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Edgar Lungu recognises Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba

Headlines Edgar Lungu recognises Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu...

President Lungu inspects a guard of honour mounted for his by the Zambia Army
President Lungu inspects a guard of honour mounted for his by the Zambia Army

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has with immediate effect recognised Mr. Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief
Chitimukulu of the Bemba people.

The statutory instrument recognising Paramount Chief Chitimukulu will be published in the Government Gazette this week. The President signed the Recognition Order under Section Three of the Chiefs Act, Chapter 287 of the Laws of Zambia.

Upon assumption of office, President Lungu directed the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to examine the impasse surrounding the matter. This morning the Permanent Secretary Mr. Coillard Chibbonta reported that he was satisfied that the selection was done in accordance with the Bemba traditions and customs recommended that Mr Henry Kanyanta Sosala be recognised.

The President has since telephoned the Mwine Lubemba to inform of this decision.

During his campaign tour of Northern Province last month, President Lungu assured the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) that he would promptly recognise the Mwine Lubemba once elected into office.

Meanwhile President Lungu has appealed to all traditional rulers to take practical steps to heal the nation of the scourge of tribalism, which has been brought to the fore by the just ended presidential election.

President Lungu was speaking during a lunch he hosted at State House for 25 chiefs from North-Western, Luapula and Eastern provinces. Fifteen chiefs were from North-Western Province, five from Luapula and four from Eastern Province.

The President said he is troubled by the extent of tribalism and regionalism that has been brought to the fore by the recent elections and wants chiefs to move fast to heal the divisions.

“National cohesion is under threat from this problem. I am getting reports that compel me to lead collective action to deal with tribalism. This is a matter we cannot ignore,” the President said.

“Do not divide us. These tribal inclinations are worrying me. It is so bad that even the unifying Zambezi River is a dividing factor between the Lundas and Luvales in North-Western Province. This polarisation in Zambian society must end and I therefore challenge Your Royal Highnesses to brainstorm about this and offer us the much needed help.”

The President said he will meet with all chiefs countrywide to help heal the nation. State House is working on a programme to meet chiefs from all provinces.

“My Government will work with you regardless of whether your people voted for me or not. That is a democratic choice.”

In a vote of thanks, Chief Mumena said the President’s appeal to the chiefs is the beginning of the healing process. He said it was evident that Zambian society has suffered serious fragmentation needing pragmatic steps to heal.

“We take this message from the President very seriously and we shall community to our subjects.”

Meanwhile President Lungu has called Football Association of Zambia president Kalusha Bwalya urging him to soldier on with new ideas to develop the Zambian game.

The President told Mr Bwalya to communicate his message to the national soccer team that government appreciated their efforts and would support the team despite their early exit from the 2015 African Cup of Nations.

“We understand the desire for the team to win but things did not go our away. Please work on efforts to increase the number of youths in the team so that we build a sustainable team,” the President said.


    • @panafricanist well said comrade…this is a President that is getting the job done..


      NOMBA NI EL2016

    • For those wishing war on Zambia,let them be the only casualties of that war….(NKJV)Psa 35:8 Let destruction come upon him unexpectedly, And let his net that he has hidden catch himself; Into that very destruction let him fall.

    • Your Excellency, you have scored big! Keep e’m coming. We call this profound action, “Putting a Presidentisl seal to your words”. While other flaunt their catalog of promises, you prove that you are the real deal.


    • Zambia’s political landscape is changing and there is a breath of fresh air. This simply shows what a tyranny we had for a head of state who’s politics should have been confined to the history books together with the colonial masters whom he served as a traitor against his own people.
      As for the Public Order Act, the problem is with the Police and not the Act. It is the selective implementation of it that is the problem and the solution simply lies in educating the police and making them accountable to parliament (through a select committee) where they can explain their decisions in applying the POA together with other enforcement powers.

    • Where were they when Sata refused to recognise the Chitimukulu? Only GBM was man enough to challenge the impasse and all these chaps were frightened and preferred to protect their jobs instead of standing up for the right thing. Cowards.

    • Some of us already knew that Lungu was going to appoint Wina as vice president way in december as reported by the watch dog.

      Those of who read the watch dog, are well informed and miles ahead of all PF minions who hate the ZWD with passion.

