Brand new talent search will be premiering in Zambia this year!! Zambia female entrepreneur Lillian Mutambo a.k a First Lady Lily Mutamz of Mutamz Records UK has come up with this initiative to attract international attention on the Talents Zambia has to offer. A qualified Social Worker herself and Vice President of a Charity called Role Model Zambia, Ms. MUTAMBO is passionate about making a significant contribution to her country.

This event will take place in June and the grand finale will be in August. The cities which are being Targeted are Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Livingstone and Chipata. Former American Idol top 30 contest Miss Silvie Chibiliti (a zambian female ) has been confirmed as one of the international judges! Mutamz Records C.E.O aims to build a theater of Arts club to encourage the Zambian youth to show case their talent. Some volunteering Camera Crew from the UK who have worked on similar projects in Britain such as the Voice, Welsh Factor and have strong affiliation with the BBC are also confirmed to be part of this pioneering project.

amerMiss Silvie Chibiliti 

Like the Americans have “American Idols/X Factor” while the Brits have “Britain got Talent”. South Africans have “SA Got Talent” and yes we now have our very own, adding an artistic taste to it “ZED Factor Talent Search”. Audition details are on their website www.zedfactor.co.uk

The winner will be rewarded $2000 cash, trip to London, a shopping trip to any southern African country, A VEVO channel created, mentorship of talent and will be an ambassador of Role Model Zambia plus a 3 year contract. This year, the top 3 acts will receive mentorship, Trip to South Africa and VEVO channels created..

If you think you have what it takes to soar up high our Zambian eagle through your stunning talent, then DON’T hesitate to apply online. Kindly Follow them on twitter @mutamzrecords Facebook: ZED Factor Talent Search  www.facebook.com/ZEDFactorZambia



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  1. which channel will it be on ? ZNBC , Muvi TV , CBC , Prime , Mobi , TBN ????? Tell us , we want full details



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