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President Edgar Lungu is correcting what went wrong-Father Bwalya

Headlines President Edgar Lungu is correcting what went wrong-Father Bwalya


ALLIANCE for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said that President Lungu is a good leader who listens to the people and is correcting what went wrong.

Speaking when he featured on a programme on Radio Mano recently, Fr Bwalya said it is good that Zambians have realised that President Lungu is the right leader for the job.

“President Lungu is correcting what went wrong, unlike the lies that are being peddled about him on some online publications,” he said.

He said some online publications that are being sponsored by a named political party are peddling lies against Mr Lungu.

Fr Bwalya advised Zambians not to listen to lies being peddled about the first family but to instead support President Lungu.

Father Bwalya said that there is peace in the country because people voted for the right person to be president.

He also urged the President to eradicate poverty as promised during election campaigns.

Fr Bwalya also said he is happy that Mr Lungu has gone on a seven-day retreat to Mfuwe to finalise selection of his Cabinet.

And Father Bwalya has thanked the people of Northern Province for voting for the Patriotic Front (PF) and its leader Edgar Lungu in last month’s presidential election.

He also thanked those who did not vote for President Lungu because they contributed to the growth of democracy.

“Some of you did not vote for President Lungu because you believed the lies that President Lungu is ill,” Fr Bwalya said.

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  1. Father Bwalya is the most intellengent catholic priest. This man should be arch bishop. We need such to be leaders of Zambia. If pope could just anoint this man to cadinal would be a great victory to Zambia and Africa.

    • whistle blower father bwalya,,,, are you saying that Lungu by not re-appointing Kambwili and others, he is correcting Sata`s wrong appointments??

    • Father Bwalya you are just another job seeker yet again. You and Dan Pule are the same, desperate job seekers. Lungu is just continuing with Sata’s legacy, so there’s no need to correct any wrongs.

    • “Father Bwalya as usual is just yapping and bootlegging his undemocratic mannerism for a job. Junior Comrade Munkombwe he shall be construed as another visionless loser!
      What is Edgar Lungu correcting if he is following Sata’s hypocrisy and legacy? Time waster is Bwalya, very good at uncoordinated maneuverability politics of the belly!
      Red card to “Father Bwalya” suspended until further notice. He seems to be tired of slaughtering innocent chickens in public places, now he wants a job from Lungu.
      PF & Lungu, please send this lost soul back to the pulpit and repent from all the circumventions he added to the poor majority Zambians’.
      What a disgruntled Bwalwa a kaswili mambala to rent from RB!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Like we have candidly said it before, election results have just confirmed that the country has a lot of underlying issues that cannot be swept under the carpet as if is normal. We need to reset if we have to promote a national sense of equity. No need to continue with wrongs. The President is aware of these issues and is being methodical in his decisions making to give the country a new direction by collecting the wrongs before hand. How do you have a situation where entire clans of leadership fill up all key public institutional offices? Audit appointments in foreign missions and parastatals. Zambia is a country not a village. 50 years after independence, every part of the country has qualified citizens who deserve to be involved in national affairs based on merit.

    • Being a reformist, President Lungu is just embarking on correcting the wrongs. Any sincere Zambian ought to support him on his approach. If his thoughtful decisions being pursued with measured sense of reality as being espoused on what went wrong in recent years, Zambia stands a rare opportunity to emerge united and strong.

      Its time we had corporate heads who are accountable and survive on the basis of their ability and measured performance than patronage and lineages. In this era of economic diplomacy, we must stop turning our foreign missions into dumping grounds of unqualified relatives and cadres. Zambians deserves to be represented well if we have to realize best benefit from bilateral and or multilateral relationships. Reset!

    • @senior citizen, I thought our campaign strategy as PF during the last election was to ride on Sata’s sympathy vote and sing accolades of his brilliant legacy. Now we seem to be back peddling and pointing out all these deficiencies.

      We need Sata’s legacy to continue. No change required

    • Father Bwalya is the new Daniel Munkombwe of Zambian politics. This moron is starving hence the praise singing about Vodgar Lungu. As a priest he used to scrounge from what his victim-worshipers donated to the church. That is no more! No wife no girlfriend, just running around like a rabid dog. PF members should not sit idle and allow this ldiot to grab any job from them.


