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President Edgar Lungu concludes his Mfuwe Retreat, takes questions from journalists

Headlines President Edgar Lungu concludes his Mfuwe Retreat, takes questions from journalists

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu speaks to journalists at Mfuwe International Airport shortly before returning to Lusaka after a 7 days working holiday in Mfuwe on February 11th,2015
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu speaks to journalists at Mfuwe International Airport shortly before returning to Lusaka after a 7 days working holiday in Mfuwe on February 11th,2015

President Edgar Lungu has concluded his 7 days working holiday and has returned to Lusaka where he is now currently hosting the the Annual Greetings Ceremony where he is meeting Members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Zambia

Before departing for Lusaka, the president took some time to answer questions from Journalists.Speaking in an interview, shortly before departure to Lusaka at Mfuwe International airport,

On the splitting of some ministries, President Edgar Lungu clarified that the splitting of some government ministries is intended to enhance efficiency in the delivery of services.

President Lungu said the move is not intended to create employment for those who supported him during the January 20 Presidential by-election but to improve the delivery of services in government ministries.

Mr Lungu stated that he sees nothing wrong with creation of jobs if it is intended to enhance operations of the ministries.

He observed that the combination of energy and mining has not gone well saying it is debatable.

President Lungu said that he would consult over his idea to split the ministries and forward his proposal to Cabinet for deliberations.

And when asked about some critics who allege that former President Rupiah Banda is the one calling the shots in the governance of Zambia, President Lungu said he made it clear that he would consult on issues of governance and noted that he is consulting the former head of state as well as first republican President Kenneth Kaunda.

He stated that Zambia is lucky because it has two former heads of state still alive and can provide consultancy to the current government.

Mr Lungu said that Mr Banda and Dr. Kaunda are free to give counsel and that he remains free to consult when need arises.

On growing concerns that the fall in fuel prices has not helped reduce the commodities of prices, President Lungu said people should be patient as the effects of the reduction in the commodity would soon be seen.

He noted that though there are some sectors that are resistant to the move, the reduction of the fuel prices is well intended.

And speaking earlier, when he addressed resident of Mambwe district, President Lungu re-echoed his calls for the indigenous people to participate in the tourism sector.

Mr Lungu said there is need to ensure that locals derive maximum benefits from the wildlife reserves in the South Luangwa National Park.

President Lungu said local people should not engage in poaching but should co-exist even with investors in the tourism sector.

The Head of State was accompanied by his wife Esther, Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula, PF Secretary General Davies Chama among others.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga, Assistant Secretary Beenzu Chikuba, PF Provincial Chairperson Attany Mwamba and several other government and party officials were among the people who saw the President off at the airport.

President Edgar Lungu before departing for Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu before departing for Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu  arrives in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu arrives in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu  arrives in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu  arrives in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu arrives in Lusaka


    • Afwilwa ukuteka. No cabinet after almost a month of being president. Ifintu ni Lungu! We told them. The only thing I like is his simplicity although the presidency is not supposed to be simplistic. Why are the pilots seeming unhappy and demotivated. They also look kolwestic.

    • Instead of creating new ministries he should return RDA where it belongs. Just look at Mulenga Sata smiling for road contracts.

    • UPND bloggers must be sh****ting themselves.

      If MMD & PF work together as said by Lungu, who is working with RB & Mumba, HH will have no chance in 2016.

      A lot of MMD supporters did not go out to vote, because they did not think Mumba was electable, looking at the sample data from ECZ of the aftermath of the just ended elections.

      What next for HH? RB gave a platform to work with him before 2011, he turned it down and went for SATA. Then he pulled out to go solo.

      He was close to winning, but if this union works between PF & MMD, then bye-bye to HH in 2016

    • In the USA, President Jimmy Carter, like George Herbert Walker Bush commonly called No. 41 was a 1 term President. Yet he is the most consulted former Presidents by consecutive US Presidents and the democratic world unmatched by any. Carter’s loss was built on a disastrous economic failure and failed international policies that saw America suffer an absurd Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission when on November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking more than 60 American hostages lasting 444 days in reaction to President Carter’s support for the Shah. If Carter can be consulted even by Obama, why shouldn’t President Lungu consult our 2 living former Presidents? KK left us a strong foundation while RB a stable and viable economy with stability and unity.

