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President Lungu urged to set up commission of inquiry on Privatization and task force

Headlines President Lungu urged to set up commission of inquiry on Privatization and...

In the plight to advocate for a lot of people who lost jobs and properties as the result of privatization and unjust persecution by the Task Force the Zambian Voice have appealed to the President to institute investigations so that justice can be done.The letter which was delivered to State House pasted below.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to President Lungu

Your Excellency


The Zambian Voice (ZV) is an organization that prepares Zambian people for effective civic participation that sustains a democratic society and enhances the quality of life in both local rural and urban communities using provided evidence. ZV is a pro-poor civil advocate which promotes Good Governance, access to Justice and Human Rights.

Your Excellency allow me to congratulate you for your election as our 6th President for this beloved nation. Your election was of nothing but God’s will for you to serve the Zambian people in that office.

As a civil society/media, we will give you support by telling you the TRUTH whenever we engage you. We believe in positive engagement in mutual respect and support for the good of citizens especially the vulnerable groups.

However, we will not hesitate to express ourselves when we do not agree with you and we hope you will consider our concerns.

Your Excellency we would like to draw your attention to two major activities that involved a lot of valuable assets of this nation; these are the Privatization of many public companies by Zambian Privatization Agency and the recovery of national assets which were corruptly obtained by some selfish people by the Task Force Commission.

Your Excellency, Privatization was done in national interest to revamp our economy but it brought a lot of suffering among many Zambians who up to now are living in misery.

The suffering of our people is not as a result of Privatization but due to the selfishness of some of those people who were given the responsibility to manage the process.

Mr. President, in a quest to fight corruption, your predecessor Late Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, who was also a lawyer like you, set up a Task Force Commission to deal with people that had deprived the Zambian people of their assets, unfortunately to-date, nothing much has come out of the process. There is also no transparency on who benefitted of the assets recovered in that process.

Your Excellency our prayer is that you setup commission of inquiries according to Chapter 41 of the Inquiries Act of the Laws of Zambia to probe the privatization process and the recovery of assets through the Task Force.

This request is being done on behalf of Zambians who have suffered unbearable misery either by not being paid, underpaid, or lost properties like houses. Others are also wondering where the properties recovered are. As a servant of the people, Zambians look up to you for Justice, transparency and accountability.

We wish you God’s blessings as you lead this great nation to prosperity in Truth, unity and love.

Yours faithfully,
Chilufya Tayali

Executive Director,The Zambian Voice

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    • A total waste of money and time consuming. Even the Roger Chongwe commission of inquiry on Barotseland is gathering dust at State House. To date, it report has never been in public domain.
      An for sure, this will flop and from the look of things, its one way of embezzling public funds.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Experience and wisdom tells me that this will be another futile exercise. The big question is in whose interest is this commission of inquiry going to serve other than the sitting commissioners themselves probably who will be recommended by their relatives in ministerial position . The many commissions appointed before in the past from the national team tragedy, the constitution, the killings in mongu and several other undertakings have only costed this country billions of kwachas with no answers or end in sight. Seriously what is the point of having another when it’s business as usual.

    • The commission will just report that after privatization, HH bought so many state companies with money gotten from the privatization he did for Luanshya mine and other former sate companies.

    • This is just a plight to get at HH, but he will be disappointed with the outcome when he finds out that those he holds at high esteem are actually the ones who benefited instead.

    • If I may ask?How many commissions of enquiry were appointed by Sata and how many gave their findings?And those that gave their findings how many were made public?

    • I hope Tayali can include on his list a commission of inquiry of how the PF government spent about $8 billion on the so called infrastructure. We need to know if the roads and other infrastructure’costs add up to $8 billion.

    • The only Commission of Inquiry PF should set up is to look into the number of inquiries setup by them and what results have come out of them. Truth be told, this is just a scheme to pay friends seating allowances, a good way of stealing from the public funds.

    • This will just be another waste of money. Zambia is a failed state. Sata wasted money on RB, Mwanawasa wasted money on Chiluba.

      If Tayali and all PF minions think that, its HH the state should sue for the job he carried out on behalf on Grant Thornton, then they are hugely mistaken.

