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President Edgar Lungu appoints Ireen Mambilima as Chief Justice

Headlines President Edgar Lungu appoints Ireen Mambilima as Chief Justice

President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has appointed Justice Ireen Mambilima as Chief Justice. This is according a press statement released to the media by his special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda.

Justice Mambilima, whose substantive position is Deputy Chief Justice currently seconded to the Electoral Commission of Zambia as Chairperson, will take over from Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, who retires on full benefits.

President Lungu has directed that Justice Chibesakunda will continue in post until her successor has been ratified.

The President’s decision is pursuant to Article 93 of the Constitution of Zambia which stipulates that: “The Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice shall, subject to ratification by the National Assembly, be appointed by the President.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu has appointed former Zambia Daily Mail managing director Mr. Anthony Mukwita as Zambia’s Deputy Ambassador to Sweden with immediate effect.

In another development, the Head of State has announced that President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania will visit Zambia soon for bilateral talks aimed at resolving the operational problems dogging Tazara Limited.

“President Kikwete has informed me that as one his last acts as President before he retires this year, he wants to see that the problems of Tazara are resolved because the asset is critical in the socio-economic development of the two countries,” President Lungu said. “We did well with China to build this magnificent asset and we cannot let 2000 kilometres of railway go to waste.”

The Head of State said this in the light of a major agreement signed between China and the African Union (AU launching the high-speed train project that will connect African cities. The agreement was signed at the just ended African Union Summit in Addis Ababa.


    • She is a VERY HARD working lady, she deserves the post. I envy her too jealous down though she didnt do much to FIRE those IT guys who rigged elections in favour of PF.

      God loves Zambia

    • So Anthony Mukwita was fired during Sata’s reign and Chibesa was appointed during Sata’s reign….Keep it Edgar, that is the best way to follow Sata”s legacy…

    • The position of ECZ chairperson should not be left to a sitting president to appoint as it will be a compromised appointment. It should be a position one applies for and parliament or an independent body decides

    • At best these appointments are meritorious and best national interest. I applaud them. They add up to the momentum of national healing and realization of critical systemic new order in a thriving democracy of institutions and the law.

      Your Excellency salutations! You are course sir.

    • @1.9 Chils,

      Hope you understand the difference between appointment and nomination. The ECZ Chairperson is never appointed but nominated by the President then subject for ratification by Parliament. There is no better or effect way for enforcing institutional order in a democracy as this nomination and ratification process. So what is your point?

    • @senior citizen, the president will still nominate a candidate he favours for various reasons among which could be a person easy to compromise and control. If the ratifying body is dominated by PF, they will ensure the puppet gets the job.

      Allowing an independent body to offer the job will ensure fairness in a weak democracy as ours since we as Zambia have clearly demonstrated our inability to act ethically on many occasions

    • @1.12 Chils,

      Let’s get to the real world of reasoning based on thought after decision making where practical Governance business of institutional democracy thrives. When you talk of an independent body, who constitutes that independent body that is free from inherent bias or what is called implicit bias? Where do members of that body come from, how they are screened or vetted on Good moral standing and or assembled to be members of that body? Lets choose to explore this phenomenon right here. To start with, do you realize that most people in any sphere of life— even those who explicitly and sincerely avow egalitarian beliefs or call them views—hold some element of what have been described as implicit biases? The constituted so called independent body has it. But parliament would…

    • When you say, “Allowing an independent body to offer the job will ensure fairness in a weak democracy as ours since we as Zambia have clearly demonstrated our inability to act ethically on many occasions”.

      Don’t you see a paradox in your opinion?

      1). Allowing an independent body to offer the job

      2). “since we as Zambia have clearly demonstrated our inability to act ethically on many occasions”

      Question, if us Zambians we have failed to act ethically meaning we are not fit to be in and appointing or nominating position, what would be the nationalities of members in the independent body to ethically adjudicate their tasks? Can’t we learn from Presidential nominations done by the US President sent to bi-partisan Congress for ratification? Sometimes the opposition is…

    • @ kapotwe,

      Tongas like favoring each other minus merit.

      In government departments, a tonga can only work with a fellow tonga or their tribal cousins from northwestern and western provinces.
      This is total unfairness.

      This makes them bad leaders, presidents and cannot win any elections in zambia.