    • Titi, I see the opposite happening if the marriage of convenience works out. MMD was rejected in 2011. Going to bed with MMD is a serious injury on the good will of Zambians, unless they go tribal. Last month’s election results show rejection of PF. Two rejected leaderships cannot not add to a win for the. The merger will actually bolster UPND chances of forming government in 2016!

    • Jimmy Carter a pro democracy leader of the time had turned out to have bad foreign policy. The same can be attributed to the present day cataclysm of Islamic revolutionaries connected to the ideologies of the revolution’s leader, the anti-American cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Sadly in reaction over the years that mistake has resulted in most Americans today falling for some Islamophobia instead of getting to the bottom of issues. It will take time to heal and mend the bridges. RB has been a peace maker, a consensus and practical inclusive leader with a persona deeply inculcated in democratic values and freedom of all. Then why shouldn’t RB open up to ECL a Presidency he selflessly propped when losers ganged up in vanity against EL’s candidacy? You don’t plant seeds only to…

    • The nega nega option which UPND launched in their hinterland, will certainly come to haunt them at national level in 2016. Note, there will be no apathy in 2016 UPND may turn out to be the victim of their own nega nega voting style. with a reflection to demographics and voting population, UPND may be a party for the opposition bench for many years to come if not a life time member of the opposition bench in Zambia.

    • @ senior citizen,
      can you stop misleading yourself jackass,apathy affected every one not only PF,infact if there was a large turnout panga family would have been burried today.is mongu,sinda mufumbwe in southern province.a big band of unemployed chaps looking for a saviour are registering as first time voters this time around and wait you will see if they will buy into these market and bus stop politics.mukanya no kunya.if you have never seen a one year president.wait u will see him

  1. First of all, Alexander Chikwanda is not fit to be minister of finance. I think, that Mwanakatwe woman is even better suited for the role. Secondly, please complete announcing the cabinet, it must not take this long.

    • “He stated that Zambia is lucky because it has two former heads of state still alive and can provide consultancy to the current government”

      Of course KK & RB are free to say something about Zambia but please don’t implement what they say. These two are absolute and total failures who have been rejected by the voters. Don’t listen to them, there word is more useless than used toilet paper.

    • @2.1 Wantanshi

      I think what Senior Citizen has compiled in relation to consulting former heads of state helpful.

      Much as you have no respect for the two former heads, they however DO command large support bases. Keeping relations warm is very helpful to winning disenfranchised voters whose parties are not popular enough to win on their own.

      HH is not cut for the political game because he is tooooo proud and basically cuts his own nose off to spite his face. Repeatedly in the past he has missed the opportunity to win indirectly. He would have had a chance to be known and had actual gov’t experience.

      Isolation is not a winning game in politics. You have to bed with your opposition fully protected obviously!

    • Edgar,
      Do not make mistake of bringing NEVERS MUMBA in PF. Where ever this guy has been the parties have died. C

      Christian Coalition- Dead

      RP – Dead

      MMD – Dead

      PF??? – Please keep this guy away.

    • @2.2 Patriot Abroad,

      Not only in politics but in any sphere of life networking and building of bridges is the winners’ walk. You cannot be a lone wolf and expect to tap in hidden treasures. To God’s Glory in my vocation i have landed some best rewarding opportunities through peers and those whom i have served before but have retained records of my acumen. Best opportunities, consulting offers, businesses and so forth are not in the public domains. Some opportunities are created once people know who you are and capable of doing then they say we are thinking of trying this can you look into it?. Ever wondered why 85 of fortune 500 companies are headed by Graduates of the same Ivy league schools or why Japan’s best and biggest corporations are headed by Graduates of University of Japan?

    • Sad but real lone wolfs are doomed. Build bridges and webs of networks in life. Reality is that my brother HH’s historic failures can be attributed to the fact that he is a Mr. i know it all lone wolf. The only networking he knows is business offers. Unfortunately, man shall not live on bread alone.

  2. Consulting former heads of state is not bad but its impossible to jail RB whom u are consulting.what will the public perception be when RB ‘s cases are dropped?.

    • History has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Have you forgotten how one LPM was awakened in the early morning to be offered the presidency on a silver platter and yet the first thing he did once he assumed office was to lift the immunity of the person who offered him the presidency. A principled man would have refused to accept the presidency from a corrupt man. The moment EL starts seeing RB as a threat anything is possible.

