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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Without rigging, I would have won by 33,000 votes, insists HH

Headlines Without rigging, I would have won by 33,000 votes, insists HH

UPND Alliance partners pose for a solidarity photo
UPND Alliance partners pose for a solidarity photo

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that results of the January 20 presidential election has denied Zambians an opportunity for real economic transformation to benefit all citizens.

Mr Hichilema said the election result is a lost opportunity for Zambians to benefit from quality leadership.

He maintained that Zambians had voted for the UPND but that some staff at the Electoral Commission denied the Zambians an opportunity for real change.

Mr Hichilema was speaking when he featured on a special Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM and syndicated to several other radio stations across the country broadcast from his New Kasama residence.

The UPND leader was flanked on the programme by his alliance partners such as ADD President Charles Milupi, Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Mwamba, Lunte MP Felix Mutati, Independent Lubanseshi MP Patrick Mucheleka and Dr Maureen Mwanawasa including Lameck Mangani.

Mr Hichilema also thanked Zambians for the support given to his campaign team and the record number of votes.

The Alliance Partners also reaffirmed their commitment to continue working together until the 2016 general election.

‘We are here to thank God for the guidance during the campaign. I reached out to all parts of Zambia and i was the only candidate who reached out across the country and our message was well received,’ Mr Hichilema said.

He added, ‘Zambians are depressed and they wanted leadership that will lift them out of poverty. We are thankful to God that he guided us throughout the campaigns. As you know, we were attacked throughout the campaigns, Dr Maureen Mwanawasa was attacked and one of our supporters was almost killed at Mongu accident but God saw us through.’

Mr Hichilema continued, ‘Thank you to the Zambians. I say you have been wonderful. Thank you for believing in HH’s ability and together with his team to turn around the economy. I meant well for the farmers, the civil servants and all the people of Zambia. We drove a campaign anchored on Zambia United so that all Zambians come together in peace.’

The UPND President also announced that he will next week embark on a countrywide tour to thank his supporters for the votes.

‘I will go round the provinces to thank the people of Zambia for their trust in us. Zambians can’t be blamed for the results. They did what they had to do but evil stole the election.’

He added, ‘We pray that Zambians sustains the belief in us, with God’s guidance there shall be a correction to this misdemeanour. God is looking and saying HH is my son, Maureen is my daughter, Mutati is my son and i know that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will find a way of remedying this injustice in no time.’

The UPND leader maintained that some staff at Electoral Commission of Zambia manipulated the results in favour of PF candidate Edgar Lungu.

‘I have great respect for Justice Mambilima, she is an excellent woman but some people at ECZ gave the results to Edgar Lungu. Where in the world have you seen an election won by 1 percent difference? He got 48 and i got 47 percent and that is 1 percent if you round off the figures, this election was stolen from us.’

Mr Hichilema claimed that the theft of votes took place at different stages of the electoral process.

‘The rigging started before voting, as you saw there was violence and that frightened some voters hence the poor voter turn. The next stage of stealing was at the polling station, at one ward polling station in Mongu Central, we got 291 votes but when they submitted to the totalling centres, they dropped 90 votes from me.’

Mr Hichilema continued, ‘Another example of rigging at the totalling Centre at the Constituency is in Lusaka Central. I got 8,000 votes and Edgar got 12,000 but at the national totalling centre, Edgar was given 15,000 votes, that is an extra 3,000. Here is a certificate from ECZ and this is another certificate from the ECZ showing different results.

If they can steal from Lusaka Central, all they need is 20 constituencies and Edgar would have 60, 000. Edgar was supposed to have won by 27,000, less 60,000 and I would have won by 33,000 votes.’

Kasama Central MP GBM after the interview
Kasama Central MP GBM after the interview

HH with Patrick Mucheleka at his New Kasama House
HH with Patrick Mucheleka at his New Kasama House

HH with Felix Mutati after the interview
HH with Felix Mutati after the interview

HH with Dr Maureen Mwanawasa
HH with Dr Maureen Mwanawasa

HH greets a sympathiser as Lameck Mangani looks on
HH greets a sympathiser as Lameck Mangani looks on

HH and Felix Mutati after the radio interview
HH and Felix Mutati after the radio interview

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    • Well there is some truth of the rigging. ECZ has just admitted to various irregulrities of swapping the results meant for UPND giving them to PF.

      ECZ verified only 32 such irregularities and refused to verify the others why?

      On top of that had Lungu allowed ZAF to let UPND take its monitors to voting centres all these irregularities would not have been there in the first place. And HH would have conceded defeat having been satisfied that his monitored were not barred from monitoring his results in all the centres.

      In the light of what ECZ has admitted, these elections were massively rigged. Only a f00lish and stupid person would think otherwise.

      Like I said, PF and Lungu’s victory is like a castle build on sand. Soon and very soon people will start coming out to tell the…

    • Folks

      Be warned that, when ever an election is stolen in Zambia bad things tend to happen to the president. It does not matter how good the president elect who stole the elections turns out to be , a curse still follows them up to the grave in a short time.

      In Zambia if the just ended election was stolen, those involved will continue to lead miserable lives no matter how hard they try to be normal. Things will start happening to them that will remind them of their evil actions even though they will be in denial.

      Any one involved in rigging the just ended elections will NOT see 2016 in one peace. Nature has a crude way of dealing with such rogue elements.

      It shall come to pass folks not far from now. So confess or else?????

      Ignore my prognosis at your peril.


    • If only all wishes were horses, HH could be riding Nkwazi 1. Fire Costa Mwansa he scammed you big.

    • HH must blame himself for falling for Muvi TV’s Nigerian type 419 opinion poll scam. Millions gone for a scam.

    • Stolen goods never last just like Kaminamisa Lungu’s presidency will never last. Come 2016 we will still vote for you HH and maybe then more Zambians will wake up and face the reality that their lives are getting worse and worse under PF’s unfulfilled promises. No jobs and continued poverty.

      Viva HH

    • I am getting really, really, really, really (I can’t say the really’s enough) sick of this man. I can’t stand him any more! He is unnecessarily alarming the nation. He is a threat to national security and peace! Give us evidence you won you delusional man instead of cooking up figures in your head and causing confusion.

    • HH should just shut his mouth.

      EL 2015 is promising to be a very good GRZ unlike HH who would have been complaining while appointing his tribesmen.


