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HH told to demonstrate Educated and Scholarly behaviour by conceding defeat


UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema mobbed by supporters in the Lusaka business dirtsict
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema

Former Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication in the Chiluba administration Alfred Ndhlovu has said it is sad that the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has refused to concede defeat and is instead accusing ECZ of manipulating the results in favour of Mr Lungu.

In a statement Mr Ndhlovu appealed to Mr Hichilema to demonstrate educated and scholarly behaviour by conceding defeat.

“All Presidential candidates should humbly concede defeat publicly and pledge to improve on their future endeavours,” Mr Ndhlovu said.

Yesterday the UPND leader said that he will not concede defeat accusing the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) of manipulating votes.

Mr Hichilema told a media briefing yesterday that the election had been stolen from him and he argues that the outcome does not reflect the will of the people.

[pullquote]“All Presidential candidates should humbly concede defeat publicly and pledge to improve on their future endeavours,” Mr Ndhlovu said.[/pullquote]

“This has not been a level playing field from the start. We have experienced widespread violence against our supporters and party members throughout the campaign as well as deep irregularities in the counting process,” Mr Hichilema claims.

“Whilst we want to reinforce the personal high-esteem in which we, the UPND, hold the Chairperson and the commissioners of the ECZ, there are some known individuals within the ECZ who have acted with utter impunity, corruption and total disregard for a democratic process by manipulating the election results,” he charged.

“Despite the fact that the election was stolen from us, I urge all our party members and supporters across our country to remain calm and peaceful for the good of Zambia,” he said.

But ECZ Chairperson Irene Mambilima has dismissed the allegation, saying if this was so then other stakeholders, including the UPND were involved in the purported electoral malpractice.

Mrs in dismissing Mr Hichilema’s allegation, said the commission conducted the poll within the confines of the Electoral Act.

“If indeed the Commission has stolen votes, then the ECZ has done it with all stakeholders including UPND officials because we verified results together and they were involved in the electoral process,” she said.


  1. What if he does not concede? Did I concede in 2008 when inflated figures were used by the same commission? No! No way. You only concede when there are no irregularities. There is no need for him to concede. The commission itself acknowleged presence of wrong figures which they refused to correct.

    • What these PF minions scared off if HH does not concede defeat ?

      HH demanded that all results certificates be checked and verified, but PF arm twisted ECZ ignore it.

      Its better for HH not to accept these results period. Its not his team thats going to suffer but the poor majority Zambians.

      Whether he accepts or not, the fact still remains, Zambia is gone be like Zimbabwe very soon.

      In a few weeks from now, the same PF cadres celebrating will be crying like they did when Sata took over.

      Wage freeze stays until 2016. Farmers will be paid after 6months of selling maize to FRA. Cost of living will continue to rise uncontrollably. The kwacha will continue to fall.

      All I can say is Zambians enjoy PF’s pathetic reign !

    • It seems HH is still the most feared man in Zambian politics even after stealing his victory.

      Why is every one attacking him to ask for a job from Lungu.?

      Lungu ‘s hands are full right now. RB ‘s faction wants a share of the jobs and so does Luo’s faction.

      I await to see how he manages the fiasco.

      Why worry? You have got your favourite leader so just enjoy and shut the hell up end of.

    • @1.1 wanzelu,

      My dearest brother you beginning to worry me with your thinking. I expect you as my fellow well schooled colleague to understand the importance of a concession on the part of HH. Don’t tell me despite being privileged to be in the UK, you still don’t understand the essence of concession. This politics that cooks leadership through the courts of public opinion. Its not some lab results from your Clinical Pharmacology domain. HH risks being characterized as a very dangerous self seeking or desperate politician wanting power at all cost. The notion that he is under pressure from his foreign sponsors may just start holding true against him. It may just get hard to do a damage control which UPND has proved very bad at doing.

    • @wanzelu: You guys in UPND are really very slow to learn. By not conceding, HH risks looking like a BAD LOSER whose only interest is to be president at any cost. And Zambians can tell an @sshole from a patriot. And guess what category HH risks being associated with? Yes, you guessed it, the former!