      They are 100 years behind and their minds are full of scrap.


    • Irene Chirwa Mambilima (Zambia)
      Date of birth: 31 March 1952.
      Current appointment: Judge of the High Court, Zambia.
      Academic qualifications
      1976 Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) (Merit), University of Zambia.
      1977 Postgraduate Diploma in Law Practice, Law Practice Institute,
      1977 Admitted to the Bar to practice law in Zambia.
      1996 Master of Laws (LL.M) (Merit), University of London.
      October 1976 Appointed Learner Legal Practitioner, Department of Civil
      Service Training, Lusaka. Attached to various government legal
      offices, viz, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Department of Legal Aid,
      Lands and Deeds Registry and High Court Principal Registry.
      1977 Appointed State Advocate, Attorney General’s Chambers,
      Lusaka. Prosecution of criminal cases in the High Court;

    • Good move ba president. The appointment is timely. I guess it not a reward but based on qualifications. I hope that my lady’s departure will not weaken ECZ systems. Sometimes it easy to engage someone who can easily be compromised. My Lady was firm throughout.

    • Your president is working indeed, because he as appointed Ireen Mambilima as chief justice? How does this reduce the price of mealie meal,or better the living standard of an ordinary Zambian?Thats why we need a new constitution which should limit the powers of the president so that sensitive positions such high court and supreme court judges,IG,Attorney G,ecz chairperson etc, are not appointed or nominated by the president.

  1. Anthony Mukwita is Zambia’s Deputy Ambassador to Sweden…..

    This is reason why we never develop, party cadres taking on professional and strategic positions.
    We dont need a failed journalist to be deputy ambassador, we need trained diplomats who have been working in Min of Foreign Affairs.

    • Exactly mr mwaba jr,cadres in the civil services. This partly the reason our politics have become violent and tribal,,,its all about getting jobs we are not qualified for. jobs in our public service are all for the president to reward those who did some personal act of services to the president. so what did mukwita do to warrant his immediate appointment even before edgar appoints his full cabinet.

    • Our Country has a lot of work to do to develop, first we have a problem with the people they give professional positions. It seems education in our country does not count. How can you get a Kaponya with no education and make him an ambassador. Go to Washington D.C to the Zambian consulate and check who is representing our country, it’s very embarrassing. This has to stop, it’s have people with the knowledge to do good work.



  2. Shud confess that am still healing over the injustices my candidate has suffered. But life continues……Interesting times ahead of us. Justice Chibesakunda retires…. am still awaiting Prof. Luo destiny / fate. Then of course Kabwili, Nsanda etc.

    Were all you efforts worth it ba PF? We shall soon find out.

    • @pretty,
      On this one, I support you. We need good women and men to develop our beautiful nation and it does not matter whether you are my competitor in political beliefs. When we all genuinely work hard, our country will be a place everyone would like to live in and raise our children.
      Some of these Ministers have created empires by employing their relatives in huge numbers in Parastatals and it’s not healthy for others who have no one to speak for them. So the President has to be supported when he cleans up these institutions.

      This is being objective ba pretty now, not necessarily supporting someone blindy. I hope you will soon join us in PF ’cause we mean business and are serious about developing ZAMBIA.

      We are in a hurry to end poverty in the midst of ubanduncy.

    • Bismark and RB

      we need to change the way we do things in this country. presidential powers of appointing almost every high ranking officer in the civil service by one person is wrong. it doesn’t matter who is in state house,be it lungu,hh,chipimo,nevers etc. Thisis our country and it is not right that a friend of a president is given a job he is not qualified for but simply becos of close likes to the president.This is nepotism and it bleeds discontent in a country.

  3. This is RB (special advisor to Lungu) at work taking revenge on the Bembas and at the same time strengthening the ‘umozi ku mawa’. This is getting interesting.

    • This tribal remarks irks some of us who ‘One Zambia, One Nation blood’. Particularly that they are coming from a learned and well exposed person (given the flag).

      EL is embracing all the people of Zambeziland and you seem to suggest that Lungu is going against the Northerners.

    • Blind london eye

      Looks like exposure has done nothing for you ang your mental faculties , you are such a triballist stop it !

      There is no tribalism in Zambia ,its you economic refugees that are behind it.

