Thursday, July 18, 2024

Paul da Prince releases “Show you how to rock”



Paul da Prince releases “Show you how to rock” video .
BY Kapa187


  1. Belief in prayer is pervasive. More than just silly entertainment like the newspaper astrology column, or Radio shows such as “Ilyashi Lyapano-Esonde”

    The belief in prayer appeals to people’s weakness, and tends to keep them from accepting responsibility for their own success or failure. Similarly, the belief in fate and destiny can prevent someone from actively pursuing a better life for themselves – “It’s out of my hands so why bother?”

    Prayer is not just a harmless waste of time for those who choose to practice it. Prayer is harmful when people use it instead of going to a doctor. Prayer is harmful when people use it instead of hard work, logic, and common sense to find a better job or otherwise improve their lives…..

  2. ……. Prayer, when combined with using grocery money to buy lottery tickets, is particularly damaging. In a nutshell, prayer offers false hope, and diverts people’s attention from what they really should be doing to succeed. If prayer actually worked, everyone would be a millionaire, nobody would ever get sick and die, and both football teams would always win. Saying prayer works is the same as saying that wishful thinking alone can solve problems. It’s also unreasonable to argue that prayer consoles and comforts those who believe in it. If that were really true, why do the believers keep going back to church week after week, like an addict in need of a fix?

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