    • 2016, some arrangement will have to put in place so that results certificates will have to be photographed after the party monitors have signed them and then transported to totalling centres by EZC and party monitoring agents each carrying a duplicate signed certificate for verification before totalling is started.

      ECZ can not be trusted 100%. Mambilima might have the right intentions,but there are some rogue officers who are so corrupt that, they will stop at nothing to change the figures and rig the elections.

      Lungu should know that, the same way they helped him win the same way they will steal his victory.

      In the coming days and months if Lungu ‘s admin says no,to paying the corrupt officers then the beans will begin to be spilled straight away.

      Lungu’s victory is on…

    • Comrade u are a fool to take da malawian prophet seriously.as long as HH insist that he won,he will never do better,koz pipo hu mak it in life are those hu admitt failure and work harder next time.Church bodies,SADC,EUROPEAN UNION,LAZ,TIZ have all sed the elections were fair yet dis chap insist he won.

    • Give us a break you loser.If Lungu had 47 and you 48,it was going to be alright.You have already given your gratitude,why should you start going around the country?This was your real chance because come 2016 you will be shocked!!

    • How then possible was it that you would won by 1% yourself? That archaic thinking. Elections can be won by 1 vote what more 27,000 votes. Keep on dreaming brother next to cry is 2016. In 2016 you will be beaten by more than 200,000 votes as all those who sympathize with you will be voting for either MMD and PF Under 5 what can you offer?

    • Tribalism talk should be criminalised and perpetrators fined minimum K10000, or jailed for 6 months minimum in Zambia if Zambia is to remain united.

      If you support my suggestion please click green

    • Nonsense !! You just lost. Just accept the reality. You can\t become the Zambian president after only winning in three provinces.

    • Jan 26. Roy Clark Twitted

      Spectator Kalaki @SpectatorKalaki · Jan 26

      HH concedes defeat and in the same breath says the election was rigged. Is he mentally confused?


    • What does a prophet know about votes and numbers? He is saving his own reputation. The problem with you Tongas is that there is no logic with you. I can never vote for HH simply because of the way you support him, headlessly. HH is really sick in the head, why would he expect to rule the country with the support of only 3 provinces? He is insane!

    • HH knows how to shoot himself in the foot! Even ordinary mortals like I know that when you lose a fight, however unfairly, you’re better off keeping quiet. He’s come-off as a very bad loser. He hasn’t come out as a statesman; you remember Sata (and I was no fan of him), he never came out so bitter but he used to rubbish the election results he lost. He continued to focus on the future. And HH’s chosen to surround himself with the usual honey-sniffers like Mangani, Munkombwe, Masebo, David Phiri, GBM and so forth. These for the first time missed their predictions. They came from MMD, moved to PF and this time to UPND. Any how, we can only look and advise!

    • Hallucinations are welcome….Nurse your political wounds and never return to stand again as you are still going to lose. Go for a convection and do not contest. You have lost four times and your constitution bars you from standing again as UPND president. Show us that you can respect the laws of your part and we will know you could have respected the Zambian constitution if you won to be Zambian president. Your true colours will be seen by what you are going to do henceforth!


    • Ladies & Gentlemen,
      Please hold your breath and open your eyes. No need to beat the Skeleton! Listen up!
      Firstly those irregularities shouldn’t have existed, thus in itself fraudulent. Secondly, ECZ’s acceptance of disparities in the votes, shows that the whole elections where marred by “simple” but cunning way of swapping actual presidential results.
      Thirdly, even ZNBC broadcasted biased & wrong results. And forthwith, ECZ should have called the elections null & void hypothesis b’coz of the empirical evidence of vote swapping! Who knows the whole election results where swapped in favor of PF? I reckon thus how the rigging was done, confused the whole country with disparities. ZAF banned UPNDs monitors using its planes was unjustified!
      ECZ has failed.
      The Skeleton Key

    • @ Wanzelu you obviously misunderstood the statement from ECZ. Read it again. You are exposing your level of comprehension

    • Huyu Hena Hapena hnomba.

      Just accept the people’s verdict and give it another shot next year.

      Your childish claims and rantings will not win you any sympathies from well meaning Zambians

      If you truly believe the election was “stolen” petition in the supreme court failure to which we take it that you are simply a pathetic loser.

      The election is gone, we have a president in place and the country has moved on.

    • Please let Mr. Hichilema know that politics is known to be a dirt game all over the world. Is he truly a politician himself or something else?

  1. HH – Please just accept the results and move on. You’re just opening yourself up to ridicule and will end up losing support from those who sympathise with you.
    The whole world (except you and SOME of those with you at that interview) have seen that these were clear and transparent elections.
    If the whole world is mad and you’re the only sane person left, what does that make you.

    • Iwe if some one has stolen your car, when asked can say, no my car was not stolen? Are you real?

      HH has maintained he is not going to accept defeat in an election which was conducted in a manner to disadvantage HH , from the start.

      HH and his team secured flying permits to fly their monitors to the polls where they thought some rigging might take place. But Lungu told ZAF not to allow it. That was the beginning of rigging.

      The second evidence of rigging took place, after the votes were counted. Instead of putting the correct figures in the certificates, they reduced HH ‘s votes or gave Lungu more votes.

      These are facts which even the ECZ can not deny as shown by their response to HH yesterday.

      When HH challenged ECZ to correct the figures, it agreed to do so but only…

    • @Rick Bobby, you are a very weak soul and you are a let down to humanity! All fair souls shouldn’t tolerate Injustice! This election was rigged and evidence is there. Those that are very close to the PF inner circle are already revealing what they did. Yes HH is right, rigging started before the election. Some parastatals and private companies were used in some dirty schemes/transactions to steal money from the parastatals to fund the PF campaign. The Ministers, Parastatal CEOs and private companies involved know what they did. They thought they would hide their dirty schemes but info is sipping out! All fair souls should be on the side of HH instead of condemning him. Rigging elections is an injustice that should not be accepted by all fair souls. Winners should win fairly.

    • North Western Rhodesia calling……

      We are pleased that HH has shown a certificate bearing EL votes at 12 000 in Lusaka Central and at the totalling centre the number is changed to 15 000.

      Compatriots of NWR. This is not the first time that the Northern tribes have stolen an election. They did the same under master dribbler Kafupi wabufi Chiluba.

      We maintain that these Northern tribes will steal to keep their fingers in the treasury.

      NWR/Barotseland arise!!