    • @Chanda,
      You have not talked about ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ when one tribe has dominated over other tribes for so long and that was the reason why Chibesakunda was not retired but instead allowed to remain acting CJ endlessly. You may be irked but it is a fact that the way things have been going strongly suggest that tribalism has been very active in the PF.

    • @Robin,
      Stop pretending, you are the same people that have been boasting, ‘Tu le miteka’. Who are the ‘Tu le miteka’ and who are they referring to?
      The other thing is you may call me any nasty names you like for expressing my views but I will not sink that low to retaliate.

    • @ London Eye and Robin, stop fighting each other for no reason you may both have a point but in different ways. Rumor has it Ms Chibesakunda kept on being appointed even when her time was up because of Sata. Whether that is true and LAZ protested over that since 2012, let’s look forward to the better things, there is now way we are going back, the Law does not allow anyone over 65 years as Chief Justice. Ms Chibesakunda was 65 in 2009. What Edgar Lungu has done is just the right thing.

  4. Brilliant move. This High Office is now finally settled.
    Keep making progressive decisions for Zambeziland.

    Hats off to our new CJ Ireen Mambilima.

  5. Well done your Excellency on the appointment of Justice Mambilima as our new Chief Justice, she really deserves this position and am sure you will continue to clean up the Parastatals very quickly.

    Your Government has been infiltrated by very senior people who abandoned you when it mattered the most. The same applies to the Ministers. Consult widely because there are men and women in these institutions who can run with you efficiently and with loyalty to bring the much needed development.

    Most of these top people were in the opposition camp but only started “supporting” you when it was obvious you would be the next President. So appoint those who were genuinely and truthfully with you but of course on merit as you have assured the ZAMBIANS.

    God bless you your Excellency Chagwa…

    • Don’t be vengefull they all supported el after the rangles in the party were resolved and they reconciled. He should work with everyone who supported him and not ambandon them


    • Kudos get a life!
      pf cadres like you dream HH 24/7.
      you are wasting your time because HH is comfortable while you are cleaning toilets.

  7. Good progressive appointments EL, you will soon surpass all previous presidents in terms of good qualities. If it were (HH) by now he would be complaining “bad PF leadership left us in a mess”. The cretin

    • If (HH) were in power today, Zambia would go backwards 100 years due to his pompous nature and pride. The minion.
      But thanks to EL, everyday is a day of action. Come 2016, no less than 14300,000 Zambians will be behind your back Mr President. Closely followed by RP and Nawakwi. (HH) kuwayawaya fye

    • Chils, there is nothing to complain about, where there are shortfalls, he’s doing well by purging out non-performers. Look at the high caliber individuals so far? Wonderful team
      Let’s make progress Chils, Zambia has a lot of potential, come 2016 you will think you’re in Botswana.

    • Kudos get a life!
      pf cadres like you dream HH 24/7.
      you are wasting your time because HH is comfortable while you are cleaning toilets.

  8. Ireen Mambilima for Chief Justice, well, long overdue really.
    Anthony Mukwita for deputy ambassador to Sweden, uhm, well uhm, well, I hope the Ambassador is female in such a country with a high passion for gender equality, or is it gender bias for women, to use the true meaning of the term gender equality?

  9. @Kudo
    Do you think of anything apart HH or Tongas,your mind has become spoiled by tribalism,in everything the only thing you see is Tonga or HH you will regret having advocated for hate against tongas because we determined to restore dignity in our own Godly given land

    • God will never answer you my brother because you seem to align yourself to one and only one thing, tribalism. I wonder what type of family or home you come from, sorry to say this.

      Barosteland is in ZAMBIA and it will continue being so. You will die, your generations will die but Barosteland will ever be here til God appears before mankind.

    • @NorthWestern Zambian
      @Bantu-Botatwe/Barotse independence

      Compatriots, I salute you!!!

      Let the whole North Western Rhodesia/Barotse arise and say no more to plunder and pillage of our resources by those from North Eastern Rhodesia.

      What have they contributed to the just cause of Zambia apart from thieving and corruption?

      Show me what Northern provinces produce to contribute to the gdp. These provinces are being develop from the wealth of and at the expense of NWR.

      ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION is a phrase to continue the plunder and occupation of NWR.

    • You are obsessed with HH!
      Yes she has been rewarded.No wonder she was allowing all those fake figures on ZNBC.If you doubt ask ZNBC,THEY SAID THOSE FIGURES WERE GENERATED BY ECZ. WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THAT?

