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Fuel shortage continues in Mongu district

Economy Fuel shortage continues in Mongu district

Fuel shortage has continued in Mongu District of Western Province with vehicles queuing up for the commodity as early as 06:00 hours.

A ZANIS crew that rushed to PUMA filling Station found a queue of not less than 100 vehicles queued for the commodity.

Meanwhile, motorists in the district have called on government to quickly intervene in the fuel shortage, adding that fuel contributes immensely to national development.

Francis Kawengo, a motorist said the district has been experiencing fuel shortage for a week now.

Mr. Kawengo added that the reduction in fuel will not be felt by motorists if the shortage continues.

He noted that motorists are being taken back to the 1960’s where people used to queue up for commodities, adding that situations such as this should not happen 50 years after independence.

And PUMA Filling Station Manager Molomba Safuluka disclosed to ZANIS this afternoon that the filling Station has received 20,000 litres of fuel of which 10,000 is diesel and 10,000 petrol, adding that the filling station is expecting one more tank later in the day.

Mr. Safuluka said the situation would stabilise if other filling stations can also have fuel.

So far PUMA Filling Station is the only filling station with fuel in the district out of the four available filling stations.


  1. I urge all media houses to concentrate on issues that will unite us and not those which divide us.stop promoting tribalism by not giving it air space.

    • Nostrad.a.nus, You’re an inbred 1dioti. When did you allow them to be independent? Tell your govt to let them secede then.

    • @Prof-stitute, who told me that PF is my government? My government died with Sata, and last man standing was almighty Guy Scott. Unfortunately he is WHITE, just same as Lubinda or HH, they are discriminated.
      And you know what f**ck Barotseland.

  2. Because most of them actually all they want is development not to be cut off. Besides they pay PAYMENT as you may be aware most Lozis are career people so they contribute a lot of tax

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