    • Let him consult the MUVI TV and its opinion polls. Are you telling me that there is no one in UPND who is bold enough to tell the guy that its time he rested and others tried?

      When he loses again in 2016, what will be the excuse? Well, this what hate can do to some people.

      GBM, Maureen, Mutati, Mucheleka (how can you be independent in country of 13 million people), Saunders, Masebo and Dipak, they are all frustrated losers from MMD. So people must be very careful. They know MMD will never ascend to power and they are taking chances believing people will be deceived by UPND.

      PF must just deliver the constitution and continue on its massive infrastructure development, reduce mealie meal prices, cement prices, pay farmers on time and give them inputs , employ the youths.

      Its ECL…

    • Let HH pour out his disappointment people and stop insulting him enough is enough. You cannot continues to poke someone who has enough on his plate. He has a right to complain. Only fools keep insulting him. Thanks to EL he has given posts to all these people pouring insults on Tongas on this paper. Some of you will never have a kapoto no matter how much you pour out your insults on others. These are same people who are so scared of Tongas. Have you ever stayed with Tongas? These are generous people even when they do not know someone’s language poor people still struggle to speak it. Have you ever heard a bemba speaking other languages FACT never. Some people need to take out their logs in their eyes prior to taking out someone else’s THANK YOU.

    • Mama Mutinta salapukeni ati Maureen nikapalanganya amayanda. Ask the real wife of late Levy Mwanawasa.

    • Do you know how to speak/write English?

      This tribe you are using is abominable in NWR where you are based. Go back to the Northern provinces if you enjoy your vernacular.

    • He added, ‘Zambians are depressed’. Which Zambians are depressed? May be Maureen, Mutati, and Mangani. I can see GBM is not. Not even Mulupi

    • But why cant you just have your own elections ku Barotseland. Why mule iguma kuli [email protected]! Tell Barotse land ni kwi? Pantu Ba kaonde, Kalunda Lamba and others tabalandapo to be part of it. So mukalashitisha imichanga.??????? Kwata amano Swine.

  2. Yes you would have. But no worries 2016 is just around the corner. There are just certain people in this country who are thieves by birth and inclination. Their fore fathers were thiefs and even thier future generation will be. They are a cursed lot. look at their areas, nothing happens their. It irritates me. A branch that does not bear fruit must be cut off. Ni fi kolwe fye pantu wakulya ba kolwe.

    • Continue with your insults , indeed 2016 is around the corner, let hope southerners will have increased in number so as to asher under 5 to plot one.

    • You will keep on insulting us and we will keep on winning. Stop insulting the majority if you want to win – its that simple.

    • Mweemba. I am just wondering. The first picture only HH is not smiling. In fact in all the pictures he is not smiling. Is HH a sadist? Then that is very scary for a president. He never smiles this guy. What is wrong with him? He has a wield character as well where a laugh or smile is not part of his life style. Its strange. I am just wondering.


  3. Well there is some truth of the rigging. ECZ has just admitted to various irregulrities of swapping the results meant for UPND giving them to PF.

    ECZ verified only 32 such irregularities and refused to verify the others why?

    On top of that had Lungu allowed ZAF to let UPND take its monitors to voting centres all these irregularities would not have been there in the first place. And HH would have conceded defeat having been satisfied that his monitored were not barred from monitoring his results in all the centres.

    In the light of what ECZ has admitted, these elections were massively rigged. Only a f00lish and stupid person would think otherwise.

    Like I said, PF and Lungu’s victory is like a castle build on sand. Soon and very soon people will start coming out to tell the…

    • Please grow up. Why is it that only HH is crying foul? Everyone else commended the election process. Look, HH is trying to incense his supporters, what he does not realize is that the PF won this election without their base showing up to vote. Let him wait for 2016, and they will do him a “kolopa.com”. And do not forget the benefit of incumbence.
      For me, I have really never found a genuine UPND supporter who is not Tonga, from Western Province or from N. Western Province, simple as that. And do not say you do not come from these areas, we cannot prove. Now insult me so that we prove that you are Tonga!

    • Imwe, if HH’s standing on solid ground, why’s he not petitioning the results through the courts. We know he trusts the Courts – he took Bishop Chomba to the same courts. Let him take the matter there. And next time he’ll lose more ‘heavily’ than he’s this time!

    • Am bored with yo ranting but let me tell you the truth, no matter yo numerous postings nothing will change, its over, EL is at State House. Advice- go to court with yo ‘evince of stealing, rigging etc and a ruling will be made others I think you are sick and need psychosocial counselling

  4. Yes you would have. But no worries 2016 is just around the corner. There are just certain people in this country who are thieves by birth and inclination. Their fore fathers were thieves. They are and even their future generation will be. They are a cursed lot. look at their areas, nothing happens their. It irritates me. A branch that does not bear fruit must be cut off. Ni fi kolwe fye pantu wakulya ba kolwe.

    • What do Northerners bring to the economic table of Zambia.

      Theft and corruption is their contribution. Nothing else.

    • Iam sorry come 2016, Southern votes will remain the same. Votes from ALL other provinces will increase. What does that tell you?

    • How come the “campaign manager” Dipak has never complained about the victory of H.E. ECL? Maybe its time for him to defect to PF now that the country is being led by a young and very learned President?

      I think this HH has poisoned his followers, surely cant they see that he the UPND is headed for extinction? Its usefulness has been diminishing at a very alarming rate. If you doubt me, go back in time. Remember 2015 elections is not a true reflection of the power of the opposition parties. A lot of PF members were so relaxed and didn’t go to vote, so come 2016 in September, you will see the POWER of PF.

  5. The spouse to HH should be careful with Maureen. That photo of Maureen and HH is scaring.

    They look like a true pair. They look like true matches.

    HH’s wife be careful. If I was the wife, I would sue for marriage intervention based on this photo.

  6. HH you just lost, it was democracy at play and not what you claim , It was just not meant to be ,its destiny and this time its Lungu who was destined to be president. the ealiar you move on the better.

  7. And these people will stick with HH for now because of the shame they feel for switching camps. HH lost the election, it is plain and simple. If you won, you would be president. And you know that in 2016, when your base and PF’s base show up; you will be trounced.

    • PF base = Bemba votes, by and large.

      The problem is this tribe contributes ZERO to GDP, it has no natural resources. When was the last time you bought something from Northern Provinces??