      This is the SELF-CENTEREDNESS that people have come to hate about HH and UPND. You lose nothing by acting like a civilized human being even in defeat. If you think this kind of behavior does not an affect on how negatively Zambians view HH, then you are dangerously very naive. This self-importance vibes HH tend to give off is what has made him so very less appealing with people, and he will keep suffering the consequences at the polls come election time. You can bet on that!

    • Its a great day for our country and its people. We hold together and move on.

      Halusa Hagain can choose not to concede hope the results will be reversed in his favor. He is a pathetically selfish leader and the quickly upnd moves to replace him the better. He can cry all he wants, i dont care!!

      Lungu has been sworn in and will quickly move to form govt and start delivering to the Zambian people.

      Congrats to the Zambian people by showing thw world how peaceful and democratic elections are conducted.

      Peace Love and development to mother Zambia

      May God bless Zambia and its people

    • @ WANZELU


    • How did Southern manage to offer other candidates Zero results? The practicalities of this is incomprehensible and has to be investigated together with other suspicious irregularities. You were fully in charge of the vote in your region and had no respect of any other and you turn around to accuse innocent people of manipulating the vote. You manipulated yours effectively and hoped to win. Onyengana awili!

    • Reality check: I don’t remember Sata ever conceding in as many elections that he participated in. Does anyone remember, please point me to the link of an article that carried the story. Another double standard?

      And just what is ‘educated and scholarly behaviour’? Look professors at university don’t run for political elections, especially those marred with suspected fraud.

    • But why is LT not reporting & highlighting the fact that Ireen Mambilima herself did tell the audience that there were irregularities and cooking of results from either their part or ZNBC which she promised to follow to the latter. HH should not be expected to suffer from ‘hell-sink syndromme’. You thugs who suffer from hell-sink syndromme may you be the only ones to accept anything. Leave HH alone. Dont even kill him like you did to Mazoka.

    • @chinchi, To ans your stupid question ‘How did Southern manage to offer other candidates Zero results?

      In case you were not following,Lungu is on record telling people of Western and Southern Provinces that he does not need their votes.
      So are you surprised with the pattern of voting?

      Muchinga had 57,291 for Lungu and 7,440 for HH with a 26.5% voter turn out,then Southern Province had the highest voter turn out of 49%,giving HH 272,182 AND 20,937 for lungu,
      Eastern province which is the Lungu’s and RB’s home base had the lowest voter turn up of 22.7%

    • @ 1.8 Marverick, I also do not remember the Mazoka being made a saint of national acceptance ever conceding. Maybe for some it meant conceding when MCS requested his supporters to be calm. Double standards indeed!

      Why don’t the victors in ‘educated and scholarly behavior’ commend their runner up for a good run in the elections?

    • Hate, pride and envy are a heavy burden to those who practice them. But humility and humbleness makes life easy and bearable.

      The pride filled politicians always feel and think they deserve to be at plot 1 and not someone else. As such they can’t accept defeat. Die of hate and your pride will burry you. ECL has been written in the books of history as the 6th president of mother Z. Viva 1 Eddie


      Look its not a requirement to publicly concede. but he should have just kept quiet than go hold a press conference to accuse ECZ PUBLICLY. That was outrageous!! It is that bad attitude displayed that has called for this. If he doesn’t listen HH will lose a large number of his supporters. No one loves an obstinate “LEADER”

    • Ba Shaa – Not all tenets of civilized human behavior are enshrined in written laws – it explains why it is difficult for people like you to understand. Mr. Hichilema is at liberty to continue being defiant and we will see what political mileage this will bring to him and the party.

  2. This is very painful for HH to accept and he knows deep down his heart that this was his last chance to be Zambian President and he has voter appathy in PF strongholds to thank for.

    2016 will be a different game because even in this elections , HH lost by 7-3. Why should a President who only wins 3 provinces rule Zambia? I would rather a President who has won in 7 provinces rule Zambia.

    Edgar Lungu is a credible winner and if this was like the American system of electoral college, HH would have been wiped out.

    • I have always respected your thinking as an intellectual but it seems your sense of objectivity has increasingly dwindled.

      It is not about the provinces that count baba but the numbers and how well they are counted.

      You should also know by now that people from Luapula, Northern and Eastern provinces have always ganged-up to vote against any Tonga bidding for the presidency.