      On Wina , Lungu did the best thing. How ever he still needs to control the party cadres and tame them if he is gain our trust.

      Lungu I think under the guidance of RB ka za batinika abemba clique bad as he moves the power base to Eastern province.

      Apa so RB has told him that he should the Bembas in majority cabinet posts for use in 2016. Then After that, purge them one by one until the cabinet is Umhozi ku mwawa heavy, with a few others from other regions.


      you are a bloody liar with your lapdogs , you said nkandu luo will be vice , i think you are tired.

      Does your brain hurt?


    • @Mushota. I am a HH’s n.o 1 fan and I even have to agree with Emmanuel Mwamba aka 2020 Vision that this was the right thing to do. Now we want the constitution that will protect our people from foreigners and provide round two of presidential elections so we can have a majority president. Please include in the constitution that no investor is to own more 50% without having a Zambian partner and employing more than 50% Zambians in their company.

      2. Provide entrepreneurial specialties and environment – access to loans and special and specific education that will encourage our people to bring about an enabling business environment to level of first world countries.

      We need to make Zambia the African hub – the place to be.

      God bless all Zambians regards of your tribe- including you…

    • What of your man of action, Sata. His action was to refuse to recognise Sosala.

      This is one of the major hallmark of Sata, calling Sosala a fake Chitimukulu.

      What do you have to say Northern PF zealots?

    • This is not Sata’s vision! ( Right or wrong). We were told what we wanted to hear for the purpose of the vote. It appears what will actually happen in the next few months is reversal of Late Sata’s vision. Sata believed the current constitution and the public order Act did not need amendment. The new president campaigned for the Status quo; if he changes that position, it would mean he was ecomical with the truth during campaigns.

    • This is commendable and Lungu should keep uniting all Zambians even in southern.He should not underrate them.No single tribe is power in Zambia.We need each other.Keep it Mr president.Unlike PF cadres as we are objective.

    • Here is the honest truth, the move to recognize the Chitimukulu is a brilliant one. However, its still a copy and paste move and the easiest of the tasks at hand by Mr Lungu.

      On tribalism, the issue starts from the top. Talk is cheap, start appropriate appointments from all regions, tribes and then we will take you seriously. So far, its copy and paste of all that HH promised to do. Lets see what you will do once you have done all the promises you got from HH. The real issues are education, poverty, street vending, lack of housing, zero sanitation, poor infrastructure, high food prices, mistrust amongst tribes, marginalization of other tribes, lack of affordable quality health care, poor road and rail transport systems, poor economic policies, etc, etc. Can you manage to resolve these?

    • Lungu is doing the right things so far, but we will also miss the drama of the Sata administration, the thrill, the intrigue, the maneuvers and decisiveness.

    • Peter
      What grade did you do bwana. Why shud you hate one HH so much. Move on my friend ,,hh is a politician who simply did his campaigns as everyone else who was in the race and he lost. Secondly it was not your vote which made EL to win but many Zambians out there. HH had over 780,000 from Zambians,please don’t insult them.

    • @Peter, you have an evil mind. Remember that it is HH who first made the promise to recognize His Royal Highness Henry Kanyanta Sosala if he was elected president. This was after the same PF tortured the Chief for 3 years! Remember it is Edgar Lungu who actually sent the police on His Royal Highness Henry Kanyanta Sosala. Credit must be given to HH for having made the matter a campaign issue.

    • Kazhila, dont live in fuuuuls paradise. HH was just ranting like a rabid dog. He does not know what it means to run a government. He has no experience and no idea how to quickly move things. He is an under five months puppy. On the otherside EL has been on that seat and he knows what to quickly sort out. Ifintu ni Lungu.

    • Lungu shut your mouth on tribalism you sidelining Chiefs from Southern province just shows how deep routed your tribalism is

    • HH had written Sata to stop humiliating the Chitimukulu and recognise him.

      Sata insulted HH and asked him if he wanted to make him a Tonga Chitimukulu! He called Chitimukulu fake and other unpalatables.

      Today PF is eating humble pie and recognising Chitimukulu and non other by the anointed EL.

      My question is whether this Sata was a normal person or the evil that other saw a long time ago.

      Soon most of his policies will be reversed like putting two universities in a backwater province that produces nothing: Muchinga.