      I only know of Corruption and Theft of public resources. Basakalanyongo.


    • A reconciliation of the numbers will settle this matter! UPND should just be allowed by ECZ to reconcile the results from polling stations all the way to ECZ and to the results announced. All of you who are insulting HH will be shocked and you will shut up! This election was rigged.

    • @C. Kasonde; HH only realized that he had lost after UPND counted and cross counted the PVT. The story of HH losing is similar to the story of the prostitute who took to the police claiming she had been raped. When the policeman asked her “and when did you realize that you had been raped?”, the woman reponded, wiping away tears, “when I realized that the check bounced!”.
      If the election were rigged, why did UPND only complain that ZNBC were publishing results different from ECZ? If it were rigged, why can’t HH challenge the result in a court of law?

  9. hh we told you that you don’t declare yourself winner before pipo vote, just accept defeat kwasila. Even in 2016 you are losing bwana.

  10. Any sensible person would by now be sick and tired of this childish cry baby stuff. Thank God Zambia has been saved from such an immature and childish character from leading it. What leadership aka economic management can come out of this obsesively self centered character

  11. HH is a fool. What rigging? These election were very transparent. Publish the results according to you Mr HH. Let others publish theirs as well. Then we will compare with ECZ. The results by PVT of the post newspapers turned out exactly as ECZ announced results. Your results in Southern, western and North Western are questionable. What your VJ wanted was for results from Edgar’s stronghold announced then he knows how many votes to add in your strongholds. The way he used to do in MMD. But Mambilima is sharp. They waited for all the results first before announcing although they almost fell for VJ’s schemes at first. In fact your complaining made ECZ to wise up. If you had kept quiet VJ would have stolen the election for you. PF must consider hiring foreign election agents for S/P, WP…

    • I support Basila,how can EL (PF) get zeros in some polling stations and in a certain constituency in Southern Province when PF has party structures and had it party polling agents? Does it mean even party officials and polling agents in these stations did not vote for their candidate but voted HH for EL to get zeros?? Hard to believe!

  12. GBM has lost weight.it shows things are not well.diz chaps kant admit failure.HH 2016 u will do worse koz u kant admitt were u failed.

  13. HH you are an educated person so do not waste your time by complaining through the media. Go to the supreme court and prove to them that your votes were stolen and then the law will take its course period.

    • No need for the Supreme Court. A reconciliation of the numbers will settle this matter! UPND should just be allowed by ECZ to reconcile the results from polling stations all the way to ECZ and to the results announced. All of you who are insulting HH will be shocked and you will shut up! This election was rigged.

  14. Take your case to the Supreme Court of Zambia or if you are very sure that you won the election take it to God in prayer and he will vindicate for you. We serve the living God who does not delight in thieves or lairs pertaining to 2015 election. God will Judge between UPND and PF. We are tired hearing they stole the election and if you know who stole the election take him /her to court. There is a difference between 50 and 51, and 49 and 48. We know the qualities of the people in the photo and we know the qualities of some PF leaders. Lets forget the hearsay and concentrate on what is ahead. I encourage HH to take the case to court if he is absolutely sure he won the election, otherwise we will be saying he is a liar.

    • No need for the Supreme Court. A reconciliation of the numbers will settle this matter! UPND should just be allowed by ECZ to reconcile the results from polling stations all the way to ECZ and to the results announced. All of you who are insulting HH will be shocked and you will shut up! This election was rigged.

    • I totally agree with you Michael Bwalya.The ECZ themselves confirmed that they did verify the results.Let the supreme court order the reconciliation of results.Interestingly,the so called alliance partners Maureen and Mutati etc are so quiet about the alleged stealing of election results.Is it because their then party MMD allegedly did the same to HH’s late brother,Mazoka?

    • No sensible person can take the rigging issue to Suprem court, judiciary is headed by Chibesakunda, an ally of Lungu and PF.And how long can the case take?


  16. We have heard Mr President, its a pity ECZ is a bunch of cadres for a ruling party.

    In 2016 , pls put in adequate measures to avoid rigging since you now know their evils tactics.

    For now pls, Move on.

    • As long as you don’t repent of your tribalism, come 2016, which is too close for you to win, you are still going to lose. As you can see, so far so good with EL, and his popularity is growing by the day. Some of you votes will shift to EL in 2016. Anyway keep on dreaming…

  17. This is a farce!

    Apparently, Zambians have lost out ……from not having this man as President! This snivelling man? Wonders never cease!

    What I really don’t understand about HH IS WHAT HE IS ACTUALLY OFFERING THE REST OF ZAMBIA. We know that the South, West and North West believe he will ceceed from the rest of Zambia ( don’t start giggling…..)….SO…UM.. WHY DOES THE REST OF ZAMBIA HAVE TO VOTE FOR HIM? What are we getting?

    According to various. UPND cadres here, Livingston, Victoria Falls, Copper Belt will all belong to the three regions. So what are we to get? This economic opportunity we have missed out on looks like a BIG LIE!

    Do people in Zambia REALLY LISTEN and understand HH. he took as much as he could in the privatisation, now wants three Regions and…

    • Do people in Zambia REALLY LISTEN and understand HH. he took as much as he could in the privatisation, now wants three Regions and…Our Votes.

    • i do not understand yo pepol..HH has never talked about tribes yo are the only pepol talking about tribes…show me one time he has spoken about northern, western, southern and eastern…he is a man for the whole nation with a great vision to build the whole nation..we in the southern province have been shunned by pf you only see development in big towns nun of the rural areas.. HH will develop the whole of zambia he is an economist so we knows what to do ..under him agriculture, mines and everything else will grow. Stop talking about tribes and use your heads for a change!!!!! We need to grow and become the biggest economy in Africa and under HH this will happen….

    • Exactly- HH has nothing to offer Zambia. What HH has to offer is to corporations. Now, do not get me wrong, companies create jobs. HH is offering a tax-less country and aims to use the little employment tax you pay to fund his free education platform, something that Zambia cannot genuinely afford.

    • @Mama Africa- Do not be delluded. You are probably of that tribe that votes for the man without thinking. Look, HH has mentioned tribe and has been around people mentioning tribe and busks in the aura of such commentary. HH mentioned that “I was not declared winner because am Tonga”. HH enjoys regional support, he must be ready to suffer from regional rejection too. It is plain and simple. What I enjoyed most about this election is that UPND supporters deliberately chose to ignore the fact that Edgar Lungu is not Bemba.

