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Government considers 2nd trial for Sondashi formula

Health Government considers 2nd trial for Sondashi formula


GOVERNMENT is considering conducting the second set of trials of the Sondashi Formula (SF2000) to ascertain its effectiveness in curing the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Ministry of health permanent secretary Davy Chikamata said yesterday that Government has not forgotten the need to carry out the second level trials on the SF2000 as alleged by the inventor, Ludwig Sondashi.

“Government has recognised the urgent need to carry out the second trials of the SF2000 to help prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS if the formula proves to be [potent],” he said.

Dr Chikamata said that Government is in the process of carrying out research to see how best the formula can be prescribed to the consumers.

He said Government is doing everything possible to ensure that the process is expedited without further delay.

Dr Sondashi complained of government is delaying to carry out the second clinical trials on the SF2000 in Lusaka on Monday when he submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services on the progress that the country has made in attaining the Millennium Development Goal on health.

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  1. The American wouldn’t approve it even if, it passed the trials here in Zambia. HIV/ AIDS is a political manoeuvre which boosts the American economy. The more infected people are, the more they sell ARV’s alongside pretence of selling condoms to combat the pandemic.

  2. Can the Govt please expedite, before some of us defeated by this virus. Yaba……..got this virus from a kamahule at Mayela………..never really wanted to do it…..was just drunk. I regret terribly. May that never happen to u.

  3. how does it take to make trials ,just implement the programme now and close the chapter.why are we very backward in thinking.

  4. Africa’s number one enermy is a black man.if Sondash was a white man,it wouldn’t have taken 15yrs of his wailing to have his medicine approved.that man’s life is in the evening.you never miss the water till the well runs dry.what are you going to say if he dies today?

  5. Doesn’t anyone remember the case of THALIDOMIDE? Google Thalidomide to find out why medicines have to be properly tested and certified. Get this formula tested scientifically. Otherwise it is a scam. Many formula e have been introduced around the world (including many in the USA) only to find out they do not work. The world health organization (WHO) will test it for you in order to distribute to the rest of the world. Has Dr. Sondashi met or worked with the WHO? They are desperately looking for this kind of input from the 3rd world. We need to be careful with boggus medicine.

  6. Herbal medicine does not require a scientific trial. Sondashi does not have a clue about the mechanism of action of his formula. Just drink it by bucket loads and bath is some of it. There may be some little harm, but make sure you get your kidney and liver function tests done to ensure that there is no lasting damage.

  7. What a listening government! Please expedite these tests. I want to make sure when I visit Kasama all the women are Hiv free there. Thank you Sondashi for utilising your brains for such a noble struggle. If you want help – brain help that is – call upon us in Chipata. Don’t go to those noisemakers in Kasama. Great.

  8. The formula clears antibodies to hiv.

    So that they bcome undetectable.
    Just stay away from sex. Testing _ve does not mean the virus has cleared.The med costs k250/week. Continue buying until you test negative. Total cost estimated at k40 000

    • What is the active ingredient in the SF 2000 anyway? What is the mechanism of action by the way? What are its kidney and liver effects. What is its dose in mg / kg? Can it be give to children? What are its important drug interactions? Can it be given with TB drugs or drugs for cryptococcal meningitis? Please anyone with answers help!

  9. Hesitating in these trials won’t help us. Government should speed up as this old man is not immortal, one day he will vanish and it will be Zambia that will lose not America or south Africa.

    What was suppose to be ours will be thrown away.

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