    • @1.7 Chils,

      President Sata was not immortal but a fellow human being like all of us. He did more good than the few isolated flaws. Its only in the eyes of UPND who demonized him all the way into his grave that he never did anything right.

      You and i should be be cognizant that pragmatism in leadership is about driving necessary changes by resetting on some policy orientation settling for the best approach on what was empirically wrong. We need to support executive decisions that are based common good to the country. There is no moral ground whatever to retain even what was wrong. You build on the good and change what has turned to be counter to national harmony. As watchdogs, we have to be transformative in our discourse and support.

    • Well nothing is being corrected as UTH and many hospitals around the country have totally run out of drugs even basic panadol is out of stock.

      How long is this Lungu going to take to deliver whats expected of him?

      Zambians kuzigonga like this for the second time sure!

    • Uko the kwacha is also falling unabated, because of the uncertainty this Lungu’s indecisiveness has created in all sectors of the economy.

      Even during Sata the worst leader Zambia had, the Kwacha never past the rate of k10 to a pound(£).

      If this Lungu can’t see what his lack of vision is doing to the already fragile economy, he needs to vacate the office.

      I have never come across a very indecisive leader like Lungu.

      To be a president he should be proactive and appoint his cabinet fast so this uncertainty is dispelled quick enough before more damage is done to Kwacha.

      Lungu is acting as though he has no powers to hire and fire. For now he should appoint an adhoc, cabinet and begin to scrutinise it to get rid of non performing cabinet members later.

      To me this is clearly…

    • I can now see things getting worse than I first envisaged under this non proactive, slow thinking, indecisive , alcohol fuelled , chancer Lungu.

      Lungu is clearly a huge scum Zambians will regret having voted for in a few days, weeks and months to come.

      At the rate Lungu is moving, I don’t see him working working towards maintaining the fuel reduction and the electricity freeze he has just approved because he is failing to ensure the stability of the Kwacha is maintained.

      If the Kwacha continues to fall at this rate, then Zambia is surely for Zimbabwe style of depreciation.

      Maybe thats the plan Lungu discussed with Mugabe to surrender BOZ to American central Bank like Zimbabwe has done.

      By 2016 I can predict the cost of living to double under Lungu.

    • No need retyping my comments… Here is what I posted on ZR:

      Let me say it as it is; Im very disappointment with my people, Zambians, for voting such a guy for a president. Actually, I have tried so hard to see any good side of Mr Lungu, but I cant see any. This is a wasted 2 years for my country. He is busy playing snooker at some lodge while the country is languishing in high poverty levels. What happened to sacrifice? Its very clear that Mr Lungu has zero vision for the country. Soon everyone will see that. There are a lot of other leaders that could have done much better than this guy who is only warming up the seat in state house. I dont need a full year to see just how clueless he is. Anyway, Zambians never learn. Maybe they deserve such leadership.

    • Cha so dull person on earth . If those are the people you need in Zambia to lead you ? Then we are moving 100 years behind . Why is Henry Banda in Zambia again ? Are you serious Zambians ?

    • Henry Banda back in the country and sleeping the next room with your president at the lodge . Then you say lungu is GOOD ? Henry Banda was the most wanted people 4 months ago and having lunch with lungu and stay at the some place . Congolese govern staying with lungu at the lodge ! During mwanawasa he was most wanted for billions of $$$ now staying with your president . RB stole money and 15 million Zambians now and still voted for lungu . While I guess you love your poverty and bandits been president . Sucks been a solider in Zambia lungu been your commander in chef . While you can see what’s happening and the corruption . Enjoy enjoy poverty and your foolish and bandits in power

    • @ Cha,
      Are you father Bwalya incarnate? The guy is morally deficient!! What guides his principles? I would love and cherish a one to one conversation with him,just so that I can further frizzle his brain cells.

    • This is not intelligence! This is called boot licking and talking himself into a job! This priest is the most fake person I have ever come across. He is not genuine at all.