    • Tongas like favoring each other minus merit.

      In government departments, a tonga can only work with a fellow tonga or their tribal cousins from northwestern and western provinces.
      This is total unfairness.

      This makes them bad leaders, presidents and cannot win any elections in zambia.

      They are 100 years behind and their brains are full of scrap.


  11. Ba Davies you will go in a record as a weakest SG in the history of PF.

    • Awe twakana imwe, no Rainbow Party, no Cartel again, please twapapata, NOT ba Winter and no HH twakana SANA.

    • @Mwansanga, you said something sensible until you mentioned Kabimba, OMG are you sleeping? Winter Kabimba needs to try to go back and run his law firm no one will vote for him. You are staying too much in the USA and just reading the online news, try to be home more often and see it yourself, the media will feed you wrong information especially if you are reading Tumfweko.com. He was fired by King Cobra because he woke up and see him dividing the party, winter Kabimba is a lunatic with a small brain, he thinks being a lawyer makes him more intelligent than the others. A lot of people that Sata promised jobs before he won the elections, couldn’t get those jobs because Sata made a big mistake by letting this guy in charge. when he woke up,that’s why he fired him. Now you are saying Viva.

  12. As I travel to other African countries, I thank God the Whole Mighty that I can walk with my head high. I am so lucky to be a Zambian citizen. I am sure too that Guy Scott is obliged to agree with my elated national pride.

    Well done President Lungu in your effort to transform Zambia into a country with the leadership that is endowed with moral uprightness. I have great respect for our incoming Chief Justice Mambilima. My hearty congratulations to both Chief Justice Mambilima and Republican Vice President Ingonge Wina – Ladies of substance..

    • @Mwansa Kabinga, as you travel around African countries. where have you been? Congo or Rwanda. Those countries are below the Zambian Starndards that’s why you would congratulate this Kachasu guy after two minutes of being in the office. This guy is broke and a drunkard, he is not running the country, he is been told what to do by those people that helped him with the money, they have to get their money back. Mark my words, within the few months he has before the next election watch what development he can do. He doesn’t have time for that, but to take as much as he can before he gets out, this is the only chance for him to live his dream life. Look at his profile from the time when he was in service, and when he had his own law firm, they revoked his license and today he is our…

  13. Merit or reward for delivering the vote? I can’t be sure, although what I’m sure about is anyone but Ms Chibesakunda is better. By the way why would Chibesakunda be retired with ‘full benefits’ when she was merely Acting?

    • @ Maveric

      Good observationi because others where being fired. The chibesakunda deserves merit.

      They are still loyal to ECL administration.

      Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Maveric if you were Zimbabwan I would think you are the one that kept on voting for Mugabe. There is nothing wrong Edgar did by appointing the new Chief Justice. Ms Chibesakunda is over 65years old, in 2009 she reached her retirement, but they brought her back on contract for more years. When that contract finished King Cobra went on to appoint her again, and the Law thought that was wrong. It is time for her to retire and let those that have time to continue. That’s why she will get full benefits. It’s very important to understand things before you comment for the whole globe to ready your comments with no base. Whoever told Edgar to retire her was right, I’m sure him being a lawyer he understood that point, it’s written do a research then come back and comment on the media.

    • @Alexander, I can’t quite understand why you venting your spleen on me… let me break it down for you:
      1. First I said ’… I’m sure about is anyone but Ms Chibesakunda is better…’, implying I’m actually happy that she is being retired for various reasons, one being she already passed her use by date. So not sure what you are going about here, of course I’m aware she should have gone long time ago.
      2. ’ By the way why would Chibesakunda be retired with ‘full benefits’ when she was merely Acting?’ This was actually a question, or did you miss that? Question means the person asking has no knowledge of the subject matter and needs an answer. And my understanding is that she was already given her retirement benefits the ‘first time’ she retired… continued below.

    • 3. About her replacement Mambilima, I said: ’Merit or reward for delivering the vote?, again this is a question and there’s a disclaimer saying ’I can’t be sure’.
      There is a perception among those dissatisfied UPND and their supporters which were almost the same as Lungu’s who claimed the election was fraudulently stolen from them. They would view this appointment as evidence of collusion between Lungu and ECZ director Mambilima. Whether she is qualified or not, the appointment will be viewed with suspicion and that alone is enough to erode the confidence of those people in the judiciary system. Imagine if UPND decided to go to court and challenge the election of E. Lungu and she has to preside over the case.
      4. So not sure how Mugabe comes into the discussion.

