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Political parties should watch out for Kabimba in 2016 – Fr Luonde

Headlines Political parties should watch out for Kabimba in 2016 – Fr Luonde

Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow  Party
Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow Party

Anglican Priest Father Richard Luonde has said that political parties should watch out for the Wynter Kabimba led Rainbow party in the 2016 general election.

Fr. Luonde said that the Rainbow party has come in full force thus no one should underestimate it.

Fr. Luonde said that Rainbow party has an agenda of developing the nation as well as making a difference in the lives of the people of Zambia.

Fr. Luonde said that Rainbow party is a party which every Zambian will appreciate as it comes at the right time when the people of Zambia need a party to do a cleanup.

Rainbow party added that the party is here to stay despite some negative statements by some people.

Fr. Luonde said that come 2016; the Rainbow party would have grown bigger considering the fast rate at which it is growing.



    • This so called father has always been Wynter and Mmembe’s trumpeter, even while they were still in good terms with the PF. Luonde and Fr Mpasa from Mansa were just used clergymen by this clique

    • Goodness! There is a news drought now that there are no elections! Even ZWD has run out of stuff! Can’t wait for 2016!

    • Damn people back home are bored.. No football no politics?? Only Lungu who has gone for medical checkup with a pretense of Holiday??

      How can you take leave on the First day of reporting for work?? unless it is an emergency leave??

      You mean presidents don’t have probation period?? we need to introduce it. 90 days?? as per SATA’s promises..

      Zambia has become the expert of holding presidential funerals and By elections?? Geee, like its football tournaments?? we are tired.

    • iwe luonde,, dont say political parties… say PF should watch out,,, kabimba in fact says PF is a tribal party not UPND!!!

      And dont forget that Kabimba knows PF like the back of his hand

    • Trying to sell an outdated product. Luonde should understand that the person he is trying to sell to the nation is the most useless politician Zambia has ever produced. People would rather vote for mr Muliokela than kabimba.

    • Why do they call that Mr Luonde as Fr. Luonde? The man is married, polygamist. And he gives wrong image to Fr. Bwalya.

    • It is the “flock that this Fr Luonde herds” that I worry for most.
      We keep hearing that “The rainbow is growing at an alarming pace” (from the Post; Wynter Kabimba; and now this delusional preacher). But quite frankly, who is in this Rainbow Party apart from Kabimba and that hooligan who was involved in the machete fight between Kabimba and GBM?
      Kabimba through the post claimed that the PF leadership on the copperbelt have all defected to the Rainbow party, but who are these? Can someone name anyone no matter how slightly they maybe known in the political circles; so that we at least begin to see the picture of this “rapid growth”.

    • We entirely support this working holiday your Excellency. Clean up the mess both in Government hospitals, Government Agents and institutions that will make your Government deliver serious development now and beyond 2016 to the expectations of your people. Zambia is not just Lusaka and am sure you are more than informed that a lot of people did not support your effort when it mattered most and these should not pretend to be good to you toady simply because you are now in State House.

      There are many young men and women who were with you through hard times whilst most big bwanas in higher offices had their legs in two camps and supporting your enemies.

      This is time to reflect and put your devoted and loyal team to work.

      God bless you your Excellency.

    • God help us! Watch out for what?
      It can only be pangas, machetes or insults. Kabimba is a reincarnation of Kadansa times two(X2) but without the pulling power of humour.

      That era of eye-for-an-eye on our streets is long gone-”The mulibe manja” style of leadership has no place anywhere. His propaganda conduit-”Mmembe” no longer carries credibility.

      He thinks using this disillusioned Clergy as his vuvuzela may just be answer, no chance.

    • Kabimba, in a dream land he lost out when he was fired as Chief of PF. Most Zambian voters are uncomfortable with his language. This man has never won an election, but good try.

  1. I suspect Father Luonde is reading too much of the Post and thinks whatever they write is gospel truth. He needs to stick to the real gospels.

  2. This so called father has always been Wynter and Mmembe’s trumpeter, even while they were still in good terms with the PF. Luonde and Fr Mpasa from Mansa were just used clergymen by this clique

  3. Are pastors of this days politcian? Why talking about politics instead of preaching the word of God. Please wa pastors just preach the word of God and thus the reason a lot of people have lost trust in u.