      This same Sata had 98% cabinet filled with Northerners and whole diplomatic mission of nepotistic appointments. Sata and Northerners showed us unbridled tribalism. And yet these Northerners produce nothing but corruption and plunder.

    • The President was just talking to chiefs on uniting the nation, on the other hand PF cadres are doing the opposite. How can there be unit when you are insulting HH like that. It means you also insulting the 48% of Zambians who voted for him.

    • PF cadres tone down on insulting HH.All these positive development like recognition of Chitimukulu is as a result of HH putting pressure on Sata and PF.Lungu will be forced to do good things including providing the constitution because HH is providing checks and Balances.The role of the opposition is Governance is very important.If you continue insulting HH you will just make more popular in 2016.He will ened up winning with a big margin difficult to rig.

  1. The president should not run away from his responsibility by asking the chiefs to ‘heal the nation’ when it is his party that is terrorising the Tongas and Lozis in towns. PF thugs are going round the markets and whoever they find bearing a Tonga or Lozi name is attacked and barred from trading. His presidency will be difficult if he doesn’t tackle this with courage. The buck stops with him whether he likes it or not.
    Hostilities based on tribe have never been this bad in Zambia until Sata’s PF took over in 2011 and have now worsened under Lungu, we are now back in stone-age.

    • Very sad to read about what you mention. Hope this unpleasant situation is corrected asap. Zambia is for all Zambians. Let those “terrorists” respect the peace we enjoy and not push others too far. They may just regret it.




      NOMBA NI EL2016

    • @2020visionless,
      The people out there know the liar between you and me. Your first lie is, you shamelessly claim I am UPND, where do you get that from? Get it from me, I am NOT a member of any party.
      Violent, bloodthirsty, deceitful, panga, tribal, selfish etc.. all these describe what the PF stands for and you know it.
      When I say the president should address the problem you call it ‘hate speech’, really?

    • @ London Eye


    • @blindlondoneye give me specific examples and not ZWD fake rumours and speculation of what you are saying..can you actually substantiate your claims..On my side I can.. only recently UPND attacked a female DailyMail journalist, they yesterday attacked Chilufya Tayali, before that they hijacked an ECZ truck AND FOUND NOTHING SUSPICIOUS, they have been staging attacks in Southern Province on PF cadres such a recent one where a known musician was attacked by known UPND cadres..UPND accused the ECZ of rigging elections in favour of the PF despite the UN, TIZ, AU, SADC and the UK govt (that hosts your own carcass where you are busy insulting PF from) saying the opposite and that is the elections where free and fair. YES YOU TOO LONDONEYE ALSO VOMIT HATE SPEECH!!!

      NOMBA NI EL2016

    • Tribalism is a baby of HH who have promoted until it has reached to these levels where the whole Tonga clan are now voting with eyes and ears and brains closed except for anything Tonga on two legs and who knows on other number of legs even cow at this stage could win an election. HH has been peddling tribal dirty language through his Zambia mubwa watchdog. At no time has HH condemned the dirty tribal language on that fuuuulish online media. HH goes to cook a lie that he was sidelined during the election because he is Tonga. I said Gaaaad. HH is a dirty tribalist who should renounce it first.

    • @3.4 Peter,
      Yes, a leader should delegate but remember that from time to time there will be critical problems that only he as a leader should handle and solve. The problem of tribalism that is currently undermining the unity of the country is very serious and I still maintain that the president should handle it. Peter, I am not blind. Thank you

    • Lusaka and line of rail is in North Western Rhodesia. These foreigners have left their regions to come and plunder our resources.

      By the way, what are the natural resources of the Northern provinces? How much do they contribute to Zambia’s GDP?

      Why did these Northern provinces only vote 4 000 for UPND in 2011 and even in this election most of the polling stations gave UPND, yes you have guessed it ZERO votes. I repeat ZERO votes…..that is Northern tribalism.

      Dishonest as these economic refugees are, they are quick to ascribe their egregious and rabid tribalism to others. The ECZ records are there; Northern provinces voting is worst tribal.

    • U correct, Sata and his tribemates are worst TRIBALIST.Now their seed of tribalism is getting out of hand and its threatening their thirsty for power big time.

      Am happy , other provinces have realised that and cannot be fooled any longer.