  3. In short, these monkeys are saying PF may have an Easterner for the President but it is a monkey party and there is no way monkeys can be side-lined when their party is in power. The problem is that PF has no ideology as it is anchored on tribe. So if Lungu does not pull on monkey lines then he is against Sata’s legacy which is nothing but a legacy meant to retain monkeys in power. Lungu should also realise that the formation of political parties and recruitment of members in Zambia largely follow ethnic patterns leading to tribal based politics and political competition. By embracing RB and we hear there is a catalogue of ministers from the Mbeba region to be appointed, Lungu has jabbed directly into the monkey party whose ethnic base is mainly Luapula and Muchinga. An insurrection…

    • I read the same posting on ZWD under the name Sara. So you Sara on Zambian Watchdog and No Monkeys on Lusaka Times. Never call other people monkeys and rats. How would you feel if others called your people water monitors (hopanis)?

    • @Kashiji
      LOL! No you did not! You win this one 1-0.
      We have a saying about that creature in my language that would reduce a grown man to tears. If someone called you a hopani in my village, you would be the b.u.t.t of all jokes that day. Its quite a punchline. Nice one.

  4. Dont fool the Tonga speaking people by refering them to COWS because the MONKEYS if refers to those guys … They will also be refered as EBOLA.

  5. journalists must ask the president serious questions like when are you forming cabinet and why the delays? this is the burning issue on the ground,the PF has already responded to questions about Rupiah having an invisible hand in the decisions of the government. we need fresh news, Journalists you must be sharp in asking questions. but any how welcome back mr. president its PF till 2021.

  6. “NO MONKEYS”. Since all northers are monkeys, what are you calling yourself? I would appreciate to know what you call your self.

  7. Bitterness, insults against Bemba people will ever disadvantage your preferred candidate for plot 1. Stop hatred, Bemba people are innocent of your condition. By hating them, you simply shoot your foot deeper

    • @chileya go to school and learn properly maybe we will interact well with you aka uncultivated bemba birdhead.you think bembas are something in this country? wait and see you will see a bolt out of the blue when election pilfers are caught.bembas are just like a cabbage to me thats why you are less intelligent owes.you will eat lungu in 2016 since your corridors of power are now running from pf into upnd.bamayi bako you *****,fool,moron,lunatic,birdhead,bonehead,nucklehead,crackbrain,maniac,stupe etsc tommyrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They don’t need your votes,all that is needed is a separate state away from lazy north east Zambians.
      They don’t care about positions and that is why they don’t have a paramount chief to be worshipped.So keep your evil corrupt votes BUT one day GOD will remember them because he is no respecter of persons Romans 2:11

  8. It seems up un down cadres are forever engulfed in a web of tribalism! Why drag Bembas when the president is from the East. No wonder you think Dandy is Bemba! Your attitude will never sway votes towards your tribal president. A hyena is a hyena even if it’s inscribed with leopard stripes!

  9. “NO MONKEYS”. Since all northerners are monkeys, what are you calling yourself? I would appreciate to know what you call your self. Please let us know. What an exhibition of a “foolish, bitter and hateful person.”

    • And you Bembas and easterners think will be Zambia’s rulers for eternity? One day the tables will turn my dear. God allows certain things to happen for a reason. Don’t forget Rwanda! What makes you think that you can keep on rigging and Tongas, Lozis, Luvales, etc will continue taking it laying down. Well my dear, you have another thing coming. Divide Zambia into two parts, one bemba/ngoni kingdom and the other for non bemba/ngonis then you can rule forever. DO NOT TAKE OTHER TRIBES FOR GRANTED, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    • I love the way things are developing. I wud rather have an Easterner than a monkey. They r more unifying. The bemba arrogance was nauseating.

  10. Why do bloggers think that it is okay to be abusive on line?

    Can those abusive bloggers stop these insults and engage in intelligent conversations which can benefit some others who are less fortunate?

    What is it that causes some to be abusive? Were you abused? Are you still being abused? Do you think it’s cool to be abusive? Stop it! Stop it!

    Think like a Zambian and you will not be tribal. Have respect for people older than yourselves! Whatever happened to our values and traditions?

    • Couldn’t agree more. Its amazing to me that when an article which requires much thinking and knowledge on the issue like the one on the Euro bond is posted, it gets very few comments. Come to the one talking about Lungu, people bring out the ‘insults pouch’ and they are off running with it! Shame.

