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I will embrace all as President – Lungu


Acting President Dr Guy Scott Addresses a rally for PF president Edgar Lungu in Ndola on January 19,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott Addresses a rally for PF president Edgar Lungu in Ndola on January 19,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) presidential candidate Edgar Lungu says he will not begrudge anyone if elected in today’s presidential election but pledged to embrace love and hard work while continuing with development projects that were started by late President Sata.

Addressing a rally at Ndola’s Mushili grounds yesterday, Mr Lungu said he will rule Zambia based on values of love that late President Sata preached and practised.

“President Sata never held a grudge against anyone. You could differ with him but one, two minutes later you reconcile. I will love everyone and work hard for you. I will listen to the people and will also consult,” Mr Lungu said.

The rally was attended by Acting President Guy Scott, former President Rupiah Banda, Kabwata member of Parliament (MP) Given Lubinda, Matero MP Miles Sampa, his Chimwemwe counterpart Mwenya Musenge and former diplomat Mary Zambezi.

Other MPs present were Chishimba Kambwili (Roan), Stephen Chungu (Luanshya Central), Emmanuel Chenda (Bwana Mkubwa) and Dorothy Kazunga (Kabushi).

Mr Lungu said the party’s doors are open for any returning members who left PF but have not found comfort where they defected to.

He urged Zambians to ignore other party leaders who are advancing their education credentials in the campaigns, saying academic qualifications are not a guarantee of good leadership but one should also have leadership qualities.

Meanwhile, Dr Scott said the PF should continue in power and charmed the crowd with a Bemba song drumming up support for Mr Lungu.

“Let us not forget that the spirit of late president Sata is still with us here. We are here to support Edgar Lungu because we want this party to continue and the spirit of Michael Sata,” he said before asking the gathering and Mr Lungu to join him in singing Sata leta ubwembya tume ishilu, much to the delight of the audience.

“Isa Lungu ubebe, ubebe,” Dr Scott said in Bemba, meaning Lungu come and tell them.

At another rally at Lusaka’s Woodlands Stadium yesterday, Mr Lungu said United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema must accept and concede defeat if he loses the election.

He said it is unfortunate that Mr Hichilema is accusing PF of planning to rig elections when the party doesn’t even know how to rig elections.

Mr Lungu appealed to party members and supporters not to engage in violence during and after voting.

“When provoked by UPND cadres, just run away from them and tell them you are not interested in fighting,” he said.

And Mr Lungu said his job is now to ensure he provides leadership to the people of Zambia.

“Where I have problems, I will be consulting other leaders that include President Banda, Acting President Guy Scott, First president Kenneth Kaunda and all PF and MMD leaders,” Mr Lungu said.

And former Kabwe Central MP Austin Chewe has urged voters to elect Mr Lungu.

Captain Chewe said at Kabwe’s Comet grounds yesterday that Mr Lungu was chosen by Mr Sata and if elected, he will continue constructing schools, health centres and roads.

Capt Chewe said Mr Lungu is the chosen leader, adding that he is humble person who would diligently rule Zambia.

Capt Chewe said that Zambians do not condone tribal politics because Zambia belongs to all irrespective of their tribe.

And Mr Lungu’s wife, Esther, has said her husband would make a good president because he has unique leadership skills, seeks justice and is keen and able to reduce poverty, enhance infrastructure development and create jobs.

She said in a statement released yesterday that Mr Lungu “is a man the good people of Zambia can trust. He is going to make you proud.”


    • The Post Editorial comment 19/01/2015:… doesn’t make sence for Dipak to try and distance Hakainde from Munkombwe’s statements when he himself is comfortable with them,sees nothing wrong with them. Clearly,it is Dipak who is disturbed by Munkombwe’s statements and not Hakainde himself.Anyway,Dipak is in the company of people whose political DNA he does not really understand.By denouncing Munkombwe,Dipak thought he was doing the right thing when he was actually offending the people he is helping to campaign and win an election.

    • 2). If you can, find and listen to this Important message from Mama Esther Lungu.

      [http] (:) [/][ picosong [dot] com [/] 5vEH

    • The last kicks of the disappearing and visionless Lungu. Today PF is democratically being discarded and buried! Thanks to God, the violence is over! PF DELETED.

    • Poor Senior Citizen!
      Today you will be put into place after your visionless drunkard is discarded once and for all.
      PF cadres, I’m glad that you’re going to wake up early from your denials of slumber. This is the day all normal citizens have been waiting for, to kick off PF by using their own 90 days of Donchi Kubeba sickness.
      Viva Hakainde Hichilema for president! Senior Citizen, you’re unjustly making yourself feel better, but reality will soon dwell greatly upon yous, Proven Failures (PF).
      The visionless drunkard and blind man is worth ditching the gullible cadres like recycled senior citizens like RB. He will cry again and again and again!
      The Skeleton Key

    • CLEAR photoshopped pictures of the PF rallyonly a F00l would accept these pictures as genuine. Look at the difference from the people in front and those behind, the “swelling” crowd is not PROPOTIONAL. Open your eyes Zambians, you are too cleaver for this.

    • Edgar says he will embrace us all, did you hear that?

      That’s the way to go yet zwd descendants finds a problem in this just call

    • Really? Just yesterday you were issuing insults and threats of what you would do to people if you were elected, now you have a forgiving heart? Please……

  1. Change, you have my back, I am sure Scott knows he is going to hand the instrument to a rightful person, he grabbed it from Lung and he will give it to HH, Forget pangas and knives vote HH. I proud of Scott, he played it cool.

  2. How can you embrace all when you didn’t embrace most people during your campaign? Chiefs, farmers, nurses, students, and you didn’t visit majority of cities to meet the very people you imagine to embrace? Empty words not backed by reality and understanding

  3. Lungu will embrace panga family, well in a week time PF will reject him, watch the pace. He is going to get his position back as MP. He don’t not even qualify to be a District administrator.

  4. Isaiah 37:3
    This day is a day of distress and rebuke and disgrace, as when children come to the moment of birth and there is no strength to deliver them.

    Wina azalila. God bless ECL


  6. How can someone from a party that has brought high levels of tribalism embrace everybody? How can someone surrounded by wako ni wako advocates embrace everybody?
    How possible is for someone continuing with Sata’s legacy embrace everybody? These are just pure campaign lies. God is there to embrace everybody not the EL and his PF tribalists.

  7. PF NEC step one: kick out from your party Daniel Munkombwe, Sylvia Masebo and GBM. More especially GBM thinks he owns people of Kasama! This time people of Kasama are saying no more with GBM! Let him concentrate on his private business. He is not fit to continue leading Kasama constituency. Mr. Munkombwe should also go with his tribe’s affiliation! Sorry for you old man to join a wrong camp, but they is nothing PF can do for you. The plane is full of credible men and women, just rest in peace. Masebo it is high time you rested, give chance to credible individual to lead Chongwe constituency. Rest in peace also!!!

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