      And as for this election, the majority from these provinces sprung to vote against HH, a Tonga by giving the vote to Lungu because he is invariably their person.

      In an ideal democracy like that of the USA, where voters are highly enlightened, HH would have carried the day because he was, and still is, by far better than Lungu by any criteria of comparison.

    • Rupiah Banda is not a member of the Patriotic Front and we don’t expect to see him in our Cabinet, says agriculture minister Wylbur Simuusa.
      And PF secretary general Davies Chama wonders how Banda can accept a lower position when he served the country as Republican President. Simuusa, who is also Nchanga PF member of parliament, said Banda’s support for PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu was decided upon by the two men without the party’s involvement.
      “What we think and want to believe is that he (Banda) is supporting PF only during the campaigns. He is not PF and we do not expect to see him in our Cabinet. If he is supposed to come in our government, the members of the central committee should have had a say.

    • Iwe ka voice of diaspora, what makes you think that HH is better than Edgar? Running a bussiness is not the same as running a government. Levy didn’t have businesses like HH. Chiluba didn’t either. Not even Kaunda. Take your nonsense kutali. The chap lost, that’s it.

    • MMD chief. Spot on. The winner is the President who is able to unite our great nation. I concur with your 7-3 win as essential although not enshrined in our constitution.

    • Don’t be too excited these are just tribal need for any explanations ,,if HH was bemba he could have been a former president by now

    • Well said MMD Bootl (give yourself a better pseudonym; you are a great analyst)

      I would like to remind one Garry of his words. He said, “I will retire if HH loses this time.” I will wait and see if he is an honourable man and stands by his words.

    • Pretty – I did not know how dull Mr. Simusa was until he opened his mouth and said just that. In the middle of a very tight election you spit in the face of the very person who is rescuing you – this was damn, it was stupid. Instead of going to woo votes in his home region which he knew very well was a stronghold of their rival, he shall spend his energy attacking RB.

    • @Adviser,YOU MUST BE POOR AT MATHS, HH HAD 68,074

  3. Whether he concedes or not is immaterial. He has already lost and it’s not his prerogative to dictate the fate of the nation. Frankly speaking, his political relevance has expired and the party should move on and work on its shortfalls than showing us bitterness and novice political reactions. Am off for the inauguration, ECL!!!

  4. Pride is what will kill HH’s political career. If he had won, who wouldn’t have been saying such things about ECZ. The point now is weather he concedes or not, Edgar C. Lungu is already the president a position that HH has now for 4 times failed to ascend to. Its now over and the just ended elections were free, fair and transparent. Some just want to be cry babies….. Mr President elect, unite the country and don’t be vengeful. Its EL all the way

  5. Very stupid leave HH alone do you want him to accept an illegality now that UPND have evidence that their votes were stolen do not concede defeat,from street theft into an election theft these baboons may they go to hell.

    • Breaking news flight HH has crushed just after 15 minutes taking off killing 780 people on board including the late president wife bamayo Maureen Mwanawasa .

  6. Let’s not be so dull in our reasoning. Its not about the number of provonces but the number of votes one gets. HH got votes in ALL the provinces of zambia same applies to EL. So take your tribal thinking somewhere else not in this modern age unless in the stone age.

    • That word dull is what will not take you UNDP to state house , be humble and do not insult voters , they will teach you another lesson in 2016.

      Forward kwisa Hapitilila pa state house kekekekekekeekeke.

  7. @bantubotatwe. The law’ll visit you for your several shallow minded sentiments. Been in another country or using a fake name does not make you untraceable. Dull you are and keep your stolid thoughts to yourself. Usually I don’t respond to ‘characters’ like you but some ought to put you in your gutter place.

  8. UPND is not an all inclusive party and therefore will stand on Upnd ticket forever as long as he doesn’t win the presidency and does not renounce the only Tonga should be upnd president

    • @Chela.Moche: You fools you dont learn and wont learn. HH’s popularity gave your Brown KASARO hard times to. manipulate. There were ten 10 candidates that include Gen Miyanda who started his attempts in 2001, and MMD’s Nevers and 7 others more. Why HH in all your comments? You feel the heat! HH faka pressure!

