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UPND concerns delay election results release


UPND campaign manager Depak Patel confers with party president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND campaign manager Depak Patel confers with party president Hakainde Hichilema

Concerns raised by the United Party for National Development (UPND) over what it has described as contradictory results published by the Electoral Commission of Zambia on their website and ZNBC have delayed the announcement of results from remaining constituencies.

The ECZ was scheduled to announce latest election results by 11:00 hours in addition to the ones released last night which still have PF’s Edgar Lungu narrowly leading his closest rival UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema with about 29,054 votes from 111 constituencies verified.

ECZ officials led by Chairperson Irene Mambilima were locked in a meeting in the morning with officials from the UPND led by its leader Hakainde Hichilema and the Patriotic Front led by Secretary General Davis Chama over the concerns raised by the UPND.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) this morning sought an urgent meeting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia seeking clarification on what it has described as contradictory results published by the Commission on their official website and ZNBC TV.

UPND Campaign Manager Dipak Patel in a statement said not only have there been significant miscalculations in the counting process with the wrong numbers attributed to the wrong constituencies, some published numbers are allegedly highly inflated and clear failure to calculate basic arithmetic.

Mr Patel said these incorrect figures have also now been published by the print media which is highly illegal.

Mr Patel stated that UPND results are increasingly clear and continue to indicate a narrow victory for the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

He said the UPND requires full clarity and agreement on all final ECZ results before any announcement is made by the ECZ

ECZ is scheduled to have a briefing at 14:30 hours to announce the way forward


    • HH won this election long time ago but these PF thugs were always going to to steal this election

    • How can you release the results when the PF are stealing votes? I really hate PF and anything associated with it. To borrow te words of one of the blogger here; “PF are a bunch of of non-human species masquerading as human beings”. Since English has inadequate words to describe, thats the best I can describe them.

    • I told you the EcZ are not fit for purpose.

      They ate as independent as they appear.

      Lungu will win I have just been told home.

      So congratulations



    • Viva HH, Viva Hakainde Hichilema and Viva UPND! Viva Forward!

      The Skeleton Key
      PF are democratically dead. PF cadres with their visionless leadership are choking on their own Donchi Kubeba concoction.
      Yazanda lelo!

    • @Mwaba Jr

      You are absolutely right HH has won if ECZ can correct the anomalies discovered in several results, the latest being Chawama were Lungu was given fake 5000 votes by changing 13459 to 18459.

      Eastern province also has fake figures where UPND got 1750 in 6 constituencies while Lungu got either 4673 or 4873. Then later chipata central figure was changed to 10833 from 4873.

      Lukulu west has the same figures with Bahati what a coincidence!

      PF’s rigging has been exposed big time and Lady Mambilima has demanded to check all the figures sent in before announcing the results to avoid chaos.

      In Kabombo, people almost rioted when results were tempered with.

      HH might just win these elections.

    • Lusaka Times says and I quote~>
      “ECC is scheduled to have a briefing at 14:30 hours to announce the way forward”.

      Indeed it is Forwards! Viva HH!


    • Zambians have spoken and chosen a new political entrant over a perpetual, endemic, chronic and veteran loser. how do we honor the veteran? anyone? anybody?

      his tribesmen poured out in massive numbers played a tribal and regional card. the made utopian promises totaling more than 215, but have been adequately handled, contained and managed and consigned to history books where they rightly belong.

      What a glorious race its been……I am proud to be a Zambian

    • The people who threated to attack ED are right because he has betrayed us and is being used by PF to rig elections. We have relied upon TIZ PVT all along and boom last minute, they fidget with numbers to make PF winner. Actually what they are trying to do is not clever at all. The rigging that was being done in the past was clever because they would stuff in extra ballot papers that would be counted along with the real ones. This time because the UPND anti-rigging team was vigilant and sealed off all obvious rigging loopholes, the PF had no option but to just use a st&pid way of manipulating numbers directly forgetting that UPND and others had their own PVT which should have agreed with the ECZ results. You can’t do that. I hope the culprits are going to be pursued by the law for…