  4. Fr Lubonde, just come out like Fr Bwalya to campaign for Winter.
    Ba father it is difficult to see where Winter will get votes with that arrogance. Remember the whole country, Civil societies, parliament, opposition parties, workers celebrated across the country when Sata fired Winter, So it is not possible that Zambians will choose this vomit any time soon. Mulyokela is far much better than HH. If Magande with that great CV can fail to woe Zambians, what will Zambians see in Winter apart from Belinda Masebo by his side as a CV. The Post lost favour from Zambians. See how they campaigned against EL but Zambians voted for EL

    • What has HH to do with this?

      You know very well that you lost the election. Move on and discuss things which are fruitful. Or you failing to move on because the guilt is chewing you?

    • @Jl waya sana mwaiche check your language.PF cadres don’t over cerebrate the hammer(Sando) is just above your head.2016 is around the coner.All opposition political parties may just gung up to remove one Lungu and PF.HH is big game now.

  5. Kkkkkkki mwaonekela Ba Luonde ndiwe party yanu iyi manje ya Membee na Kabimba that’s why you challenged Ba Chikwanda.We knew that Mumbwe pakulila ninshi pali eko ashintilile.ZWD nonsense of newspaper it’s the architect of Tribalism in Zambia muzaka yanka kwa Mulungu Day of Judgement today u re Clever chwee chweee I can’t wait anymore for that day of Reckoning

    • Fr Luonde is just being used by Mmembe.
      The truth is that Mmembe is fast running out of options because Zambians have now fully understood his paper as a tool of hate campaign and to destroy innocent careers.
      Mmembe calls others corrupt and thieves but has failed a simple test of paying taxes. He is stealing taxes. So who is a thief.
      Mmembe used priests to remove RB but many realized that they were used and regret being used in such a manner.
      Now priests lost like MUVI studios and the Post have lost it and will not recover. They need another strategy.

  6. A rainbow party is a supposed group sex event featured in an urban legend spread since the early 2000s. A variant of other sex party urban myths, the stories claim that at these events, allegedly increasingly popular among adolescents, females wearing various shades of lipstick take turns fellating males in sequence, leaving multiple colors (a “rainbow”) on their penises.[1] The idea was publicized on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003, and became the subject of a juvenile novel called Rainbow Party.[1] Sex researchers and adolescent health care professionals have found no evidence for the existence of rainbow parties, and as such attribute the spread of the stories to a moral panic.[1] On May 27, 2010 the television program The Doctors discussed the topic with dozens of teens, parents, and…

  7. Viva Viva HH now more losses Kabimba muzaka yakana ma Votes not the 95% you got last time in Southern Province and Chongwe and Kembe this time you will share with Rainbow party.

  8. There is more of a chance of Mayuka signing for Real Madrid than Winter Homosexual Kabimba leading this blessed Nation.


  9. ZWD architect of Tribalism in Zambia.We were very bound together as Zambians embracing our National
    Motto of One Zambia One Nation ,It never clicked amongst Zambians that there was such and such Tribe till you came on the scene with your desperation to put HH into power.You are a liability to HH you yourselves Devil
    Worshippers you will rot and burn in HELL in Yeshua’s Name.

  10. Please people in the know confirm this news: The Kalulush DC is Rainbow and also campaigned for HH? So Munkombwes are all over the place?

    • Ya ! concerning Rainbow you could correct coz the Kalulushi DC has been USER-FRIENDLY to Mr Kabimba’s interests but about supporting HH in the just ended by-elections not so sure unless she was advised by Syvia Masebo.

    • Ya ! concerning Rainbow you could be correct coz the Kalulushi DC has been USER-FRIENDLY to Mr Kabimba’s interests but about supporting HH in the just ended by-elections not so sure unless she was advised by Syvia Masebo.


  12. It is said that Zambians have a short memory, but on Kabimba and his group, am sorry to say the memory delete button will fail to operate. We can never forget the arrogance with which Kabimba conducted himself as PF secretary general and minister of justice. Who can forget how Mmembe has been insulting all presidents and potential presidents from Kaunda, Chiluba, Mazoka, HH, Sata, RB, Kambwili, Edgar and even whole tribes! For the so called Fr. Luonde, he is simply a criminal. Who can forget these people? What do they take Zambians for? Who do they think people think they are?