      The state will have to sue Grant Thornton and then HH will be a witness in the matter. But as things are at the moment I dont think the PF government would naive to go down that road knowing very well that Grant Thornton is well connected and any attempt to drag it in the mad, will have serious repercussion on the government ‘s ability to negotiate loans or grants on the world market.

      Each time Zambia wants to borrow money or get a grant from the West it seeks help from firms like Grant Thornton to…

    • Spot on, but wasting his time. He just wants attention and funding. Maybe he is being used. Why didnt he write to RB and Sata? Who are those that lost properties like houses unfairly? Zambia could not manage the industries, companies were closing, hence privatization!

    • Tayali with his nidyelemo nkatemba NGO thinks that, HH carried out the evaluation exercise of those companies in his own capacity. NO.

      HH was just a worker engaged to carry out the exercise and write a report on how much those run down parastals operated on nepotistic and family tree ground were worth. Once he completed his job, the MMD government paid Grant Thornton which then paid HH his money and the company handed over the report to ZPA under Valentine Chitalu.

      It was then up to Valentine Chitalu to negotiate on behalf on the government how much the MMD government wanted to sell those companies.

      If MMD government on behalf of the people got a bad deal then fingers should be pointed at RB, Sata, Nawakwi and the who MMD for selling the companies for a song.

      Well them try…

    • There is no need to waste resources on ventures like that especially in a Zambian setting where leadership is morally bankrupt. Ask our President to give us a good constitution that will address even the concerns you are referring to.

      I also wonder if the current PF regime has the political will to embark on such issues when they are a product of lawlessness, deception and other antisocial vices like violence and naked lies- 90days lies.

    • It is said that “the truth shall set you free”!
      Crime should not pay and that is a notion that Zambians have failed to comprehend. Perhaps because most of our “successful” achievers have “dipped” their hands in the corruption pot.
      When some sectors call for the likes of George Chella’s wealth to be investigated we all rally together in agreeing that it should be. I imagine RB, Nsanda, Kambimba and Kambwili will be “fair game” for investigations? But why not those involved in the privatisation of national assests?
      Crime is crime and criminals should be sought and flushed out irrespective of when the crime took place or who was involved.
      We should not be hypocrites or emotionally lead when it comes to national issues.


    • No one benefits from SAP!
      That is why it is the most dreaded process of offloading assets on to the market.

      The concept is not bad, in and of itself, but the implementation processes.


  1. We entirely support this working holiday your Excellency. Clean up the mess both in Government hospitals, Government Agents and institutions that will make your Government deliver serious development now and beyond 2016 to the expectations of your people. Zambia is not just Lusaka and am sure you are more than informed that a lot of people did not support your effort when it mattered most and these should not pretend to be good to you toady simply because you are now in State House.

    There are many young men and women who were with you through hard times whilst most big bwanas in higher offices had their legs in two camps and supporting your enemies.

    This is time to reflect and put your devoted and loyal team to work.

    God bless you your Excellency.

    • I agree with you. let him extend to districts. remove some DCs and consult district administrations including semi-autonomous institutions who have competent officers to work with the Head of State.

    • Yes, as many bloggers have stated, if GRZ has good grounds to seek legal redress from the privatisation process, it can pursue other less costly methods:

      1. Setting up a special parliamentary committee receive information from the stakeholders, Ministries and agencies directly and indirectly involved in the privatisation process. If sufficient information to seek redress is unearthed, GRZ can sue the suspected culprits;
      2. if GRZ has the information to prove that the privatisation process was abused, then let the Attorney General sue the suspected culprits right away. It will be cheaper for the tax payer to pay legal fees only than to first pay for a commission of inquiry and then legal fees.
      3. The contents of the Chongwe Commission of Inquiry report remains unknown to the tax…

  2. Who are you going to arrest ? FTJ is dead . Stupid thing to do after 20 years . 2016 Zambia is separating we are tired with all those some bandits . Barlostland Agreement is not valid anyone , we are tired .

    • Jacob,
      I agree with you on that note! As you witnessed as well, the last election voting was extremely based upon tribal lines.
      Barotseland is moving forward to total freedom of determining her destiny. The case as we move forward is at the ICJ, Hague.
      The Skeleton Key

    • In Law it is a known fact, a crime does not rot. Have you ever heard of cold cases. Reason why African countries do not move forward is because the righteous sit back and do nothing.

