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Tight schedule awaits President Lungu at the AU Summit

Headlines Tight schedule awaits President Lungu at the AU Summit

President Edgar Lungu with the First Lady Esther Lungu Chibesakunda during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with the First Lady Esther Lungu Chibesakunda during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

A very busy schedule is awaiting President Edgar Lungu when he arrives tomorrow for the 24th Summit of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Among the main activities that await President Lungu are the presentation of his maiden statement to the AU, bidding for Zambia to host the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, participating in Heads of State and Government meetings on Friday and Saturday and holding bilateral meetings with at least six Presidents and a Prime Minister and other delegation leaders.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, who is also Permanent Representative to the African Union, Susan Sikaneta, told Zambian journalists in Addis Ababa today that President Lungu is expected to arrive in Ethiopia at 13:00 hours local time today, January 29, 2015.

Ambassador Sikaneta said President Lungu, who will be accompanied by First Lady Esther, will make his maiden speech to a packed audience of about 5,000 delegates on Friday, January 30, 2015 in the main hall of the African Union Headquarters building.

The theme of the 24th Summit of the AU is ‘Year of women’s empowerment and development in Africa.’

She said the President will have bilateral meetings with President of Malawi, Peter Mutharika, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta, South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn.

She said President Lungu will also have bilateral meetings with heads of delegation of Japan, United States of America and others that were yet to confirm by press time.

Ambassador Sikaneta said the main items on the 24th AU Summit’s agenda are the focus on women’s empowerment, agenda 2063 in which Heads of State and Government will adopt and kick-start programmes that will drive the continent towards development in the next 50 years.

The kick-starting of the agenda 2063 will spell out activities of massive infrastructural development in Africa, including the proposed creation of the United Sates of Africa.

She said the Heads of State will also discuss issues of peace and security and new strategies to combat terrorism and conflicts among African countries.

She added that the AU has decided that crime gangs should be silenced by the year 2020.

On health issues, the Heads of State and Government will discuss how to prevent and combat diseases following the outbreak of Ebola which has claimed more than 8,000 lives mainly in Western Africa in less than two years.

Ambassador Sikaneta said one other main issue on health will be the plan to come up with a Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Africa.

She said President Lungu will present a bid for Zambia to host the building of the centre.

She further said President Lungu will meet Zambians living in Ethiopia when the Summit ends at the weekend.

There are about 300 Zambians living and working in Ethiopia.

President Lungu is expected to leave Addis Ababa on Sunday, February 1st, 2015.

Ambassador Sikaneta said Zambia expects to benefit a lot from the 24th AU summit.


    • This job is the most wonderful JOB. Sata was black as coal with teeth as brown yellow as a mango or ichiwaya but suddenly skin became brown and light and the teeth became white as snow. Same happens to Chiluba who became a zayello with women flocking to him. So this Lungu will surely become lighter and health skin.

      I want to be president too bane, nafitisha sana ine I want to look lighter.

    • I am just afraid that the guy will soon realize he has bitten of more than he can chew. I hope has the discipline to avoid those single malts in the presidential suit.



      NOMBA NI EL2016

    • EL is still on honey moon. His beer still in the closet. The day of reckoning is yet a long way off. Whether it will be drama or glamour, who can tell?

    • @ 1.1 MWANYA BANE

      It’s called chemical abuse. Could that explain why the two presidents you have mentioned died quickly?

    • The following are the changes I personally want Lungu to effect if he is to gain my trust.

      Ministry of chiefs.

      Nkandu Luo to be dropped soon because she is divisive and arrogant.

      Ministry of youth

      I want Kambwili to be droped if our youth are to gain from Lungu’s administration. If you agree with me click on green.
      Kambwili is a just a disaster. He is both ignorant and arrogant.

      Ministry of Education

      Lungu should also stop this nonsense of local language as a medium of instruction in primary schools. Thats a retrogressive and divisive policy in country with over 73 tribes.

      Ministry of finance.

