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Frank Mutibila withdraws an injunction against wife

General News Frank Mutibila withdraws an injunction against wife

ZAMBIA’S Ambassador to Italy Frank Mutibila has withdrawn an injunction he filed in the Lusaka High Court asking the court to order his wife Evelyn to vacate the official embassy residence in Italy.

Mr Mutubila has sued Evelyn, the former deputy high commissioner to Italy, for divorce on grounds that their marriage has broken down irretrievably as Evelyn had committed adultery by allegedly failing pregnant to an Italian.

Evelyn has on the other hand filed a cross-divorce petition asking the court to divorce her claiming Mr Mutubila had subjected her to physical abuse by beating her.

Mr Mutubila later filed an injunction asking the court to order Evelyn to vacate the official embassy residence and return to Zambia in the event of her appointment being revoked by the Government on November 20, 2014.

He alleged that Evelyn was bringing his name as a representative of Zambia in Italy into disrepute going by the manner she was conducting herself.

Mr Mutubila has, however, withdrawn the injunction without giving further details.

This is according to a notice of withdrawal of the injunction filed before Mr Mutubila’s lawyers, Sharpe and Howard Legal Practitioners, served to Evelyn’s lawyers, J.B Sakala and company.

Meanwhile, Evelyn has told the court that she is ready to defend the divorce petition but she is unable to travel to Zambia because she is pregnant.

Evelyn’s lawyers have since asked Judge Fulgeance Chisanga, who is handling the matter, to adjourn the case to a date on which she would be able attend the court hearing.

“That further the respondent is ready to defend the petition but being in the family way is unable to travel from Italy to Zambia on the proposed dates,” read part of her affidavit in opposition to a notice to fix the date of hearing.

Initially, Ms Justice Chisanga had set yesterday as the date for hearing of the matter.

Ms Justice Chisanga adjourned the mater to September 7, 2015 to enable Evelyn attend the hearing.


  1. Ukulasebanyafye ichalo sure!
    Is Zambia short of respectable men and women to represent the country in a honorable and dignified manner?

    Clearly, we’re faced with an unprecedented leadership crisis and all this embarrassing news is emanating from a”Christian Nation”.. Shame

    • Can Edgar Lungu recall Frank Mutubila immediately as this is really embarassing the country. Nut Frank this really serves you right for all your womanising and the bad things you did to girls old enough to be you daughters and grand daughers. So you dick does not pick? Too bad but these are the consequencies of those mutoto herbs from George Chirwa the office orderly who was supplying them to you at ZBS/ZNBC.

      Can you tell from this sentence who is the Former Deputy High Commissioner to Italy?

      ‘Mr Mutubila has sued Evelyn, the former deputy high commissioner to Italy, for divorce on grounds that their marriage has broken down irretrievably…’

      Which of these countries do not accredit diplomats as High Commissioners between them.
      a) Zambia and Canada
      b) Zambia and Italy
      c) Zambia and India
      d) Zambia and Botswana

  2. Its a lesson to madalas who use money to marry this young flirts who end up disappointing them. How do Framk honestly marry Evelyn muzikulu, I’m sure just her family and friends have been laughing , teasing over her marriage na nkalamba. Shame to Frank & Evelyn you have disgraced zambia on an international level, this ka girl even proudly says I’m pregnant and can’t travel namimba ya mu Italiano. Iwe chimudala FM you seem to be so disappointed,bitter & depressed. But don’t forget ati she mean’t for a younger guy not you oldies. Try doom it will sort out your problem. period

  3. Mr. Frank used to chase after every skirt that entered the ZNBC gates either married or singles and didn’t take prisoners…now he is old and tired takes his young wife to the land of the true casanovias; he is crying…I simply cannot sympathise with this wolf.

  4. It’s am embarrassing situation, it happens often only it’s handled better, women are tricky, if you will notice funny movements chase immediately to avoid depression… Better alone than with bad friends..

  5. Balimulila umukamba. Eh problem yakupa utwaiche, tukonkafye money ilingi ngawaleka ukusokola ninshi nakena kapyamo. Olo mudala na tu energy ku duze obviously kale twapwa.

  6. Damn man I feel for you,I bet everytime you see her you ar imagining a six packed Italiano caressing her passionately n yo woman screaming gracias gracias. Anyway its not yo fault Frank just bring that national letdown back.

  7. Guys,
    I cam empathise with Mr Mutubila.
    I was a maths teacher at Roma Girls.
    I came home early one day and found my garden boy Chitukulu in bed with my Indian wife Suddevi. I was devastated. I sent her back to India. 9 months later, she gave birth to a coloured child.
    They are living somewhere in Kolkata.

  8. Dear Mr Frank Mutubila,
    Both you and your wife are a disgrace to Zambians. Can you please bring back your foolish selves to Zed. Bid Eddie your Excellence job creation for the youth yamoneks ku Italy. And when did your two foolish selves become diplomats? Just come back and start DJing kuno ku Zed. Foolich couple.

  9. Gosh! You people can talk. I don’t think nga tabwima ninshi kubutuka mwebantu. Most of the time its because the man won’t treat you well no matter how good you are to him. I am yet to meet a woman who had or is having an affair just for fun. But affair or not, no one deserves to be unhappy in marriage even after you ‘shipikisha’. If someone won’t give you back the same love you give to them, leave, move on and never look back.

  10. The Lady is really cooking this goose! Poor man.

    Truth is that she is playing a cunning immigration game. If she has the child on Italy soil it will have right to Italian Nationality. Thereafter she can apply for Italian nationality on Human Rights grounds, that of Right to Family Life with her Italian so he can see and raise his child.

    It’s most likely, things were not going right between her and Frank and she decided on this affair and a way to stay in Italy permanently.

    Really greasy stuff! Life can sometimes have no dignity.

  11. ?Beautiful Moma…women in our days are crazy for s3x. they watch too much p0rn. so even married ones have extra marital affairs. Its very painful. You can give them a lot of money and buy them expensive cars.But they will still sleep with work mates just for launch! nsima yapamaliketi nayo. You can make love to them well but they go to bed with any man who tells them a love you. Even garden boys are sampling our wives!!!!

  12. Only Zambia can entertain such stupidity, honestly, they are a shame to country, Lungu please bring back this ambassador , he is a disgrace to our country. Musebanya sana ku halo, ukulafunya mu am paper

  13. In other parts of the world this behaviour would not be condoned. Frank Mutubila would have lost his job no if’s or but’s! This is a real disgrace that people of that age are behaving in that manner and still representatives of Zambia. The man needs to be sacked! End of story. What an *****!

  14. Frank mutubila and his wife should be recalled. This issue is disrupting their work. Mr president you have to do something?

  15. I find it difficult to understand how one without either money or proper equipment will marry a beautiful lady and expect her not to look for instruments of power elsewhere

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