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FAZ hires Mexican technical analyst

Sports FAZ hires Mexican technical analyst

FAZ has added Mexican Sergio Fentanes to the Honour Janza led Chipolopolo technical bench at the Africa Cup of Nations.

FAZ said Fentanes joined the Zambia bench on Sunday as technical analyst during the AFCON.

This is the second time FAZ is hiring Sergio as he earlier worked with Zambia at the 2006 Africa Cup in Egypt when he worked under Kalusha Bwalya who was then coach.

“I hope my work will be very good for the Zambian team,” Fentanes said.

Fentanes joined the Zambia bench on Sunday prior to Chipolopolo’s opening Group B match against DR Congo that ended 1-1.


    • FAZ: IT ALL ROTS & STINKS FROM THE HEAD! Two members of the technical bench from overseas that I believe had their contracts signed long before they stepped into their jobs, BUT THE GUY THEY ARE ASSISTING HAS HIMSELF GOT NO CONTRACT. KALUSHA IS SO INHUMANE. YOURE SUBJECTING JANZA TO ALOT OF TORMENT & ITS NOT FAIR

    • @danny mwaba: Very true indeed. After watching all the matches played so far this AFCON, its clear that the Zambian team is the least prepared and the weakest in all the teams that have featured so far. I hope they make serious changes, but then again, they dont have the time nor do they have a proper coach who can turn things around within a day.

      It looks like we are doing trial and error with the coach. Maybe just let the Dutch man be the senior coach. The group is still very open since all the teams in group B, Zambia’s group, have a point each. FAZ, please, can you just be serious for once and do the right thing.

    • @Nostradamus, too many advisors can cause chaos, so @Zambia is justified to say that “too many cooks spoil the broth”. it appears you do not understand this well established saying. You are probably confusing it with a brothel; you have a dirty mind and sound so disgusting.

  1. FAZ just bring the boys back they are doing nothing there. How can you make a team of un experienced young boys leaving the experienced players? Shame on you FAZ and coach.

  2. Will FAZ ever be serious? Does the performance of the lads in yesterdays encounter, for instance, need someone all the way from Mexico to analyse.

  3. Anyone who is not gullible can see tbe link here…Galu used to play in Mexico in the later yeats of hid career so he is hiring his people as the sleepy Zombies let him treat the FAZ as his own personal company. He hires people he knows will let him loot and steal…..fellow crooks!!

  4. It could have affected the team negatively,hence the seemingly lack of concentration in that game,though DRC was physically superior.

  5. Kalu twalya again. Faz cant always have it easier wen it comes to blowing government money do they even have a budget how does government release funds wen no budget.
    Kalu needs to be dealt out of Faz.

  6. when Chris Katongo said. ‘if u win @ Nkana u think you can play at AFCON’ We called him names including myself. we felt he was finished & jealous of the young lads. With what we saw on sunday. Katongo you were right & receive my apology. The Zambian team was a sham. Even the local support cudnt be aloused as they were disappointed and wondered how we won 2012 AFCON?

  7. Guys AFCON is a big stage like it or not and i have always said this Zambia is coming back first round,you can never just change a team so sudden and expect to win sorry not this time

  8. I felt so bad when i heard about the Mexican being attached to the National Team. As Zambians the problem we have is to support even wrong things. When people were saying that we need experience others were trying to compare Zambia to South Africa, but have we seen that even South Africa failed to beat Algeria due to lack of experience?
    The fact is that, FAZ is now panicking because they seen that our team is going no where. But all the same, bringing in some one on the Technical bench will just bring more confusions that anything else. If you don’t have confidence in Janza, why take him to the AFCON. Most of the players that could have brought us pride were left out, so we just have to accept that, we will not go beyond the first round period.

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