  9. UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema is not popular ladies and gentlemen, i say so because if you look on the voting pattern, he only have three ( 3 ) strong hold, support and this is not good for a leader for a young Zambian democracy, he should accept defeat, clean game…….All the best your Ex. Hon president Edgar C. Lungu

    From you friends in Livingstone 2015

  10. Ndhlovu, the only people who concede defeat are those who lose in a transparent and fair election. Try to watch football and see reactions from coaches who lose games due to bad refereeing and perhaps, probably you may begin to understand what is at play here.

    You need to be real in your posting who won central province? You are an ***** if you are drunk with Finkubala go and vomit why vomiting such ignorance.You want to wipe out UPND and Leave MMD which were even bitten by a lady Nawakwi stop using your tribe to think use your brain illiterate!

  12. There is no victor or looser. If we have made a wrong choice the effect will be felt across political affiliation. As for HH if we made the right choice even better for his businesses. So work to better oneself guys. Some of us we lose if it does not rain, not who is in state house.

    • It is easy fro a camel to go through an eye of a needle than it is for HH to enter state house or the rich f.oool HH to enter heaven . Build a clinic in Neganega.

    • iwe so called “Umubemba Nkonko”, you should be ashamed of yourself, Lungu under sata basically humiliated our Paramount Chief very badly, I doubt he apologised nor has PF, YET we gave the chap the vote! Lets take up his supposed promise to recognise Sosala – am sure we will be waiting till after 2016, after which the Luo clan will be installed!! We are so useless – hoping others will drop us some crumbs, nor wonder we fled meekly with tails between our legs from the Luba-Lunda Kingdom!!

  13. we are to blame becoz we did not vote if all the pipo in luapula northern and copperbelt had voted HH wud not hav behaved the way he had. come 2016 we shall vote to kill. if southern can vote why cant we?

  14. PF should not cheat themselves that the have 7 provinces. Central province was evenly divided, C/B and Lusaka rural backed HH. The urban vote is volatile, voter apathy benefited PF since most voters who are anti PF stayed away. Now that urban voters know that UPND is capable of beating PF they will turn out in large numbers in 2016 to vote them out of they fail to meet their expectations

  15. Its painful but Lungu has been declared a winner. UPND need to evaluate this by election with a sober mind, do a SWOT analysis. My advice to HH is he heard the problems of Zambians, let him go in rural schools outside his strongholds & sponsor some OVC, construct some bridges. Let him share his wealth with the needy not just talk about it.

    • Good try HH, your time is over together with criminal friend like Maureen Mwanawasa, Katele kalumba, Richard Sakala, William Banda, etc………………………..

    • True, we need to see his desire to serve before he goes to statehouse. Even I can put across very good ideas for the nation but doing even 1% shows commitment and a desire to serve.

  16. Pipo the past times we changed governments was because there was a revolution. A need to do so. Remember 1991 n 2011? This tym around its deferent. No change was enevitable. Thats why a part that had a lot of infighting won the election. Pipo still want the PF irrespective of who stands for president. And this so coz despite all the mistakes that he made pipo still adores Sata n wants his legacy to continue. Like others r saying UPND must move away from being a regional party to a national one. Cn u imagine that 97+ of their votes cme from only three provinces? They were so close to winning and yet it was only 3 provinces. Cnt still explain why a ruling party gets 10 votes against 100000. I dnt want to say Tongas are tribal, but their leaders are and this reflects badly on the whole.

  17. @Livingstone
    Other typical PF illiterates is Central not a province?or to you the only provinces are,EST,LUAP,NORTH how can you say UPND is not popular in LSK when Lusaka is our land as proud bantu-botatwe.infact both PF and UPND got hundred something votes each in Lusaka if you know geography you will not argue but i doubt if you do
    @Jasmine you need to debate issues if you don’t want to be insulted people say PF is a party for illiterates this is always confirmed by their comments,surely how can someone say Central is not a province?UPND is not popular in LSK? aaaaaa grow up guys.

