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Friday, February 21, 2020

Fr Bwalya violated Grand Coalition principle-Coalition

General News Fr Bwalya violated Grand Coalition principle-Coalition


The Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya allegedly abrogated a condition of the Grand Coalition during the election campaigns when he said that the holding of a national referendum as a means of adopting a new constitution was a waste of time and resources, Grand Coalition spokesperson McDonald Chipenzi has said.

Mr Chipenzi said the statement by Father Bwalya was in breach of the fundamental principles of the Coalition.

He dismissed insinuation by ABZ Secretary General Mulenga Shula that the opposition had pulled out saying Fr Bwalya was requested to excuse himself at the meeting because of his stance over the new constitution.

“ABZ leader was requested to excuse himself at the meeting because of his stance on the constitution during the election campaigns where he allegedly said that the holding of a national referendum as a means of adopting a new constitution was a waste of time and resources, which statement was a breach of the fundamental principles of the Coalition

“The statement issued by the ABZ leadership that its leader, Fr. Frank Bwalya, was ejected out of the consultative meeting at Protea Hotel due to his association with the PF during the January 20, 2015 Presidential Election is a misrepresentation of facts and the Coalition wishes to dismiss the assertions,” said Mr Chipenzi.

He said the Coalition upheld inclusiveness in its membership and operations regardless of one’s political, religious, cultural and social affiliation but would not hesitate to apply its principles, regulations and rules on any member who goes contrary.

Ms Shula alleged that ABZ arrived at the decision to withdraw from coalition because of a conspiracy by some members of the Grand Coalition to expel Fr Bwalya from the coalition for supporting President Edgar Lungu for the January 2015 presidential election.

Meanwhile, the Coalition has reiterated its position that it would reject piece meal amendments to the current Constitution.

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  1. He was ejected from the meeting for what he allegedly said during the campaigns. You ejected him on mere allegations? You have no proof that he said what you say he said?

  2. Oh please, you have to be tolerant to people with different views as you do, that is what democracy is. Look, whether you like it or not, the rest of Zambia will follow the pattern in which Southern Province voted. Look, Sata brought some development to Southern Province, but on election day, it was about tribe. Some of us neutrals are so angered by UPND that we will vote PF not based on anything else but to defend ourselves against you.

  3. These actions are reflective of the national psyche. We love absolutes; we love to expel, to punish, to charge… there is very little in the spirit of reasoning and accommodation. This is why we have very little time left to really progress as a nation. Can we just be allowed to have a wider vista on matters…?

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