Kafue District Commissioner, Grace Ngulube says Kafue is among districts in the country with 90% bilharzia prevalence.

Ms. Ngulube attributed the high prevalence of bilharzia to the existence of water swamps and the Kafue river which passes through the district.

ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner, said this in a speech read on her behalf by the District Administrative officer, Ngoni Moyo during the Mass Drug Administration launch at estates market in Kafue district.

Ms. Ngulube said bilharzia affects two million people in Zambia including some Kafue residents.

She explained that it is in this vain that government has put in place preventive measures to avoid future infections.

She further added that the Bilharzia prevention campaigns which started on 26th January, will end on 30th January 2015.

All residents including school children will be captured in the exercise.

Speaking earlier, Kafue District medical officer, Dorothy Marumahoko, said the district reported minor reactions resulting from Praziquantel (bilharzia drug) administered during the Mass Drug Administration.

Ms. Marumahoko explained thethat reactions were noticed in school going children who did not take food before taking the drug.

She emphasized on the need to take food before taking the bilharzia prevention drug and has urged all parents, guardians and other stakeholders to come on board if the district is to scale down the high bilharzia prevalence.

The Mass Drug Administration(MDA)of Praziquantel for Schistosomiasis(bilharzia) exercise is targeting school children aged 5-14 and community members.

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  1. This exercise will lead to nothing as long as the source of the disease is not addressed. The host for the parasite is the snail and as long as the ecosystem is disturbed where by the snails flourish in a given area the disease will continue. We don’t need to start killing snails but lets find out what happened to creatures that have been consuming snails. where is our epidemiology depart. in the ministry of health. Why are we lazy to research and conduct literature reviews. I invite you to learn from the Senegalese situation where a dam was constructed and affected the ecosystem and the number of snails increased which was followed by an outbreak


    • Can colleges such as UNZA help with this research? Am sure they have a department that can do this kind of research.



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