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President Lungu calls for enhanced private sector efforts

Headlines President Lungu calls for enhanced private sector efforts

From Left to Right: George Sitali,Professor.Stephen Simukanga,President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Professor Clive Chirwa at Chichele Presidential Lodge in Mfuwe on Thursday,February 5,2015. The Engineering Institution of Zambia (E.I.Z.) presented a National Transformation Strategy to indutrialise Zambia. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE
From Left to Right: George Sitali,Professor.Stephen Simukanga,President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Professor Clive Chirwa at Chichele Presidential Lodge in Mfuwe on Thursday,February 5,2015. The Engineering Institution of Zambia (E.I.Z.) presented a National Transformation Strategy to indutrialise Zambia. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE

President EDGAR LUNGU says there is need to enhance private sector participation in the implementation of developmental plans because Government alone cannot meet all the needs of the country.

President LUNGU says the road to prosperity requires concerted efforts.

He said this when he met officials from the Zambia Institute of Engineers at Chichele Presidential Lodge in the South Luangwa National Park.

The President says the private sector can contribute effectively by supplementing Government’s efforts and stated that those with ideas on how to move the country forward should sell their ideas to both Government and the private sector.

President LUNGU says Government has a future to build and that there is need to look around and see how tourism and other key sectors can be improved to enhance economic growth.

The Zambia Institute of Engineers presented a proposal on how Zambia can become a middle income country by the year 2040.

The proposal is dubbed “National Transformation Strategy for Zambia from 2015-2040.”

ZIE chairperson BENARD CHIWALA who presented the proposal on behalf of the engineers says there is need to consider mechanization and value addition in the agriculture sector.

Mr CHIWALA says industrialization and value addition in the mining sector can leap-frog the country into middle income status.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) talks to George Sitali(left) Prof.Stephen Simukanga(second left),Bernard Chiwala (third left) in Mfuwe on Thursday,February 5,2015. The Engineering Institution of Zambia (E.I.Z) presented a National Transformation Strategy to indutrialise Zambia. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) talks to George Sitali(left) Prof.Stephen Simukanga(second left),Bernard Chiwala (third left) in Mfuwe on Thursday,February 5,2015. The Engineering Institution of Zambia (E.I.Z) presented a National Transformation Strategy to indutrialise Zambia. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with Justice minister Ngosa Simbyakula in Mfuwe on Thursday,February 5,2015.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with Justice minister Ngosa Simbyakula in Mfuwe on Thursday,February 5,2015.PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE


  1. One way is to come with a deliberate policy to establish the Lusaka Mercantile Exchange. All commodity exports should go through this exchange and importing countries only pay through SBLCs.

    This will immediately stop transfer pricing as all commodities would now be sold FOB Lusaka as opposed to the current scenario where almost everything is sold CIF.

    Here are the benefits:

    1. ZRA will account for the exact tonnage thus reporting the correct quantity and quality at the time a bill of lading is issued.

    2. BOZ will account for the exact value thus account for the same exact price based on commodities prices around the world.

    3. Local banks will increase participation since SBLC transactions will be initiated by them on behalf of their clients thus increase profits from fees

    • The next step would require a deliberate policy to only export half of raw materials. This would mandate a 5 year period in which every commodity should be processed locally to at least semi-finished goods before exports are effected.

      Here are the benefits:

      1. Growth of a local industrial base every sector of our economy as rural incentives will apply for all companies local and foreign wanting to set up shop.

      2. Development of a semi-skilled labor force from more labor intensive venture to those requiring enhanced skill sets. Rural universities being built around the country would be helpful in this.

      3. Increased tax base due to increased labor participation rates, increase level of production and a diversified economy. More revenue for government private-public partnerships,…

    • HH has all the answers on how to transform this country into a middle income country.

      During the debate his message was very clear on the need to add value to everything Zambia produces.

      He even questioned PF ‘s strategy to export Maize to Zimbabwe instead of exporting Meali meal so that more jobs are created in the agro related industries.

      When he toured Northern provinces, he was amazed how well endowed Zambia is. He suggested that the whole of Northen province could be turned into a food basket for the whole of Africa.

      Apart from that, when he saw the vast waters surrounded by beautiful beaches, he suggested that those places could be turned into popular tourist destinations for the world over.

