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President Lungu directs ZNBC to reinstate the slogan “One Zambia One Nation”


President Edgah Lungu talks to the Media at KK internatioanl airport in Lusaka Before he left for working Holiday in Mfuwe on 04-01-2015 PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
President Edgah Lungu talks to the Media at KK internatioanl airport in Lusaka Before he left for working Holiday in Mfuwe on 04-01-2015 PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.

President Lungu has directed the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) management to reinstate the One Zambia One Nation slogan on national television before main news broadcasts to unite the country.

President Lungu said Zambia is a unitary State that should not be divided by tribe, colour or politics.

He said this when he briefly addressed Government officials and PF supporters at Mfuwe International Airport before departure for Lusaka yesterday.

“Tribe and colour should not be a factor. Politics should not divide us just like religion has not divided us. I will talk to the director-general to reinstate the slogan of One Zambia, One Nation which should be played before the main news. This is an official directive,” he said.

On domestic tourism, he said there was need for local people to participate in the sector but warned against poaching.

The President reiterated Government’s commitment to delivering a new constitution as per the road map released earlier.

On concerns over the slow pace of trickle down benefits from fuel price reduction, Mr Lungu said Zambians will in the long run start seeing the benefits despite resistance in some sectors to pass these benefits to consumers.


  1. Good Job ECL. Amongst other important issues, uniting the country is up there too. Your good intentions are well received sir. God bless Zambia

    • I hope this slogan wont translate into


      My advice to Lungu, is its not the slogan that will kill this tribal hatred, its dealing with poor leadership coupled with tribal marginalisation that is the ultimate cure.

      Sata provided mediocre leadership which survived under the mercy tribal sympathisers. He even made it worse by appointing Bembas in all top government posts, from town clerks, DCs ambassadors, judges, parastal CEOs to 95% cabinet. How can such an action stop tribalism.

      Going forward, a national debate and deliberate policies need to be implemented to discourage tribalism via affirmative action involving tribal balancing at all levels of government.

    • If you want to unite Zambia dear Lungu, give ministerial positions also to people from opposition strongholds so that people can have a share of the national cake. Take developments in places like Solwezi, Mongu, Senanga, Kabompo, Nega Nega, etc, by constructing colleges and universities and general infrastructure as is the case with Muchinga and other PF strongholds. Tekulanda fye pakanwa awee! The marginalised tribes in Zambia want to benefit from the national cake.

    • I expect Tonga government administrators to be sent in Luapula, and Muchinga provinces while Bembas go to Southern and Western provinces instead of this one sided approach where you see only Bembas leading government departments every where you go, from chipata to mongu, from Livingstone to kasama.

      I would also expect all tribes to be represented in foreign missions abroad and the cabinet equally. I believe every tribe has qualified men and women with the required skills to manage’s affairs properly.

      Tribal balancing in government departments is essential and a first step to curing this tribal marginalisation which breeds tribal resentments . Tribal balancing should be easy to implement since these post are not dependant on qualifications but merely on political affiliation

    • No vision = no original ideas. Back to UNIP. This is what you get for seeking ideas from Kaunda

      Zambia will be where it is in the dumps for decades with such vision less leaders. Oh sorry I forgot that a Lungu has only 15 months left before HH and our forces kick him out

    • This is just the beginning, UNIP & KK mentality of Muyayaya with impunity are back.
      KK~”One Zambia”?
      People ~”One Nation”!
      KK~”One Nation”?
      People ~”One Leader”!
      KK~”& that leader”?
      People ~”Door call tah Kaunda Muyayaya”!
      KK~”Chisokone Chisokene, wamene Sa Sokonya nimwana wa finti”

      Zambia is a unitary state of Barotseland & Northern Rhodesia. They signed a treaty on 18th May, 1964 & the two became “marriage” on 24th 0ctober, 1964, therefore, October is the birthday of the two nations.
      No amount of propagandized news will ever change true history of Zambia. Just like the union of Tanganyika & Zanzibar to form Tanzania.
      History should not be distinguished from reality. A nation speaks one language & I’m afraid Zambia is a state!

