences which can negatively affect the nation.

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  1. “Justice Mambilima is further assuring the nation that all results will be verified after which they will be publicly displayed in the center and aired as they are received from the collation centers throughout the country.”

    Thank you our honour.

    • Rigging is an excuse for under 5s…what ECZ is saying is that PF is ready to kick some ass. Cry babies come tomorrow evening you will be crying foul. Mukose bane….Lungu is your president fulustop.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • @Big L and the rest of TEAM EL..





      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

    • HH has no political experience, he has never even been inside Parliament and you want him to be your President? Only Zedians can make such a decision!

    • @Nubian Princess..Zambia is not a parliamentary democracy like the UK or some other advanced democracies. That means that anyone can vie for the presidency whether they have been in politics or not. That way it opens up the field for those that wish to save their country to come forward. And coming to the elections..wish all well meaning Zambians all the best mailo. Whatever our political differences we must remember that they is only one Zambia..one people kwasila…Good luck to those that are voting 🙂

    • Probably the best Campaign ever in Zambia!! We really campaigned clean… not in the Sata times with his thugs. Fi MMD nafyo fyalitumpile sana.
      I don’t have records of the Mazoka, that time there was no internet, and I was ku mushi.

    • Wouldnt it be nice for ECZ, in the spirit of transparency to change the pattern of announcing the votes by starting from the rural areas and end up in the urban areas? Its always been the way voting is rigged. Bring in massaged data at the end when the opposition strong holds have been announced and then close the gap with ghost votes from the rural areas. We know the routine

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  2. I like this woman. She is the most credible person holding her position ECZ has ever had. She is unbiased, transparent and firm. Long live the chair.

    • She is an Iron Lady and does not buckle under pressure to favour. She did it in 2011. She will do it again. But cadres have to behave and it is the responsibility of the Parties’ presidents to speak against any violence. Never in Zambia’s political history have cadres been so unruly and taken the law in their own hands.

  3. Its all over for this under 5 politician who calls himself HH! The upnd camp should now prepare for a landslide loss because we shall definately “Speak Loudly” tomorrow and show this under five politician that he is not saleable! By 22 30 tomorrow, Lungu will be leading by a wide margin! Iam betting my Precious Manhood!

  4. ‘to desist from speculating on the election results in order to avoid conflicts and adverse consequences which can negatively affect the nation.’ ECZ

    Thanks ECZ for failing to tackle HH and MUVI, EVEN TODAY THEY WERE DEMANDING THEY HAD WON. Only one Party has consistently behaved in an appalling manner, at one point high jacking supposedly election boxes (batteries to everyone else). UPND should have been barred.

    God knows what is store tomorrow when they lose.

  5. Whoever lose election between PF and UPND should just keep quiet. Clearly no rigging is possible tomorrow. I see the commitment to operation excellence reaching into the farthest corners of our country, across every district units and function in Zambia, If Subsidies are completely removed or just at minimal. This is the quickest and best way to recover from bad economy. I see that party winning because it is not afraid to tell the people why subsidies are being removed. Let God gives us a president of his choice. My views and thoughts are not God’s. I wish the two parties the best.

  6. There’s always a beacon of hope. Justice Mambilima is that beacon at this crucial moment in time. Zambians are resolved and determined to get rid of chaff, PF. and replace it with professional economic managers. We know Lungu will attempt his Mulungushi formula of voting by raising a Machete. It won’t work this time. The vote is the only Panga voters will use to cut off the snakes head.

  7. Secretary to the Cabinet has released the following program for Inauguration of His Excellency President HH on 24.01.15
    10.00 All invited Guests to be sited
    10.10 Arrival of service chiefs and Diplomats
    10.15 Arrival of Chief Justice 10.20 Arrival of Acting President Dr G.Scott
    10.25 Arrival of President Elect- His Excellency Hichilema H.
    10.26.30 National Athem 10.27 HH takes Oath of Office & Receives Instrument of Power fro G.Scott
    10.30 Speech by His Excellency President Hichilema H.
    11.00 21 Gun Salute & National Athem End of Program
    14.00 President HH Announces his Cabinet and the Kwacha jumps to K2.5/$1 Zambia heads for massive economic, social development under HH for next 11 Years.!

  8. This is my last blogging this evening/day ladies and gentlemen. You will hear from me tomorrow when results begin to pour in. Throughout my blogging, I have supported HH and his campaign team wishing he could be the next president. However, I should admit HH is not likely going to win. Vodka Chagwa Lungu has in the past two weeks pulled a surprise – reversing the gains of HH especially in Lusaka and Copperbelt. Vodga’s support has been surging, hence it will only be right that he is going to win. In addition, most of the people that voted for PF will vote for Lungu and make him win.
    I will therefore breakdown Lungu’s advantage:
    (1) Bembas and Easterners are not going to vote for HH. In particular, northerners are wary of UPND rule. There is increased fear that UPND in government…

  9. As everything is done and dusted futility of futility what a waste of time and efforts by HH

    Leadership is ordained and given by God

    Edgar Changwa ngwira Lungu has definitely won the election and in the next two days will be crowned President of the country

    It was sad people at mandevu rally candres to HH threw his voters campaign material t shirts and handouts in the Garden Lusaka City council sewer system by Garden and started dancing with fellow PF Gardens Cadres charting PF symbols and Mubwato

    The campaign material is in the sewerage ponds by now and its something would be Candidates should read not to be mislead by rented crowds…

  10. Ba mama wandi!

    Madam Justice Ireen Mambilima your appearance is most reassuring at this crucial time. Looking at your picture I see many things – your integrity, no-nonsense persona is palpable just from your picture. You are also appropriately beautiful for Chief Justice.