    • So far so good , although SAta is a poor benchmark. We in opposition will not sing his praises because without us giving him notice he will not perform . If our pressure and readiness to take over and show him how to run a Country curbs his natural tendency to drink and gamble then the winners are the people of Zambia. Like wuse when we win PF should hold us accountable. If this is the genuine goal , then let him speed up on the constitution so that we build institutions that can not easily be abused by another “Sata” family forest. Caution even Chiluba was a nationalist in his first year.

    • Point at a leader or human being who has never committed mistakes? You have none except the Jesus Christ of Nazareth. President Sata was not immortal, but a fellow human being like all of us. He did more good to this country than the few isolated oversights that deserve correction in this political order. Its only in the eyes of UPND sadists who demonized him around the clock into his grave that President Sata never did anything right. President Lungu is building momentum on the Good President Sata gave to the country but has moral and constitution duty to correct the few mistakes the late had some oversight on. Leadership in public office is dynamic with regard to common good. Should the country embrace what deserves to be changed? In whose interest will the country be overlooking such?

    • No one should take this man seriously. He is just another shameless job seeker who should have quietly followed E.L to mfuwe to kneel and lobby for a job instead of making unnecessary noise. He should marry, maybe when he has a wife, she can call him out on his moronic behaviour.

    • Mulesabailafye, no what no what, you think Zambia katemba. Shut up and give his excellency enough time. Amano fye ayabututu.

  2. Bwalya you are part of what went wrong and also need to be corrected. You people do not understand that Lungu, he lime the late MCS blames others for mistakes rather than just doing the right thing. Why did Lungu not stand up to the late MCS if he really did not support what he was doing? I do not trust this Lungu guy. Anyways,he needs to give a payment plan for the borrowed money before money meant for essential services begins to go towards debt serving. Other than that, he needs to be kicked out as soon ad possible. What Zambia needs is an economic manager

    • What’s wrong with Bwalya? We can see what EL is doing or what he’s up to. For all I know EL has done nothing except making few pronouncements and promises followed with couple appointments of ministers and the like. I’m still yet to see a shift in domestic policies which perhaps will signify a departure from politics of late MCS. For now it still looks like it’s business as usual as there has been no drastic changes even in the appointments made so far. For all I care, the president can travel abroad as much as he wants in the guise of raising Zambia’s status as well as attracting investors, but if our policies remains the same the trips means nothing. It only be change of rhetorics.

    • Bwalya was poured Chibuku all over his body by PF cadres for questioning some of the decisions of the late President. Were you or are you in Zambia?

    • Hi Sir, please kindly define what (who?) an ‘economic manager’ is. I really want to know so that I can better follow this debate about what Zambia needs. Maybe you can also highlight for me the difference between an Economist and ‘economic manager’. I want to know…

  3. But these criminals told us Lungu was standing on Sata’s legacy. And he won elections by impersonating Sata. Even the PF regalia had Lungu and Sata images. That’s is criminal. Why did you not tell us you hated Michael Sata that much. We now meet in 2016.

    • That is correct, you used Sata’s name today you are saying made a mistake! you are criminals Fr Bwalya with yours friends that is why you are not appointing bembas in your Government we will meet in 2016 your president will be the shortest saving president in the history of Zambian economy

  4. Shaka Zulu asked,
    “How do you trap a monkey”?
    Especially if its a cheese eating monkey convert, it becomes a molten danger to freedom, equality and democracy.
    Yamunyokola Bwalya njala manje!
    The Skeleton Key

    • This Skeleton is got alive fresh, only a dead body lacks flesh, but the skeleton always stays on.
      The Skeleton Key

  5. Fr Bwalya you are admitting that there were wrongs which every one in cabinet including President Lungu were scared to raise with MCS (MHSRIP)! Then all are guilty for the suffering caused by their silence and inaction. As for poverty, I wonder how it can be eradicated when all the poverty stricken people undervalue the power of their vote always settling for those who they think have a heart console them in their poverty at the expense of offering practical solutions! The poor in Zambian society are very unwilling to fight for their share of national wealth cherishing in bad governance, inept leaders and, chronic endemic corruption which they support through fearfully refusing to hold their elected representatives accountable to promises they make.