    • @1.1 wanzelu, you have no brains. Learn to think before posting anything.

      Dont use your stomach for reasoning, use your brain. How dare you post your feces disuniting the country.

      You are a bitter F00l

    • @wanzelu, Put your tonga slogan aside.

      Your contributions are rubbish and detrimental to this country.

      You are full of hatred for bembas. Your tribe-tonga is the one heading most government departments starting from lusaka to copperbelt and busy hurting innocent individuals from northen, muchinga, luapula, central and eastern provinces working under them.

      This is the worst thing pending to be corrected by ECL-PF.

      Just wait and see

      Mr. president sir, this slogan is out dated. it was not made out of GOOD WILL. The slogan had a dictatorial connotation aiming at killing the opposition movement in zambia and installing a one party state by your adviser KK.
      Dont cheat your self. Zambia shall never be United country. No words will confort those that are griving with your borrowed monkey tricks. FIRST restore democracy, rule of law, revamp agriculture and many more.

      Wait and see a rebel group is on its way.
      Another MUSHALA REBELLION,(2017 to 20..)

    • @corrector

      Your kind are the type KK would call stupid idoits because you can not read and understand the message some one is trying to send to the leaders.

      Idoits just spew vile posts against fellow bloggers without explaining why the target blogger erred.

      Tell me whats wrong with my post?

    • @corrector

      You seem to be in the group of a few imbeciles who just post comments without thinking their posts through.

      Such people like you show symptoms of very little education if not non at all.

      People who have sat behind the desk listening to their teacher and also have read widely for some time, do not display such archaic and schizophrenic behaviour like you.

      If only you had pointed out exactly the reason why think my posts are not worth you reading then, I would have spared you from my semantics torture.

      For now you deserve all of my vile. So enjoy it.

    • Utter nonsense, Deeds and Not Words is what Zambia needs at the moment. After a slander campaign period by wako ni wako motto spearheaded by the disgraced former President RB, Munkombwe Tonga saga, Chitika Bemba saga etc can not be ignored by directing another disgraced broadcasting house ZNBC to just put a sticker of One Zambia, One Nation. What a joke. To start with, ZNBC is a disgrace and I was expecting the President to say at least something on why ZNBC was so instrumental in misinforming the nation about the election results. Dare he says anything because he was a beneficiary to the mess ZNBC made.

    • @DSP

      You are a lost chap without any clue about whats really happening in Zambia.

      Fact is , 95% of government departments are headed by Bembas. Thats by Sata ‘s design.

      Its true, Lungu is working towards addressing that ugly situation. So far he has reduced Bemba dominance in the cabinet by cutting it to at least 65% from 95%.

      More work to balance the foreign service , parastals and provincial government heads still remains to be done.

      I like the fact that you have admitted, that the Bemba dominance does exist and Lungu is addressing it. If these positions I am on about were not political and got on merit I would have no qualms at all.

      I don’t mince my words, I call a spade a spade. Hate me or not, I will never stop to inform those that want to hear my opinion…

    • Jugular,
      Zambia is a unitary state of Barotseland & Northern Rhodesia. They signed a treaty on 18th May, 1964 & the two became “marriage” on 24th 0ctober, 1964, therefore, October is the birthday of the two nations.
      No amount of propagandized news will ever change true history of Zambia. Just like the union of Tanganyika & Zanzibar to form Tanzania.
      History should not be distinguished from reality. A nation speaks one language & I’m afraid Zambia is a state!
      Tukongote Litunga Ni Lyetu!
      The Skeleton Key

  2. Mr President, address the Bemba-Tonga perceived hostility. It is incumbent upon you as Head of State to recognise HH as leader of the opposition in Zambia and accord him the respect that he deserves. That does not mean harmonisation of the ideological bases of PF and UPND. Look at how Obama relates to the leader of the Republicans. The two have mutual respect for each other while maintaining the differences between their political parties. I am sure you will find HH to be very civilised contrary to what your PF cadres are saying about him. Once supporters of UPND and HH see the mutual respect between Your Excellency and HH, they will equally change their attitude. Mr President, please unite us. You’ll win more support by sparing the dignity of HH than dehumanising him. The campaign is…

