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Kunda Mwila’s Click Zambia denies having any contract with ECZ

General News Kunda Mwila's Click Zambia denies having any contract with ECZ

Just Click Technologies has issued a statement denying that it has a contract with ECZ for Electronic Transmission and any other electoral systems. In a statement issued to the media, Click Technologies Zambia Limited said that the story circulating on Zambia Watchdog linking its Chief Executive Office Mr. Kunda Chinyanta Mwila to rigging schemes through the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Electronic Results Transmission should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

The Zambian Watchdog reported that sources from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) have hinted that an ICT company, Click Technologies, run by Kunda Chinnyanta Mwila has been engaged to rig the elections using the electronic voter transfer system.

Below is the full statement issued by the company

Click Technologies Zambia Ltd

Press Statement:

Click Technologies Zambia Limited wishes to dismiss with contempt it deserves, the story circulating on one social media page linking its Chief Executive Office Mr. Kunda Chinyanta Mwila to rigging schemes through the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Electronic Results Transmission.

Neither the company nor Mr. Mwila have any contract with ECZ to provide any consultancy for Results Management System or any other electoral systems. If the named blog has any information to the contrary, we challenge it to release such details to the public and to other relevant agencies.

Since its foundation in 2006, Just Click Technologies has remained steadfast in its desire to provide user friendly technological options that incorporates legacy and new technological applications, with the view of being a one-stop centre for computing, and providing ISP/Telecommunication, new media & multimedia and engineering consultancy services. Over the years we have partnered with institutions such as Swedish Engineering Company, Microsoft, Axiz, and Comztek and we have provided services to institution such as ECZ, BOZ, ZRA, Zamtel, CEEC, IBA, State House, etc and we are proud of our record.

Throughout his career spanning almost 20 years, Mr. Mwila has executed his duties with diligence and his personal life is guided by Christian and Family values. His IT/ISP professional pedigree can be traced from Quantum Technology (1999-2000), Zamnet Communication Systems (2000-2006), Zambia National Farmers Union (2006-2009) and Zambia Telecommunication Corporations Limited (2010-2012).

We wish to strongly advise the gang behind the Zambian Watchdog to desist from publishing falsehoods that are designed to malign good standing corporate entities and individuals.

It is also our belief that the peace and unity the country has enjoyed since 1964 must be never be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. Let technology be used to foster development and not as a tool scandalize perceived enemies.

Issued by and on behalf of Just Click Technologies Zambia Ltd
Tracey Mbilima (Ms.)
Administrative Officer

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    • I don’t get what that Press Statement is, it looks like a CV. It is full of resume of Mwila. So it has turned into an advert for Click Technologies?

    • Its guys Ba UPND and ZWD who know that you are losing because of your tribalism and violence, and fictitious promised which the Zambians have since seen through you…


    • And who will agree from lapdog of HH that elections time is not divisive time and settling business scores. HH and his cronies have been laid bare many times. ZWD is a skew and scandal media, no values other than blackmailing rich citizens of Zambia and living on alms.

    • Never believe anything coming from this chap who starved his own mum to death in Chawama ramshackle while he dined all over the country. He refused to attend her burial only well wishers organised her funeral. Useless chap, he works hand in hand with unza friend called Brown Kasaro, Who is the IT deputy director at ECZ. We’re watching every move you make.

  1. If indeed Just Click Technologies is honestly distancing itself from any involvement with the electronic transfer of results, then that will be comforting.

    I have seen that they have previously worked with ECZ and that’s why it is very difficult to ignore the rumour.

    But if its God’s time rigging or no rigging…HH will scoop it!!!


    • Since when did Mbilima and Mambilima become the same name. Ndiye ukopo uyo and you claim your party is a part of intellectuals.

  2. which crook can agree that they are crooked or have a crooked deal. it is obvious if they have been hired by ecz and pf to rig that this will be a very secretive deal which not even the so called big 4 auditing firms can earthen in a forensic audit. viva zwd. continue exposing these dealers.

    • 4 big audit firms cannot uncover it but your lapdog can create story to create anxiety in society. They do not know how much damage they are doing to business environment. I personally feel, law shall take its course and all bigshots associated with HH shall be summoned, questioned and appropriate action taken. They are behind all this nonsense. Short termers, no vision, no concern for children of Zambia. Alarmists, Traitors.

  3. although they sometimes spread falsehoods, sometimes ZWD do actually tell the truth. this information must have leaked from within the ECZ itself. jobs will be lost next week. i shudder to think what will happen

  4. please provide facts and let these people be brought to book. we do not want you to create a foundation to petition the election results. you have already started crying when is some hours away. you good at alarming the nation but fail to provide evidence. you doing a lot of harm on hh. surely with this record, voters will never trust you and hh will never rule this country. take my word for sure

  5. She is too junior to answer such accusations, the Board should have written this then it would have carried more weight. I still feel there is a rat somewhere.

    • Any Tom Dick and Thief gets up and start insinuating does not deserve any response. He deserves a lawsuit but unfortunately the idio.tic ZWD is hiding in Germany, a spineless tribalist thug. If he believes in what he is writing let him come and face the law. UPND is full of alarmist thugs.

  6. why cry about rigging when UPND, PF, Transparent International are all carrying out PVT.
    Just concede defeat. You have a weak regional base.

  7. Y the panic ba up n down. muvi ur false prophet hv told u its 87%. Kwena ninshi zambia has gone asleep. for hh to win with sylvia nachi gender based maniac. teeeti

  8. Is there anything like rigging? Kulusafye guys. Now everyone is a suspect? You will kill your spouses on suspicion of election rigging. How come FFD, MMD and others are not seeing what already defeated UPND is seeing?

    The problem is tuma UPND chaps overate and talk too much. The game is on and you lost these elections to PF way back. Reason is simple, your candidate is completely clueless about politics.

    Ifintu ni Lungu

  9. Ba UPND you are almost becoming a danger to society, because after you lose this election tomorrow, I seriously doubt it if you will accept. You will spark a lot of violence in this country. You still have tonight to reflect and to calm down. The PF will not rig the election, dont forget that PF has done a lot of good things for Zambians and people will vote to want those things to continue.

    PEACE on the 21st of Jan – PEACE Forever in Zambia. I speak PEACE!

  10. Those of you who read ZWD must do so with an open mind – well some readers are too thick to question what they read.

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