  14. He has started rewarding his rigging assistants hahahahahahaha now is self-explanatory that ireen helped lungu to rig the election.thank you very much for lungu not president lungu but luuuuuungu chaaaaagwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and you will pay for your theft.

    • @ba Muzimo, just keep you mouth shut if you don’t understand what’s going on. This woman has reached the retirement time a long time ago and LAZ have been protesting saying her acting is illegal, Lungu is trying to do the right thing and before he even thought he could be acting president and one day ended up president, he knew it was wrong for her to be kept on being appointed, she is 70years old, ready the LAW act of Zambia before you talk crap, five years ago she retired and came back on a contract which also expired and again Sata appointed her. Wake guys we are not going to build our country if we still don’t understand our rights. If he rigged the elections with her, what proof do you have, after all you are sitting here in the USA not knowing what is happening home only reading…

    • Please spare us the nonsense of this rigging story, sometimes it’s the lossers that rig, but run out of rigging material due to the huge support enjoyed by their opponent. Vj knows exactly what I am talking about..

    • @ Alexander, it is clear you are missing the point… the issue people are talking about is not because Chibesakunda shouldn’t have been retired and replaced. Rather there are many other qualified lawyers, justices, judges, SCs who are equally qualified to replace Chibesakunda in the same position… other than Mambilima. You keep ‘insulting’ others and yet you are missing their argument.

      That Lungu appointed Mambilima so quick after the election whose main challenger has claimed it was stilen from him is itself controversial. Lungu was elected by almost the same percentage of voters to that of Hichilema. You have to respect those voters as well if you mean to build and unite.

      I said above that what would happen now if UPND petitioned the elections now? Will she recurse…

  15. @Secret Code
    Another bemba illiterate by the name of secret code has appeared joining the other bunch of empty cadres from Muchinga,Northern and Luapula forests of impoverished N/eastern Rhodesia.

    • @South,Western,N/western,Central(4) won by UPND which

      Compatriot of NWR, I salute you.

      The British joined North Eastern Rhodesia to us (NWR) because it was a desolate imporverished chitemene ridden land.

      We curse that day of the 17th August 1911 (being the commencement of the Northern Rhodesia Order in Council, 1911) when this union was consummated ultimately led to Zambia’s independence courtesy of the Litunga who signed the independence agreement.

      Those of NER now ride rough shod over the affairs of Zambia because of the good nature of those in NWR. No MORE!!

    • @Maverick, to answer your questions, Ms Chibesakunda has been retired with full benefits means the time she served in the contract, not benefits like getting another package, no. Second one, There is nothing wrong to have Mambilima, her coming into effect as Chief Justice has nothing to do with her helping him win the elections, these elections were free and fair I will not not say they were rigged when I don’t have any evidence, that’s the biggest problem we have in zambia, every one who loses runs to an explanation and that ends up in saying the winner rigged. Yes it was a small wining difference compared to the opposition and yes they are others that did not want him, people like me but we have to respect our president and hope we are going forward. Continue ….next post

    • I think you are right. e.g. commander of armed forces, Chief of justice, Inspector general of police, Speaker of National assembly, but others are Chief medical officer, there is no like Chief of medical officer

    • @ Temwa I don’t know which school you went to when every one understands it as Chief Justice and that to you is wrong, or is it what type of weed you are smoking. Do a research before you comment nonsense, you just bring out your level of education out here. Again Chief Justice is the right term. Are you the only Jew who doesn’t know that Jesus Christ had resurrected, come now it’s english. OMG you have this guy Moyes agreeing with you. You guys where are you from. Are you from another planet called Andromeda. Go back to seventh grade and learn social studies.

  16. @secret Code
    This guy sounds more of a typical PF cadre from a poor region always devoid of clear reasoning,you think people will continue tolerating these nonsense like insults from the people who have nothing to show apart from poverty and illiteracy,we are called a poor country because of you bembas who are contributing nothing to the national treasury,instead of saying thank you,you start stealing and insulting the producing N/western Rhodesia,long live too see the reactions of the people when they are angered,do you think the One Zambia One Nation slogan can stop them?keep believing in it you will see,just pray that either a Lozi,Kaonde or Tonga becomes a president before the movement begins,if not you will see.

