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UK Prime Minister Congratulates President Edgar Lungu

Headlines UK Prime Minister Congratulates President Edgar Lungu

David Cameroon
David Cameroon

The British Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, has congratulated President Edgar C Lungu on his election as the 6th President of Zambia.

In a message to the Zambian President, the Prime Minister said:

“The UK and Zambia are longstanding partners and I look forward to seeing the bonds between our two nations grow in the years to come”

The Prime Minister assured of the UK’s continued support for Zambia’s development saying that the UK’s programmes will continue to cover a range of sectors, with an increasing focus to benefit Zambia’s poorest people.

“I hope that we can also work with you to deepen further our economic and commercial ties. With our full support, British companies are already contributing their know-how and experience, and encouraging responsible investment for the long term”.

The Prime Minister also said that he hoped that UK and Zambia can strengthen dialogue on regional and global issues. Mr Cameron was grateful that Zambia was to send troops to UN’s peace keeping mission in the Central African Republic.

“I am conscious of the challenges you face as President, but I am confident that this is a time of opportunity for Zambia. I can assure you of continued UK support for political and economic development to help create a stable, prosperous nation for all,” said Mr Cameron in conclusion.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia James Thornton in delivering the message from the Prime Minister said that he was extremely encouraged by the messages in the Presidents inaugural speech about tackling poverty, about the private sector and about reconciliation.

And in echoing the Prime Minister’s comments on Zambia’s role on the international stage, Mr Thornton said he believed that Zambia could play a bigger role in regional and world affairs than it sometimes had recently.

He said he had read with great interest about the various initiatives the President took at the African Union Summit including on South Sudan.

Towards the end of last year Zambia received two trade missions from the UK. Both visits were very successful

The UK, through its Department for International Development (DFID), has a substantial and broad-based development programme in Zambia.

This includes social sector work through cash transfers, maternal and child mortality interventions, and programmes to improve sanitation and hygiene. DFID nutrition interventions have reached over 1.9 million children under 5, and 3.2 million people now sleep under bed nets provided by DFID. DFID is also working to reduce gender based violence and empower girls and women, to tackle inequality and make growth more inclusive.

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    • Nonsensse! All that time, what have you been waiting for? Just continue with your ISOLATION POLICY. A former colonial ruler who can’t even visit former colonies. Look at France and their good foreign policies towards their former colonies. Kwati pali na UK. I have more respect for USA. Viva Obama.

    • Did he congratulate Mugabe? The MI6 (CIA equivalent) must have informed him the elections were free and fair.

    • Sorry Prime Minister Cameron, our president is not here. He left for a dance party across the Zambezi river last night. Uncle Bob is the host!

    • We entirely support the visit your Excellency. Clean up the mess both in Government hospitals, Government Agents and institutions that will make your Government deliver serious development now and beyond 2016 to the expectations of your people. Zambia is not just Lusaka and am sure you are more than informed that a lot of people did not support your effort when it mattered most and these should not pretend to be good to you toady simply because you are now in State House.

      There are many young men and women who were with you through hard times whilst most big bwanas in higher offices had their legs in two camps and supporting your enemies.

      This is time to reflect and put your devoted and loyal team to work.

    • @ Mushota all winners are congratulated. Bwezani, Mugabe with other presidents were congratulated when they emerged victorious.

    • we are better with China, they are always ther, even before the election results eagaly waiting to see who is the elected one.

    • @1.1 MM,

      I don’t know how much grounded you are in International Relations? Could you kind expound on what you seem to believe is France’s applaudable foreign policy to Francophone countries. Please cite one such country we can say has effectively enjoyed France’s FP we can regard to be a model. I enjoy the domain of IR and comparative politics. I have time at hand and willing to engage you in a sober and sustainable intellectual discourse on the same. we can share good knowledge on the threads which our FP gurus in advisory offices can equally benefit from if need be.

    • As a concerned citizen I would suggest you MOVE ON with your life even after the disappointment of unfulfilled dream of hijacking PF Party Leadership thru ‘machinery’ that was assembled by the infamous Catel.
      No matter what; His Exellency Edgar C. Lungu is already the 6th Pres. of this favoured Republic.

      To me he is the right man for this hour, both for the Govt and PF Party. See; he has remembered the pontentials of the first PF Party MP, Mr Emmanuel Mpapata and appoint him Chairperson of Elections in PF.
      But when this Party control was in your hand; what did we see – sensitive positions in PF were surrendered to strange canny personalities like Madam Syvia Masebo.