      Chikwanda should be moved to state house as economic advisor and replaced with a modern economist who understands the modern trends in econ. He is a good man but has…

    • Very Impressive your excellency ! ….So far fellow citizens,i am beginning to think that this is the President Zambia has waited for since 1964. Today two of my Strong UPND colleagues who are still 100% UPND openly confessed to me that they are beginning to like the elected President and are impressed with the way he has taken off.

      Please no more insults !! Lets build our great Zambia,…together we can from North ,East,South and West , we are all in it together !


    • Folks

      Be warned that, when ever an election is stolen in Zambia bad things tend to happen to the president. It does not matter how good the president elect who stole the elections turns out to be , a curse still follows them up to the grave in a short time.

      In Zambia if the just ended election was stolen, those involved will continue to lead miserable lives no matter how hard they try to be normal. Things will start happening to them that will remind them of their evil actions even though they will be in denial.

      Any one involved in rigging the just ended elections will NOT see 2016 in one peace. Nature has a crude way of dealing with such rogue elements.

      It shall come to pass folks not far from now. So confess or else?????

      Ignore my prognosis at your peril.


  1. Can anyone tell me if lungu has ever said anything about the economy or the weak kwacha ? looks like not even a single person cares about the economy in Zambia ? lungu vision from sata is to travel around the world for medicals using government funds . Those president now should be going for HIV TEST.

    • Just shut up and let the man do his job. He will talk about the economy when he has something to say about it. If you need medicals, you can go to a near by hospital or walk in clinic. It’s free in the great country of Canada.

    • What is your status Jacob and please that should be the basis of denying a citizen of his basic rights! Get that in your skull, meat head!

  2. Well, I am a UPND supporter but I wish the best for EL and first Lady Esther in Ethiopia.
    My misgivings for the just ended elections are still there. But hey, we need to to move on!
    The President should address the Tonga phobia and the anti Tonga rhetoric being perpetuated by the ‘Post’. The aim of the news paper is to divide an already divided nation and poison the minds if the people, to make it difficult for EL to govern and in turn ‘soften’ the ground for their preferred party, Rainbow.
    EL should never ever think Mmembe is supporting him

  3. Jacob, why talk about the economy or kwacha you have money in the pocket. This is Zambia my friend, if your family has connections with government, the value of the kwacha is no issue, there is massive pocketing in Zambia. Work less get paid more or work less, steal from the field is what Zambians believe in. If voters don’t care about the economy why should the president, they voted for him based on nothing or ECZ/ Mabilima did the magic, it is what it is. Whatever HH said ECL said me too. His excellency is here to stay whether he sucks or not we still have 20 more months with him. Him MCS his 3 years was like 15 years, ECL, looks like starting on a good note, who knows, he might do just fine. The so called educated speech writers should do a good job writing his speeches.

  4. Jacob,why should you sound to be stigmatizing people living with the virus,i can agree with you but your tone.HIV is not as deadly as diabetes,HBP,HPV. With HIV you can leave a productive life on as long as you know the status, adhere to medical instructions.The health of the head of state is vital,so its not only HIV which can kill,after all nearly 70% of zambians are living with the HIV virus unknowingly.Maybe even you jacob is infected,go FOR A TEST,then you can advise the would be president to do mandatory tests.

  5. Even if the Person is HIV positive, that’s no reason to deny the Presidency. No description on that basis let’s take note. Think about u not being a able to get a job because u are HIV positive….Let’s leave H.E.Lungu to work and be assured there are no bye elections coming. Kabombeni and don’t just wait for bye elections ngamwaluse. Emo mulila muma bye elections?

  6. Even if the Person is HIV positive, that’s no reason to deny him the Presidency. No description on that basis let’s take note. Think about u not being able to get a job because u are HIV positive….Let’s leave H.E.Lungu to work and be assured there are no bye elections coming. Kabombeni and don’t just wait for bye elections ngamwaluse. Emo mulila muma bye elections?

  7. Mudimba, hey we can cage the “POST”. His Excellency knows not to trust us bembas that is why he dropped Mwenye. The next might be Nchito though I hear he can not drop DDP, but DDP is a thief so maybe that might be justifiable. ECL will try to clean up the bembas, those cadres mostly bembas have been told they won’t be protected. Him MCS was a coward but our current presido is humble as said not a sign of weakness, let us wait and see if he is going to flash out most of the bad eggs (bembas). Sounds tribal but no, I am bemba and my wife is Lozi I don’t like how these people are being treated. My tribe needs to learn to be hard working, all they know is stealing, Kapoko, sangwapo guys, etc what?