    • HH has not won latest results are:-
      EL 795391 and HH 772648 the difference is 22743 according to 149 constituencies except Mafinga in PF region.
      Check Postzambia facebook

    • PVT is not rocket science. The ECZ is misleading itself by allowing thugs like Emmanuel Mwamba and sponsored friends in ECZ to dictate the quality of their work. ECZ wants people to believe that it is a very difficult kind of work and uncertain in some ways when figures are just collated at centres before being sent to ECZ. These same figures are what UPND based their conclusion of winning with a small margin. Today ECZ is publishing different results from what was agreed at counting centres. HH has won this election but they are trying to steal his victory in broad daylight.


      ECZ announced results from 111 constituencies PF 670,397 UPND 641,343

      Constituency Province PF UPND Remarks
      Chitambo Central 3,325 435
      Chembe Luapula 2,597 354
      Chinsali Central Muchinga 8,622 381
      Lukulu East Western 1,296 5,708
      Kanchibiya Muchinga 4,527 488
      Keembe Central 2,586 9,043
      Milanzi Eastern 3,441 1,471
      Lupososhi Northern 7,633 1,147
      Kabompo West North Western 520 6,307
      Zambezi West North Western 1,474 2,647
      Lukulu West Western 876 7,163
      Chavuma North Western 792 4,898
      Serenje Central 3,940 839
      Muchinga Central 1,384 456
      Mulobezi Western 1,069 3,517
      Petauke Central Eastern 10,346 1,202
      Kapiri Mposhi Central 7,892 8,213
      Mangango Western 1,137 3,792

    • Mpongwe Cbelt 2,596 3,921 2 polng stat not included
      Katombola SP 469 15,064 4 polng stat not included
      Kapoche EP 5,160 1,236 1 polng stat not included
      Msanzala EP 3,718 693 5 polng stat not included
      Nyimba EP 3,440 1,294 4 polng stat not included
      Rufunsa LSK 1,819 2,146 Unverified
      Kaoma WP 912 4,886 Unverified
      Sinjembela WP 1,378 6,389 Unverified
      Senanga WP 754 5,861 Unverified
      Mfuwe Muchinga 3,102 144 Unverified
      Sikongo WP 1,267 4,194 Unverified
      Chama South EP 2,801 908 Unverified
      Luena WP 326 3,844 Unverified
      Mufumbwe NWestern 1,200 8,400 Unverified
      Lumezi Eastern 5,280 1,662
      Chama North Eastern 3,615 676 Unverified
      Solwezi East NWestern 597 2,584 Unverified
      Chilubi Northern 8,100 2,400 Unverified

      Mafinga Muchinga 30,427 registered


      PF 701,089
      UPND 674,185.

      Go to thepostfacebook for latest results.


    • If this election will be rigged, North- Western is ready to seceded from this rubbish country called Zambia. We cant take this nonsense anymore.

    • Why can’t we just have transparent elections? This is a déjà vu. This is exactly what happened in 2011. Delays in announcing the results because MMD were trying to rig even though PF had won. Now PF is trying to do the same. Let go if you have lost! Why the desperation.?

    • At all these UPND candres, calling people thugs,
      is that how you were taught to adress people?,
      you blind followers, why cant you wait for ECZ to announce?
      Tell your presidesnt Elections cant be won by Mulungushi centre if already lost in the polling stations,
      some of you comments are so rude and only have place at ZWD.

  1. It is very clear that the huge margins in Lusaka were manipulated…

    The mathematical margin trend of the vote through out the country is very clear.

    So more good german beer for me…. i will have the last laugh

    • As for Lusaka, you’re very right. There is no way PF can win Lusaka even in the urban. HH has won in Lusaka but PF stole the votes.

    • and the huge margins in Southern Province are okay? Is Lusaka part of Southern Province. We need 50 plus 1 to avoid this crying all the times since 1991 and yet in court no one produces evidence of rigging. This is also a problem when PVT results are transmitted via sms by cadres – they feed you with what you want to hear.

    • What about the abnormally large margins HH had in Southern Province where Lungu got 0 votes in some polling stations? You consider that normal?