  18. The Bembas are learning to play the same game of the kikuyus of Kenya….dominating Kenya since year ’63.

    They call it “the tyranny of numbers” and thus only their tribe can rule the nation. Sorry HH,wrong tribe.

    • Grow up. Is Edgar Lungu Bemba? You are fast becoming morons with the mabisi and chibwantu smelling like vomit in your mouths. You cow- banging morons!

    • @C. Kasonde- You see, you are always on the losing side. That agreement is null and void and is not provided for in the new constitution. It is funny how you are easily duped. The very constitution these leaders are anxious to adopt precludes that.

    • Its practically impossible to implement the BRE because Western Province is more than Lozi. The province has other tribes apart from Lozis ie. Nkoyas, Mundas, Mbundus etc and they have said no to the secession. They have said let the Lozis secede with only their Mongu.

      Moreover the pre colonial BRE includes parts of Southern, Copperbelt and North Western. Govt has the responsibility to protect all citizens fromsuppression by other tribes who got guns from Britain the mother of colonialism

      Point is BRE has been overtaken by events, monarchs now are merely ceremonial way to go is democracy, this is a modern world

    • The 800000 of us who voted Edgar/PF together with the 13000000 we represented leaves you and your UPND with a meager 700000 out of 14500000, so you are lying ichilema, (HH) you never did stand a chance. Resign and let fresh blood take over UPND

  19. UPND will never win an election with current arrangement and leadership! Every time you will be complaining of rigging forgetting the root cause!

  20. I have noticed negative comments about Edgar’s victory are coming from dimwits hiding in the diaspora.Let me tell you that the conduct of ECZ in the whole electral process was at arms length far much aside from what HH and his fellow morons are claiming.PF won in 2011 using the same ECZ and its personel.MMD was in a better position to rig at the time but due to women and men of valour and intergrity at ECZ PF emereged victorious. Did PF rig 2011 elections? HH does not understand the character and mentality of Zambians on the streets.He takes the entire nations for a corporate entity where management theories are experimentd and applied.Ask him what is trending on the zambian streets now, he has no clue.But he has his own world of looking at life and cheating himself on his popularity.

  21. I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift(sometimes loud mouths) or the battle to the strong( perhaps pompous individuals who don’t know how to accept defeat ), nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

  22. It has come to our attention that people who peddle hate speech against HH are all Bembas.

    But my question to you Bembas is, why do you hate Tongas so much that you are now rooting their shops in Lusaka and Copperbelt?

    I curse our fore fathers who requested us to mix with a Monkey Tree Dweler Tribe whose main instinct is that of insults and stealing.

    History favours Tongas and Lozis, and according to history, Lusaka belongs to Tongas and not to Monkeys in the Maize Fields, while Copperbelt belongs to Lozis. And thick monkey forests like Muchinga, Norhern and Luapula Provinces belong to Monkeys.

    So be careful you F00lS not to provoke the Tongas. Stop hate speech against HH and the Tonga People you foreigners full of insults.


    • You are clearly crazy. You forget that Edgar Lungu is not Bemba. When you hate Bembas, I take it it is because they have found more success in financial markets and you have noticed that cows do not signify wealth. Look; the chibwantu and mabisi in your blood is intoxicating you. I understand why people easily feel that HH is a satanist, it is because your people worship cows! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  23. And we now have a president who has no vision for Zambia. Can please he urgently address theb challenges of mines eminating from newly introduced 20% Loyalty mining tax instead of going to AU and thereafter, holiday. The mines owners have packed their bags ready to leave Zambia. Awe sure, ba Changwa Lungu mwalatwipaya ku bulofwa! How i wish HH was today our elected president. Anyway 2016 is very near and we shall usher in HH as president. EL will definetly hand over power to HH, come 2016.

  24. HH, if it were you who won the last election, would you have come out and said the election was rigged in yo fava? Answer me, quickly?

    HH, can u simply go to the courts and lodge in a complaint rather than waffling on radio. It wont help, rather you are just fueling division in the country, rather preach unity in the country after your terribo loss.

    HH, you were there in SA during printing and packing of ballot papers. u joined the rest of the parties in checking ballots papers at the airport, in the districts, at polling stations, at the totalling centres, when did ECZ steal ur votes. U had the money to pay all yo egnets at all these stages, what makes yo fail to pay lawyers to represent u in court. What kind of an economist and president are u? what kind of leadership will you…

  25. your popularity is going down coz of the people you have put in front of you. GBM, Maureen, Magani, Mutati and soon William Banda. What are your loyal members thinking of you? these people are opportunists and soon you will cry worse and realise that you are really damn. Good luck in your failures

    • Not forgetting Masebo aka Belinda nafwa. That woman causes chaos everywhere she goes. I can’t believe they accepted her.

  26. All those who are throwing their obsene at Bembas must be mad, please why this tribal hatred by our brothers, the tongas against the bembas. To start with Edgar lungu, the president is not a bemba, so whats all this hatred about. Bembas are not tribalists by voting for a non bemba unlike our brothers and sisters in southern province who went flat out to vote for their own HH. If HH was destined to be president of this country by God it will come to pass at the right time but if he was meant not to be one then he will continue losing even to new entrants in the political field. Get a life my tonga brothers and sisters and move on as God loves all of us regardless of tribe.

  27. Iam tired of thinking for people.Please go for a VOTE RECOUNT.Its within your right.We are also eager to know the truth.Thank you.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  28. What a bunch of losers! Honestly how can a group made up of GMB, Mangani, hh, maureen, mutati be of consequence? They are a totality of failure. Zambians can not and will not give you space to run the affairs of the country because you are ALL educated kaponyas, except brother flubber who is Kasama grade seven. Sorry guys, you lost and that is that. HH go back to your wife instead of posing with black widow maureen.

  29. In 2016, when everyone’s support base shows up, HH will not stand a logical chance of winning a general election.
    HH lost, and he lost an election in which the PF did not work half as hard as he did. What I know for sure is that voters do not easily change patterns. I have not heard of anyone who voted differently from how they voted in 2011. The only difference is that some show up to vote and others do not. Keep enjoying the tribal support you get from Southern Province and N. Western Province, you will never break through Northern, Luapula, Eastern Provinces. It is simple, tit for tat.