    • It can’t be water under the bridge. The allegations we have seen lately are too serious to be ignored. Many bloggers today live in countries where such activities result in serious penalties. I support Tayali on this issue whether it be HH or not.

  3. When was privatization in zambia! 20 something years ago! My foot! You wil arrest no one and recover nothing! You failed to get my cousin liato even when u caught him with those suitcases of money, now u want to go in history. Bla bla bla. If its HH u’re after. Then u have lost.

  4. Another commission, to waste money that is not there, I don’t think this will yield any meaningful results that will benefit Zambians. How independent is this commission going to be? The psyche of Zambians is now so steeped in deceit and corruption, it will just be another initiative for cover ups, pocket filling out of the bankrupt public purse and just another point scoring exercise. There must be cheaper ways of unravelling the truth to absolve those that did not do wrong, identify the wrongs and the perpetrators and see if there are any chances of making right any wrongs. Privatisations even in developed countries have always been controversial and in a lot of cases always result in winners and losers. It will be good to get the truth so we can remove the political football this is.

  5. I love presidents tht hav studied/done Law
    So apa tht minority tribe in southern part wil not comment in fear of the unknown factor let those who single handedly benefited pay back our money (Hip Hurry) jst singing… Atlast only yo supporters wil chewe in reverse if not pay back to our treasury I mean u ….(Hip Hurry)

    • Your stupidity has brain washed you. That is why you voted with a President who has no plan for developing the country. just continue begging and scrounging

    • @Kalombwana

      Dream on. If Lungu goes ahead with Tayali ‘s futile exercise it will just reward those people on that committee while the Zambia people like the poor woman in Mbala will lose out millions mean’t to stock essential medicines in our hospitals.

      If its HH those allegations will be levelled at , then HH will get free millions again when he sues the PF government for tarnishing his name. And Grant Thornton will also sue the PF government for millions in damages for distorting its reputation.

      HH has on many occasions challenged RB then Sata, to sue him if they administrations had any evidence of his wrong doing. If Lungu’s administration also has any evidence let them go ahead.

  6. Its sad to be solider in Zambia . lungu been your commander armed forces .. Guess now you should call it G3 or Salvation Army

    • There is more to life than your bitterness, move on. However, you look at it Edgar Lungu is president, the earlier you accept reality the better for you otherwise the 18 months will be like 5 years for you.

  7. Tayali if you have no contribution to development of Zambia just shut up.This is the most stupid article I have ever ready on LT.YOU ARE A MONEY WASTER.EL ha a task to reconciliat the nation and you are trying to suggest something which has no base and happened more than 20yrs ago when recent occurences like corruption of RB hansnt been dealt with and RB is now advisor to EL.I know EL is intelligent enough and has no time to waste on your wrotten advice Tayali.

  8. This will be nice so that FOOLS can stop accusing HH of having stolen.Tayali will be put to shame because the culprits are now in PF,including ABC.

  9. reading the names of the bloggers opposed to tayali’s call, one doesnt have to look far and beyond. All points to one himohimo who must be cursing tayali by now.

  10. @kolopa.com
    Ati Minority tribe,do you really know what you talking about?that tribe my friend is huge and educated that is why it is stack in your minds,without it there in no Zambia,for your own information this tribe is far more than the population of Botswna as country.It has a serious presence in Zambia,just continue you will see that we capable splitting this country in a flash,thank God he gave Zambia this tribe otherwise the rest of 70 tribes could have been colonized in their own land due to being small sizes

  11. As far as I am concerned,this is RB’s work.He wants Mutembo Nchito to be implicated so that is removed as DPP.HH is also the target, he is a big threat to EL presidence.If RB is serious about HH,why not take him to court.A tribunal is not a court of law, RB will only bring witnesses to scanderise HH and Nchito, but no one will find both with anything.In the end, the damage would have done to HH(Politically) and Nchito (His standing as DPP).Expect these demands of Tayali to increase, it is one way of paying RB for his support for EL

  12. God kill the devil this is utter nonsense imwe ba Kalufya or sorry ba Chilufya.The head drivers of that your vehicle or privatisation are all gone and pls don’t tell me you don’t know that.Actually,one wonders who you want to be RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS.Pls for once lets try going forward not backwards.