      When he toured Western province, he suggested building a mango processing…

    • With the above Lusaka Mercantile Exchange, new export regulations requiring SBLCs, new industrial base with the help of Link Zambia 8000, new training facilities at the new universities in place, a new service sector will follow.

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise speak very good English and being centrally located new customer service center can be opened to service all sorts of business around Anglophone Africa.

      Credit Card companies, car dealerships, answering services, secretarial and administrative services can all be set up to service companies around Africa. India has a huge base that services US companies the same way and yet they are offshore how much Zambia being onshore.

      Lastly to enhance tourism a national carrier is a must, look at Kenya.

    • @B R Mumba, Sr

      My friend, PF knows what needs to be done, but alas, each one is busy trying to get as rich as HH. They are busy, thinking of how to privatise government money so they can claim to be businessmen.

      You see my friend, every PF top official has some katemba business supplying services to the government. So they have no time for any thing that could benefit every Zambian other than them selves.

      Even non engineers are now civil engineering company owners overnight, to benefit from government contracts.

      A crocodile remains a crocodile even after moving it from the Kafue river to Luapula. Even if PF has changed its leadership, its still the same.

      Lungu is now stuck between a hard place and a rock. He is finding it difficult to constitute the cabinet because of…

    • We entirely support this working holiday your Excellency. Clean up the mess both in Government hospitals, Government Agents and institutions that will make your Government deliver serious development now and beyond 2016 to the expectations of your people. Zambia is not just Lusaka and am sure you are more than informed that a lot of people did not support your effort when it mattered most and these should not pretend to be good to you toady simply because you are now in State House.

      There are many young men and women who were with you through hard times whilst most big bwanas in higher offices had their legs in two camps and supporting your enemies.

      This is time to reflect and put your devoted and loyal team to work.

      God bless you your Excellency.

    • Implementing 1, 1.1 and 1.3 above would ensure quadrupling our nominal GDP in less than 12 years. Lungu might end up being the second President apart from KK to have achieved that level of economic growth in our country’s history.

      God speed, Mr. President. If you succeed, then the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise would too. Keep on listening from progressive groups and implement as much as is feasible.

      Success is a progressive realization of worthy ideals ~ author unknown

    • @ wanzelu above:

      I don’t care about PF, I care that Lungu is President! I endorsed the guy and yet I am UNIP, remember! And because I already endorsed him, called all my relative to vote for him because I personally didn’t vote, I have a vested interest in his success.

      Now some of my relatives still voted for your guy HH but we are still one large extended family. One of my favorite uncles is a Shakalima (married Dad’s first beautiful cousin) and I love him to death.

      One Zambia One Nation.

    • @B R Mumba, Sr

      I hear you my friend. Lets keep reminding these leaders of what is required to improve the lives of our fellow poor Zambian. May be one day, a good leader will take our advice on board and kick start our ailing economy.

    • @wanzelu above:

      You betcha! (American slang) for British …. you bet, mate! On one note though, why wait for another leader to implement them and not the incumbent?

      What most people don’t realize is that there will always be other policies to implement in the future. I would like Lungu to implement these so that when Wanzelu becomes president he won’t need to be working on them.

      I would like President Wanzelu to implement future policies such as the establishment of global enterprises headquartered in Zambia. Collaboration with NASA to create an emergency landing zone in the lower Zambezi District.

      Did you know that the reason a lot of tourists go to Zambezi for the best eclipse of sun and/or moon is because Zambia sits at the best spot for space exploration?

    • Useless bandits 2016 we are separating . Barlostland agreement is not valid anymore . Tired with all your lies and bullshit . Keep your chipatas and your Bembas president . 60 years all president come from the some place and you call it one Zambia one nation . # 2016 bye Zambia welcome back barlostland

    • @2 Nzelu,

      You have cracked my limbs buddy. Be assured that President Lungu has the best interest of this country at heart and advise at his disposal with more coming. We know where we want our Zambia to be and how to get there. Watch this space and keep e’m flowing. Consensus and inclusive leadership will do wonders.

    • @Nzelu

      My friend, its still early days. Sata was like this when he just won, was he not?

      Lets give Lungu a month of two. There will be nothing happening apart from him having dinners with his mentor Bob Mugabe.

      By the way, google Mugabe, ‘s fall, and enjoy some Zim comedy which Lungu and PF want to import to Zambia.

