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Support President Lungu , says newly appointed UPND MP Kafwaya

General News Support President Lungu , says newly appointed UPND MP Kafwaya

Newly appointed North Western province  minister Dawson Kafwaya  inspects RDA depot
Newly appointed North Western province minister Dawson Kafwaya inspects RDA depot

Newly appointed North-western Province Minister, Dawson Kafwaya, says President Edgar Lungu needs the support of everyone to enable him deliver development to all parts of the country.

Mr Kafwaya says President Lungu is interested in seeing that development is brought to North western province and that is why he was appointed.

He explained that although some people are criticizing his appointment he feels it is time for him to deliver development and not politicking to the people of North-western.

The minister observed that there are a number of developmental projects in the province that have not been implemented due to lack of supervision which he feels could have given a different perception on government.

Mr Kafwaya said President Lungu is the President to work with at the moment and everyone should give him support for him to deliver development to all parts of the country.

The minister was speaking in an interview with ZANIS after touring the Kimale Bridge on Kifubwa River.

Newly appointed North Western province  minister Dawson Kafwaya  inspects the bridge 1
Newly appointed North Western province minister Dawson Kafwaya inspects the bridge


    • So says someone misusing his UPND ticket. You ought to support your president in times of this.

      He should have refused the appointment in my opinion


    • @Mushota- I understand your line of thought but you have to question who an MP serves. In effect, there is no better way of delivering development to N. Western than to oversee the affairs of the Province. My only advice to him is to avoid uttering praises to leaders but to focus on the job. Because such statements insinuate disloyalty.

    • We need more men like kafwaya who calls a spade a spade. If only UPND had 5 of his caliber they could have been in government by now.


  1. This is what we call psychological thinking of fools!!!!!!!!!!!!! lungu appointed a monister from the opposition so that he wins in 2016 in north western province.this Mp is now evident he is not upnd but pf.lungu thinks he can easly influence the people of noth westen by appointing a minister from the area. shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shame on you aka mp of cupidity

    • And there you go with your utterances. And how about GBM, Lameck Mangani, Felix Mutati, Maureen who are backing HH? You think they are doing it for free? Let us not be hypocritical!

      HE SAYS HES ONLY 31 .

  2. ……some people really have no principles….so many Munkombwes belly around….if his appointment went through the approval of UPND management …no hustle…. but if it did not, the man has no shame like RB….only recently was he on an anthill criticising PF and biblically praising HH…today he is…..

  3. “All the UPND rebel members of parliament, that is, Richwell Siamunene, Greyford Monde, Poniso Njeulu and now Kafwaya will say bye to their parliamentary seats in 2016 unless they come back to UPND. Kafwaya is one of our children who needs a small stick to whip him. He is still in the political nursery. He has to be forgiven. He has a lot to learn. I know it is exciting for him but he should not take people for granted,” Mweetwa said.

  4. Kafwaya accepted the position in order to have more money in his pocket,a free car,free house etc., and not to develop Northwestern province.Traitors like Kafwaya should not be in politics.We need true patriots in leadership in Zambia and not opportunists like Kafwaya.

  5. Kafwaya you won that seat not because you were a better candidate but because of UPND. In fact MMD candidate Hon. Mulusa was the best candidate in that race. Let’s hope the move you have taken is the best one otherwise you’ll leave to regret your would be missed opportunity.

    • Aaah, it’s okay if you don’t want him, we’ll give him a new constituency.

      Also is it not a good idea to have a NW. And Southern MOLE in gov’t? Heaven forbid, but if I was in HH’s gov’t I’d work silently to trap his as.s and deliver gov’t back to a One Zambia One Nation Party! Patriot Act!

  6. @ Mushota
    Categorically state your inclination. I have noted with dismay that since Winter Kabimba fell out of favour of the PF, you seem to have been put in disarray and your Support for PF and Sata has been exposed not to have been genuine. You are puffed up with pride that you were voted the Best Blogger in 2014, yet you forget that without riding on the support base of PF and president Sata you would have been surpassed by likes of Wanzelu and Sido mark. Mushota just come to terms that Lungu is the successor of Sata. Lungu means well and he has committed himself to carry on and complete all the developmental projects initiated by Sata. While I know that you have strong liking towards Guy Scott, I don’t know how you can separate him from PF. Scott is PF, lungu is PF,

  7. This is a fallacy in reasoning that development come only go to an area if the ruling party works with one or two individuals from the opposition. North-Western has many intelligent people apart from Kafwaya, if he is. Since the PF has many elected MPs in parley, he could have simply nominated someone from there.