  13. @bantu botatwe
    the so called minority tribe it also occupies the strategic places in Zambia with full dominance in Lusaka,Central,Southern,Lambas(copper belt)being part of us,with serious influence on our cousins in N/western and Barotseland Surely no Zambia for the rest only bangweulu and Mfuwe pack can remain even the name Zambia will go with Zambezi River

  14. This exercise costs a lot of money; it is not free. In Zambia, such excerises are an opportunity to loot govt coffers.

  15. If I may ask?How many commissions of enquiry were appointed by Sata and how many gave their findings?And those that gave their findings how many were made public?

  16. Things are getting bad each day that passes,Today’s situation on Ama Radio was about Bemba/Tonga in laws whose relationship got bad to the point were they can’t talk to each other because of the just ended bye-elections after they exchanged bad words,the bemba parent was like you Tongas ndimwe bo shishita that is why they steal from you,us bembas we are clever,the Tonga parent was like you Bembas you are thieves,poor and not educated she even threatened to end her daughter’s marriage.too bad this thing is now down in homes we can easily tell if this is not dealt with we are in for a sad ending brace yourselves up.

  17. At 7 and Jacob at 8 please watch out. Mind what you say. Stay in peace where you are and do not think people who voted are fools. Respect the Government, its a different ball game when we were campaigning. Even HH had he won could have needed respect. Baba never step back in Zed if you are known. Muzalila oo wee.

  18. Tayali wasting his time, Is tat Zambia Vision’s Vision ?

    Better advise Lungu to set up an Inquiry on how Zambians voted for Vision less Leader.

  19. This is a clear case of dysfunction of education in this Tayali Chilufwa! Mediocraty is the of the day with pro PF cadres! Are you PF cadres cursed…???

  20. Tayali is just like Dora. Both are job seekers but using other angles. EL has very little time from now and 2016, so just ask him direct for a favor other than pretending you are a saint. We all know what you want. By the way, how do start following up things that happened two decades ago instead of focusing on whats needful for mother Zambia. Do you still have money to waste?

  21. This is a clear case of dysfunction of education in this Tayali Chilufwa! Mediocraty is the order of the day with pro PF cadres! Are you PF cadres cursed… consequently the nation…??? No wonder your choices end put simply enjoying medical expenses from the Office of the President.

  22. If Mwanawasa Zambia’s only decent president tried to fix HH BUT could not find anything ….This job seeker Ka frank bwalya tayali’s bitterness will not do..

    I tell you, HH will be Zambia’s Mandela one day..He speaks for the voiceless and one day heaven shall hear him. No weapon fashioned against him shall prosper.

    • This Tayali boy is sick in the head. He does not think properly. If you are targeting HH just forget. Have you forgotten how you were beaten at that press conference? Just keep quite if you have nothing to contribute to national development or you want to make some allowances may be you are broke. Useless boy….HH2016.

  23. Honestly , how do you suggest spending more money on the commissions again. How many commissions have we set up since FTJ (MHSRIP), Mwanawasa (MHSRIP), RB and SATA (MHSRIP)? What have we achieved. The money you are suggesting should be channeled to drugs and paying farmers on time. What has gotten to your head?

  24. Chilufya naiwe uleikala fye. We cannot afford to go back to that. Just because a few unruly UPND cadres roughed you up does not mean that you should involve the president to fight your battles for you.

  25. Lol this will just result in more embarrassment for the PF. While the commission is at it please have them investigate the RDA and FRA as well. Every Zambian knows is aware of the institutionalised corruption that is rampant at these two institutions. Companies like Grand Thornton are very transparent in their practices and not run by Kaponyas and ngwangwazis like we have in our government. I welcome the idea of this commission if nothing else it will serve to clear the name of HAKAINDE MADIBA HICHILEMA. As has been pointed out the HH is the

  26. Tayali Uliciyanga you want to fight a man whose supporters =the supporters of the ruling Party,anyway we wish you good luck,It is high time we started sorting out these guys who are fighting tribal battles while hiding behind democracy,we should be taking their pictures and circulate them around the country for easy identification,we will see where Tayali’s Zambia will end.