      Lungu ‘s association with Mugabe, will cost Zambia dearly. Investors are for now holding back, because they can not trust a leader who associates with tyrant like Mugabe. Lungu ‘s association with Mugabe, is a huge political financial risk. Ignore this if you are not investment literate.

      Out of all the neighbouring leaders invited why,, just Ka Mugabe graced Lungu ‘s inauguration? There is more than meets the eye here. These leaders do not want to be seen…

    • Senior Citizen, I really want rapid development, but then I guess patience is good. Love your Lungu, I for one shall watch him closely, even with all the great appointments. Hopefully those high profile women he has hired shall continue their great works like the auditor in Chief. That lady puts a lot of men to shame.

    • Wanzelu, I shall be cautiously patient. He is off to a great start. he needs to stabilize the Kwacha and invest in Agriculture plus health and education. Thanks for the reminder.

    • @2.3 Nzelu,

      You are being a good citizen and His Excellency E.C. Lungu is our Republican President irrespective of who of the different party presidents we may be affiliated to. As along as we are Zambians Governed under the same constitution guiding the country, ECL is the President for all of us. You have every right to harbor such high expectations on national development as its normal for a serious responsible citizen such as yourself to have such desires. Our job is to press on our leaders with support of good and practical idea generations, support and correct them constructively where found wanting. Their public offices are very much accessible. Well polished think tank ideas could be pitched or shared and given a platform to be defended accordingly. Lets all get involved.

  2. I know all the PFers are going to cry foul but as a Zambian citizen I think it’s my duty to criticize Lungu, so here I go.

    All I been reading so far is Lungu called for this and Lungu called for that. This boy has been calling a lot. Why can’t he start to do something?

    • @Nyau

      How do you forget so easily my friend? PF was founded on the premise of lying. So all what PF leaders are saying is nothing but hot air.

      PF is excellent at empty rhetoric.

      Knowing what to do is every Jim and Jack” ‘s cup of tea. But what separates real men from wimps is the “HOW” and “WHEN” to achieve part.

      PF lacks the “HOW and WHEN” in their strategies.

    • Instead of calling for this or that, why not taking and implementing immediate steps to help local SME?
      Interest rates on secured loans @ 21%? Hundreds of contradictory S.I. which are destroying any chance of export? Bundles upon bundles of unnecessary red tape whose sole scope is to aid rampant corruption? Hundreds of “nuisance tax” which do not generate any meaningful income? Tax exemptions given contrary to the law? Judiciary which has abdicated its role?
      Talking the talk is easy. Now is the time to walk the walk. Electioneering promises and statements must be replaced with vigorous implementations.
      SME’s know what to do and are anxiously waiting for political and civil administration to do its part!!!

  3. Mr. Mumba for sure you are a patriot the information you have given is very vital and educative am sure the government has seen it and yet to contact you. This is the kind of contributions we need as Zambians ,unlike the others .Its only,he is sick , what?? no we must move forward and progress,name calling will take us nowhere. Thumbs up my fellow country man..cheers

    • Ba Chikubabe:

      Thanks a trillion for the compliments … I am a patriot first in all I do. As for the government officials contacting me, I think that Margaret is the best person to implement these policies.

      As the new Commerce Minister these initiatives fall directly under her purview. As former Barclays Bank Managing Director, she has full comprehension of the strategies I have discussed here especially when it comes to utilization of SBLCs as financial instruments to curb export fraud and transfer pricing.

      Mrs. Mwanakatwe has a good grasp of how a mercantile exchange works and if she needs to refresh her mind, I suggest taking a team from the Ministry to Chicago and see first hand how the world’s largest mercantile exchange at Chicago operates.

      I thank you once more …

  4. Speaking of winning the lottery… I will be terribly surprised if that cameraman in that photo did not hit the big jackpot prior to that picture being taken. He seems awfully cheery and extremely excited..

  5. @Wanzelu, my Dear as long as you fill your mind that HH
    is the best human being in Zambia,you will not appreciate anything that the President does. Hh can be an Economist but the fact is that he is not from heaven for you to believe that he has all the answeres to our problems. I can see bitterness & hatred for the President in all your postings. Why cant you cool down and forget your pain and disapointment of seeing hh losing and emmulate our coleagues in the US? Before an election one is either a Democrat or Republican but after the elections they all throw away their political affiliations to remain and live as Americans and support their elected President. As for now, like it or hate, ECL is our President not withstsndind his weakness and error as a human being! So leave him to…

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