    Central was not divided,it was won by the UPND it is only these PF cadres who have nothing to say,they used to say one province,now they are saying three province,they are afraid of including Central province when they know UPND won yet they include Lusaka where they beat UPND with a small margin in their counting,this is what makes PF cadres different from UPND cadres DATA vs DATA LESS

  19. This is what Disturbs me alot about HH. Am not EL’s fan but HH is not humble, his attitude on radio said as much. The idea of losing was foreign to him, I find that disturbin.That said for the good of the nation EL should out perform Sata. If he really wants to serve the people he should urge PF to adopt some of his party’s policies without coming out as bitter.

  20. PF cadres!PF cadre!now you are comparing the voting powers of a highly urbanized province to Luapula/Northen try we will see Towns vs widely spread villages Ha!Ha!Ha!

  21. Ba monk , we have just jumped one hurdle ; we need to be realistic now .are we going to have a new constitution within the remaining 15 months and hold other general election? The following are the key performance indicators for PF ; a) lift wage freeze b) reduce the budget deficit c) policies whic will strengthen the kwacha d) finish off the running projects e) policies to improve crop marketing f) working policies on reducing the cost of doing business g ) reduction of public expenditure h) policies that will cushion mining from the impact of falling copper prices I) measures to recover loss of govt income as a result reduced oil prices.
    Ba monk these are the issues that need to occupy our minds.

    Beyond 2016 ; we need a govt that should carry out massive reforms in the education

  22. i thought it was an intetlectual trying to advise mighty HH, just realised its this jackass who first tried to vilify chiluba then came back kissing his boots after he was hit by punches of poverty until he wss rewarded with that inferior ministirial post.

  23. They were deadly scared no one few days ago said HH will never be the president,the resurrection of deadly tribalists who will only be remembered for their high levels of poverty,illiteracy and caused the division of Zambia into Real Zambia and Luapula/Finkubala republic,they think other tribes will continue accepting to be ruled,never and never the momentum is growing election after election,if a Lozi,Tonga,Luvale,Kaonde becomes a president be happy because you would have prolonged your stay in Zambia otherwise you will be back fishing.

  24. Zambians…Lol..u are all tribal…dnt accuse tongas and lozis or whatever …bembas and easterners are jst the same…one zambia one nation is a slogan that holds no water…the only thing which you shud do is work for yourselfs…improve yo lifes coz regardless if how much u jumped that changwa has won…u still went back to that same slam u r always living in..u still wont have water and a job..and u shall continue to enjoy the pain…if u r not in the inner cirlcle or related to people in power pliz…just get off you ass and work…

    • Aptly put shinobi! This is the reality comparable to the battle of denominations in the christian faith where there are counter accusations between the new springing charismatic worshipers and the old established churches!

  25. You can insult us all you want but the truth is PF won and UPND lost! Again! And this is coming from a Lungu not Bemba.

  26. ‘I have appointed Ngosa Simbyakula as Minister of Justice with emmediate effect!’
    THAT IS WHAT WE CALL “Hitting The Ground Running”
    Thank you MY President

    Let reduce discussions about the injured man. His ego is bruised.

    It is DONE, So whether HH concedes or not, its immaterial.
    For UPND, go for that long 0ver-due convention. Replace this pepertual loser by Kakoma or any quality leader from Western province. NorthWest & Western have stood by UPND and the trush called ‘Only-A-Tonga’ which ushered in HH is harmful.
    Find a replacement for HH. If you float him in 2016, iyeee! It will be a defeat of the century coz HH is hated even by Tongas coz of his pomposity and pride about his riches is repulsive.

    • @Kakolwe: Monkey: Dont waste your time to tell us what to do. Infact, I left PF because you thugs see any Kaonde, Lunda, Luvale, Lozi or bantubotatwe as UPND by default. I used to feel bad when I was a PF sympathiser because PF is full of your reasoning & am sure even people like Brian Hapunda, Jean Kapata, Inonge etc hear tribal remarks from these PF tribalists. I only hope EL will change the status quo those he is also likely to have his software already spoiled – yet to see.

  27. One thing we need to learn is not to allow people to walk over us. The problem is that the majority of Zambians have knowledge but lack wisdom. Even the bible says “wisdom is the principal thing. People areeeasily misled and and easily for get hardship these people has cause in the last 3 year. We are going back awards. Another HIPC?