  30. There is an article on Watchdog where a particular organization is proposing that illiterates should not vote if it goes through that is the end of PF.

    • Bantu botatwe, it is your bantustan party that will lose if illiterates would not be allowed to vote. PF has literate strongholds of CB and Lusaka.

    • You are a delluded third world cow! PF is popular in urban areas; UPND in rural areas. PF has always won the urban vote. Get your head outta your ass and thinking straight! Do you even know what literacy means? LITERACY SIMPLY MEANS ANYONE WHO IS ABLE TO READ AND WRITE! According to the Worldbank or CIA Factbook, 80% of Zambians are literate!
      Research before you expose the little amount your parent spent on your meagre education! Numbskull!

    • So in your head Neganega people are more educated than the people of Lusaka central, kabwata, etc?

  31. In Zambia, all presidents that ascened to the throne of presidency through rigging do not survive. And underline my words, if Edgar Lungu stole victory from HH, he will be no more but roting at Embassy Park before 2020.

    History will defend HH.

    I hate and curse you Bembas who insult and wish HH bad luck.

    May the days of your living be shortened, and may your wives commit adultery to bring you HIV AIDS. And may your children revote against you satanists.

    HH won the 20th January 2015 elections and Dr. Guy Scott acknowledged that.

    The problem we have with some of you foreigners is that you hate Tongas just like Monkeys hate human beings.

    As far as all pure Zambians know, HH won the Presidency and Chibesanda only rushed to inaugurate Edgar Lungu, what a spirit of tribalism…

    • Hi Jane Hamulenga, your party can only win if cows and its cowdung vote. No amount of insults will reverse the votes. You were rejected by the smart bembas and they will do it again. Kasambe ulenunka cow poop.

    • Iwe Jane, why do u hate others like that. HH lost. In football, when the ref says its a goal. It’s a goal whether it was offside for everyone to see or not. the winner wins and the loser loses and goes in history that he/she lost. thats what is on HH. Next time HH.
      And how do wish HE Edgar death as if u r in control of his life. God above is. No wonder he brot him forth to be yo and my president including HH.

      So, shut up and tell HH to work harder and I mean harder coz chances are that he may be third. Cos Chipimo is there and many other favourites on the line up for the people of the Republic of Zambia

    • @Jane Mulenga- Edgar Lungu is NOT dying any time soon. In case you are wondering, while HH is crying foul, Edgar Lungu is governing. He has engraved his name in history as being Head of State.
      Mazoka reconciled himself after 2001, he did not die with any anger. HH will never be Mazoka.

  32. One cannot be a winner if he is a bad loser.
    The sooner HH and UPND accept the election and move on the better for them. Otherwise, voters are looking and getting bored with cry babies, come 2016 HH will be shocked with a distant third or even fourth position finish.
    The trouble with UPND is that they cannot listen to advice, you will see how they will react to this. Well, that is your choice, come we compare notes in 2016.

    • The truth is this- If HH had compelling evidence of rigging, he would have taken the matter to court. Simple and straight forward.

  33. There are just certain tribes or people in this country who are thieves by birth and inclination. Their fore fathers were thieves. They are and even their future generations will be. They will steal from you and they will be proud about it and shamelessly praise God for that. Look at their areas, nothing happens their. They are a cursed lot. . A branch that does not bear fruit must be cut off. Unfortunately they will even make noise the most just like monkeys. Amano fye kwati ni fi kolwe. Just shut up you small brained people.

  34. Maureen really loves rubbing her ‘girls’ to the men tefyo. She has done it to both Mangani and Hakainde. What is she up to this gold digger?

  35. All Bemba Speaking People apart from those that are nt tribal should be deported from Lusaka to their forests in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces.

    They don’t deserve to be in Lusaka or Copperbelt because they are foreigners.

    Go back to your motherland and cimb trees you monkeys.

    All Bembas living in Lusaka and Copperbelt are economic refugees.

    Historically, Lusaka is for Tongas, while Copperbelt is for Lozis and the monkeys belong to forests like Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Province.

    Even at UNZA, 75% of monkeys found their way through cheating at G12 Level.

    Bembas behave or else, you will be chased from Lusaka and Copperbelt and get back to your usual life of being tree dwellers

    • I now agree with the colonialists who observed the presence of weak tribes in Northern Rhodesia who were indolent and timid. How do Lambas allow others to claim that the Copperbelt belongs to the Lozis and the Solis agree that Lusaka is Tongaland? If anything Mansa is closer to the Copperbelt than Mongu.

    • Lol…get the mabisi and chibwantu out of your system because you are starting to smell like a cow. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  36. Mwe bena Zambia bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Kitwe bonseee, naba sata ati ninani batushila…
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Monze bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Chipata bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Mongu bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Chinsali bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Mansa bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Tulefwaya
    Mwe bena Chavuma bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Lusaka bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena Kabwe bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya
    Mwe bena UPND bonseee,
    Ni Edgar Lungu Mulefwaya

    hhahahahahahah bonse aba mulemona ni bana ba lungu eeeh
    these songs are juicy sweet

  37. HH won elections you F00LS,

    Edgar Muhammad Lungu lost the elections.

    HH was not announced winner because of tribal segregation.

    • @Maps- It is okay to be Tonga, but do not be stupid as well. If your god HH was rigged against and has compelling evidence, the courts are at his disposal! HH knows that he more embarrassed than anything else. He lost to a man who only started seeking the presidency 3 months ago!

  38. @Wanzelu, i know ndiwe wanzelu but we are fade up with your poor and bad loser in the name of hh. Just look at the people present at the so called interview and any sensible person can see that all men of substance in upnd such as Kakoma,Mweetwa,Kapita,Muntanga,Siamusamba worse still William Banda are quite after seeing their candidate failed to sell again for the fourth time. Its only those opporrunistic and failed or recycled moles who made MMD lose 2011 elections like Mulcheleka, gbm,maureen,mangani, who are busy misleading this man and chewing his money! In any case, check the results in the constituencies of those peope with him at the interview if HH won the 20 jan elections in their eepective constituencies! Start with Maureen’s if she has got one then from Lunte, go to Chipata…

  39. we practically removed his allies from power and those are the one he is mingling with and us zambians booted mmd and we would not want them to come back under the umbrella of UPND so please delink yourself other wise it will surely cost you.