    • What constitues credible elections 1.Election commission/administering body was independent from the influence of parties to ensure freedom and credibility of elections. 2.Election commission/administering body was independent from the executive branch, by law, to ensure freedom and credibility of elections. 3.Voter registration rolls were verified. 4.Dispute resolution and appeals processes were established prior to the campaign period. 5.Reported violations of campaigning regulations were independently investigated and resolved in a timely manner. 6.Party agents were allowed to observe campaign activities. 7.Party agents were allowed to observe official election procedures. 8.Party agents were allowed to report and file grievances throughout the course of the campaign period. 9…

    • 8.Party agents were allowed to report and file grievances throughout the course of the campaign period. 9.Regulations were published for public access. 10.There were no recorded instances of the media providing unequal access to specific parties or candidates as detailed in electoral procedures. 11.The campaign period was free of violence. 12.Election Day was free of violence. 13.There were no recorded instances of minorities facing intimidation or discrimination in the run up to elections. 14.Voters were not offered material or monetary incentives in exchange for their vote. 15.Voting procedures were publicized in advance. 16.There were no incidents of electoral irregularity at the polling centers 17.Observers, including party agents, were allowed full access to the process, including…

    • 17.Observers, including party agents, were allowed full access to the process, including vote counting and tabulation. 18.There was no unauthorized campaigning during the election. 19.Voters received information to register in elections. 20.Voters received information to participate in elections 21.Voters received information on how to register and participate in elections, within a fixed timeline. 22.Public received information about the electoral system and how winners are determined. 23.Voters received instructions at the polling station on properly marking their ballot paper. 24.Voters were able to queue; and vote without interference from persons seeking to influence the vote. 25.Eligible candidates were able to register their candidacy without barriers. 26.Candidates/parties did not…

    • 26.Candidates/parties did not face harassment from government authorities during their campaigns. 27.All parties and candidates were free to campaign without harassment from other parties. 28.There were no instances of harassment, intimidation or discrimination against potential voters in the run-up to elections. 29.No potential voter faced intimidation or discrimination at polling stations. 30.Accommodatio ns were made to allow persons with disabilities to participate in elections. 31.Polling centers had the capacity to accommodate voters. 32.Polling stations were configured to ensure the integrity of the vote. 33.Party agents were allowed observation of voting. 34.Independent observers were allowed observation of voting. 35.Measures were taken to prevent duplicate voting. 36.Ballot…

    • 36.Ballot papers and boxes were monitored and sealed to prevent tampering during voting. 37.Polling centers opened and closed on schedule according to election commission/administering body procedures. 38.Vote counting processes at polling stations were transparent, procedures were communicated and observers could watch. 39.Invalid ballots were inventoried. 40.Vote tallying was checked by multiple officials. 41.Results from counting and tabulation process were displayed at the polling center. 42.There were no incidents of parties influencing the closing process. 43.All accredited observers were able to observe the sorting, counting and tabulation process unhindered. 44.Ballot boxes were sealed once voting was complete.

  2. We will wait indeed, I agree with you Mwaba Jr that HH has had a landslide in Southern Province. He certainly won the battle, but ECL has won the war…

  3. Why is it just UPND which is noticing these anormalies.
    They think they can lose in these so called strong holds.
    ECZ please announce the results and the winner.

  4. Uyu mwenye is causing too much confusion. If things are working in favour of UPND he starts saying Positive things about ECZ, if delays are made to announce the results caused by upnd he starts accusing ECZ of corruption. This UpNd people are power hungry they have to accept the fact that have lost. They’re wasting our time we need to know who has won this election. Plain and simple.

    • Typical of a PF cadre or supporter, he is either a racist, violent or a simple thug. No wonder you are finding it difficult to win a re-election in only 3 years. Stop showing your infancy, grow up.

    • Today you call me a racists simply because of the word mwenye. When HH called called Guy Scort ubumusungu wopusa you never said anything.
      This truth is my friend, Upnd should let the ECZ do their work. HH does not work for ECZ. They’re causing delay in annouceing the results. This has nothing to do with growing. If HH is educated as he claims he should learn to respect the work of other people. Interfering with ECZ’s work is not being proffessional. Where is EL? is he at counting centre? The answer is NO but is where is HH and his team? Shame on you guys.