  28. You want him to ‘concede’ and validate what he sees as a fraud and an illegality. He believes the election was stolen from him (right or wrong), so he wouldn’t want to concede to an alleged thief.

    Look in a normal society, politics is supposed to be a calling of sacrifice and those who joined it do so for the love of their country. It is supposed to be a competition of ideas on how to move a country to prosperity. People usually make money in a private sector than in politics. In this failed state, politics is about a competition to enrich oneself. It is no wonder the naïve electorates think HH has ‘lost’ so much and he should in fact d!e of shame or something.

    Again all you really need to be doing right now is pray and hope that this Lungu guy is not Sata Mark II.

  29. HH will win in 2016 we now know he is capable and remove this pathetic government. We didnt vote but come 2016 PF is finished HH is winning

  30. what makes us wonder is the ECZ to accuse ZNBC of manipulating numbers when reporting is it true and we want to see results from PVT done by the authorised organisation by ECZ.

  31. HH has a lot of money, let him get involved in philanthropic work like building a skills training institute outside his stronghold to be co-funded by his business partners for 3 or more years then hand it over to Govt. He shouldnt talk about youth empowerment when he gets to plot 1 yet he has the capacity to do so from the opposition. People dont want to hear how good a farmer he is if he cant transfer those skills to the youth. Let him be a Bill Gates of Zambia. Let his philanthropic deeds speak for him.

  32. @MMD Bootlicker: Your level of thinking is so low or corroded by your personal ego. The margin by which HH lost is so small to think of it as only from 3 regions. Who won Kapiri Mposhi, Katuba, Keembe, Chisamba, Mumbwa, Itezhi-tezhi, Mwembeshi? Who won Kafue, Chilanga, Rufusa, Chongwe? Did he win Sinda, Mpongwe, Lufwanyama, Masaiti, Kafulafuta? What nosense! Just thank the thugs Brown Kasaro, some corrupt elements at ECZ or ZNBC.

  33. Patriot Zed, Kabwe and Lusaka areas are bantu botwe for your own information. Back to the topic. The behaviour displaced by HH and UPND is a nail in the coffin for survival. George Bush Jnr won the election through the supreme court. Ago conceded though he strongly disagree with the outcome. Some of the contributions on this blog site and others are extreme and have no place in modern politics. Losing elections means Southern, Western and North Western can exclude themselves from Zambia.? Utterly madness. This is a reflection of they think they are ruled by bembas as others posts indicate. The past and present presidents, no one is Bemba but can speak Bemba.

    Kaunda- parents hailed from Nyasaland
    Chiluba – Luapula, Mwanawasa- Lenje-lamba, Ruphia- Eastern, Sata – Bisa and Lungu- Eastern.

    • @Pafwenamwine, your views are completely wrong. I beginning to suspect you are a retard! Given the mistreatment the Lozis have suffered, which is now being extended to the Tongas, The Lozis should just secede. The nonsense in Zambia is too much. The people who were cheated by Kaunda to be part of Zambia made a big mistake. I support the efforts of Linyunga Ndambo! Even Edgar Lungu during his first important speech got the whole issue if tribalism wrong! How can Changwa infer Mr. Munkombwe’s tribal remarks on HH?

  34. I expected HH to share the votes in CB & Lusaka provinces because of mixed ethnicity & more importantly the population being more informed/ politically reactive than rural areas (which in itself should have crash landed EL’s bid). HH, U put up a good fight but this was spoilt by opportunists. Mukombwe’s speech about a tonga president did a lot of damage to to non traditional UPND voters who shud otherwise have given U their vote as it reinforced the “tribe dogma suspicion”. My advice to U, HH is to forget about court appeals (waste of time) continue campaigning & get rid of the likes of Munkombwe. Thanks for providing checks & balances! Zambian “democracy” needs checks! To EL there is no time to waste embrace your “enemies” within & outside PF that can add…

  35. Fake opinion poll on MUVI TV sent a wrong signal to UPND! Can you re brand UPND and look for a different president for the party to be worthy competing with other political parties nationally.

    • What fake opinion poll? Where are you placing the rigging by PF in these results? If there was no rigging, the opinion polls would have been ok!