    • Muna jailila living in Scotland where people fear independence. Cameron has seen Zambia’s greatness. Through its blessings from God. Our leaders have misused the blessings Jesus gave us. Now is a new season, life for our nation in Jesus’s name Amen. Also let us all pray for Mushota, this dude is delusional.



    • With an impending election he wants the rigging formula. Edgar here is a chance for you to make us some money man.

    • MM why do we need a visit from our former colonial master? So he can check on how his influence persists in his ex subjects? Do you miss him? I don’t.

    • Did anyone see him talk about Zambia or does he even know were Zambia is in Africa. Guess someone wrote for him on Facebook

  1. The message is welcome.

    Now what about compensation for the damage done to our country during colonisation? Our people are still suffering from the economic implications thereof.

    And why do you still make it so hard for our citizens to enter your country for a short visit when your people crossed our borders at will taking whatever they could find interesting for them?

    We can forgive but we will never forget.

    • @1.6 Concerned

      It does make sense to stay, does it not. When you consider all those investors ‘helping us’ are only helping themselves to our copper and gems for free and NOT paying corporate tax here. Whereas when they get our goodies there, they pay import tax, VAT tax on products made from our minerals. UK gets more out of our economy than we do!

      If Vedanta is registered for business in the UK and trades on the UK Stock Exchange, then UK benefits from the failure of Vedanta to pay fair tax to us.

      Zambia contributes to the UK economy at a far greater rate, only our contributions are invisible because Colonialist/Imperialist mentality states we are
      Inferior to them. That is why they think, we need lessons in hygiene RATHER than fair corporations tax from their…

    • I wonder why such a brainy post has been met with negative votes except my one. The British have to answer even for most Zambians mental enslavement! Zambians can’t stop looking for what to imitate from their colonial masters.

    • Get a life! Zambia is not the only country to have been colonized. We have failed to develop our country so that every citizen has a decent life style. Because of selfish politicians who only look to enrich themselves. Zambia was at the same leve as Singapore and Malaysia at independence. See those two countries now! Streets ahead! In fact had we not been colonized we would have been worse off!
      Stop repeating thesame record about colonialists , it is boring.

    • Who ever gave me a negative vote either suffers from self-hatred or simply fails to see the crux of the matter.

      These people came to our country and used us until they had enough of us. When their appetite was filled, they decided to grant us “independence” based on their ideas of government and hoped that they could still retain their influence over us. Well as we can see, they still have their shackles on a lot of our people’s brains.

    • Ba professional stop parroting imitations of a college tutorial so shallowly. Singapore and Malaysia s experiences of colonialism are different from Africa’s. Africa’s great nations were destroyed by colonialists: that’s why you are now witnessing tensions between the Tonga nation and the Bemba nation. The tutsi and the hutu etc. Come for a free lecture and read books like ” how Europe underdeveloped Africa”

    • But what about in Germany? Can you ask one of your neighbours about the methods they used to kill every single black person living in Germany when it reached the 1940s? Before you start complaining about British?

    • Also ask you German hosts about their genocide in Namibia and the town where Hitler’s birthday is celebrated. The British did not do such in African colonies, even if they did some bad things, it wasn’t the simple and straightforward genocide exhibited by Germany…

  2. and in other news, Mr Cameron has praised Edgar Lungu for being humble. He has castigated (HH) for being a proud charlatan with no vision

  3. Be very very afraid EL. Congratulatory message from Cameron coinciding with your visit to Zimbabwe. All the best!

    • Lungu has left the Africa and the west scratching their heads lol. Jesus is over Zambia, let not haters of our nation and Africa hate, he equalizes humbling the lofty. Still I look at president Lungu with an Eagle eye. I need those railways built.


  4. “The UK and Zambia are longstanding partners and I look forward to seeing the bonds between our two nations grow in the years to come”

    I doubt he meant that. I am sure he was bored with no1 to chat then he thought of congratulating our President after almost THREE FULL WEEKS. Am sorry sir, find something else to keep u busy

    • Yes the msg by British standards came a bit late, but these Britons are considerably better than all other colonizing nations, and are very organised, let’s be appreciative, read more on Germany’s maneuvers on the black race you will not say a lot on the Britons..

  5. So late! The man even went for a holiday and is now working from Zimbabwe. Imwe baCameron were you backing HH? Yeah i suspect you were still waiting in case HH took his case to court?

  6. Thank you Prime Minister.

    Please work with the Zambian gov’t in encouraging Mining investors to pay fair tax to Zambia. Please could you do something with companies like Vedanta who shamefully rob Poor Zambians out of Mining revenue!