    Anyway losers will always find stories – ala this nightmare for mr hh is too long please wake up – this is day 6 meanwhile EL is enjoying – life is just not fair imwe bantu

    He keeps saying he reached all provinces – so what, that is no gurantee that people accepted you, one thing he should realize is zambians are very polite people, we accommodate anyone that comes and tells us his or plans but at the end of the day we know where to place the vote, DONCHI KUBEBA – That is one lesson we got as zambians from MR SATA !!!

  40. @Wanzelu, i know ndiwe wanzelu but we are fade up with your poor and bad loser in the name of hh. Just look at the people present at the so called interview and any sensible person can see that all men of substance in upnd such as Kakoma,Mweetwa,Kapita,Muntanga,Siamusamba worse still William Banda are quite after seeing their candidate failed to sell again for the fourth time. Its only those opportnistic and failed or recycled moles who made MMD lose 2011 elections like Mulcheleka, gbm,maureen,mangani, who are busy misleading this man and chewing his money! In any case, check the results in the constituencies of those people with him at the interview if HH won the 20 jan elections in their respective constituencies! Start with Maureen’s if she has got one then from Lunte, go to Chipata…

  41. HH can’t never. If HH won, why isn’t he in State House? I have never seen a winner who is not celebrating. Or maybe thats a new way of celebrating………hahahahahaha


  43. It is like people went so much into election mood.
    And so when elections were over and done, the election energies were still remaining in them.
    So they have resorted to postmortem talks, accusations and counter-accusations.
    My advice is the we channel the energies to educating the voters, and for the politians; repositioning themselves for next year.
    Anyway, they may have a democratic right to duel on this mountain forever.

  44. I dont understand why people want to twist the truth. Read the ECZ statement again.

    ECZ never admitted that they swapped results. The swapping was actually done by the flawed UPND PVT and UPND officials acknowledged this . Surely if the so called evidence HH alleges to have was all that credible, why not present it to the court. Ok you may say he does not trust the court, then why not present the same to international observers who pronounced the elections free and fair and challenge them.

    HH should know that one can never lead until you are prepared to be led. Is HH the only wise person out of the hundreds from all other parties including observers from all over the world ? TIZ is credible show the “evidence”.

    It takes a MAN to admit you have lost and what our just showed he…

    • Exactly! But then this self-same man who does not trust the courts took Bishop Chomba to the same courts. What gives, eh!

  45. HH, I wish I could console you and share a glass of mabisi and chibwantu but am afraid I will smell like a cow.

    • Far better than smelling like a monkey and eating batterfly lavae because of hunger you brainless people. Mukalyapo fye naba lunshi nangu imititi kunsala fye.

    • Tell that to Bembas, not to me, I just hate cows plain and simple. Why are you so mad? Look, if you are so frustrated, tear your passport and NRC! Lungu is YOUR President too!

  46. A national leader resolute will not win by 33000 votes He will win convincingly in all constituencies

    Lets avoid being cheated and convince people in all constituencies as convincingly win with thousands of votes

    Lets learn lessons also from the Greek elections and see the emptiness in HH talk show and see what economics he is talking about The elections of Greek are similar to Zambia and President lungu has to take stock and follow discussions at “‘Switzerland Davos”‘ world economic forum That should be our leadership

    HH with his current strategy and leadership cannot win him elections

    Apathy worked against Edgars Lungu who will win if turnout is above 50% in 2016

  47. Election results aside, the results will not change no matter how loud HH sings this song. The question is, is this the new face of UPND? Even during the campaigns we hardly heard anything from the likes of Jack Mwiimbu and other UPND MPs. What is happening in the party, HH must be careful with all these newcomers he is entertaining and I doubt if the has taken a new direction. HH remember Felix, Mangani, Patrick and GBM will not win the election.

    • @ Observer,

      These are just fronts who HH want to deceive people that his Party is inclusive, but the lesson we have learnt is that UPND is extremely TRIBAL. The truth is, the actual Tonga MPs are on the ground campaigning in their strongholds as we blog.

      Remember that we have uncovered the strategy they used to try and steal the PF mandate. So PF must wake up and don’t go to sleep, ONCE BEATEN, TWICE SHY. We will never be blinded as PF again. Its work, work, work, and work.

      The enemy is actually within and that’s why H.E. Mr ECL must clean up in Government and Parastatals ’cause the PF party has been infiltrated by very senior people in these institutions, niba “Double Tobela'”

  48. Go hang yourself iwe HH. Which economic transformation are you talking about? Just check the people cheating you, Charles Milupi, Geoffrey Mwamba, Felix Mutati, Patrick Mucheleka and Maureen Mwanawasa, these are all failures in life and their constituencies. If these MPs were working, why did the electorates reject them despite the heavy bribes they paid?

    And who says that one can only make a difference in life when they are Ministers? Some of those people have held VERY high offices in Government before and there is nothing for them to show. Maureen is former first lady for EIGHT YEARS, what did she do for Zambians?

    Zambian eyes are very open and will NEVER be cheated by cheap propaganda.

    If you think you won, GO to the courts of law and we got work to do for Zambia.

  49. 2006 ati HH, 2008 ati HH, 2011 ati HH, 2015 ati HH, 2016 ati HH. Change your leader.

    In the end you will make word like HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa, ifwe twakulasekapo fye……even louder……

    • Imagine ichi chintu. This guy called HH is worse than the ever known dictator in Africa believe me. I don’t know what has been eating this guy, why so much anger that he cant even hide and you make a mistake of giving him the top job?

      NO no no no no, we shall NEVER allow it.

  50. HH should come clean on Barotseland . His online paper seem to support sucession and this puts people off . Let him clarify his stand.

  51. It boggles the mind. HH won the elections with 33000 votes more than Edgar Lungu and HH the winner of the the just ended presidential elections is not the occupier of State House. It defies logic. HH won the presidential election and and world leaders can not recognise him, it makes mockery of democracy. Where is SADCC, were is AU, where is UN? where are the major democracies in the name of USA, UK, Germany France, Canada India Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Scandinavian countries, China etc, where are they? Let them rescue this democrat called HH from injustice. Yes he won the elections, but not in Zambia. His country is called Ing’ombe Ilede. Perhaps the best HH can do to redeem himself from electoral theft is to push for recognition of his unknown country by United Nations.

    • @xxxx

      First I am not sure what your name translates..can only mean a primitive tribal entity from northern Zambia. Arrogance does not help anyone, ask the British how they nearly lost Scotland.