  36. Alinaswe you are right, UPND will never win an election with its current leadership. Can you change the party leadership and bring on board credible and serious people from other provinces, not last minute chancers like Nalumango, Mrs Mwanawasa, GBM, Mutati and others. The party should also restrain its members from violent behaviour. Or else the party (UPND) will keep on failing to make it to State House

    • @Aisha, you are just a Tribalist! So you are in effect saying that HH cannot win an election because he is Tonga? Unless if he was Bemba or Nsenga? What nonsense!

  37. This is an idi0t ndhovu trying to rub in the salt. If ECZ itself accepted the anomalies who are you to open your big gob. Thats why no one knows you in the country.If you are looking for a job from Lungu do so in a proper and direct way than being canternkrous .We know the corruption of any african incumbent gvt.Thats why there are so many civil wars in africa

  38. HH s speech was the best you will read for a long time. Compare with Edgar Lungu’s speech then you will know who has a special brain. HH has accepted and congratulated Lungu in his own way so just SHUT up and move on
    Ndlovu is is as foolish as Munkombwe


    • @chisenga

      You PF minons are really f00ls indeed. Dont you know that HH ‘s helicopters mean’t to take monitors were blocked by Lungu via ZAF?

      This is what a call total idoicy.

    • @Chisenga, you are obviously being simplistic. Are you sure you are not aware that the results are alleged to have been tempered with at ECZ itself and that the only way to address this is a reconciliation of the results from the polling stations with all the political parties. BA Chisenga, bushe mulichipuba? Don’t you think that Mr Lungu would have been a much happier and confident President if he knew that he won fairly? Don you think that even HH and others would have genuinely congratulated him? If you think this is not possible, think again!

  40. I thought you enjoy when he loses,we will keep him so that you keep on celebrating his loses HH sends shivers in the Bemba cadres why don’t you talk about your pastor(MMD)to be replaced or is it because he is a bemba,mwania nomuyanda nomutayanda he is destined to statehouse keep on believing he will not unless you kill him.

    • I’m not Tonga, both my parents are Bemba, but I’m convinced beyond any doubt that HH means well for this country. My only fear is that some day, he may just decide to do something else and leave politics, especially that the same people he is trying to help are the ones that insult him the most. Truth be told, this gentleman is one of the most successful Zambians. The only biggest problem is that he has compassion and is trying to help people who don’t seem to know what they want. In Zambia you have strange combinations of poverty and arrogance! What a country. Truth be told, as Bembas are the most tribalistic but we are quick to label others tribalists and for some reason we get away with it. HH is not a Tribalist like most unsuspecting Zambians have been made to believe!

  41. Look who is talking! Alfred Ndhlovu! What does he know about education and scholarly behavior! HH should not concede defeat until all the anomalies are addressed, simple! HH has not refused to concede defeat, all his asking for is fairness! Why can’t you guys get this in your heads? The people who designed democracy didn’t imagine that there would be cheating at the level of scale and sophistication witnessed in Zambia! If they did they would have modified the whole process.

  42. Botswana recently held their Parliamentary elections recently.To avoid rigging and post election conflicts, counting and reconciliation of the results are done the polling centers with all the political party representatives present. Only after the reconciliation has been done ,will they now transmit the results to the Independent Electoral Commission for compilation.
    Guess what within 2 days ,they were done.
    Why do we make our lives difficult in Zambia

  43. A loser is always a loser your air bus flight fimi fimo has just crushed thus ur frustration chi baroste independence useless chap.

  44. I’m Bemba. Both my parents are Bemba. I fully understand and appreciate HH’s genuine desire to serve Zambians. But here is the problem, the people he is trying to serve are used to poverty and hardship and they don’t know how to get out of it! They are the same people who insult him the most. Here is my sincere advise to HH:
    1. Forget about these people. They are wasting your time;
    2. Facilitate for someone to takeover from you so that you can focus on your private life and have quality time with your family;
    3. Like other people have said, it is in Zambian where you find poor but very arrogant people. Such people do not deserve help, it is a waste of effort. Look at how they are abusing you;
    4. Truth be told, HH you mean well, you have tried, don’t allow these people to waste…

  45. There are many ways one can help the poor ,it is not only by being President . So if HH has the wealth he claims let him form a foundation like Bill Gates for example.

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