    • Some are just pathological losers, the only way you guys …namwiishiba can win an election more especially presidential is through net working. You can not just wake up and say you can win a presidential election just popular in Muchinga province, no bane. Any way comments reserved ,waiting for final and formal announcement we are coming back.

  5. Better late than sorry. What we need is a duly elected President whoever that may be. False results can cause chaos. We want the loser to accept the results confident that the people’s choice has been validated.

  6. HH is just a cry baby… He delayed the election for 24hrs… today he delays it again but despite all his antics, he has lost and if he tries something, Boma will sort him out! Popularity in (3) Provinces is not the same as Nation wide. Secondly, why is he conducting himself like a cadre? The way he behaves in this moment will determine whether he has a shot at 2016. Greater men before him have conceded defeat, we have the electoral act that determines elections proceedings, this guy is trying to cause anarchy and is a danger to National Security. I had a lot of respect for HH but no longer, he is a tyrant and a thug and he will remain in the fringes of Zambia’s history as the perpetual loser. He can wait after the swearing in and contest in the supreme court. Taba muchaile nechi town.

    • But Sata used the same tactic of verifying anything and everything. You never complained when he did it. what’s different about HH?

    • It is only fair when it’s done in satisfies toon of both parties after all it is democracy buddy hold your fire

      Don’t talk to much before your exposure much of yourself it is a free world

    • Don’t call him a cry baby. He is a man and to be a man you need to stand up to issues. Would it please you to have people steal votes rampantly and just say its okey? Fine if its proved that indeed these people stole, are they the kind of leaders Zambians would want to entrust their lives to? Come on, people we need to be reasonable with the way we do things.

      As a country, let us not allow what happened at the PF General Conference to happen at National level. No. We cannot accept this. So let us all wait patiently and let all concerned deal with whatever is happening. If voting is my right then I want my vote to go the right person I feel should take me to a higher level as a person.

  7. The winner was known just after everyone voted, these elections were not necessary if Zambians were not selfish. Now some people have started crying foul. We told them from the on set but they refused even to go and cut their hair ku barbershop. Manje mwaona baambakulila. Congrats to the winner anyway.

  8. lets be fair here,regardless of who we support rigging is unacceptable! i am pf supporter but i dont want to know my pf won on account of rigging!

  9. Remember the prophecy by Malawian Prophet on night of cross-over to 2015 on the Zambian election? What he prophesied has so far been fulfilled 90%. We are waiting for 10% to be fully fulfilled.

  10. Pls Ecz can you do the right thing form the grounds form the people we have PVT.dont put this country on fire.

  11. It’s worth taking the time to recount and verify any anomalies. Win or lose I would like the correct figures to get a true picture ( also for analytical purposes).

    I remain confident that ECZ will facilitate this. Still quietly, calmly and confidently waiting.

  12. I know EL has won but its better ECZ checks and makes the necessary corrections and announce the results that everyone agrees with because they have the faxed copies. after they make corrections, my appeal to UPND is let them congratulate their friends PF. they have done so much better than in all previous elections probably except for Mazoka’s elections. the ultimate difference between the 2 is about 10,000 and so this should be corrected and then the results announced properly. i also wish ECZ could acknowledge the anomally. they have done a good job overall and i am proud of them. I voted for HH but come saturday, i will also be celebrating our democracy. those who want to remain behind can do so at their own peril. there is so much to appreciate life for. even just voting

    • HH has a bruised ego, we need to recommend some anger management classes for him… Clearly extreme pressure makes him irrational! Congratulations to the people of Zambia for exhibiting such patience and maturity towards the fulfilment of our Democracy! I also wish to Congratulate the PF and its incoming President for the clear win, they have their work cut out for them… The people have spoken, now its back to development and preparation for 2016! Zambia First!

