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Sulphur diesel costs and electricity tariffs still high-KCM

Economy Sulphur diesel costs and electricity tariffs still high-KCM

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KONKOLA Copper Mine Plc (KCM) has expressed concern over the high cost of low sulphur diesel and electricity tariffs as they are contributing significantly to the rise in the cost of doing business in the mining industry.

KCM general manager for sustainability Howard Chilundika said in an interview in Ndola yesterday that while the recent reduction in the cost of pump prices for fuel is positive, there is need for price reductions in the cost of low sulphur diesel and electricity tariffs.

“Any reduction in the cost of fuel and electricity tariffs helps us to a larger extent and we hope that they can look at low sulphur diesel, which we use in the mines,” he said.

Mr Chilundika said fuel and electricity are major costs in the firm’s operations.


  1. Point. ! ERB must take over management of Low Sulphur Diesel from Ministry of Energy as quickly as possible.

    Please, K10 against K6.7 is too high.

  2. You are right the reduction of fuel is cosmetic, how on earth does ERB justifies the cost of low sulphur diesel to cost K11 per litre. It is actually a mockery because most diesel vehicles use low sulphur diesel. How on earth did Lusaka and Copperbelt vote for PF. In ZAMBIA it is normal to vote for mediocre and poor leadership and reject intellectuals surely we will never go forward as a Country with decisions like this and Please common man DON’T COMPLAIN.

  3. Guys,
    Forget it. Low sulphur diesel will not be reduced in price. It is made in small quantities. Low sulphur diesel is used in underground equipment because of the harmful effects of such exhaust fumes underground. Howard has been in the mining industry for 30 years, he should know this. Our friends in DR Congo make their own low sulphur diesel at the shaft head. They mix 1:1 ordinary diesel with paraffin. The cetane number is identical and has no detrimental effect on the performance of the machines. Vedanta has brainwashed all of their senior Zambian managers to be antagonistic to the Zambian government, and they have all swallowed the bait…SHAMEFUL!

    • Please, keep your ignorance and prejudice off this site. I only use low sulphur diesel because I care for the environment and the durability of my diesel engine.
      I’m not a mine owner and I am complaining about the cosmetic reduction done by the government.

  4. Honestly Howard, to cut a long story short you are suggesting that your electricity suppliers should subsidise KCM for KCM to make a profit while they make losses. Ultimately, ZESCO will be subsidised by government. In short, Howard is suggesting that government should subsidise KCM, i.e. tax payers should subsidise KCM or government should borrow more sovereign bonds to subsidise KCM.

    If KCM has failed to run its business, why not pack up and leave the business to capable investors? Mr Howard, take it from me, Zambians have long abandoned the bad habit of subsidising investors, especially the likes of Mr Agarwal. Talk about mineral royalty we may understand, subsidies no go area.

  5. Specialist, be scientific and add paraffin to attenuate the sulphur tenor in ordinary diesel. Satwant and Charalambous road transporters do this! Use your god-given brain man.

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