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Pastors discouraging ART treatment warned

Health Pastors discouraging ART treatment warned

The Ndola Central Hospital (NCH) NCH Head of Clinical Care Dr. Sebastian Chinkoyo says it is unfortunate that some clergymen in the country were discouraging HIV/AIDS patients from taking the life saving Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART ) drugs leading to their untimely deaths.

Dr Chinkoyo , who is a consultant Obstetrician-Gynaecologist, says he is concerned that some clergymen in Ndola were discouraging HIV/AIDS positive patients from taking their ARV’s once they have been prayed for.

He said patients who opt to abandon medication and seek healing through prayers disturb the process of suppressing the illness and risk having a multiplicity of the virus in the body.

ZANIS reports that the NCH Head of Clinical Care said this in an interview in Ndola District, today.

He has however cautioned patients against halting treatment owing to prayers saying such tendencies make the human body resistant to particular medication being administered.

“You know as the Hospital , our job really end at counselling to ensure that our patients understand the importance of such drugs. But I believe people want quick solutions because they are desperate for good health,” Dr Chikoyo said.

He advised people on ART to be patient with the recovery process saying it was important to combine medical treatment with spiritual faith because HIV was a physical virus and not spiritual.

“The process of treatment takes quiet some time because others commence quiet late when the immune system is down .So people need to understand that the HIV virus is physical in their bodies, spiritual faith healing is for conditions of the spirit.

“ So the two should not be combined .So if someone claims they have been healed through prayers they should redo the test for HIV before abandoning treatment,” he said.

Dr. Chinkoyo said prayers are important in any person’s life but that there is need for HIV/AIDS patients to continue taking medication even as they seek good health through prayers.

He has since advised the clergy to act responsibly by not discouraging congregants who are on ART from quitting medication.

Concerns in sections of society have risen after some church leadrers have discouraged their church members on ART to stop the treatment as an act of faith.

However, the conditions of the patients only deteriorate further and end up dying.


    • @Zambian Watchdog… are you waiting for an appointment?

      Agony for those who campaigned and have not yet been appointed.

      It’s really horrible being in suspense.

    • Seriously WTF is wrong with these pastors and fathers in Zambia? What a lying lot indeed. From the time Zambia started to implement the SAP it also saw a rise in the number of people claiming to be pastors. I think there’s a strong correlation between poverty and being a pastor. How many times have I read about randy pastors groping women’s breasts in the guise of prayer or stealing the money? As if they haven’t stolen enough now they want to steal people ‘s life too.

  1. Dr. Chikoyo, I think the clergy men and women have a point which is very difficulty to see and understand. The problem we have with education is that we resight old information too much. More especially in the medical fraternity. You would find dudes using very out dated materials and yet they graduate, that’s how the system works. The issue you are discuss is not very different fro the other virus killing our brothers and sisters in West Africa. Your question must be why Africa again? There are a lot of campaign groups more especially in America where the beneficiaries of the business are sensitizing people about the poisons they are being given, how deformed they are after swallowing the same. Dr. up to date no one has come up with a test for the same which can isolate the virus .

  2. @Chikubabe, you seem to be affected by the message from Dr. Chinkoyo. Are you one of those guys who have stopped taking medication? The fact is prayers and HIV are separate entities and i can assure you that you will not get healed from HIV through prayers. The best way my friend is to continue taking medication till you grow old. Never be misled by these fake pastors. Remember the bible says that in the end there’ll be false prophets and they’ll deceive many. So be alert.
    Let the reader understand

    • There is a case reported in the Zambian Watchdog of a lady with a big tumour on her face in Mbala District of the Northern Province. There is an appeal that well wishers should make contributions towards her specialist treatment and an account number has been given. This lady seems to be in serious pain and has breathing difficulties. While the appeal from the Zambian watchdog is commendable i feal this is a responsibilty of the government to rescue this woman. In the past the former fist lady helped alot of people with similar problems. Dr. Kaseba my appeal please help. Mrs. Kapata and Emmeryn Kabanshi can equally come on board and help this poor woman. Where is the Zambia flying doctor services if at all they are still operating. Our political leaders dont just go to people when

  3. Stupidity prevails again. Pastors and clergymen in general should cease to act as though they are doctors. There have been cases in U.S too where pastors told there congregations to avoid vaccinating there children because some scripture in the bible talks about ‘you will eat poison and not be harmed’. They told them that it was a statement of faith. Those kids ended up with measles and so on. Therefore, I would say the problem isn’t just Zambia, but it is this thing called faith that pastors use to manipulate people all over the world. Faith in breakthroughs, miracle money, healings, and so on. Back in the day TBN even had a show where body builders would break objects supposedly by faith. This is a real plague in our society that perpetuates laziness, and lack of self-accountability.

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