  6. Sata never made any mistakes ba fikalaa imwe,the only mistake he made ws to associate wit that lunatic bwalya.e.l is doin fine so far and doesnt need opportunists lyk bwalya and munkombwe

  7. Sata was not a saint not to make mistakes, every human being does. There are some things that EL noticed but sometimes you cannot challenge your boss so when you time comes to make amends. All of us and all of you above included have made mistakes in life.


    • Lungu is hardly 2 weeks in office after being sworn in and hallucinators are already saying that he has failed.FAILED IN WHAT? Lungu’s full mandate ends in 18 months time and since he has not even spent 30 days in office,logic dictates that let him settle down.We are talking about an office which surpasses all offices in this Republic and you compare him to an ordinary office.Shame on you!!!

  9. Truth I can never agree with you more. The Zambian presidency has been reduced. The problem started with the late FTJ that is how people like the late MCS came to the spotlight. We cannot continue to be run by clueless individuals. We need an economic manager and at this point there is only one imminent one. HH. 2016 please kick this visionless Lungu out who can go on holiday when the country need dramatic changes?

    • This country does not need the so called economic manager.For a President to be successful,he must have the wisdom of managing people in a manner that each is able to contribute handsomely in the area they are specialized to the development of a country.An Economist is not an Engineer,brick layer,tailor,chef,military or police officer,lawyer,Accountant etc and yet in a country all these specialisms must be harnessed for an economy to pick up and this is where a peoples manager comes in.Late Mwanawasa was not an economist but an accomplished lawyer and we all know that had God given him more time maybe Zambia would have been better off. So be careful when you hallucinate about HH BEING an Economist and therefore has the solution to the problems Zambia is facing.

  10. Correcting what went wrong? Am confused …… someone help me understand this? From unprecedented developed and good economic policies that have transformed the lives of Zambian to admitting things went wrong? who is telling the truth? the people or former priest Bwalya? As a christian Bwalya should confess for misleading the nation and ask God to forgive him. We understand he desperately needs a job but I would advise the President against giving him a position in the government. He is treacherous!!!

    Abash! Politics of the belly

  11. Its true Edgar Lungu has to correct some mistakes made bcoz our beloved Sata was feared so he was not being advised openly like people are advising EL now.late Sata was a very good leader too.plus we’re enjoying peace today bcoz the people’s choice EL won!!!nobody protested bcoz we all wanted EL to win!!!

  12. Thank you Father Bwalya. It’s nice to know we are on the side of RIGHT.

    Your heart tells you what is right if you are open to Godly inspiration.

    His Excellency is the Right Choice for Zambia. If your Radar is on God, you will always know what is right.

    God Bless His Excellency President Lungu
    God Bless Zambia
    Peace Love and Shalom to the World

  13. A Hungry priest seeking a job from a drunkard.

    Adulterous Bwalya, before asking for a job please repent and stop going out with other people’s wives.

    My married friend with three children told me that you proposed love to her and she insulted you.

    You promised to buy her a very expensive vehicle, but she refused and later reported you to her husband who is one of ZAF officers.

    Adulterous Frank Bwalya, don’t force me to disclose a lot of things about you otherwise, Edgar Lungu will rescind his decision of appointing you as UK Ambassador.

    My revalation can make some of your close friends to hate you, just ask Emmanuel Mwamba; I made sure that he was not appointed Special Ass to the President when I reviewed that he was responsible for the death of Chiluba, where is he now?

  14. Me and PF are one. Opportunists will come and go. I will remain solid with PF. I will never let power slip out of PF. Not even over my decomposed carcase.

  15. Why are you saying Zambians voted for a good leader? I did not. Go to school and learn how to select words instead of whistle blowing any how. I can never vote for Lungu and PF. They can just continue stealing votes and answer to our God one day

  16. ….The gods normally make mad those whom they want to destroy.

    Uncle Bwalya is going mad. He doesn’t know if he is going or coming.

    Ya munyokola njala. Milomo pew!!

    Dear Government;
    We Nakonde parents write to complain to you over the room pupil population crises at our local government school (Ntindi Primary). This has been caused mainly by the creation of the secondary school within the premises of Ntindi Primary. We know nixing secondary school to the already existing primary schools is a government policy which is supposed to be held and supported by us stakeholders. But what has happened at Ntindi School is worse than solving the problem of secondary school.

