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Documentary of Illegal mining and damage to enviroment in Zambia by Chinese company

Columns Documentary of Illegal mining and damage to enviroment in Zambia by Chinese...

This is a documentary about illegal mining in Zambia’s Shantumbu area.Everyone is free to visit Shantumbu and make their own conclusions from allegations made in this production. People need to rise up and save Zambia from such self-centred and corrupt activities by conduct. The environment and people’s welfare need to be saved!

By Southern Media Works


  1. Please email this to Edgar Lungu, he should watch it while on his “retreat” in Mfuwe, then we see what he will do about it next week.

    • It’s business as usual – nothing is going to change in as much as people are pleased and so very much excited with all these appointments that EL is making which are being equated to hard work. With a broke country like this whose leaders are driven by greed and corruption , I’m sure every dollar from these unscrupulous flight by the night investors is worthy a showpiece to the gullible Zambian voters.

    • Iwe Spider focus on the revealations-this is fantastic because it shows the power of a camera, a journalist who has no support, the power of social media to expose illegalities in our societies. Lawyers should gang up to help the residents of Shantumbu. In the meantime there must be an injunction on these Chinese malcontents.

    • These international investors are a scam,
      Kagem Mining ltd in kitwe have been scamming the government since 2002; In every emerald auction held by the mine, the high quality stones are put aside and sold under the table to Indian buyers from the city of jaipur and the sale is not recorded; even when the company is having an auction outside Zambia, only 3.5 million dollars of emerald sales are recorded and taxed while another 7 million dollars worth of product is smuggled out of zambia illegally and the sales of these emeralds are not taxed or recorded in their books of accounts;
      ask the directors responsible, Mr Govind Gupta and Mr Lewanika; all these illegal sales of stones have been going into their pokets

    • We all know how the Chinese work so why Zambia allows somany of them I really don’t understand. The Chinese get work permits very easily. There is a lot of corruption involved in the work permits. Sata was against the Chinese when he was in opposition yet during his3 years of. Rule ore Chinese cam into the country. Some to sell cabbage. What type of investor is this?
      We need to safe guard our country jealously. We only have oneZambia. Get rid of unscrupulous “investors.”
      Do you think as a Zambian you can go and behave the way they do here?

    • Swine these things started with your MMD, besides everyone expects the party in power to prevent this scourge. Just put up proper systems period!

    • I cant agree more with you. in fact, this is good for the gullible Zambians. when some people alerted authorities on a ECZ truck carrying suspicious materials, they were roundly and LOUDLY CONDEMNED. Does it pay to be patriotic in this country? Does it pay for CITIZENS to discharge their civic responsibilities in these circumstances? or what matters in Zambia is SINGING KOLOPA.COM and running naked in the street after elections? May be the way forward in Zambia is to turn a blind eye to illegality, corruption and abuse. “Just mind your business” is what we are told.

    • @Concerned miner,

      I am an ex ZCCM miner with over 10 years hands-on mining/support services experience. Could you please inform us how quarrying of this magnitude covering such a large area cannot cause as much environmental damage as open pit mining if laws and regulations are not strictly followed?

    • I refrain from negative statements, but your comment is quite shallow. A quarry yields a product of high value that can benefit the locals. In addition the environmental impact of such an activity can be irreversible. You exhibit high level ignorance.

  2. How is the chitemene system classified?
    Does it not cause damage to the environment?
    If it does, what measures have been taken to stop it?

    • Chitemene system is actually a fantastic system. The whiteman lied to you and you swallowed it. It has been researched and documented as a sustainable practice that promotes species regeneration and biodiversity.

      Now go and research.

      Class dismissed.

  3. Good motive but poor excusion………….this is the poorest investigative documentary i have ever seen……..was it ZNBC who produced this scrap?

  4. This has nothing to do with EL,the place in question is quarry and they have papers. I have been there to buy stones…….. Stop alarming the people

  5. …its hard to comprehend that some one can come in my backyard of my house and start digging a pit latrine for his use without my knowledge and authority….. claiming that he got permission from my garden boy and my children…..

    ….this documentary is crafted by the purported ‘owner’ of the land….the narrator was just reading the article given to her instead of telling a story….

    …it was supposed to include ‘live’ interviews from govt officials and not a reported response…

    ….I have just wasted 5 minutes of my life listening to this crap of a documentary………..

  6. we shall see, while some of us with money wanted to change this country for the better of every citizen, people called us names and stole our votes.

    sipping my john Walker blue lable on the rocks in my back yard whilest my investments is gaining at the time the kwacha is weakening and Copper prices falling and EL is enjoying holiday in Mfuwe.kikikikiki

  7. Well done Southern Media Works, and ba LT for the video clip. If it is true as you say this Company has NO license to quarry to this magnitude, and if it is true as you say the Environmental Council of Zambia has NOT issued this company the greenlight to do what they are doing, then you have every right to stand up for your Country and expose them. Well done and stay truthful, and keep it up. Somebody has to speak up for the future of those voiceless children.

  8. This should go viral to show the corruptness and lawlessness in Zambia, and may be other caring, powerful outside organisations can shame our govt into action.

  9. Some comments on this Lusaka Times are from people of questionable intelligence. I wondering what kind of udzu they are on, gosh!

  10. Please pardon my french but the chinese have Lungu’s bolls in a vice.

    Reminds me of Bob Marley words. “they keep us hungry and when you got to get some food, your brother got to be your enemy..”

    The chinese have already figured a way of pitting Zambians against Zambians.

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