    I will volunteer my self as your personal praise-singer once you have safely sherpeded this election to the true victor – without fear of favour.

    Madam Ireen Mambilima for Chief Justice! (on Wednesday)

    • @jessie wa mu town

      “I will volunteer my self as your personal praise-singer…”

      Hahahahe! You are not alone, I will provide the bass and soprano backup. Wandepule mbafu.

    • @Wantanshi

      there was a guy called Ba chitwansombo. That’s how I’ll do it should Ms Mambilima accord me the opportunity

  11. The ECZ and Mambilima has done little to dispel rumors of rigging. She is mute as tho no details have emerged over planned rigging. Just check how the PF are in celebratory mode even when they know there is nothing for them from the ballots. There are concerns that the electronic results system is simply a rigging system where fake results in favour of PF will be posted and no opposition to these results will be tolerated. What has Mambilima done about this. Soon after all the results are announced the losing candidate Lungu will be announced winner and within 2 hours even in the middle of night at 02 Lungu will be inaugurated. Thats the plan. So it seems the ECZ is ready to rig this election and not ready to conduct a free and fair election where the will of the people will prevail.

    • @T. Hatembo

      I have such strong belief in this woman. it’s difficult to read what you’ve said, but I’ll take a moment and think through what you’re saying.

  12. The ECZ has not responded to reports of a crash landed helicopter carrying pre-marked ballot papers, neither have they responded to reports of established rigging centers at ZAF Mbala, Lusaka and one military base in western province. Yet these are real reports. Today ECZ is telling us that it is ready to conduct elections! The ECZ must just come out in the open to say there arrangements to help tilt the results of this election in favor of the PF are ready. The ECZ speak so nicely, conduct themselves so nicely on the surface but in real this could be the institution killing democracy in this country. I really personally don’t trust Akufuna, he never builds confidence, behind his every word and gesture there just seems to be something hidden and sinister. We wait to see.

    • @T Hatemmbo

      you are right, the silence surrounding the crashed helicopter (particularly) was rather deafening. Several smaller allegations have passed quietly like water under a bridge.

      She may not be in a position to shout too loudly about the misdeeds of PF, considering who her boss is. I’m hoping that without making a noise about it, she has taken some measures to circumvent some of
      these illegalities.

      If not it’s a dire situation indeed

  13. Upnd cadres in two brand new branded HH campaign vehicles from His last mandevu rally threw his Pictures Campaign materials caps and t shirts in the sewerage ponds as people looked in disbelief asking why The cadres replied with shouts of He is fake only Edgar Lungu is a true Nationalist

    People in Garden near the sewerage ponds shouted for the Muvi military like truck to monitor and fume the massive display of dissatisfaction of HH by his true cadres but the muvi TV truck from HH rally in mandevu which the cadres were een earlier on dancing and talking to HH ignored and sped as though not seen

    Its sad that this should start within the campaign teams of HH…

    • Geeze! Like grade 1

      You do realize that there are learned professionals posting here? I think you should have a preamble to your postings saying to whom you are directing your comments.

      You have totally misread the audience here, and you can be forgiven for that. We don’t personally know each other, we’re just pixels at this point. But word to the wise, don’t post kindergarten trash because you are in the presence of advanced minds. Sha!

  14. Uploaded pictures to show the massive incidence on Lusaka times link for pictures posting here for people to see cadres from mandevu HH rally throwing in a towel using his brand new branded HH vehicles saying HH not Presidential Material throwing campaign materials in sewerage ponds by Garden from Mandevu Rally whilst others threw and shredded his posters and business cards

    Yahoo the so called HH A team disowning him at the last hour like Jesus on the cross

    He has really been crucified like a sheep laid to the slaughter

    They said Lets Go to the Bank Café and cerebrate the Incoming president Edgar Lungu amazing from Insiders

  15. Greetings Madm Ireen Mambilima.

    Thanx for your wonderfull statements, please be ready to declare

    Hakainde Moses Hichilema as our Sixth Zambian President.

    Today it is 20th January 2015, the voting day in Zambia.

    I pray that HH wins these elections in Jesus’ Name.

    May HH get 52% and Edgar Lungu 33%.


  16. @ pretty @ Mei @ UPND

    After HH mandevu rally, people lined up the great north road to show PF symbol to people coming from HH rally. In opposition to UPND.

    After EL woodlands rally people lined up also along burma road in solidarity with PF.

    This is what I saw in person.

  17. Your vote is your weapon you will secretly alone in that voting use to kill PF. Zambia needs to be launched on a trajectory of non-stop development starting tomorrow. Vote HH, ke knows better. Kamina Misa Lungu is also talented in other disciplines, he can excel as a taste pilot at Duncan, Gilbey and Matheson sampling assorted liquor.

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