    • CONT:
      We understand that according to the Ministry of Education, currently; Ntindi Primary School has the highest pupil population in Zambia with 4000 pupils from Pre School to Grade 7. This has made the average number of pupils per class to be 130 to 140, something extremely abnormal and alarming in our country setup as a third world nation.
      Now what a lot of parents are annoyed is the decision that has been taken by the Administration of Ntindi Primary School of not allowing our children on transfer to be admitted in school giving a reason that places are full in all Grades. This dear Ministry has made our work difficult as parents especially us Police Officers and Nurses who have been depending on this school for the education of our children.

    • A lot of children for civil servants in other government departments have been denied places at Ntindi Primary School by the School Management hence the children are now just at home doing nothing as they have been denied places at Ntindi which is the only nearby school. This is worse to the parents that are not working as they are no alternative of taking their children to private schools due to lack of money. Because of the refusal of the school places by the school management, a lot of children have now stopped learning and have just resorted to delinquent behavior no doing peace works as well as stealing. The situation at Ntindi School is 10 times worse as I am describing it. The situation has defeated government policy of having all the children above the age of 7 to have primary educ

      We therefore urge the government through the Ministry of Education to move in and arrest the situation before it is too late. Where can we be taking our children if all teachers refuse to accept our children’s transfers? The teachers at this school are notoriously fame and not understanding as such, they would not allow any child on transfer to have a place in their school. We have been reporting to the Local DC and the DEBS but surprisingly no action has been taken to alleviate the problem.

    • Surrounding Parents have themselves voted to be paying K100 per households of which it has been done but sadly up to now, no foundation for the building of the 1 x 3 Classroom Block has been laid by the School PTA. The School PTA is actually frustrating the efforts of the parents by not implementing what they promise the parents during Annual General Meetings. Because of this, some of the parents that want to pay are still withholding their K100.00 and have vowed to only release it after the School Parent Teacher Association Executive has started the construction. We urge the Office of the DEBS to advise the School Manager to begin the construction since a good number of parents have already paid the money towards the same. It is demoralizing for the committed parents that have paid K100 e

    • Having reported a lot of issues to necessary authorities, our request, demand and resolution as Parents sending children to Ntindi Primary School are as follows;
      1. The government through the Ministry of Education should consider shifting Ntindi Secondary School to an independent site so that the rooms which are being used by the Grades 8 to 12 pupils can be given to the Primary Section to decongest the worst congested school in Zambia. Currently children at this school are learning like slaves or prisoners at due to limited classrooms for the Primary Section. Ntindi School has a very big piece of land just behind the other classroom block which can be developed into secondary school instead of the secondary school continuing to squeeze themselves in infrasture of the primary school at…

    • 2. The government should ensure that the school authority should be made to start utilizing the funds that have been voluntarily donated by parents to increase the classroom blocks in the school.
      3. The government should consider funding the Primary School for the construction of the two 1×3 classroom blocks. The parents of so far constructed three 1×3 classroom blocks. The Ntindi school parents are doing enough in having the classroom blocks increased but there is no motivation from the central government to help the parents build more classroom blocks.

      4. The DEBS Office should issue a directive to the Ntindi Primary school Head teacher to stop denying pupils coming on transfer from other schools. The pupils from other schools coming on transfer should be enrolled at the school and denying them places is not a good solution of solving the accommodation problems at school but constructing more classroom blocks is the answer.

      5. Ntindi Primary school should be divided into two with two head teachers. Personally, I have been a teacher for 45 years and I am now retired and I have worked nearly in all nine provinces of Zambia and I have never seen not alone hearing of a primary school with about 4000 pupils. This tells you that such a number is unprecedented in the history of Zambian education. So such a number must be probably under 2 or 3 Head teachers and not one as the case is currently with Ntindi School. Management of the school is very difficult in such a case. Separating the school in two or three can be the solution to this problem provided more classroom blocks are constructed by the government.