    • Notices all the bloggers insulting are from UPND. If you read anything sensible then it must be from PF or other parties. Their leader HH needs to intervene..

  11. Please can some Pf boneheads tell me as to why there so called eastern province doofus president edgar chagwa lungu always leaves his wife whenever he vacate state house.I think its true that she this jigaboo called lungu still secretly enjoys with his old sweeties.The first led id being swindled by lungu hahahaha pf king of all trades of idiocy.And in pf quarrels will never cease becuase now all of the supporters need cabinet ministerial positions.We shall see you fools with your ka so called dry fish(thin) eastern lungu
    oooooooooooooooooooo by the way his concubine is ireen becuase inonge is too old to accommodate aka sexual-addicted lungu

    • Moron, she is right behind him in the above photos dressed like a cadre. Just stop your nonsense and be pragmatic. I do not agree with Lungu on consultations of commerce, only defense; but do not attack his wife lady Esther. Okay now president Lungu we need a minister of agriculture like yesterday.

  12. Is this what it means to be in the diaspora? That you spend time swearing and being abusive on line? Very sad indeed. People do not behave like that in Zambia.

    If you think that you have tangible solutions go back home and make a contribution. Swearing on line will not build you houses!

    You disappoint me children you really do.

    • True Joan. In fact, people in the diaspora are being mislead by some online media. I had an interaction with one of these guys when I traveled out recently. Its really sad that people out side Zambia do not appreciate what is happening in this country. To make matters worse, some of them are really struggling outside there. Its tricky. Fortunately they have free access to internet so they can read and post these insults about their own country whilst they wallow in poverty outside there. Please you in diaspora, do not be cheated. Zambia is changing at a very fast pace. You better take part in the development of this wonderful country with peace loving people. God bless Zambia.

    • @Miya

      “Its really sad that people out side Zambia do not appreciate what is happening in this country”

      “Zambia is changing at a very fast pace.”

      I haven’t been in Zambia for quiet a long time and the stories (horror) I get bombarded with from my family and the media gets me putting off travelling there.

      So far as I am aware, Zambia is on a fast trajectory heading back into the dark savage past, and I believe if there is any change it’s for worse, not better.

      Now, please do tell, what’s happening that makes you so optimistic Zambia is changing for the better?

    • @ wantanshi:
      Ever thought that perhaps your family HAVE TO give you the impression that things are getting harder and harder? Otherwise wouldn’t your easy flowing aid to them dry up?
      And as for online media focused on Zambia, you have the likes of ZWD run from the UK by people sponsored by a very well known opposition political party. Their job is to keep impressions bad so that people vote the incumbent out. But do you never ask yourself why people – though disillusioned with recent events – still chose to retain the incumbent (party)? Yes, sympathy vote but still a vote; meaning they may be dissatisfied somewhat but not enough to want to boot the incumbent out. Do these facts not mean anything in your world?
      My advice for what it’s worth is stop playing terrified couch potato….

    • @ wantanshi:
      …get on that plane and come see for yourself!
      Stop pretending that Zambia is some sort of hell hole from which you cannot fly out with your return ticket…
      Ninshi imwe mwali ba special sana you cannot even come visit your country of birth for fear you will catch some sort of tropical bug? Or is Zambia an Afghanistan or Palestine being shelled everyday and you fear fo your life….?
      Come see for yourself then maybe you can condemn the developments as shallow and maybe you can agree with your family that any change happening in Zambia at the moment I for the worse. Out.

  13. If you are saying he was with his ugly wife where is she in pictures????? or maybe he knows she is too ugly to be captured with him hahahahahaha nostirils of the first ugly led like a pipe hahahahahaha lungu is weak and thin i think he even fails to satisfy his wife sexually imwe tu male dogs who do you think you can swindle who do you think you can hoodwink?

  14. The agony is voting on tribal lines but Luapula province is the poorest in the country.

    The problem in Zambia is the issue of educated illiterates and the poor copper belt people used to communal toilets and sleeping in congested cabins.Otherwise Zambia will remain poor with leadership of Lungus who can be on holiday without working for that job.
    He has introduced laziness in public servise as people will be applinging for leave without even reporting for work at various stations.I never voted for him

    • Luapula and Western Provinces are the poorest provinces in the country because their livelihood depends on fishing whose fishstock has now been depleted. At the height of the fishing industry Luapula had millionaires like Luka Mumba who owned a fleet of buses from the income from the fishing industry and was able to compete with CARS the forerunner of UBZ. Subsequent governments after independence have failed to resuscitate the fishing industry in Luapula and Western Provinces.