    • @ine wine: I don’t think HH/UPND will easily accept anything short of a win. What he is trying to now is establish some bases on which to launch a challenge in the High Court. Or simply trying to see if they can bring those numbers down to around 5000 which would trigger an automatic recount, by law. Remember what the questions their senior lawyer was asking yesterday? Trust me, they already know that HH has lost. It is just egos and greed at play here.

  13. The article by the post is tatamount to treason.Where did they get the results from when people were voting at 02 am today(according to E.C.Z)?These are dangerous politics from PF and the cartel.Dont start civil strife.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

    • Now the post is supporting EL?? You guys are just in denial. Now you are accusing even Innocent organizations and individuals.

  14. Can the ECZ be left alone to do their work please. Why bring unnecessary confusions when we are almost at the end? Madam Mambilima should be alert to people who want to cause confusions. This is crucial time.

    • It is only fair when it’s done in satisfies toon of both parties after all it is democracy buddy hold your fire

      Don’t talk to much before your exposure much of yourself it is a free world

    • The government in situ at the time of elections in Zambia bring confusion. MMD did the same in 2011. PF is doing it as well. Power is sweet but it is sweeter in Africa. Why? Because of corruption,embezzlement of funds and poor governance. Politicians don’t wantto be exposed.

  15. Way Forward. Basic math should be included in the education curriculum what is wrong with the third world countries. Why should developed nations 5th graders be better than our graduates from higher institutions of learning? It is the reason we need a president like HH to reform most of these things. Kapoko was stealing the same way, it is very common in government department to alter figures that way, wait under the new administration, this won’t be tolerated, you have lots of uneducated thieves in government, this is why our country is headed to the dogs, let us give HH the chance, voters have spoken and so it shall be so. Rigging, this is not Zimbabwe, we are blessed to live in a peaceful country where tribe has not been a factor except for a few, HH is going to bring sanity.

  16. When the Post reported about the deep wrangles PF had during the runner up to the election upnd gave them a lot of support. Today they give us the figures ati ni treason bane, these things are already in public domain. Game is over even though tight.

  17. I must say i am very proud of Hakainde Hichilema. Even after a barrage of insults and image tarnishing propaganda, he still managed to get this number of votes. I MUST say that PF are now in serious problems because they only have a year to rule. The story will surely be different in 2016.

    This would have been a real disaster for PF. However, i feel they will ultimately be declared winners though by a very narrow margin which will seriously be ofset in 2016.

  18. Chikenda, first take him to the barbershop then he will realize that he is in the wrong game. Encourage him to go to the farm pls.

  19. Is ECZ suffering from indecisionitis, then? Is it in order for UPND to hold ECZ, and by extension, the country captive? And we allow this anarchy?


  21. Problems were started by such as MUVI TV giving false predictions together with this nonsense they call PVT or whatever. People who think the results have been rigged should consult VJ- he has categorically stated that this is not possible- it only exists in people minds

  22. ECZ also is so long in announcing the results. Why take such long and why always being controlled by people . ECZ should know that has authority to conduct elections and must show that. Any way if there is any errors in the figures please correct them as soon as possible. To day ECZ must tell us who the winner is .

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  23. If what the loser HH is trying to say in vain is true, can we safely say that the results that came from Southern Province where almost every constituency had a 90% turn out and vote for him are NOT valid? We all know that on the polling day, it was very rainy and there is no way those numbers in rural areas could have been obtained, but we gave him a benefit of the doubt.

    Just accept that you have lost and let Edgar Lungu start building the nation. We are in a hurry to develop. By the way, why is ECZ tolerating UPND this much? This Indian man must respect Zambians and let him know that we are not fools as he may wish to think.

    Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the SIXTH President of Zambia. Go and contest the results in the courts of the law if you like.

    • You know, you are correct. If the South and Western Provs. Had not used Tribe to vote we could be getting a landslide for Lungu.

      ECZ are showing worrying signs of conduct. Truthfully, all elections have Error Margins anyway. Even after the ‘basic arithmetic’ corrections, HH is listing by a narrow margin. HE SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF HIMSELF. HE DID SOOOOOOO WELL TO CLIMB THIS CLOSE! It’s impressive he should not waste time on Violence and Tears BUT get back in there for 2016. It’s only 1 year and a bit ….WHY the fuss?