      In so many people’s eyes HH is a hero and respected person. For you to ridicule and malign is hateful and indeed primitive.

      People from the South have contributed tremendously to the progress and prosperity of Zambia. To suddenly work up and label them tribal and cheats is being foolish and backward.

      Let him say what he wants to say.

    • Stop bothering the innocent observers, they have already stated their position on the outcome of 2015 elections and they are busy working on other projects.
      If you want, ask the MUVI TV since its local since your HH won the elections with 84% hahahaha….

  52. Yes Mr president, we the real UPND supporters are with you, the votes where stolen from you and thus do not concede defeat. A 1% difference is a cooked up difference in favour of Lungu. Anyway lets just be alert in 2016 elections.

    • Can HH implement his 2015 promises please? Let him first start with reducing the price of his beef in his chiefdom. I wonder how many kids have ever tasted meat in Southern Province despite the exaggerated boasting by the “economic manager”.

      Let him square up, I understand his image builders and money lenders seriously on him. Just sell some cattle to Zambeef and raise a bit of the nkongole.

      Maureen can assist pay back the debt from the Petroda loot whilst GBM can raise some funds from his trucks by carrying sand and a bit from selling mealie meal.

  53. HH has sold out our party to outsiders. Is this the new face of UPND? Where is Cannisius? Where Garry ? Time to kick out HH out. We lost because he brought corrupt elements on our team. We need the real UPND. Not these chancers who jumped on the bandwagon hoping HH will win and give them jobs.

  54. Since when did rounding off 48 and 47 become stolen? Give us a break you proffessional losser. We are tired of you.

  55. You tongas voted on a tribe basis in the just ended elections because out of the 11 candidates, you couldn’t see not even 1 candidate to vote for except HH. now let me assure you that in 2016 you will see how tribal we can also be. it will be EL in northern, eastern, luapula, muchinga, c. belt, central and Lusaka. of course western and north western we will share the votes then we shall see if your small village southern can make your HH president.

    • Iwe chi doc or what ever Bembas call you Go to hell. How do you give Tongas all those poor quality presidential candidates and expect them to vote for the low quality. Tongas are not low thinkers as you ba kolwe. Never expect monkey type of thinking from Tongas. Bring any such type in 2016 surely expect the same outcome. Ukaleke ukulya fi kolwe wechipuba iwe.


    Edgar C Lungu 1,165,214 votes
    Hakainde Hichilema 694,999 votes
    Mumba Nevers 694,998 votes
    Nawakwi Edith 12,854 votes
    Chipimo Elias 8,978 votes
    Muliokela Alex 2,875 votes
    and so on and so forth.

  57. @ ?Salamat 9.1

    You are just exposing your sheepish ignorance, Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern, Copperbelt and Central are the richest Provinces in Zambia my friend. Most of the abundant natural resources in Zambia are in these vast areas and not yet exploited, meaning our children (including yours) will depend on them. We have fertile land and rains.

    I don’t really know what is in Southern Province which is absent in the mentioned Provinces. In case you are doubting, Kafue river is partially part of the stated areas, Zambezi River, much as it is might is very unutilized by you the so called “educated bunch”.
    All minerals on earth including oil is found in the Bembaland just in case you didn’t know. We have huge huge water bodies and are very determined to develop them…

    • What do you mean by richest? First of all grammatically “richest” cannot be ascribed to many subjects only to one. Do you mean:
      The contribution they make to GDP? The mineral resources they have? The wealthy people who live there? Their potential? If you think about it the argument is a waste of time. Zambia is Zambia

  58. HH the cry babe. I am tied of cry-babies like HH. If anything its UPND who stole vote in Southern Province.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  59. HH please get over it, you are not the first one and won’t be the last one to lose an election. At this point you need to worry about UPND keeping you as their president. I believe your 2 terms are up.

  60. HH ought to have known that he was running against an Easterner. When the late Michael Sata ran against an Easterner in 2008, he ended-up crying in the streets of Lusaka. RB had dribbled him so bad that year, he instantly became wise. The story in 2011 was different – Sata had grown wiser. HH is clearly still asleep. It’s high time he scrounged for some wisdom from the East if he hopes to turn things around in 2016. Easterners are known for dribbling their opponents. And as Michael Sata proved it, crying after the fact is a sheer waste of time.

    • If there is any substance to these rigging allegations, I would further observe that EL’s mentor in the art of rigging was none other than RB himself – an accomplished rigger!

    • And further that with such a plethora of presidential candidates who had nothing to lose because they had already hopelessly lost, even before the first ballot was cast; any astute rigger may have turned the PF candidate’s famine, if at all it was there, into a bumper harvest, simply by stealing votes from all of those other candidates, and not necessarily from HH per se. At the end of the day, only one candidate was going to be smiling, and only one frowning – the rest bemused!

    • @Mei Mutungu- I must admit, I see eye to eye with some of your statements. But regarding the rigging allegations, what HH must know is that his supporters did their part, they voted for him in numbers. HH only brought about the allegations when he realized he had lost by a thin margin. UPND only complained about discrepancies between ZNBC and ECZ. HH owes the country a duty of losing with dignity and consoling his supporters. HH must acknowledge that at this point, his say on national matters actually carries weight. Before he can work on 2016, he needs to concede defeat. State House is not a nice place to go to with anger. Ask FTJ.

    • @ 74.3 Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      Once more, I up-hold your insight into this sensitive matter. Thanks.

  61. If you foolish tongas think that by being tribal you can win elections Hakaivotele Heka,will die of depression like Kambela Mazoka

    • Just shut up iwe chi kolwe. Fi kolwe imwe ninshi amano yaba shani? Surely wemuntu wambe fye ukulya kolwe. Echo mutontonkanisisha nga fi kolwe. Bu kolwe tatulya fwe ba Tonga. Utwale bu kolwe ukutali.

  62. Zambia is headed for an ice berg,the online media in Zambia is fully occupied with kaponya mentality bloggers.90% of comments are on political topics and less than 10% of the bloggers on LT would comment on articles on economic,scientific innovations,or social issues.this entails that majority of the bloggers are schooled and not educated,unfortunately such level of education will not take the country forward in this 21 century as the politicians will capitalize on the ill educated masses just for them to win votes.strangely even those in diaspora fail to maintain their level of exposure but always falls in the same kaponya way of thinking,may be most are serving in missions.

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