    • @Democracy, you are not Bemba and you should be a shamed of yourself. Henery kapoko was cleared by the courts of law please check your facts.
      The thieves are –
      1. Maureen Mwanawasa- lenje
      2. Henery Banda- Ngoni
      3. Ben Mwiinga- Tonga
      4. Richard Sakala- Chewa
      5. Michael Mabenga- Lozi
      6. Katele Kalumba- Ushi
      7. George Mpombo- Lamba
      8. General Kaumba- Kaonde
      9. General Sakala- Ngoni
      10. Adrew Banda- Ngoni

      May good Lord deliver you and your Tonga club from complex.

    • @pio

      Tell him. Just name one Bemba who was convicted of stealing. Almost all criminals in Zambia are from eastern and province. This is fact, just read papers and news.

    • @Pio
      Can you tell us which court convicted Henry Banda son of Mr Rupiah Banda (Ngoni) and Mrs Banda nee Makulu (Bemba)

    • Ba Democracy;

      I’m very disappointed to get your sentiments about us from Bemba Land. Do you have anything against us? Why not say bad eggs (All Zambians), but insist on just my tribe?

      This is very childish and insensitive of you. I wonder who taught you this terrible attitude you have towards us. Looking at it, you sound like one who can even kill a Bemba just because of tribe. I don’t care what tribe you are, but your tribe is not better or evil than mine. We are all Zambians.

      If it’s shear jealous you are using, come over an marry or get married to one or two of my brothers sisters who I know for sure do not believe in tribalism.

      Your hatred will never take you anywhere … for I can guarantee you this: you will continue suffering from the evils that you are preaching…

    • You all cover yourselves by stating that your a bemba but you don’y like ……. It cowardness to pretend to be somebody else or belong to something else when you are not. Just reveal you tribe identity and state what you don’t like about us the bembas. If we are nothing why has it pained you the way the we voted. If we are useless why waist time on us. You don’t waste on gabbage do you unless there is something special.

    • @John, you right baba, a lot of people to be either bemba or chewas and gives the name as Jane Mulenga. People if u are not inferior, then identify yourself right and don’t disguise

  8. Tight schedule and stress of office is exactly what kills or ages many presidents much faster.

    Lungu be careful of what you asked for….plot1 is toxic.

  9. What am afraid the most is lungu’s unfluency in enlish!!!!!!!!!!!! zambia will be recorded in the history of the world’s poorest prersidents in speech giving.please let lungu practise before he goes let him have a draft speech.

    • @ 10 Muzimo

      I have never heard him speak before. Now, with what you are saying, I don’t think I would want to.

    • @ Muzimo
      I guess he did well with his foundational speech before a filled to capacity, 50,000 plus, stadium! That should not worry you at all he will pick up as goes along learning the ropes. God speed ECL! Hope this allays your fears Mei Matungu?

    • Muzimo;

      Have you ever attended anyone of his court sessions? It is the same English he used when he graduated as one of the BEST Law students from UNZA! When he graduated from ‘ZIALI’ ; When he defended our Late Michael Chilufya Sata; when he defended the Post Newspaper; when he would chair everything he had to when left in charge as Acting Republican president, Minister of Home affairs, Minister of justice, minister of Defense. Sometimes too little information about a particular subject if dangerous. By the way, what do you mean when you say UNFLUENCY?

    • @TRUTH
      If that were to happen, would you celebrate? What has befallen citizens of this beautifull country? Always wishing each other ill! Let me help you with the meaning of Brothers Keeper from google…

      It is generally understood to mean being responsible for the welfare of a brother or other sibling or, by extension, for other human beings in general

      So why would you rejoice if ECL were to collapse? Please grow up, I know it’s painful to lose but man, pick yourself up and move on!