  24. “Concerns raised by the United Party for National Development (UPND) over what it has described as contradictory results published by the Electoral Commission of Zambia on their website and ZNBC have delayed the announcement of results from remaining constituencies.”

    For your information these results are not on the ECZ or ZNBC website. So what is this moron talking about. When defeat comes just accept. Under 5 accept. HH forever loser.

  25. HH and his supporters JUST WILL NOT accept defeat.

    Lungu has won by an edge. The problem is we can be plunged into difficulties by HH et al. They set out to challenge if they lost IN ANY CASE.

    ECZ need to be professional and announce the election results. These locked door meetings with HH. Need to stop. He just lost on the nose, no need to try for confusion.

    ECZ please act with efficiency and announce the results. HH has been in there all along, paving and puffing…..and we are just anxieties out of our minds! Edgar Lungu has won.

  26. The behavior of HH and his henchmen is getting very CONCERNING by the minute. I mean, how many times is he going to be allowed to go to ECZ and harangue and try to arm-twist commissioners there? You can only give a certain amount of latitude to someone before you start pissing off other interested parties to this—i.e. the Zambian people who voted!!

  27. With or without inflating the figures, HH and his company have made it clear that in an event that EL win the election they will not accept it. This is very bad for ECZ as they have been pushed around too much by these politicians. I hope in the future these politicians can be barred from ECZ and the counting centres.

    • guys, please for the sake of peace in this our mother zambia.whatever the result reflects the victory of zambian people.these individuals, they are after jobs in the first office.dont fight bros,there is no need for that.because, important thing is you hav jst exercised your right.dont allow these politicians to use you as shields.remember their blood relatives are not with you right where you are.whoever wins,congratulations to the zambian people.


  29. 5 Constituencies in Eastern province with exactly the same results – Statistically IMPOSSIBLE.

    Chipata Central PF 4,873 UPND 1,750
    Luageni PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
    Chipangali PF 4,873 UPND 1,750
    Kasenengwa PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
    Malambo PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
    Mkaika PF 4,673 UPND 1,780

    Here is SOLID evidence for you doubting Thomases of rigging by PF agents!!!

    • @39 Ulemona

      Come on. You had to pick the East! You UP D losers are really practised liars.

      What you mean, is that you would like to shave off some of the Rastern votes towards UPND,

      It has been noted that a 90% turnout in South and Western Provs. Is an impossibility due to the rains! This works for PF.

      ITS ALL JUST monkeying around looking to narrow the margins to a recount.

      UPND. Has lost, RATHER TOO WELL, I hasten to add! Much to my surprise….

    • @Ulemona,
      Please check the numbers you’ve posted and check if they appear real to you? I have put them below!!! This is what is raising eyebrows to some of us who learned numbers in primary school. Even my little princess (5yrs old) will tell that this similarity is highly improper!!! Notice the 1750 consistently appearing and 673!!!

      Chipata Central PF 4,873 UPND 1,750
      Luageni PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
      Chipangali PF 4,873 UPND 1,750
      Kasenengwa PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
      Malambo PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
      Mkaika PF 4,673 UPND 1,780


  30. Please lets be patient. The winner will only be declared on Monday.

    This will give enough time for ECZ to console and counsel the loser, HH. It is illegal to announce a winner without counseling the loser under modern electoral law.

  31. Ulemona,
    Please go to the TIZ website and Post and get the right results. You will see that infact PF was being short changed


    • DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING PRINTED BY ZWD YOU WILL GO TO WAR FOR NOTHING. ZWD’s main purpose is to divide Zambia, cause a war and then have their puppet installed as ruler, Just to prove the point that Zambia is a bad country.

    • You need to be behind bars.

      I don’t know if you are of sound mind, because your rantings certainly seem to suggest you are not sound.

    • Must we kill you first?. Why do you simplify things when you yourself don’t want to die.

      They will declare HH winner in southern NW and western provinces.

      We shall declare HH loser in Zambia.

