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Government closes 200 Churches for failure to meet compliance levels

General News Government closes 200 Churches for failure to meet compliance levels

The Ministry of Home Affairs says the regulation of churches is carried out to ensure that they meet compliance levels.

And the Ministry has to date closed over 200 churches countrywide for failure to meet compliance levels.

Public Relations Officer Moses Suwali said the process of regulation is carried out through sensitization and holding meetings with Church Mother bodies under which churches are registered.

He said at the national level, the Registrar of Societies collaborates with the Police and Immigration Officers and over 200 churches have been closed so far.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Suwali confirmed in an interview in Lusaka today that the reason why churches are regulated is because it is a requirement of the law so that they operate within its precincts.

He stated that the government under the Registrar of Societies is mandated by law to ensure that all societies registered are effectively and efficiently regulated under the Society’s Act CAP 199.

He added that regulation exercises are carried out from time to time and on a random basis.

Mr. Suwali said that most of the churches that are operating in the country are not registered because the people running them do not have proper documentation.

He said this has seen cases of immorality among clergymen because of the creation of illegal churches and failure to follow the law and regulations.
He also said there is need to stiffen laws on illegal immigrants so that they should be mindful of the Zambian laws.


    • Jay Jay, I just wanted to know. I have not willingness in reinventing to wheel. The law already exists. Iam never shy to ask where I want to learn. I believe that is wisdom. That is how we learn and stop acting out of ignorance. Iam not ashamed to ask. What about you? would you rather be contended with ignorance?

  1. Please list these churches. Do not make statements without providing objective information. This is sooo stupid. My advice to the government – Do not register any church unless they set up at least primary and secondary schools to help teach children for national development. Examples of church schools include Chipembi, Munali etc. When the preacher buys a luxury car and big house for himself it is a money making scheme not a church.

    • And where are they going to get the funds to set up schools since they need docile sheep like yourselves to tithe them.
      More schools to indoctrinate our kids with the slave master’s religion. ..I dont think so!!

    • Jay Jay, A Christian nation is one where the laws and norms of the society implement Christian principles of justice and mercy, of fairness, of tolerance, of a recognition of the worth of every person regardless of his accomplishments or his wealth and position.
      Every nation which submits its laws and its way of life to those principles is a Christian nation, regardless of whether any of the citizens are Christians or not.

      God build His own Church. We or you can never use earthly money (tithe) to do God’s work. The same those suicide bomber are stupid because you cannot do anything on behalf of God. They all end up in hell paying for their murderous acts. He is able to do anything without human intervention. He is God.

    • Zambia fits that criterion. ..really laughable.
      Some contradictory novel called the bible tells you that there is a heaven and hell you believe it…its funny you don’t hear about jews talking about going to heaven ie the bankers, hedgefund managers, billionaires its only poor souls like yourselves who are told to suffer now and enjoy in the after life…in honesty what kind of god would put his children through such torment.
      Wake up and put 1 and 2 together!!

    • To the contrary, I have heard, seen and mingled with many rich and powerful people, we know there is God, the creator of Heavens and the earth. Philosophers have argued about human existence, but believe me many had come to the conclusion that you never evolved from a monkey but that you were created. I believe you are a very intelligent human being for that matter you did not just spring out of the blues. You wonderfully and beautifully created by God. God loves you.

      The Jews believe that they will go to Heaven, that is why they have been waiting for a Messiah. Because the Bible tells them so.

      Fiction is the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose. The Bible has verifiable truths.

  2. They should close every single one of them because there are all scam. If not the core of all the problems faced by human beings.

    • Biblically, the Church is the body of Christ, those who believe and follow Christ. His disciples who at walk as He walked. Those who do otherwise are not His disciples.

  3. Please just close all of them. ..we as Africans should dedicate Sundays to community building and enlightening ourselves and children about afrikan consciousness.

    • Zambia is a Christian nation. Do not bring your anti-Christian sentiments into this country. Do not use a back door to distabilise Zambia in terms of religion. We as Christian are spiritually alert. We are praying and watching. The devil will not succeed. He was already defeated on the cross. There is nothing that can work against Jesus Christ. Please live as alone to worship in peace. If you came to this country to bring trouble, you will soon be flushed out. Our prayer are always answered by our Great God.

  4. Jay Jay, being spiritual involves and include belief in a supreme being, unity with a greater force, a guiding sense of meaning and value, an organized religion, balance, introspection, and meaning.

    Talking about building schools, the government does not raise revunue through tithes. It does this by taxation. In Zambia, and many Christian nations, there is a separation between the Church and State. Most church enjoy tax rebates. Yes, I would rather be a docile sheep who fears and respect God. Thanks for the compliment.