    • Yu aare a loser and bitter person just work had and get better strategies then yo can rule otherwise forget about yo BRE its a pipe dream

  17. Quote: “We did well with China to build this magnificent asset and cannot let 2000 kilometres of railway go to waste.”

    That’s the spirit Mr. President! Forward-thinking leadership is desperately needed if we are to progress as a nation and uplift the living standards of our people on the continent as a whole.

    Africa is not short of skilled technicians and civil engineers. What is stopping them from interacting to apply innovative solutions to the TAZARA problem?

  18. That was long over due,CJ job needed change for sure, but I don’t know how good Irene is !

    Anthony mukwita appointment was very wrong.Now it looks like Lungu is working against Late Sata’s deeds.

    • @Basktetmouth, that’s a good question. If you look at that way then you would say what a shame. You see our country is a shame, but that should take you and me and the rest with normal thinking to change this foolishness, we are being laughed at. This guy when he was in the service, he was removed from being such a drunkard, and then while running his law fir they revoked his license from taking clients money and today this guy is our prez, what a shame. The biggest problem we have is that people in our country have not yet waken up, we are still in that mentality of buy me a beer I will vote for him. How can even the law allow such a man with the back ground to go through. I would not be surprise to hear we have a Chinese president. Because the law is easily bought for a song.

  19. Women holding earned power positions, Presidents visiting Zambia again. Loved Michael Sata, but something was off with the great man. Only Robert Mugabe would visit hmmm.

    • Options are always there.

      Former UNZASU president.

      Elected member of parliement



      I personally would vote for him

    • @ Zabwino Palibe (ZP) Double Sim,
      The former UNZASU president is not as sharp as you might think. I was at UNZA at the same time as him when he was UNZASU sports secretary. He became UNZASU president when I left. The guy is not stable. In the 2010 Chilanga by-election, I got on a bus with him at Makeni, the guy almost fought the driver.

      UPND should not go that direction. They’ve got other options but the the former UNZASU option.

  20. @ Maveric

    Good observationi because others where being fired. The chibesakunda deserves merit.

    They are still loyal to ECL administration.

    Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Maverick, I continue here to respond. Yes the margin was small but we are expect good deliverance from him. Most presidents in our country wins with a small percentage that tell you that there is a lot of opposing, but since he is in the office, we are going to support him and hoping for the best, if not come next election people will go again to the polling station and cast for whoever they think can deliver. We have to move our mind set away from this thinking of tribes, there can only be one president at a time and our country has 72 languages, we can not have 72 presidents at one time, only a fool will talk more about tribalism. As long as we have no evidence about how he won, let him carry on. The phrase is innocent until proven guilty. So let’s not speculate only hoping for the…

    • I second you my man. CM for UPND and not four time failure he should drop down and go to his farm or assist to campaign for the younger man Cornelius Mweetwa who has a vision for UPND

    • I third this motion lol! We need a young Vibrant leader to take over UPND. To transform it into a Zambian strong opposition party.

    • Hh will remain de presidential candidate until such a time that his populace is changed for now he is the formidable candidate for upnd .

    • Ba kolwe you are the same species who are going to cream loud like you are having an extended orgasm that UPND is Tribal.
      No convention until 2017,for now it
      FORWARD HH,2016 .

  21. @IWE Zambian watchdog Uliciyanga!
    Are you one of the stupid individuals planted to bring confusion in the UPND go to hell just yapping all over.CHE!

    • [email protected]
      Sata stood as a presidential candidate only four times as follows; 2001, 2006, 2008 and 2011.
      Mr Hichilema has already equalled that number ie 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2015.
      Can you please find some other reason for defending Mr. HH and not comparing him to Mr. Sata (M.H.S.R.I.P).

  22. am scanning my eyes on one Mwamba Emmanuel! wondering what reward he will get. With his friend Hapunda. Rejects in Sata’s regime ve become beacons of hope in EL. As for HH start holding regional conferences explaining yoself & disassociate UPND from tribe party. get endorsements from provinces like CP, LP, EP, NP. put less effort campaigning in SP. take advantage of EL wrong appointment of VP? Let yo MP finish her in parliament as she will fail to explain govt policy been head of govt. stop crying over the past election. painful as it may be. people will see maturity in you. believe me you PF is about to break as they jostle for positions. Thats when you will yo self. free consultacy.

