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East Grand Coalition on Constitution happy with Lungu stance on Constitution

General News East Grand Coalition on Constitution happy with Lungu stance on Constitution

THE Grand Coalition on the People driven Constitution making process in Eastern Provinces has conveyed its profound gratitude to President Edgar Lungu for demonstrating high level commitment to the constitution making process during his inauguration ceremony held in Lusaka.

Provincial Coalition Chairperson Maxson Nkhoma said yesterday that the coalition has no doubt that President Lungu would give the people of Zambia a people driven constitution during his stay as Head of State as evidenced from the progress made since he was appointed Justice Minister .

He said during his reign as justice minister he released the draft constitution final copy and the road map to the Constitution making process.

“ The release of the road map and the appointment of Dr. Mwansa Sibyakula to the Ministry of Justice to spear head the enactment of a new constitution before the general elections in 2016 is a welcome move and must be commended and goes to show that President Edgar Lungu is committed to have a conclusive end of the constitution making process during his tenure of office,”Mr Nkhoma said.

He said the Grand Coalition was convinced that the President’s belief in dialogue and consultation with stakeholders which has so far been exhibited by Mr Lungu on the constitution making process was the cornerstone to reaching national consensus and bring the constitution making process to its conclusive end.

He said the Coalition will however ensure to hold the Government accountable on ensuring that the road map of enacting a new constitution by February 2016 is followed.


  1. Trust and Lungu at your own risk! The constitution is what they are scared of and see a battle with PF over this issue.

    • I thought that El was a bit hesitant on the constitution because of the cost involved as he would rather use the money for “development.” His point of view makes sense but I would still argue that we need a good constitution because it’s part of development. On the 50 + 1 clause I don’t think it will resolve the current political impasse and tribal assertions. We need a federal system where the majority of political powers lies with the provinces. The president’s powers needs to be curtailed in terms of appointments and as a civil servant he should not be provided for with a house after state house.

  2. What is this trend of having provinces give positions based on who is in state house? This is not the way to go.

  3. Going by the current trends and tribal wranglings, Zambia desperately needs a federal structure. That way no one group will dominate over and each region will be largely responsible for for their own development. Federal presidency can be held on a rotating basis. It will be sad for westerners to cede from Zambia. Please pipo attend to this issue before it’s too late. I’m disappointed and surprised that the proposed constitution does not adequately address this issue. We desperately need a federal structure.

  4. Useless NGO. Lungu has told you he is not interested in the new constitution. its an expensive venture. what are using to listern?

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