    Jay Jay, Iam awake and I will enjoy any further and fruitful discussions with you. Any other questions?

    • @Yebo Nkhosi, if you have listened to this Jay Jay chap, you would not waist your time, you seem to be a very good Christian I would advise you to avoid such conversation, the devil is on the ground trying to win a lot of people in his place, and I can tell you, this chap is under the influence of the devil working in him, he knows there is a God who created us and all that, but out of frustration in his life and whatever he has gone through, he chose to look into the world, and he hears the Lord calling him to turn back. The devil is a liar. Avoid him so that he doesn’t preach his demonic words here. Those churches should be closed yes, we don’t want satanism in our country we gave seen enough in these western countries, not for our mother zambia.

  5. @alex and Nkhosi…..
    ….my entire clan and I are Christians and I occasionally go to church but I can assure you that more than half of my clan including me are Christians by default and heritance…..just because my great great grand parents, my great grand parents, my grand parents and now my parents are Christians……automatically I also become one…now that I have grown to reason…. at times when I’m by the sea side all alone I end up giving up to so many questions…. may be you can help….
    in what form is God…..those stories about Jesus birth….rising from the dead, the facts about heaven and hell…god talking to humans…????….there are about 63 million Britons but only a handful go to church or believe in it but see their livelihood compared to us Africans…why?

    • Being baptized means you have spiritually died, been buried and then raised into Jesus. You are a new person. (Rom 6:1-11) This means you are now a son and daughter of God the Father, co-heirs with Jesus of the Kingdom. We have the privilege of talking directly to God and also hearing directly from Him.
      He expects us to mature into the image of Christ. (I Cor. 6:17-19)This means we strive for His character and nature. Not by our own power but our reliance upon Him. This is what He meant in Genesis when He said “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.”
      The Bible is our plumb line. We judge all things against a proper understanding. Anything not understood, we can ask Him, and He will gladly show us. Don’t rely on man’s understanding, let Him be the teacher.
      We have the…

  6. …why??….for a moment we need to step back as African, re-assess and reflect on some of these doctrines…..measure and tie them to real facts of life….some do not seem to make sense at all…I do not appreciate the sense of fear these doctrines have on us humans…..God is going to punish you…. you are going to continuously burn in HELL…..when the same guys who say do to others as you would like others to do onto you….where was God when our fore fathers were taken as slaves….tying them to trees for lions to feast on them if they get to tied to walk….why hasn’t God punished them but instead the very oppressed are the ones faced with all the bad things LIFE has….poverty, disease, what have you and blessed the oppressors with heaven on earth….why…??

    • You are absolutely spot on. …but careful you will soon be labelled an anti christ or that fictious character called the devil. How can both the slave master and slave pray to one God or the missionary and the native? These people are indoctrinated to point where there are out of their minds. They not know that christanity is a mere 2000years old and their rich African culture is 65000 years old or that ancient Kemitic history of Egypt of our ancestors preceded over Greek history…they are unable to connect the dots or simply do basic research than let religion think for and then conclude with “Amen” oblivious to where that term was derived from.

    • God has existed from eternity past as the Father, Son and Spirit, together in a relationship of perfect love. So love is the highest value in the universe. And when God decided to create human beings, He wanted us to experience love. But to give us the ability to love, God had to give us free will to decide whether to love or not to love. Why? Because love always involves a choice.
      So in order for us to experience love, God bestowed on us free will. But unfortunately, we humans have abused our free will by rejecting God and walking away from him. And that has resulted in the introduction of evil into the world.
      Some people ask, “Couldn’t God have foreseen all of this?” and no doubt He did. But look at it this way. Many of you are parents. Even before you had children, couldn’t you…

  7. I think zambia is a christian nation these churches help and advice on how operate and please do same to the bars though EL is the high priest BAR CHURCH OF CHAKOLWA

  8. Brags.
    Up to Now Science has no answers to the existence of life & everything, Stories keep Changing. Just yesterday I was reading on one site stating “Aliens planted seeds on earth that brought about life”.
    The Story of God makes a lot of sense though science uses the knowledge given to Man by God and the Matter that is already created to improve lives anyway.
    So stop over thinking.
    enjoy wisely.

  9. You can see and tell by their fruits. It is not difficult to tell which churches are being refereed to. Mainly they are the “Alleluya” churches whose pastors are made rich in a short space of time through heavy demands from the followers in the name of offering to God!! Such churches do not have a firm background and mainly are started by frustrated individuals from already existing churches! Watch out!!!

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