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Government to investigate rise in suicide cases among youths

Health Government to investigate rise in suicide cases among youths

Government has vowed to get to the root cause of several suicide cases being recorded among youths in the country.

Copperbelt province permanent secretary Howard Sikwela says it is worrying to see an influx of suicide cases among the youth as a result of depression and substance abuse.

Speaking shortly after an inspection of the kwilimuna youth resource centre currently under construction in Mpongwe, Rev. Sikwela said there is need for more concerted efforts in identifying why youths are resorting to suicide.

“There are too many negative happenings among the youth, we need to find that which is making them commit suicide” He said.

Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt province has continued to record numerous suicides among young people as a result of chronic depression, domestic disputes and substance abuse a development that has raised concern among numerous stakeholders.

Various young men and women in the farming area have resorted to consuming a toxic herbicide known as paraquat commonly used in weed control.

Meanwhile, Rev. Sikwela has implored youths to desist from substance abuse but instead engage in more productive ventures such as agriculture.

Rev Sikwela says youths have continued to indulge in negative vices which have led to early and unplanned pregnancies.

He further emphasized on the need for youths to exercise Maximum self control in their conduct so as to be more productive citizens.


    • Investigate!!?? It was clear, that is why Zambians wanted to chase away PF government. And why do you think only 750,000 people out of 13 million allowed PF to continue?
      Kabimba proposed to send those youths to Sudan, maybe they could have been safe their.

  1. It’s true we need jobs,the youths are bored and depressed cause there have no capital,without capital in our country its hard to have a balance life

  2. There is no need to waste more money pretending to investigate what you already know. Provide actual individual development and stop wasting money on the incomplete roads you are building from borrowed money to impress the electorate. Provide JOBS!!!, and give them affordable education. Not kwati Mulungushi University!

  3. Passed with distinctions at Grade 12 could not afford 20 Million to CBU

    Passed 1st Yr. 2nd Yr. 3rd at CBU paid close to 70Million in fees

    Last year 4th and 5th failed to raise money to Finnish could not find a part-time job

    My transcripts with distinctions lying in the drawer until I get the 40m

    that is a typical youth of today at CBU and UNza including now primary school

    Its a slowly national catastrophe with increased prostitution near shopping malls brought at UNZA it will be more and its time a social cash transfer well made is put in place

  4. It really make me sad to read some of the comments above.
    A well known man of God warned last year that if govt don’t engage the youths,there will be turmoil.
    My message to lungu is that please cut down on govt expenditure by cutting the size of the cabinet including their allowances and benefits.Channel these savings to provide entrepreneurship training to the youths.
    HH had promised to attend to these issues but we rejected him because mu Tonga.
    This youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb,time for politicking is over.

  5. Reading theses comments, I realise people are not aware of the same phenomena in Europe.

    Teenage suicide are on the increase. Most if it fuelled by websites for nerdy kids with this fetish.

    However I think ours is fuelled by poverty. I don’t think stopping ?road a Developments and cutting gov’t Cabinet size is the solution. Nor is giving them hard labour as Farm hands.

    Children need to be loved and above all the quality of life for their age groups should be invested in. Social activities, like Camping, Trekking and Sport should be looked into. We need adults willing to take time to help set up fun things for kids. We adults get so bogged down with life we forget that presenting children will such hardship prevents healthy psychological developments.

    We need to raise…

    • We need to raise conscious in matters relating to having children. People must not see it as a right but rather a duty to provide for another a quality life.

      Also we can maybe encourage teenage exchanges across African countries. Send kids in teams to different countries so they can get a chance to see the world rather than just cooping them in. Cinema in village Centres, open air ?

      Keep children busy from morning to evening with activities.

  6. For anyone suffering from depression, I recommend the Destroy Depression system written by James Gordon. He is a former depression and PTSD sufferer, and teaches a totally natural 7 step process to eliminate depression and regain control of your life.

  7. You people are busy talking about youths and jobs, it is fine and it is a need but then are these youths ready for these jobs…..? And what are we doing about it practically as parents, friends, relatives and civil servants?

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