    The real reason why he appointed Kafwaya is to try and gain ground in NW/P. But I dont think he will succeed because it the UPND that is popular there and not Kafwaya. In fact, Kafwaya has just ended his political career save for the 1yr 6months remaining.

  8. Kafwaya that clueless boy. I know him. This appointment is about him only. We shall see what he does for solwezi esp the roads. He is no different from siaminene, or njeulu. Why didn’t Lungu appoint Ngimbu that Zambezi west mp who dumped her husband coz he was promised a ministerial job.

  9. If I were ba Mwinsho ba Mulusa, I’d reconcile with UPND leadership and get adopted in 2016. Mwinsho ba Mulusa, you lost not because you’re not loved or unpopular, you lost because you stood on a wrong party. If you’re to stand on UPND ticket in 2006, you will win the seat with a huge landslide. Go to HH and work together

  10. Kafwaya, what do you mean by supporting the president? I feel to the contrary it’s supposed to be him to do that. Besides I feel sorry for you that you won’t make it in 2016. You have really severed your political career so soon.

  11. ..I blame the UPND committee or panel which had the responsibility to scrutinise and adopt a candidate…
    …the most critical attribute for a candidate should have been how loyal they are to the party and its management in reference to what happened with the Siamunene and the Mondes and the Njeulus of this world and not how popular they are in the district..
    …this would only be acceptable if PF management liaised with UPND management over the intended appointment and the later accepts(that is if it were ever going to be possible)…or the targeted MP to consult and seek blessings of his party…
    ..another person to blame is LPM for opening this Pandora box…up to now, PF has never forgiven or reconciled with some of the so called ‘rebel’ MPs..if PF saw it bad that time it still…

  12. It was appropriate to appoint Kafwaya, so the people of the Region and UPND can be represented by one of their own. Where it is true that that is not necessary for a rep to come from a Region; it seems to be the answer to few NW. And Southerners in Parliament.

    I believe it imperative to get Opposition Parties to work with Party in gov’t on the appointment of Regionally suitable Reps across Parties.

    Truth isvUPND is under the spell of HH and the chap is underhand and would like the Office of the President to carry out his own deviant agenda. UPND is a Party of miscreants and jaded former First Ladies wearing High Fashions and carrying expensive Handbags bought from Global Funds marked for HIV/AIDS programmes. ‘Misappropriate’ …my ars.e!

  13. Kafwaya, lots of people sacrificed their little resources to support you by using their own money and personal vehicles, including relatives walking in support of you, during the campaigns, not more than a year ago. When some supporters asked for logistics from you to help out in your campaigns, you said all will be fine once elected as MP, as you did not have money. Am just wondering as to why you could not consult the same people that helped you, especially the party president. Now they can all go to hell? Whom are you kidding with your sweet talk. On your way to the top of the tree, never cut all the branches as you might need them on your way down to avoid crashing. There is still time to apologize to the party and the grassroots. Never insult a crocodile while you are still in water

  14. You tribal UPND cadres never stop to amaze me!!!you only has 27 MPs and you told us that if HH wins then he’ll work with other MPs from MMD,PF,etc!!!so president Lungu is just fulfilling what your tribal HH promised us,i.e working with opposition MPs!!!even now Felix Mutati(MMD MP), Masebo,GBM(PF MPs) are working with HH daily!!YOU’RE VERY EVIL PEOPLE!!!YOU ONLY SUPPORT THINGS WHICH SUIT YOUR TRIBAL HH,SHAME!!!!LEAVE KAFWAYA ALONE TO WORK WITH GOVNT!!!UPND UNDER HH WILL NEVER FORM GOVERNT,SO WHY ROT IN OPPOSITION?IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE REALLY!!!

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