  13. All people from Eastern Province are rat eaters who cannot also be trusted just like thier Bemba Monkeys Causins.

    These two groups of Rat Eaters (Cats or Easterners) and tree climbing animals (Monkeys or Bembas) are very tribalistic and will stop at nothing in insulting Tongas and Lozis.

    But be careful you Cats (Rat Easters) and you Tree Climbing animals (Monkeys), your time of staying in Lusaka and Copperbelt Province is now running out.

    Edgar Chagwapansi lungu is the Most Hated Man in Zambia, especially in Tonga Land and Barotseland.

    • You Maps like Jane Mulenga on LT are demented f00ls & most probabaly may be suffering from bi-polar disorder! Ranting without restraint is a sign of a man with serious mental blockage.

  14. Is this not the same Luonde who was locked out by his church in Kitwe? Kabimba is a failed politician and he will not have any impact on the zambian political scene

  15. What exactly is the nature of the relationship between this Fr and Kabimba? he worships him…

    Rainbow Party is an extension of PF which itself was a breakaway wing of MMD….. and so on.

    How then will this party improve and add value to the lives of ordinary Zambians seeming it will be the same old MP’s and ministers prevailing?

    And indeed the same fake christian fathers.

    • What about money, has he got it? Bcoz he will need a lot of mone to sustain the Party as has HH, although even the mone has failed to help HH to state house

  16. It could be true, because Zambians have been watching out even for Mulyokela.
    I see no differences between the two.

  17. Indeed people, how now is one that specialized in hosting false polls about Icilema in all those long days gone by, one found as fimofimo at MUVI Tv, one going by the name and style COSTA MWANSA! What are his benefits in the here and now, Costa Mwansa!!!?

  18. Seriously WTF is wrong with these fathers? Bwalya. Luonde. I’m beginning to dislike this term so much that I am uncomfortable to call my dad by that term……….

  19. Wynter stop fighting God. You have eyes but you can’t see! When you and GBM where fighting over the Presidency beyond Sata, GBM resigned and his position was given to EL! You were fired and your positions were given to EL. Sata died and the Presidency you two were fighting over went to EL. Meanwhile EL never ever put up an ounce of effort to get any of the positions! If you fight, you will die in the fruitless struggle.

  20. Ba. Luonde that’s we call barking ! Kabimba is not a factor iyooooo . This time Pali fye. EDGAR na HH 2016 tukasalapo umo. Not ifyo mulebosa. Actually this time I will Janza kumbele for HH if his attitude changes.

  21. Indeed Rainbow party is BID. I am getting more worried with fr Luonde because some Anglican priests have endorsed Gay life hence the membership is fast growing among the gays. Sorry Fr Luonde one man one wife for life in Zambia. No faggots.

  22. So far Most of the comments are from PF cadres they do not seem to have point to argue against Kabimba,let’s hope they will not resort to calling him tribal and just a reminder bembas you owe M’membe/Kabimba votes if you starting coming up with another tribal allegation as you have been doing to HH,M’membe will simply blow the tribal trumpet against you,we are eager to see how winter will do in bembaland where they are not tribal.

  23. Cn the catholic do sumthin abt thiz lunatics masquaradin as fathers,they r really bringin the name of our beloved church in2 disrepute.barnish them frm our church plz and strip them off that title asap

  24. @JO 22, do you ever sleep without mentioning HH’ s name through hatred ? There is no doubt that Lucifer has built a temple in your heart and that is where all the evil sons and angels of Lucifer dwells and conduct prayers. Being the Evil Temple of Lucifer , you should from henceforth watch your movements because God Almighty is greater than your evil god.

  25. aaaaahhhhhhhh ati we should watch out for what,? Please give me a break Zambian Clergy men found some else to do , nichani ninshi njala yaku nyokolani ??ninshi u cant survive without worshipping a politician? you even know it in your heart that both Rainbow party and wynter are both dead on arrival ,so stop comforting yourselves by creating a false picture that Rainbow is HOt coz its not. wynter should have been the one in state house today had it not been for his evill and boss attitude, he should learn to take a step at time,that opportunity will never come again.

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