      Kindly take our request seriously because if this diplomacy fails, then about 1000 parents will be allowed to march to the DEBS and DC Offices in solidarity to have the issues resolved. So we have written this letter in order to have our challenges sorted out by your Ministry.
      We believe that, our newly elected President His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu will intervene in the challenges that Nakonde Parents are facing especially those that have no alternative school to take their children.

      The government should urgently build another school with 40 classrooms near Ntindi Primary School to help decongest Ntindi Primary School. Otherwise, our children are really suffering at that school. You can imagine 4000 Primary School Children using only 12 0r 14 toilets. Where in Zambia? The Parents are planning to demonstrate to the DC and the Nakonde DEBS if the government does not address our challenges in the earliest possible time. Indeed we have now ran out of patience, we fear for the lives of our children.

    • @ GRAND;


      I just want to inform you that I know Jane Mulenga personaly. Yes she used to work for ZAF but she had a departmental transfare and started working in USA under the Zambia Embassy.

      Her real names are Jennipher Mulenga Bwalya. She has two children married to a government official who is Lenje by tribe.

      She spent most of her life in Lusaka and USA Newyork to be specific.

      So don’t think that she is a man just disguising as a woman no, Jane Mulenga is a real woman who goes for Roman Catholic Church and has 14 cars and sapot charity work.

      She is of course a staunch supporter of HH and not UPND as a party.

      She has always been praying for HH to be in State House and it seems HH’s narrow defeat has really disturbed her.

      Thank You for reading my…

  18. Iwe Bwalya i think ponyo ponyo yalikufulunganya amano. Try to get an old woman than your age maybe something will be corrected in your small Brain.
    Are the good things you are talking about only visible in your eyes?
    Im sure tawakwatapo na family to look after and tawapelapo nefumo mu life yobe.
    Go in the communities and see how bad things are. That’s when you will say good things to people who are suppose to deliver good services to the citizens.
    Its too early to make such judgements based on your own benefits. look at the plight of the poor. Thats why you are called a “father” of the fatherless

  19. Rome was not built in a day. Please give the man a chance. At the end of 5 years all of us will be able to tell whether this government deserves a second term or not. It’s that simple.

  20. @Bubemba Inkonko,
    Good on you, remain a featherless “Bemba Chicken”! Watch out for ” Father Bwalya”, he is addicted to slaughtering chickens and offering red cards!
    The Skeleton Key

  21. @ Real Muntu,
    Can you please tell me about the so called Jane Mulenga, tell be about 14 cars. Please don’t be a coward, your real names has some values,

  22. Voldka Lungu chose himself to contest for presidency and managed to steal votes from HH we are going to scrutinize this drunkard on daily basis, we pay for his drinks period.

    • You guys are just haters! Anyway Edgar Chagwa Lungu has become the President and, he, sadly so, has become a victim of every form of rumour/slander because you retards know that HIS NAME SELLS!

      ”I learned that when you have hate and anger and you let it eat you up,like Wanzelu (kansi ni chikopo),it’s only hurting you-it does not hurt your enemy”. Angelina Jolie

      Hate all you want, insult all you want Lungu is the 6th President of Zambia, you Dung Beetles!

    • @ abamano aya nono
      And your point being? This is the more reason this country is not developing, becasue its full of haters and retards! You are the reason why we have mental institutions!

  23. its exciting to see that Pf has started campaigning!!!!! we have no time to waste please Father BWALYA continue campaigning for the pf party radio stations are good thing for campaigns let haters contnue hating while we are doing the job. until we Kolopa you coz nafuti Tokakolopa 2016. you are used to crying anyway.

    • @ Doss
      remember its not HH and UPND its the majority of zambians who voted for hope in UPND that you are suppose to insult. That less than a% win has foeced ECL to retreat to Mfuwe and plan how to steal another vote.

      A large land mass zambia vote otherwise. So learn how to present democratic issues here.

  24. What correcting the wrong ? but this is the guy [ Lungu ] who said will follow or carry on , on the late [ Sata’s ] vission , so what is he correcting ? this lost sheep [ Fr Walya ] should just shutup and line up for a job .