  27. I wish people could find time and read about the privatisation process in Zambia. It’s actually been lauded by the WB and IMF to have been the most successfull, transparent and representative in africa as the process started through an Act of parliament, the ZPA Act. if you read the reports done by various reputable international organisations including transparency watchdogs from the UK, i can bet you not find HH’s name anywhere. Look out for Velentine Chitalu and francis Kaunda though as these were govt workers through ZPA. Are Zambians aware that it was not only grant thornton involved and that other companies were also engaged to give professional opinion, including chipimo’s law firm?

  28. Mean while as the president is away on his drinking retreat we are reading of reports of shortages of critical medication in our healthcare system. Instead of being outhere engaging suppliers and crtitical partners to ensure immediate resolution of this crisis, our newly elected president goes on holiday. When do get to know our minister of Agriculture? Markets are slowly sliding into Anarchy and cadres will now collect taxes and Zambian economic outlook not looking very good. Government needs to diversify our economy copper prices plunging. As long as our leadership shows no urgency for solving our crisis niether will our partners, donors and citizens. Lets face it we are in deep trouble as a nation and we need decisive leadership and swift action. We headed for a total collapse.

  29. ZWD is the architect of Tribalism in Zambia.Before these Devil worshipper came on the scene in desperation of putting HH into power,We Zambians were bound together with love embracing our National Motto of One Zambia One Nation until this Devil Dogs Worshippers of Satan came to plant the evil seed of hatred amongst peace loving Zambians.Zambians never knew or bothered about what Tribe one came from it never clicked there minds henceforth a lot of intermarriages to date,till selfish Devils came with a Tribal message.ZWD in fact you have been a liability to HH yourselves HH could have been President but Bcoz of your tribal sermon everyday.You will rot and burn in Hell in Yeshua’s Name.

    • @Tebuho

      You are totally wrong on the issue of tribalism. Triabalism mantra was invented by Mmembe when he was propping up Sata ‘s regime after his tribes mate Sakwiba was beaten in UPND intra party elections.

      If you follow these events closely, you must be aware of what Mmembe called the Bembas after his favourite candidate Kabimba was hounded of the PF party. Mmembe turned his attention to Bemba majority in PF and called them tribalist.

      This tribalism mantra being used by PF minions is just an invention by Mmembe who is trying demonise any political foe who does not strike a deal with him.

      If anything PF under Sata was the most tribalistic government ever to rule Zambia. Sata ‘s cabinet was 95% Bemba. Even now , Lungu is having it tough to balance his cabinet due to Bemba…

  30. So far UPND is leading in this debate,they have been creative and intelligent in their debate While PF cadres have continued their debate which is centered on tribal.
    This clearly shows that PF is a party for illiterates and semi-illiterates while UPND is intellectual’s party.
    Those political parties that are calling for free education should be supported at all costs to try bring our friends to a level where they can rise above tribal and appreciate the need for quality leadership otherwise we will continue languishing in poverty.
    May the God bless Zambia

  31. This chap is so useless! You are just trying to befriend the ruling party and the president. Everyone can read your hate for HH. This will just be a shear waste of resources.

    Ati Zambian Voice!

    Where? Speak for yourself.

    Witch hunting by coming up with useless laws and commissions will one day back fire on you. Do everything in good faith if you want to be successful in this lane you have chosen.

    Any way you chaps are scared because you know that HH is a serious factor. Watch this space!

  32. We have a lot of issues like the enactment of the constitution within 15 months which is pressing for now and stabilizing the kwacha my dear young voices. Was this one of burning issues raised by electorates in the 10 provinces.?

  33. Tayali should change his organisation to read Tayali Voice (TV) or better Muchinga Voice (MV). Mediocrity shoud be the last thing to petition the Head of state! Should we in future investigate what made the Kwacha which was 1:2 in 1965 with the pound to jump to 1:10,000.? Who is responsible? Why did KK gave out more eggs to eat than the number of layers? Why are having a depleted treasury now and contractors demobilising. There was nobody who privatised a farm in Zambia and who can steal 500,000 animals without the owner noticing? In any place save in Chilufya T’s there always in rich people. Rabobank did it steal from people. Why is Rooney very rich than our doctors in Zambia? Stupidity at its best? Where you come from you only have an additional wealthy after stealing?

  34. I don’t mind how it takes, but if injustice was done, I would rather it is corrected. It is unfair that those who stole heavily from Zambians should continue enjoying themselves while innocent and petty thieves rot in our jails. I will fight against injustice to a bitter end.

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