  33. The process of rigging elections successfully requires bright and intelligent minds. You need a mathematician and statistician for them to be valid! It’s not only a matter of inserting a number in front of numbers and hoping that they’ll tally. When you insert a number in front of other numbers, have you accounted for the total in the register,those who have voted,ballots ruined etc etc? Or you think because it’s a 2 or 3 it can just be inserted and that’s it? That’s why I am constantly singing about improving education and health. Healthy and educated minds think clearly. UPND are within their right to ensure that numbers are tallying.Poor Justice Mambilima, i’m 100% behind her, she’s trying her best to maintain normality which is hard when dealing with scatterbrains

  34. kikiki PF has won.Postnewspaper temunobe bane
    Whatever they have predicated is accurate.mulebapela ukuboka.Chapwa ba UPND u’ll see come 2016 becuase u voted on tribal line.something which we have never seen before.

  35. If this election will be rigged, North- Western is ready to seceded from this rubbish country called Zambia. We cant take this nonsense anymore.

    • Tribalism … Burongo kafwako. You are waste of space. Why can you not face challenges head on and overcome the evil by staying the course instead of running away like a coward. Remember northwestern province is the most tribally fragmented part of Zambia. A cessation will only make thing worse

    • This is proof that the gov’t need to act quickly to stop this hate cancer spreading.

      One of the best way is for the gov’t to Bankrupt HH THROUGH SKULDUGGERY….! Thus preventing him funding his campaigns! Okay so the……will give him the funds! Darn..!

      That should help the people of the South to see the error of their ways!

  36. HH takwata insoni. According to what he has been telling us, he should have wrapped up these elections by now. He finds himself in a position where he is gleaning the last vote. He is even hallucinating that there are arithmetical errors

  37. Strange enough some pipo are still campaigning for HH. Voting is over and id counting. EL will be president elect by this evening

  38. I know that most of us here are blinded our political leanings. We must all remember that if the concerns raised by UPND where not supported by evidence the ECZ would have not bothered at all, also remember UPND according to this article are in the meeting with PF. Also if bloggers here are being serious read the statement from UPND it clearly states that the anomalies are so glaring that ECZ have not choice but to check again. My gut feel is that PF have gotten a dose of their own Donchi Kubeba. It looks like the guys they asked to fix the numbers have played them and made it so obvious that picking it up is now easy.

  39. We have contract with ZNBC to broadcast results and feed other media. Perplexed by what they are showing – Mambilima

    • Contract? Why cant they just report like any other media house? Why do they need to have a contract with the ECZ? I smell a rat

  40. @Ulemona,
    Please check the numbers you’ve posted and check if they appear real to you? I have put them below!!! This is what is raising eyebrows to some of us who learned numbers in primary school. Even my little princess (5yrs old) will tell that this similarity is highly improper!!! Notice the 1750 consistently appearing and 673!!!

    Chipata Central PF 4,873 UPND 1,750
    Luageni PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
    Chipangali PF 4,873 UPND 1,750
    Kasenengwa PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
    Malambo PF 4,673 UPND 1,750
    Mkaika PF 4,673 UPND 1,780

  41. Iwe No. 42 “Truth” ku Botswana. Stop talking like a Jihadist. For your information neither HH nor Lungu can boast of backing by what you refer to as the “majority of Zambians” considering the low turn out of voters. Stop ranting about “post-election”war – you are skating on very treasonous grounds with such talk. I can almost imagine you in war paint with a knobkerry and shield. Relax, this was a nothing election and the real show is in 18-20months time. Personally I too would like HH to win if only to see what he can achieve with a minority in parliament. This would truly be a true measure of the man.

  42. We officially have a dispute with ZNBC because they are denying reports of displaying problematic results – Mambilima

    Waiting for the not-fat-at-all beautiful lady to sing! Ireen Mambilima for Chief Justice, whichever party wins.

    Waiting calmly and patiently…..

  43. UPND and the rest have a justifiable issue. However what’s important and valid are the results that ECZ have compiled and not what ZNBC has had on its screens.

  44. What ZNBC broadcast was just a corrupt disc error. Nothing serious.

    The bottom line is that EL has won. Full stop.