  23. A great many current US ambassadors are Democratic Party supporters. That’s how it is everywhere. He who plays the piper calls the tune!

  24. PF cadres are taking an ostrich approach and continuing imagining that the PF is still strong, they are only contributing to the demise of the PF party.as observed by WYNTER MUNACHAMBWA KABIMBA.

    • In your deepest slumber and semi death sleep! HH will never be president of this great nation.
      ECL has brought the benefits of humility to ZAMBIANS whilst HH brought liabilities not only to his supporters but to many unsuspecting people due to his pride and arrogance. He is the know it all chap but God ONLY rewards the humble.

  25. Zambia needs a new constitution asap to stop appointees being beholden to the appointing authority.

    Mambilima was not grilled,probed and questioned publicly like they do in Kenya by an independent commission to make sure she is free of bias,debts or owes back taxes.We need that in Zed.

  26. Our President is super shiny in every way.

    His Excellency is possibly our best President of all time and I do Favour KK usually for that position.

    I have no objections to Justice Mambilima’s new appointment….Another great position for a Woman! Marvellous, it is empowerment year!

    I believe a lot of candidates can be sent as representatives abroad. The chap ran the daily mail so must have some political acumen. Don’t know his qualifications He should be able to present good media for us in Sweden. Sweden is a very formal and decadently conservative in the diplomacy area. We should feel sorry for the chap as he may be find himself very bored with attending non ending functions…and ask to return by himself!

  27. @Alexander 27.2 your reaction is typical egoncentric behaviour devoid of intallectualism. Their is nothing personal in 27.0 contribution as stated“just an observation”worthy defending with your everything. Simply assist us who are not ‘learned’ in understanding by being logical. You sound like someone with a very high inferiority complex.

    • @Temwa, non of that mentioned. Egocentric behavior or inferiority complex. You need to research than asking such a simple thing. You could even ask Google search engine for better explanation, you know nowadays there is no illiterate because we have so much to research, as long as you have network, you can learn anything unless you are lazy to wait for someone to tell you on Lusaka Times. It’s just an observation, we rush to post things on comments just to kill your boredom. Why can’t we get together and build our country than get busy and criticize who is being appointed and all that tribalism. We are good at talking us Zambians, while we keep letting others mess up the country and rush to say anything we fill like. Sorry if you feel attacked.

  28. Even a dummy would know what to do given a year to prove themselves before next election.
    Next its the constitution,then alcohol reduction.

  29. Tongas like favoring each other minus merit.

    In government departments, a tonga can only work with a fellow tonga or their tribal cousins from northwestern and western provinces.
    This is total unfairness.

    This makes them bad leaders, presidents and cannot win any elections in zambia.

    They are 100 years behind and their minds are full of scrap.

  30. Yaaayy, sasa ma easterners sisi ndio tunatawala Zambia kabisa sababu we’re from the east,we’re wiser na tuko special.

    Makabila mengine bure kama Bembas sasa fuata brave easterners ndio muone uongozi bora unavyo endeshwa.

    • We need a translator here, just a reminder these media r meant for the general populace thereby try to use common languages for easier & quicker understanding..

  31. Makorokoto (congratulations) Bana chopi, it’s only hard work that rewards genuinely, you make the all nation proud Bana chopi, keep it up . and to the President keep it up too. We are behind you.

  32. There u have it….You scratch my back i scratch yours…………..
    she helped Lungu win and its now payback time….she gets the job….
    well done Zambia………
    only in this country…….thanks for trigging……mambilima….

  33. Welcome to Zambia! That how things are done. Push me from behind I will push you too. Is this not corruption? It’s time we wakeup and learn to act with integrity. If someone with integrity he/ she can turn down this appointment because of the issues raised by the the people. Good for her but sad for the nation. Who will help them rig in 2016? Was she moved because she did allow them to do silly stuff. This appointment is doggy!

  34. Can Lungu fire judge mulenga Mungeni as well so that Miles Sampa could appeal their ruling please? just saying, cos I love drama.

Comments are closed.

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