    Zambia contributes to the UK economy at a far greater rate, only our contributions are invisible because Colonialist/Imperialist mentality states we are
    Inferior to them. We don’t need lessons in in hygiene RATHER we need fair corporations tax from UK Investors, so we have the revenue to maintain those programmes.

    Please work with the Zambian gov’t in preventing corporate tax evaders who also bring the UK down by failure to pay it. We need international corporation in dealing with this matter.

    • The Norweigan govt offered that assistance to help curbing down tax flight by corporation and our govt ignored them….if you want help you ask simple as that…tell your lazy president who is on holiday to put his money where ask for assistance.

  7. I dont like the British, not one bit. They called us “worthless natives” monkeys and dogs while they stole our natural resources.
    They enslaved us mentally and left us traumatized and confused. The ripple effects are there for all to see.Some of our people still imitate them by calling those that they consider as inferior as dogs pigs, chickens and cows.
    One Zambian artist remarked “I would rather be a chicken than come from that ethnic background”.
    This is because of the British colonial mental war they inflicted on our people in order to divide us while they stole.

  8. Its better Camerron kept quiet coz is message is too late. So , is he telling us that he did not know for the past 2 weeks? Or may be he wanted HH. Shame on UK.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  9. He is congratulating Edgar Lungu slightly more than two weeks after his victory! What was he doing all this time? This is the problem I have with the Brits. About ten years ago, they nearly denied me a transit visa when I was going to China for a conference and just connecting through Heathrow Airport! It took me more than a month to get that transit visa. The Chinese Embassy gave me a visa in less than 5 days. And yet these Brits are the same guys who grew their country from our natural resources! Last year it took me only a week and half to get an American visa valid until 2017! I think Americans are better deal than these Brits! Cameron, keep the congratulations to yourself!!

    • Not true, how many Zambians are in the UK compared to China and even the USA? How many Africans are in the UK? How many other immigrants, Africans, Iraqis, Afghans are dying in the seas to try to get to the UK? It is not a perfect country but millions ahead in terms of how it treats people. Yes, their past is awful but they are always trying to improve. Who contributed the most towards the elections just gone? The Brits of course. They have their bad side but also good side, UK is the most preferred country of immigrants in Europe, including those from Eastern Europe.

    • Some comments here are shocking. It’s intresting what small minds can do with smart phones ( blogging pure rubbish).
      We just need to work hard for mother Zambia guys each one of us. Don’t blame our economy to anyone else, without corruption we could be somewhere much better. We still have Zambians living large while others all they do is waiting for the next free food from heaven. That free food was for the Israelites intrusit from Egypt.
      I seriously appeal to everyone to work hard improve themselves and the country.

  10. Please PM teach this Lungu about work ethic …he has it very easy in Zambia….where does a president go on holiday without finishing naming his cabinet, did he not know that he would be president when was campaigning…no vision indeed.

    • Of course he knew, but he was betrayed by some people he might have trusted before. Besides, he was detracted by all the succession wrangles that preceded his victory.

      It’s time to reflect clearly and rewind. People like Kambwili kept shuffling to and from Scott’s camp while people like shi Nono sat on the fence.

      Others were totally non committal, etc… Now he has the intelligence machinery to help him vet who is who. Some are snakes in the grass.

      Obviously he didn’t have the same luxury of time that HH has had to think about a cabinet. HH has had 10 years, he like all PF contenders were caught off guard by the death of Sata. While they may have been planning for 2016, none of them forsaw the need to constitute a shadow cabinet just in case. So give the man time.

  11. If this is the best Zambia’s got then this answers why we are consumers and not producers or trendsetters. ..really laughable. ..PHD on their lounge walls but ….

  12. Please ba Lusaka Times, we are tired of the news about Edgar Lungu.

    I personally and my people did not congratulate him. Edgar has damaged his international reputation for associating himself with a notorious dictator Robbert Mugabe.

    Ask the man to first finish appointing his cabinet, but I congratulate him in advance for sidelining Chishimba Kambewili a very divisive figure.

    Kambwili should just consider the post of DC, otherwise he is the worst PF MP. Keep it Lungu, Chishimba Kambwili the frog should be disciplined, by not appointing him for any post in government.

  13. even the British who are not easy to give congratulatory remarks are saying it, then the elections were free and fair. HH just lost, busy mourning whilst H E EC Lungu is busy dancing in Zimbabwe. i can see dance even more next year. Viva Edgar C Lungu

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