    HH try something else man. Vikakanga vakanga. Ngomwa ni Ngomwa.

    I southern Province even dead people voted but nothing changed. shame.

  45. Why should UPND worry about what is being shown on ZNBC when it has no consequence on the total numbers announced by ECZ. Isn’t what matters what is on the ECZ website?

  46. So far so good as verified by ECZ, im opmistic that HH is wining the seat. Take it or leave it, the ball is in your hands EL 701,089 HH 674,185 CLOSE IT HH !!!!

  47. PF has won all the results on the post online are correct and no error all the results that hav jst bn anounced in 10 constituents ar matching with one on this post online thanks ba post for the linkage whic is OG

  48. Ba UPND u still have hope in yo president.HH has lost.FLHH has crushed in choma.We are just looking for a black box to know what transpired in the incident.Just read PostNewspaper.Post is accurate with figures bane.I compared to what Mambilima was announcing with post figures.Everything is agreeing.PF will increase the gap when Mafinga comes in badala.

  49. Latest from TIZ facebook:

    Here are the Statistics from the 113 Constituencies we have compiled so far. 37 Constituencies Remaining
    Total Number of Valid Votes Cast – 1,370,412

    4R – 5,471
    NAREP – 4,793
    UPND – 656,687
    UNIP – 8,195
    PF – 663,145
    HERITAGE – 4,239
    MMD – 11,529
    FDD – 11,007
    CDP – 2,424
    GREEN – 1,141
    FDA – 1,781

    HMMMMM….the difference is 6,458 in favour of EL…. Now, the question is: Who fairs well in the remaining 37? Believe it or not, it’s tight than ever before!

  50. After further scrutiny on the TIZ added constituencies, it appears they concentrated on getting results from HH preferred areas. I don’t know whether it’s a deliberate move or those were easy to verify. Their remaining 37 will prop-up EL… No doubt, EL has won this election. HH team should regroup and strategize for 2016. Election is just 20 months away….. Don’t despair

  51. The desperation of HH and Dipak Patel in this election is proving their miscalculations. It is clear that ECZ has nothing to do with ZNBC results despite the institution being contracted by ECZ. HH and Dipak are desperate because of the loans they got in this campaign. The foolish Dipak also fears because he knows that things will not be good for him for his insults on E.L. during campaigns. DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE BEFORE YOU COME TO IT.Zambians are awake, they cannot make a tribal man win the election. This election has exposed true tribal people in Southern, Western and NorthWestern. Yes there are few of them who are civilized but most of them are primitive. In Eastern, Muchinga, Luapula, Northern, civilized Zambians gave hh some votes unlike E.L. in 3 tribal regions. HH YSRIP

  52. Why does your voting buttons have inconstancies? I noticed depending on the subject matter it appears to also add a vote to the one I did not choose at all. If that’s the case why bother enabling the vote option???

  53. Oh dear, dear! Less than 2 million voters or so but we still can’t know who the winner is after 5 days. Surely this has to be one of the definition of a failed state.

    It was clear to me that if HH lost these elections, he lost them in LSK and CB. The gap in these areas were just too big. These are the areas which were supposed to be ‘neutral’ and enlightened as to see through the g@rbage rhetoric of PF.

    If rigging really took place, it also clear UPND have been blindsided. Usually rigging is done in remote locations with small # of voters but looks like this time it happened in urban areas right under their noses. Their focus was somewhere else.

    With this tightness, chances are UPND won it in reality… however E. Lungu will be declared the winner which is a shame.

    • What world are you living in. Rigging is only done in remote locations?? Our cities are drowning with corrupt officials. These same officals tiggering with the votes know very well they days’ of stealing from we ordinary Zambians is over. There is absolutely no way all of Lusaka and CB voted for Lungu. To prove it let international observers put a voting survey for every Zambian to click who they think should be the next president???

      With due respect please give credit to the brave men and women that genuinely stood in lines long hours while it was raining to cast his/her vote. Don’t their votes matter without it being rigged??

      Honestly its going to be a sad day for Zambia if Lungu is declared the winner. That man is corrupt like hell. I fear for our beloved Zambia.

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