  15. Wako ni wako….His vision is excellent. It’s the strategic execution of his plan that i am really concerned with taking into consideration the number of buffoons that are surrounding him and are guaranteed of government management and leadership portfolios (Ministers & Permanent Secretaries). Zambia has a lot of educated and skilled people who can not stomach the abrusive political approach and standards that are exhibited by most of these moron called politicians. especially in the PF…wawe ni vbuto!

  16. Mr. President let Honourable Kambwili come back to his portfolio as sports Minister. Such people who are task oriented are good to be included in the cabinet.

  17. President edgar lungu that you are back i want to see the work done befor february look at RDA to go back and the rise of the dollar every day!

  18. The kids that I see here talking about Bemba and Tonga and calling each other names must stop. This forum is surely meant for a good purpose. Every one who reads comments here must be able to learn something. You kids who were born yesterday do not even know how intertwined the Zambian tribes have become. So stop talking rubbish and focus on providing solutions and constructive discussions. Just stop the rubbish for once. Due to your low thinking you spoil the good discussions that mature, mature and intelligent people are trying to present. Respect one another because we are one family. May the Lord God deliver you from evil.

  19. …I thot LT reserves the right to remove any posting deemed inappropriate……

    ….posting No.15 from @muzimo is one such posting…..I do not know how old this guy is, but he is certainly……….

  20. This ***** said he was going on working holiday to finish apppointing cabinet. Now he is back and still saying he is still consulting on spliting cabinet. Anyway, thank you sir. You said no vision.

  21. The president is tall than the cops how do you see? Mr. President you have done well to separate those ministries, just add more man power to work effectively.

  22. We need Kambwili in govt.Those pipo against Kambwili are not PF but UPND chaps.Please give Kambwili,Lubinda and Miles jobs.We need united PF.Please also make sure RTSA is also dissolved.They are just now making millions of dollas.We have suffered enough through this us-less fast track court with the us—less judge who knows nothing.Mini buses drivers will join UPND coz HH wants to dissolve RTSA.U should know that PF is minibus drivers and taxis Drivers.These pipo can’t operate bcoz of RTSA .Why impounding vehicles and charging millions kwacha Zambians?Why impunding vehicles without a case jst because there are cadres who want to make money?Please all countries have done away with RTSA bcoz of corruption.let police be in charge otherwise PF risks losing elections with RTSA in charge.

  23. @Moscow
    ha ha ha i agree with u 100%.President Lungu needs to dissolve RTSA otherwise he may lose elections.it’s like everyone is against RTSA because of the cartel which is in RTSA.It’s true in malawi and south africa RTSA is no more.Why should Zambian pay a foreigh st-pid angecy?We’ll fight together RTSA cos of it’s corruption.Fast track court for what?I’ve never seen such a country with such nonsense
    yaba RTSA fast truck was initaited by Kabimba. Be careful ECL

  24. UPND! You are making a VERY BIG MISTAKE by going tribal. Talk about anything else but the moment you mention tribe you put yourselves at a BIG DISADVANTAGE. Get this for a fact, you can’t compete based on tribe, you are in the minority, you like it or not!

  25. If I rewind to as late as 2013 and someone had told me that ka Lungu can make Zambian president, I would have honestly told that person to go have his head carefully examined.

    It just goes to show that you never can tell with Zambian politics. The sky can fall and life still goes on.

  26. Pakapapale mwana nyamuna , mwasumbu ,ku ub ,pa senama,ku research ,ku spark,ku ma b,Ku Zambia compound then relate to luka mumba,FF,Sakeni,Elis,amico,zambian motors and chubili

    Epa mansa paliba bwino na kwa mwanta mwaka ka zembe no munesu mukanta pa kawambwa ya ukupita na kwa mushota ukufika kuluwigu lwasense with a dried roasted chicken eaten with ground nuts ,fried fish and bananas

    Zambia really a rich country

  27. So even super Ken is back? I hope he can negotiate with EL for a job for Tilwenji because the poor boy has been left alone in UNIP while all the Kaundas and Bandas have moved to PF. This old man KK is another Mugabe in a caged form.

  28. PF and MMD had been working together already so it will make no difference.Remember this time it is tripatite elections.Viva upnd we are still together till the end.

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