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Congratulations have continued pouring in for the newly elected president Edgar Lungu

General News Congratulations have continued pouring in for the newly elected president Edgar Lungu

President Edgah Lungu with Supreme Court Judges -8693
President Edgah Lungu with Supreme Court Judges


Congratulations have continued pouring in for the newly elected president Edgar Lungu with latest coming from the Universal Peace Federation UPF.

The faith based organization notes that the public still has confidence in the ruling party hence their wining the just ended elections which saw Mr. Lungu emerge victorious.

In a statement Issued by Rev .Rudolf Faerber General Secretary Zambia Chapter the organization says for Zambians to return the PF it shows how trusted the party is and that the party should repay the public by working with the people in order to meet their needs and keep their trust.

Rev Faerbef further calls on government to initiate dialogue stackholders including opposition political parties on developmental projects something he noted would benefit the nation at large.

The federation also commended President Edgar Lungu on the appointment of the first female Vice President.

Below is the full statement issued to the media by the federation.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Zambia Chapter wishes to congratulate newly elected Republican President, H.E Edgar Lungu and the PF party for merging victorious in the just ended presidential by-elections.

Furthermore, we congratulate the Zambian people for exercising their right to vote for a leader of their choice in a peace, fair and democratic manner.

The UPF believes that for the people of Zambia to return the ruling party in office, it shows how trusted the party is and therefore, it is time for the PF to satisfy the Zambian people by working with the people in order to meet their needs and keep the trust.

As one of the international organisations that observed the elections we the UPF appeal to the President and his government to continue preaching about peace so that Zambia can retain its status of being called a peaceful nation in the region and beyond.

We also would want to see the ruling party offer an olive branch to other parties that participated in the Presidential By-Elections so that they can participate in developing the nation and by working together unity is promoted.

We call upon the PF government to initiate dialogues on developmental projects with other political parties that will benefit the nation at large.
To the losing candidates we say; it is not the end of the road but continue to soldier on.

We as UPF acknowledges the efforts parties put in during campaigns but now it is time to support eachother for the Zambian people.

We also urge politicians to forget about the political rivalry but to embrace the spirit of togetherness and give support to government so that there is meaningful development.

It is good that the opposition parties have exhibited maturity by allowing a smooth transition of power to take and showing what democracy is.
We believe by working together regardless political affiliation, we are building and promoting peace and dialogue among politicians before, during and after elections.

UPF also recognises the contributions Zambia received from international organisations in order to hold the elections because this shows how concern the world is in good governance of Zambia.

As UPF, we shall uphold our core objectives of promoting peace through interreligious dialogue and ensure that there is political harmony.

Meanwhile, UPF recommends H.E Edgar Lungu for appointing our UPF Ambassador For Peace and former Gender and Child Development Minister, Hon. Inonge Wina as the first female Republican Vice President.
This appointment gives an inspiration to the female folk aspiring high offices because it shows that sky is not a limit.

This also shows how President Lungu has embraced the leadership style of Late President Michael Sata of being gender sensitive. We wish President Lungu and His government a good fortune in governing the nation.

Statement Issued by:
Rev .Rudolf Faerber
Chapter-Secretary General
UPF secretariat

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  1. I saw the cascading avalanche of congrats from all over the globe as I cruised down Independence avenue on my bicycle.

  2. It’s a good thing I’m not a lawyer so no chance of making me a judge. Therefore I will not be caught dead wearing those funny robes and wigs.

    • the symbolism of those stupid outfits our so called learned elite wear as regalia in the judicial system is not well understood by them and later on many.It makes me wonder then, what the purpose of education is, if people can still be fooled into wearing this useless attire even after decades of being educated. White system of education is enslavement to the conquered people. it serves as an extension of white supremacy and rule beyond the borders of their physical reach. Wake up you ignoramus numb nuts!!! these rags you call robes are a disgrace and down right blatant assault on the cultural values of our people which our fore fathers outright refused in the wake of colonialism.
      I wonder, what it takes to free a mind from the chains of bondage. It seems this education is not working

  3. Congratulating Lungu for stealing votes. Lungu knows deep down his heart, if he has any, that he did not win the election. It was merely rigged for him by distasteful criminals like RB, nsanda, chungu, luo, isaacs etc

  4. This congrats msg is because inoge wina who has been a key member of UPF not for EL .its clear as a peace ambasador under the UPF she should use her knowledge acquired thru UPF to bring peace b/n pf and upnd cadres.

  5. LUNGU, Lungu you have already made a cardinal mistake by not telling the nation which role Guy Scott, Sampa and Sata will play in your cabinet. Mark my words, 2016 may be too difficult for you to win if you leave these guys out. Equally, reconcile with GBM. He had if anything, only exercised his democratic right asZambian to endorse at that time someone he deemed credible to win an election. Nothing personal. Be a leader of a nation, and not that of a political party only. And Lastly, but not all, be a man for once and respond firmly to BRE issue which is becoming a security risk. Start by pardoning those simple Lozi individuals now committed to High Court.

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