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Isaac Chansa praying for Zambia victory


Isaac Chansa has described Thursdays 2015 Africa Cup Group B showdown between Zambia and Tunisia as a do-or-die game.

Zambia, Tunisia, DR Congo and Cape Verde all have one point each heading into their respective Group B fixtures in the penultimate round of preliminary stage of the competition on Thursday.

Chansa has also wished his compatriots goodluck against Tunisia.

“It is a do or die game for them to stay in the tournament,” Chansa said.

“We have to win that game so that we give ourselves a chance to go to the quarterfinal because if we don’t win that game we will put ourselves in a difficult situation and almost 50 per cent out of the tournament.”

Chansa who was a member of the 2012 team is currently back home in Zambia after a six month stint at Indian club NorthEast United.


    • BEFORE I Take a short break; be ready to know that we are moving in this direction, and keep calm and all relaxed as we await for ECZ.
      1. PATRIOTIC FRONT = 702,921
      FROM AN ESTIMATE = 122 constituencies
      @ 21:58 Hrs, on the day of the Lord, Wednesday, 21st Jan. 2015

      i thank you

    • What will do Katondo boys after loosing erections on Friday morning?
      Do you know if your Edgar CHANKWILA Sangwapo Lungu is even able to sleep? Imagine how Bana Dalitso is dreaming about sleeping in Kaseba’s bed. From Chawama market to State House, but apatebeta lesa tapafuka chushi.

  1. Iyashi Lyabuloshi –

    Livingstone Family In Bizarre Find

    A Livingstone woman is living in fear following her daughter’s discovery of an object suspected to be used in witchcraft dumped in her premises.
    Scores of residents that flocked to the scene were found poking the lifeless object with sticks as they desperately tried to ascertain what it is.
    It had to take a local pastor to discard the strange animal-like object which he destroyed with fire.

    UBUTUTU UBUTUTU UBUTUTU UBUTUTU UBUTUTU UBUTUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My people need to be educated about wildlife, before they completly finish killing Endangered Spieces which they see as “witchcraft” due to ignorance and susperstious beliefs ..beause of my peoples DEEP BEILIEF in “hokus-pokus” UBULOSHI you can…

  2. …….imagine that, spieces like the Giant Salamander would be tagged as ICILILOMBA, due to its optical form which is rare in those parts… meaning they spieces would be destroyed on sight without second thought- Thats how bad it is.

    • Education is a wasted effort in Zambia. Science has taken a back seat to a pastor’s word in Zambia. Many pentecostal church pastors are working on people’s minds with their continued harping on witchcraft in their semons. Was it Karl Marx who said religion is opium of the people? It is true.

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