      The ultimate loser in this tribal issue shall be known in 2016.

    • You mad cows, stop using the name of our Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala. He is not your Chief talk about mukuni and others. Why do you want to praise hh using his cheap and warranted attitude to deceive the people that it was him who proposed to do, if so why failing to do it for his chiefs and why Sosala who is not tonga?
      If you want votes, just get them in your southern region. Bushe waumfwa we nkoma matwi. Even a pig can understand the logic behind this notion.

    • London eye I have a gang that can sort those PF cadres for you. Just give me one name

  2. Okay that is good start “somebody’s food is somebody’s poison” a Chinese saying. Make chief Monze as paramount chief in Southern province. Give Tumbukas their own chief as well. Thank you

    • If being denied Jobs because one is Tonga or Lozi and when you pass a vote of no confidency in PF Bemba lead party is Tribalism so be it.We shall not sit idle watching Bembas and Nyanjas sharing our National cake while we are languishing.We shall use our right to vote for last time in 2016.We shall come out strong as winners ,If we don’t due to rigging this time around we shall use our blood of our ancestors to fight for us.There is no return as its Forward chabe.

    • If Bembas think there the majority and are very powerfull we shall simply pull out of the so called Unitary State .we shall how these Economic refuges will go back to there poor Highly country northeastern Rhodesia.

  3. That dead old fo0l of a president was screwing and wrecking the country with his brutal uncoth character.. what a relief his death has been

    • Wishing death on any person because of political differences is sooooo NOT Zambian and very immature. I blame your parents for not teaching you that. Sata was a Republican President and your parents were the F00ls who couldn’t teach their child simple manners of a society. I wish the USA could grant you citizenship so that Zambia would have nothing to do with you. Unfortunately, the USA doesn’t grant citizenship to F00ls.

    • @Lloyd Banks

      Zed is in a crisis today because Sata was actually what @Wake-up has described.

      Sata rediculed HH for calling for Sosala recognition. Sata sent a battalion of Mobile Police to beat up Bashilubemba and occupy the Palace. Even GBM had to resign because of Sata’s attitude towards Sosala.

      How do you describe such a person? And even EL who said he would carry on Sata’s legacy has as one of his first acts recognised Sosala to say Sata was what @Wake-up has described.

      And I am right here in North Western Rhodesia!!

    • There is NO crisis in Zambia that would warrant death wishes. If Sata sent police to his own chief, then he had his own reasons. Don’t pretend to be in Zambia because if you were, then you would know that there was no crisis But don’t worry, the retarded US immigration system with get you and your buddy back in Rhodesia in No time.

    • You witches who bewitch people in exchange for cows stop your nonsense. Yes Sata is dead, but this will not create a room for you to rule this country forever.

  4. This is even better: recognizing the Mwine Lubemba after the election. Had it been before the election, it would have appeared like a vote soliciting strategy.
    Now what President Lungu has done is fulfilling a promise.

    Just like I stated in a posting before the election on Zambian Eye—17th Jan. 2015, he has corrected a wrong:
    “The Bemba Royal Establishment has exhibited a very high level of wisdom and patience from the time this recognition issue erupted.
    I’m confident they will wait a few days more for Mr. E. C. Lungu to correct this wrong.”

    Thank you, Your Excellency for this speedy and extremely important action.
    Epashili pakuleka.

    God bless you all.

    • I voted for HH but iam not Tonga. You must be an illiterate to think that people should only vote for your candidate. Then why should we have elections. This is not Saudi Arabia. Move on no need for tribal comments. If you think Tongas are wrong, then you’re equally wrong because you’re doing exactly what you’re condemning

    • @7.1 ine wine

      You and ALLL UPND need to reflect strongly on these matters. It is juvenile to think HH is a choice of good gov’t when he clearly is divisive in a deliberate manner so as to garner a Block Vote.

      Accept that criticism and understand NOT to allow yourself to be manipulated by a man who wants a Tonga gov’t not a Zambian one; save to fool other tribes to vote for him.

      You should be terribly disappointed in his conduct, refusing to concede defeat and making false allegation against ECZ.

    • Stop this nonsensical attack on the Tongas. Such sentiments breed hatred which breed civil strife. If you ve no comment just shut up. Don’t expose your stupidity.