    • HH needs to humble himself so that he sets a good example to his followers. Good leadership comes with lots of humility and that does not mean one is weak. If we are going to see any tribal balancing in Zambia, the Tonga should stop seeing themselves as the marginalized because if there is a province that has more schools and well along the line of rail, its southern province. Even the towns there are closer to copperbelt as compared to Northern and Luapula provinces where kids walk miles before finding the nearest school. Tongas should tone down and become less selfish. I know the Western province lack of development has alot to do with culture than Government and it will be nicer if much land is given to local government than the current status where even the main town belongs to Litunga

    • Why “PF cadres, UPND supporters”, and not “UPND cadres, PF supporters”? Mind what you write … and you think you are preaching peace?

  3. The motive behind that one zambia one nation that time was to support UNIP and it’s it’s ideology of one party state. The moto currently is not relevant to the people of zambia as a whole. Any philosophy could be sort that could have a better unifying factor than Kk ‘s selfish motive. Let the truth be said . I would support the one. ” zambia united” it makes sense today.

    • “Zambia united” was started on an already divisive foundation by a tribal political leader. its just a name on paper and mouth to shield a certain tribal conscious leader who crafted a pushing of tribal agenda to get in power but failed.

  4. The campaign for 2015 is over. Do not allow criminal elements to exploit the heat of the campaign to divide our country. Tongas and Bembas are good people. We live with them, we do not need a misguided cadre to tell us about their character. Abash opportunists. We know that leaders in MMD especially RB and some of his friends said all sorts of unprintables about PF and Sata but no one is calling them tribal today, wicked, bitter etc. We have had enough, Your Excellency.

  5. We are in reverse gear yet again. One Zambia! One Nation! One Nation! One leader! And that Leader! KK! wamuyaya! The man is bereft f ideas, whats next?

  6. it may not be as effective as during the Kaunda days. Then we only had ZBS (ZNBC) radio and TV. But now, the women are busy watching telemundo. The men are watching supersport and animal planet and the youths who need to be preached on this are busy watching MTV, channel O and boomerang. let us think beyond ZNBC to unite this country

  7. I cannot see how a tribalised banana republic can ever be a nation. Let’s just admit that we are prisoners of history in this backward patch of savanna. We have more separating us than uniting us.

  8. You chaps in Diaspora are so theoretical. The president is trying to bring the country together and you bring in your silly comments. We need to start from some where to progress. He is talking of ZNBC because the majority of Zambia do not have access to PAY TV or Even TV. Hence they access news through ZNBC TV or Radio. And for you tribalists , you are wasting your time insulting on this forum.

  9. This is mere window dressing by the empty tin Lungu; slogans are nothing. want to help ZNBC you should initiate policy reforms that encourage press freedom. He never learn anything from Deadwood Sata’s leadership of silly costly Presidential directives.

    • Why hold on to people that want to go their way? Since they do not matter and are worth nothing let them go. Are you confessing that you can not do without them? well they are saying they can do without you. Who is now worthless?

  10. It is just a slogan and the damage has always been there, so they should not even disturb our ears to listen to such slogan.

  11. As long as appointments are tribal, as long as justice is not seen to be done, as long as others are despised while others are considered superior, as long as you vilify others, unit will remain a pipe dream!

  12. Excellent thoughts. ZNBC needs to actualize the motto by broadcasting programmes mirroring national cultural and ethnic diversity. That is how KK had achieved some level of unity.

  13. I am also at State House in LUSAKA

    Kambwili as Information Minister, what a jock?

    Micheal Kaingu is now Zambia’s Education Minister.

    Yamfwa Mukanga – Transport & Communications

    John Phiri – Minister of Local Government.

    Chishimba Kambwili becomes Minister of Information.

    Vincent Mwale – Minister of Sport and Youth

    Given Lubinda appointed Minister of Agriculture.

    President Lungu announces he will remain Defense Minister until further notice.

