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Read the content of the Draft Constititution, Lungu tells Zambians in Angola

General News Read the content of the Draft Constititution, Lungu tells Zambians in Angola

President Edgar Lungu flanked by his wife first lady Ester Lungu addressing the Zambian Living in Angola yesterday. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
President Edgar Lungu flanked by his wife first lady Ester Lungu
addressing the Zambian Living in Angola yesterday.

PRESIDENT Lungu has challenged those advocating the speedy enactment of a new constitution to first read contents of the draft document and the road map before making certain demands.

The President said although he does not want to prejudice what Minister of Justice Ngosa Simbyakula is doing to ensure the enactment of a good constitution, he has read the draft document and knows certain implications involved.

Speaking when he addressed Zambians living in Angola during dinner on Friday evening, Mr Lungu said Government is not against the quick enactment of a new constitution but it is just being cautious in the process of doing so because of some implications involved.

“There are implications such as costs which people should be cautious about. I know that there are very few Zambians who have read the draft constitution.
“You have to read the draft constitution and the road map so that you know what you are talking about,” he said.

President Lungu said Government has shown commitment to enacting a people-constitution by releasing the draft document and the road map.

And President Lungu has urged Zambians in the diaspora to consider forming partnerships with their colleagues back home and set up business enterprises which can create jobs.

The President said Government is ready to protect such partnership businesses as they will help create employment and reduce poverty among Zambians.

Mr Lungu also encouraged Zambians in the diaspora to consider investing back home because they will return to their native country one day.

“If you are married, come back with your spouses and we will give them citizenships,” he said.

President Lungu also said one of the main things discussed during his private talks with Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos was doing away with the visa requirement for people travelling from Zambia to Angola and vice versa.

Mr Lungu said the matter is being dealt with at the highest level and assured that the problem will soon be sorted out once complex matters such as security are addressed especially for people living along the border.

He also said he accepted the invitation by President Dos Santos to visit Angola because this will help strengthen relations between the two countries,
The President said relations between Zambia and Angola have not been clear in recent years hence the need to rekindle the once cordial bilateral ties.

And President Lungu said Government is exploring many options on how to procure crude oil cheaply and that Angola is the biggest option.

Speaking earlier, First Lady Esther Lungu urged Zambians living in foreign countries to always have a feeling that they are Zambians who will one day return home.

Mrs Lungu also urged Zambians in the diaspora to remain united, loving and peaceful to show the world that Zambia is a haven of peace.
“Let people know that Zambia is a peaceful country. We have come a long way because of the grace of God, so let’s continue being peaceful,” she said.


    • From 90 days it’s now 4 years…too much boza PF…Donchi kubeba reloaded…wenye ngako a Lungu..nichnji kansi kunama bantu

    • @Chile1. How can Lungu be right when it was the same PF that promised the same Constitution to be given to the people in 90 days. Have you forgotten what they as a party promised the Zambians?

  1. South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, all have come up with comprehensive constitutions while Zambians continue to spend more and talk more with no product to show.

    What costs are we worried about that are more than what Zambia is already spending on numerous by-elections caused by a weak constitution? Why does the issue of cost always become a factor whenever something good is planned to be done for the majority of Zambians? Lets us have separation of powers so that abuse of resources by government wings is curbed. Stop the bureaucrats abusing state resources.

  2. Please Mr.President tell your Minister to start explaining those implications so that those who have not read the draft can start understanding what you. Postponing the constitution would be very risky for you as that is the least Zambians expect from you.We want to do away with unnecessary by – elections at all levels,improve accountability of our national resources and governance in general.Just as we find resources for bye-elections which are not always planned for so it should be for the constitution and even much easier since it has been there for so long!

  3. You said yourself before becoming president that you will give the people the constitution they want, after becoming President story story? Why did you not ask tell people to read the constitution when you where campaigning sir?

  4. Ababa Lungu, don’t dig a hole for yourself – constitution please. as far as cost, let hose in power forgo their salaries for a few months and that should be enough to cover the cost

  5. Looking at how cadres are now controlling institutional offices just because their beloved party is in government, we seriously need a separation of powers between the different wings of government. Or simply put, reduce presidential prerogatives such as authority and appointment of senior government officials. But biggest question is which sitting president will elect to trim his own powers??

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