    • Looks like tongas are the most hated people in Zambia and I am yet to know why. The best we can do my fellow tongas is to withdraw our HH and let them rule forever instead of being called tribal and being insulted. HH has all the wealth and he just wanted to help the country to develop. And since the majority want power instead of development so be it.

    • It’s regretable but true.

      Most of the Northern bloggers behave like thieves who are awash in their midst. These miscreants will steal and when caught will point at an innocent person as the thief.

      Northerners should NOT run away from the fact that they are incorrigible and concrete mixed egocentric tribal supremacists. How could the TWO Northern provinces give UPND only 4 000 votes in 2011.

      This is equal to what Kalomo and Pemba gave EL in the last election.

      How despicable and shameful tribal….only 4 000 votes from over 1 million registered voters. That is the definition of pure tribalism.

      By the way what do you have to say about Sata’s refusal to recognise and humiliate the Chitimukulu? Was Sata a normal person?

  5. You gat to love Zambians. Budget is -7.3% of GDP, previous year it was -2.8% of GDP. Credit rating is +35 regarded as highly speculative

  6. His Excellence, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu seems to be hitting the right notes thus far. He may just prove to be the greatest that happened to Zambia.

    • What vision?

      He is doing EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what the STUP!D FOOL Sata was doing!

      And he is following everything that HH promised to do!

      Mr. “Me Too” Vodka Lungu is still a man with NO PLAN!

  7. Isaac

    That is too harsh of you, please apologies

    We are but one big family called zambia

    Always remember that we are all equal

  8. I believe that the gov’t needs to look into HH and his UPND. This man and his Tribalist/Regionalist thugs deliberately went out of his way to use his Tribe as means of getting a block vote.

    We should not ignore HH. His flawed character and conduct is no less than Hitler. These types, of charismatic leaders use terrible methods of divisions among people in order to bring about their visions.

    IT MUST BE MADE CLEAR TO HH that he needs to desist his conduct and campaign like a true patriotic Zambian, NOT one that has ambition to bring about a bizarre notion of Equality rather than Equitable Share of The Cake. He must understand that gov’t is NOT about Tribal numbers in gov’t.

    HH has been at the centre of this country’s growing divisions. Sata did instigate these divisions by…

    • HH has been at the centre of this country’s growing divisions. Sata did instigate these divisions by unwisely meddling In the Tribal Affairs.

      Most important we must accept that the retrograde look on our culture and the quest to reintroduce our tribal customs may be at the centre of this. I feel that as we look to keep our traditions we must not reawaken the history of how our Tribes came about, through wars and defeat of weaker Tribes. We need to handle the Tribal reinvention in a more updated way that is we want the customs and History to be kept intact. Although some customs should be modernised to reflect that we are now a Christian nation AND that we have moved up in Gender Equality.

    • HH has been at the center of this country’s growing divisions? Have you read HH Letter? Just in case you haven’t , check it out.

      “Despite the fact that the election was stolen from us, I urge all our party members and supporters across our country to remain calm and peaceful for the good of Zambia.
      I thank you all.”

      May God Bless the Republic of Zambia. May God bless you all.
      Hakainde Hichilema
      UPND President

    • Patriotic Abroad,

      You’re a dreamer and just yapping from without.

      Yours are uncoordinated and unsubstantiated anonymous mudslinging the people of Barotseland, North westerners and southern provinces.

      A cheap and cheat propagandist who has nothing substantive to offer. A PF cadre will always remain with their mentality of confusion and violence.

      Surely, PF have destroyed the country and will always remain in denial of being cheese eating monkey converts!

      The Skeleton Key,

  9. We now expect GBM to reconcile and get back to PF.

    Bosses.. Ba Fat Albert ( GBM) Ok you did not get your wishes come to pass, wanting to be the next PF president and stand for national platform, thus went to support HH. We know you did not support HH with all your heart, but to hurt Lungu

    Ba Fat Albert …Give Edgar a chance, he is doing the right things. Thanks to RB for being a counsel to Edgar

    • Don’t know if you actually understand the thrust of this Posting.

      Actually GBM is also a wrongful individuals and took part in delivering Block Votes by Regionalisation. Same with Belinda, sorry Masebo. These individuals need to be moved on OUT of the political field. They are flawed characters and not serious in their Service to Zambia.