  14. One Zambia one Nation.
    I was waiting for such a president who will look into this motto, and am glad its ECL. the slogan is biblical love your neighbor as you love yourself regardless of who they are and where they come from.

    • Thanks Martin – this is a nice slogan that that short man abandoned. The chaps here condemning this announcement do not even understand the meaning of this very important slogan. Moreover, they are the ones in the forefront promoting tribalism – that is why there is nothing good that ECL can do as far as they are concerned. One Zambiaaaaaa……..!!!!!!

  15. Some of the arguments on this stream are so illogical I had to log off and then on again thinking things might change. Please argue with facts and be sensible with your rhetoric, do not just dribble from your mouth like a mad person.

  16. Cosmetic decrees will not heal this country. What is needed is fairness, justice & respect to all regardless of where one is from. Stop the hate speech which dehumanizes those from Southern, Western & NW parts of this country.They are called all sorts of names and relegated to second class citizens by talk such as a Tonga, Lozi or Luvale can never be president of Zambia. Even children from these parts were being mocked in schools & colleges after the 20 January elections. Equitable development is also needed across the country. But more importantly it is time for serious decentralization. If things continue this way then I am afraid it will be more honest to say the colonialists were right after all by recognizing the entites of NW & NE Rhodesia. It may be time to…

  17. One Zambia One Nation. The President must go further and promote local languages on znbc to be broadcast like Nkoya so that our ancient languages are reserved for future generations to come.

    Appointments must be on merit even though tribal balancing should be seen to be effected so that all the of Zambia feel that they are part of the governance process.

    Mr president we have not yet forgotten how officials at ZNBC were fradulently manipulating results to advantage you. knowingly that voting was still going on in many parts ofthe country.
    ZNBC is a propaganda machine that many people like me are not bothered to watch. It does not represent what many zambians wants to see. Just use it to take us backwards because that is what the less than a 1% voters chose for this jubilee.

  19. One zambia one nation is a fake slogan. EL in Kapiri during campeigns, said that he and PF + MMD will wipe out UPND and HH, he has not reversed that statement. Am waiting to know when wiping will take place!

  20. I think Mr. President you got it wrong; uniting Zambians is not about slogans on ZNBC, you need to stop your cadres from carrying pangas and machets to hark those with divergent views. What have you done about your cadres harassing and chasing opposition supporters from bus stations and markets?

    • Tell your HH to stop cadres like you from uttering statements such as these ones. Ask your HH to stop cadres like you from being just too bitter after losing your elections … Tell your HH to stop cadres like you from commenting on things you do not appreciate or support. What is wrong with our President starting with enforcing the slogan of ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION …??? Ask your HH to take you back to the School of hanger Management!!!

  21. Just an empty slogan. The Tonga-types have demonstrated its irreversibility and irrelevancy at the polls at almost every election.

  22. But iwe ndiwopusa Ulibe Nzelu! Do you complain that there is Jack Chanda, Kalusha Bwalya, Dominic Mutale, or Peter Mhango or Bernard Chana in the national team-fu? You are the fus are trying to destroy Zambia. You had resisted Sata through and through and told him “You will never be President” and all of you joined UPND but when he formed government with those who stood by him you fus started to cry wanting him to appoint those bame Balibe Nzelu into his cabinet – atase!

  23. @cool, please propose to the President that he should pick HH to be a minister from Southern Province! I think he will listen, cry babies!

  24. We voters listen and watch closely what supporters think, say and do. We think that is what HH and his entourage think too and you don’t realise you are hurting his cause and your cause as well! Free advice.

  25. Its the deeds that make “One Zambia, One Nation” and not a mere slogan. If he wants to be taken seriously on his inclusive government, let him dismantle all the tribal appointments that Sata, and begin to apportion development projects equally across all the provinces. Let him release a list of all major appointments and positions in Government.Unless he does that, no serious minded person like me will take Lungu serious.

  26. Ulibe Nzelu, get elected and appoint HH and his friends to lead the provinces. Do you want him to pick members from your party? No! HH shall give them positions. Ndiwe grade bwa… kanshi iwe?

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