    • @ *****, you should change your name as such cos you don’t deserve it since talk sense. To be honest, walasa. How can a sensible person celebrate someone ill health.

    • @TRUTH; I hope you do not kill yourself when he returns in the same good health he has gone.

      Seems some people enjoy wishing others bad health. I don’t clearly understand the good side of sending negative vibrations about others!

      Surely, what has befallen some citizens of this great nation??? You are a serious disappointment!

  10. And the curtain raises enter one Edgar Chagwa Lungu! Aaaa me Too! Brace yourselves Zambians it will be another bumpy ride lol!

    • But it’s the mind that is the real stature of men. How much of it has he got? I hear he is devoid of the skill of an orator.

  11. Bembas you are thieves. Do not even defend yourselves. The list you have given above is Just the tip of the iceberg and you irritate me. I was almost giving up on this but I will start again. The whole of Zambians know very well that Bembas are thieves by birth. Bembas are also one of the noisiest tribes in our country. If you didn’t know now you know. Mukaleke ukulya ba kolwe mwe fibantu imwe mulatusebanya. Echo na mano yabela ayabukolwe ukwiba no kupanga sana ichongo napashili ifilingile.

    • @Mweemba7777
      Please visit the High court of Zambia and buy law reports which will educate you, possibly your tribe is on top of abuse and stealing public funds. How ever I can not blame you but your parents for not teaching you to respect others.

  12. How is that a busy schedule. ..this standard procedure. ..just because old man Sata was sickly and spent most of his time joking around and lying in bed doesn’t mean it was normal.

  13. May be wise for EL to concetrate more first on pending domestic issues (Zambian). At this time, perhaps he could have asked his foreign affairs minister or vice president to represent him. Hopefully, he won’t follow RB’ steps of being a ‘Presidential Tourist’.

  14. I am suprised at this Bemba tribal talk or “sorting out”. The race was between Lungu a Chewa and HH a Tonga! Mutati & GBM; who are Bembas supported HH whilst RB and Dora supported EL. Nevers Mumba (198 votes) a Bemba contestant lost in his own Chinsali district (HH381 votes) ! Further, Musa Mwenye is Soli/Sala. He is being accussed to be part of the cartel but has the cartel of Mmembe, Nchito & Mhathani got a “Bemba” agenda? Fellow bloggers get a life and move on. Eeish!

    • Katele Kalumba and Chief Puta Of the “Bemba” speaking Bwile people in Luapula province supported HH. Further, HH abandoned the PF/UPND pact own his own accord otherwise he would HAVE been in former VP Guy Scott’s shoes (automatic successor to late MCS) and now EL’s shoes (President of Zambia) ! Who is to blame for his (HH) abandoning the pact where he would have been VP? Bembas again? Bloggers please get a life and move on. If not come/ (or go to Zambia as the case may be), join politics and make the change/impact you so desire instead of reeking tribalism/hatred on LT! Shaaa!


    • @Steve, remember Scott isn’t bemba and sensible person will regret it. Scott is the most divisive. Person on earth and deserves that.


    • @ Steve, refrain from mentioning Scott cos he is history as Muzungu opusa who brought division. The time he was fired, would you tell me if any person rioted against his dismissal .this shows that Scott isn’t a factor anymore

  17. Anyone knows first lady Esther Lungu’s education and professional background? I am asking because like any first lady, she’s also got a job to do. She looks like a woman of great character just from the pictures. Just my observation, I may be wrong.

  18. Edgar Lungu was not only Minister of Justice but also Minister of Defence in addition to being Secretary General of the Entire Patriotic Front (PF) and Member of Parliament of Chawama Constituency as well as Chair person of Disciplinary Committee in the PF. Never did we hear of him collapsing.

    What’s an AU meeting? He will ably handle with ease. Besides, he has ministers and PSs to help in drafting speeches. Kwasila!!!

    Viba UPND jealousy che????

  19. on his appointing over mine ministry,he should just leave the post to the one running before,due to issues with mine tax,and negotiations which are current going on.Because of all this we want to see things going right with company’s and government also.Therefore minister of finance should be checked all books and balance, than after fired,passport to be revoked anything to come.

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