      His Excellency must not waiver, nor entertain ‘forgiveness’ on traitors to the state. We forgive them but move them on to private life.

  10. Edgar will do better than Sata who was a tribalist.He appointed 15ministers out 21 from one region but he continued calling other pipo tribalists.Thanks Edgar for behaving like our great leaders KK and Mwanawasa.

  11. So if PF polled more than 85% of the votes in Northern Province and Luapula, why are they not concerned about those parts of the country being tribal?

    • @Msoro

      They are NOT Tribal because they did not reject HH on Tribal Grounds. They settled for Development, recognition of rightful Chief succession and Continuity.

      The Southern and Western chiefs were so Rude when visited. The pictures of the chiefs during Presidential visit was painful to view. They looked all miserable and unfriendly.

    • Msoro mission am not sure whether you are dull or a dunderhead. EL is from Eastern province and not Luapula or Northern. Is it difficult to understand.

  12. Edgar Lungu shall end up being the best president Zambia has ever had!!!keep on scoring splendid results!!for sure you’re a man of action!!!YOU’RE REALLY DOING WELL!!!SO FAR SO GOOD MY BELOVED PRESIDENT!!!!

    • El is was born on the Kopala and is simply an apandage of Northerners.The movement of Northwestern Rhodesian will be Grow from strength to strength just like the Northen Eastern Rhodesians living in our Major cities.We shall show you in 2016 that we are many than you.Yes we shall win.Its only 20 months form today.You cant continue insulting us in our own country.Go back to your poor highly Country you economic refugees.

  13. maybe the Lozi’s have been right in demanding liberty all this time, it’s amazing how the Tonga’s are being called triba when we know very well the bemba’s are the worst at it. Now keep demeaning the Tonga’s and don’t be surprised if they team up with their traditional cousins and demand to be let go.

    • It’s regretable but true.

      Most of the Northern bloggers behave like thiefs who are awash in their midist. These miscreants will steal and when caught will point at an innocent person as the thief.

      Northerners should NOT run away from the fact that they are incorrigible and concrete mixed egocentric tribal supremacists. How could the TWO Northern provinces give UPND only 4 000 votes in 2011.

      This is equal to what Kalomo and Pemba gave EL in the last election.

      How despicable and shameful tribal….only 4 000 votes from over 1 million registered voters. That is the definition of pure tribalism.

  14. HH is the one who brought tribalism during campaigns, he thought maybe he can win tribal tactics but unfortunately he lost. Tongas you’re the one promoting tribalism especially in southern province, western province and northwestern province this provinces they’re stuck in their brains. Let us work as one Zambia one nation say no to tribalism. I thank you

    • @ZUZE it too late.Zambia will never be the same you Bembas tought us how tribalism is done.In 20 months time we shall teach a lesson that we are also the Majority.It will be the final battle between The Bembas+Ngonis Vs Tongas,Lozis,Kaondes,Luvales,Lundas,Mbundas,Lambas,Lenjes,Soliz and Tumbukas.Mule fwaya mulelya mweka fabikala.

  15. Look, some form of wrongful thought of cessation has entered people’s brains through HH’s quest for ownership of Zambia or if the people will not entertain him, a corner of Zambia.



    Remember Lenshina and her teachings to Not pay tax to gov’t. Do we need our soldiers putting down citizens?

    Careful what you dream up for yourself.

    One Zambia One Nation. Patriots will stand up to dividers.

  16. i dont understand y bembas are being attacked here over the tribal war because in the last election they support Lungu an eastener yet we had Dr Mumba. even wen Sata died at PF primaries they rallied behind Lungu instead of Sampa, Mulenga or GBM. but its a well known fact how some people behaved wen Mazoka died. hear the Tongas how they defend their weak position on phoning in programmes on radio. lets just admit that the voting pattern in southern province was very bad. am sure even GBM and Mutati are regretting having supported a named party.

    • @22 Iye,
      I don’t know what culture you hail from. I will not blame you for bringing my mother into this but I hope you at least have some respect for your own mother but I doubt it.

  17. Zambia can not be divided, the other part of Zambia is not productive. Us bembas and njanjas will die from hunger. We might start eating cassava, millet and fish. Please have respect for people who feed the country, the Tongas have all they need to survive.