  25. @1.12 wanzelu

    Do you know that the term ‘wanzelu’ means a wise man?
    I am trying to follow your logic but it is a bit elusive ; you say,

    “Well nothing is being corrected as UTH and many hospitals around the country have totally run out of drugs even basic panadol is out of stock.”

    Well you are like a person who gets a rode from this motorist who is doing 160km/h, travelling from Lusaka to Kitwe. After travelling for 2h:15 min you reach Ndola and your fellow passengers say that the journey has been very quick to have done such mileage only in about 2 hours. Then you argue and say, “We are not even moving, after all we haven’t even arrived in Kitwe”.

    Your are very persuasive; even when someone never wanted to laugh he will end up laughing upon seeing you way of thinking.

  26. Looking for a job this foolish Bwalya guy. The praise is of Lungu not sincere. He is trying to catch EL’s eye. Jobseeker Bwalya.

  27. I have never heard anyone talk about Mazoka meaning that he was not a factor in the Zambian politics and so is the party and its president he left.

    In advanced countries, people have stopped going to a building to show that they are working, they work anywhere and anytime for what matters are the results.

    In the same manner, H.E. Lungu doesn’t need to be in State House to prove that he is working, let his results be the basis for people to judge him. The President is constituting not only his Cabinet Ministers but equally other appointments in Public institutions that will take this country to another level.

    In fact when good appointments in Public institutions are made, the better for Zambia because most of the current ones have failed and no wonder they are busy pleading…

  28. Fr Bwalya is candid. We all make mistakes corrected by our friends or leaders.
    EL said he will be a listening president and do ifyo you my bosses will tell me to do. And he is just doing that. Let us accept this President has demonstrated that he wants to deal with injustice and allow fair play to be rule of the game.
    Some will say freezing electricity tariffs for 2 years is a campaign gimmick so be it. What is wrong with that. This is what a performing President must do. minimize suffering in the citizenry of the country. Its collaborators at ERB and ZESCO always targeting income from the poor.
    EL must extend this to Tax evasion. Why should poor workers pay taxes but companies like the Post, Times of Zambia not paying taxes. The Post has seen that there’s a man in plot 1 and is…

  29. @ wanzelu

    Are you the only empty tin left in UPND? Where are the likes of Maureen, Mutati, Muchelenga, Chituwo, Masebo and GBM who so desperately wanted jobs at all costs and campaigned for your Under Five? Why have they gone quiet suddenly? Are the issues they talked about some weeks ago disappeared already?

    Look here man, politics of appeasement no longer hold water, you need to demonstrate to the people your relevance whether in power or not. HH never rested for 90 days, he was all over like headless chicken but now gone dead quiet like still of the night.

    Let the President constitute his team to make him go beyond 2016. He never promised a lot during the elections but he will deliver more development beyond people’s expectation.
    Akabunga, cement prices are down, next…

  30. Please forgive Fr Bwalya he does’nt know what he is talking about, but Lungu should not make a mistake to appoint him. He betrayed God by stopping Priesthood, he betrayed SATA by resigning as a board chairman at ZESCO. Becareful Lungu Mulongoti is better than Fr Bwlya.

  31. @luansobe
    A man gets a job today and the other day he goes on leave, how do you describe that? I know you dont know the correct description – its ‘mediocrity’ at it best typical of PF mentality! Gallant men, Mutati, GBG, Moureen, Nalumango’s campeign teachings have come to pass. EL knows nothing about leadership, this is the observation for Scot aswell! No matter how you PF supporters show good about EL’s leadership, at end of the day he takes actions(wrong ones) himself!

  32. Protect the integrity of the office of the Head of State. The President speaks through official channels. The president provides leadership. The president does not necessarily reverse decisions of his predecesors. Second, the voters that voted for different candidates were not necessarily wrongly informed. In elections the voter must vote for the prefered candidate. The time is right to strengthen the PF in readiness for 2016 general elections. Let us avoid any oversimplifications. Let us widen the margin between the ruling party and the opposition party. To achieve that, there is need to conduct soul searching and introspection. Unity of purpose and cooperation is called team spirit.

  33. Father Bwalya z mad he z busy talking about politics instead of de word of God!!He didn’t thank God what a shame priest

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