  18. Our new president is indeed a man of action, he has done what he promised he would do. Let’s give him the support and patience to get things done. From the look of things he is a man that does not duel on trivial matters.

  19. Bemba tribalism must be put in check during EL’s short term.

    Bembas ni mafisadi,wakora na wanafik sana lazima walale chini kama bahasha.

  20. You said HH was tribal why choose chiefs from those provinces? Everyone has the right to support a presidential candidate, it does me we should hate each other because of our choices. I don’t agree with Lungu and this is not acceptable as a leader. If he want to win people he should bring people together despite our differences. Some of you your comments are unacceptable and its just shows how immature you are. Please think before you post comments. Let’s grow up and work together.

  21. Northwestern Zambian. … Zambians don’t read but just make comments without following the news. I am from Chipata but I agree HH is not tribal he accepted the outcome despite disagreeing with the results. It’s should the level of integrity of the HH. Are they going to court to fight this case no! This is not the solution to our problem. The people is us people who want to protect our jobs at the expense of the nation.

  22. The opposition involuntarily revealed the failures and weaknesses of PF on which they wanted to use in getting to plot one! PF is lucky to have had this free advice and can use it to seal the gaps and do better. On tribalism its not the chiefs as their seat is a tribal totem. Tribalism as is known being divisive is as a result of politicians thus its the politicians and not chiefs to heal tribal sentiments!

    For fellow bloggers the more we continue trading insults and hate the more I tend to wonder if the intelligence that enables us understanding and usage of IT is not a waste. The election is over can’t the steps towards healing that the president is appealing for start with us? Now its the constitution that needs debate.

  23. ECL you want to bury your head in the sand. Your tribal cabinet is where the problem starts. Sata’s Cabinet was loaded with One tribe, while other tribes were ignored.

    Now you have come in on a Monday and make 70% of your new appointees From one tribe. On a Tuesday, you wake up and ask where is all the discontent coming from?

    The parastatal heads and heads of government agencies as well as the embassies are mostly from the same tribe under this PF. Even the position of Speaker which was usually a preserve of the Lozi (helped quiet them)has been lost in the process. Only BOZ, which was mostly an eastern thing has been maintained.

    Other tribes have been watching, they responded by voting for a united Zambia and are now facing a backlash.

    Do not be ignorant.

  24. likening other human beings to dogs and cheered on by the president in full view of the whole nation is unacceptable! Its more than tribal!

    • @Chibwa I concur with you.thats why we need our northern western Rhodesia back.It seems the bembas and Ngonis are supper human beings let them go back to there poor country.How can you liken HH to a Dog and still call your selves civilized.Bembas have bad hearts that’s will shall make sure in 2016 we teach them a lesson.

  25. HH promotes tribalism!!He came into politics through tribalism and wants to rule through tribal divisions.For me i may vote for a Tonga but not HH.He may cause civil in Zambia.He thinks Tongas should rule through him.Such kind of politics are dangerous to the country.I conquere with EL that 50 plus one some how can bring total divisions in Zambia.Let us not go 4 50 plus one otherwise they’ll be chaos in Zambia.some tribes won’t rule coz it’ll be majority tribes to win.I don’t think it’s a right thing to do.These NGOs know nothing but being sponsored by foreighners who know very well how to divide us through 50 plus 1.May God guide lungu before he gives us constitution.It’s my prayer that 50 plus 1 is removed from the constitution.Better USA system otherwise we are in danger

  26. HH promotes tribalism!!He came into politics through tribalism and wants to rule through tribal divisions.For me i may vote for a Tonga but not HH.He may cause civil in Zambia.He thinks Tongas should rule through him.Such kind of politics are dangerous to the country.I conquere with EL that 50 plus one some how can bring total divisions in Zambia.Let us not go 4 50 plus one otherwise they’ll be chaos in Zambia.some tribes won’t rule coz it’ll be majority tribes to win.I don’t think it’s a right thing to do.These NGOs know nothing but being sponsored by foreighners who know very well how to divide us through 50 plus 1.May God guide lungu before he gives us constitution.It’s my prayer that 50 plus 1 is removed from the constitution.Better USA system

  27. I am glad to have voted for a WINNING.

    Mr. President keep it up fulfilling your compaign to shame the blind haters…

  28. Congratulations!!! The soft power will bring lead to inclusion and development. The stand off between government and the traditional establishment was not helpful for the nation. Some votes were lost because of the same impasse.

  29. It is interesting that i see a good number of bloggers are criticizing and accusing H.E. the President ECL of abandoning the “vision” of the late MCS by recognizing Henry Sosala as Chitimukulu. First and foremost, not only is this criticism misplaced but also misleading because it is evident that you do not understand the difference between strategy and vision as it were. Changing strategy to achieve your objectives (vision) does not mean abandoning the vision. If MCS was not accommodating and immune to advice, it does not mean that ECL has to be the same in the name of continuing the vision. You will certainly in due course see a different approach to politics in ECL. His strategy is inclusiveness and consensus not divide and rule. I stand to be corrected.

  30. Ba Lusaka time how do you list provinces like that lol! My check is only three provinces are listed North- Western, Luapula and Eastern and you keep repeating the same ones ati 25 from… and 15 from… editor do your work please!

  31. Why do our Paramount Chiefs need the President to recognise them as if they are elected? This is now leading to unprecedented levels of politicisation of traditional leadership. I’m glad that the Paramount Chief of the Bembas is a strong man and managed to weather the political storm even when he was being attacked for his birth-right. Massive respect for the Royal Highness.

    But now I’m wondering what the temperature is like between HE Edgar Lungu and Luo – because Luo wanted her relative to be the recognised Chitimukulu. I hope they have resolved peacefully.

  32. YES, those criticising the President for abandoning Michael Sata’s vision which he swore to continue with during the campaigns are right – simply because Edgar Lungu has recognised RH Chitimukulu of the Bembas to be Kanyanta Sosala. It is not the recognising that is wrong, in fact what the President has done is the most sensible logic. What is wrong is promising to do the wrong thing and then turn around to do the right thing….they call it being wishy-washy. These are the things he should have explained properly during the campaigns by explaining how he was going to keep to Michael Sata’s vision. As a result, the President is now projecting an image of being unreliable and inconsistent, even though what he has done itself is actually correct and the right decision.

  33. It’s funny that Tongas and Lozis keep calling Bembas as tribal when in fact if you analyse the political scene over the years you will see that my cousins from the East practice Wako ni Wako more than us. Eastern province was supposed to be MMDs stronghold but instead of supporting Mumba, the RBs of this world and other MMD MPs decided to support their relative Lungu. That is why HH lost and not because of Bembas.

    • Kasaka tiye uko iwe kawalala wa cabecabe! None of you could rule. Sampa was fighting Mrs Kaseba who was fighting Mulenga who was fighting Sichinga.
      The clever Easterners just recalled Rupiah and deployed Dora on the left and Muhabi Lungu on the right, to confuse Nevers Mumba and his supporters. We just allowed the chickens to fight and settled into State House while the Northerners bruised each other. Wako ni wako is not tribalism. Thats why we voted for Sata. From now onwards its “Kanitundila” mu State House!

  34. Lusaka Times – 24th December 2014

    Paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala has revealed that he and late Republican President Michael Sata had reconciled their perceived differences long before the former Head of State passed on.
    He said the reconciliation was evident by the late President’s decision to honour him for distinguished national service at the investiture ceremony held on Independence Day in Kasama.
    Mr. Sosala said currently the Bemba Royal Establishment was enjoying a good relationship with the PF government after some succession disputes between the two parties.
    Mr. Sosala was speaking yesterday when some PF campaign team led by Mr. Lungu’s media spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba paid a courtesy call on him at his palace in Malole.

    • aaaaaah wufi wekaweka. It had to take a Ngoni man for Chitimukulu to be recognised

  35. Imwe tubemba we have recognised your King whom your fellow Bemba couldn’t recognise. You now see that we are more civilised than you. From now onwards you must bow each time you meet an Easterner. And give him all the pocket money you have-after all it is usually stolen.


  37. As a president he should speak about this to the nation and show leadership. Infact he should deal with it from PF itself and sell it to the rest of the nation
    I am happy that atleast one promise he made has been fulgfilled. Sata was very bad in handling national matters. He often took personal discisions ahead of national interests

Comments are closed.

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