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YALI shocked by Police intention to arrest Muhabi Lungu for holding a private meeting

Headlines YALI shocked by Police intention to arrest Muhabi Lungu for...

MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu
Muhabi Lungu

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is shocked with actions by the Zambia Police Force to look for MMD’s Muhabi Lungu with a view to arrest him for holding a private meeting at his residence with the other faction of the party.

YALI Governance Advisor Issac Mwanza says to term the meeting held by Muhabi Lungu and his friends as illegal by the Police is once again calling citizens to question the professional conduct by the police and whether citizens are free to do private meetings in their homes to discuss problems at their work places.

Mr. Mwanza says should Mr. Lungu and any of his colleagues be arrested it will be in contravention of the constitutional rights to meet in the privacy of their homes to discuss matters that affect them, their own future and that of their own club.

He notes that his organization will find it strange if the DPP will sanction the prosecution of Muhabi Lungu by the Police.

Mr. Mwanza says it is clear the police are abusing their powers in the discharge of their function and has further called upon President Edgar Lungu to prevail and call for greater professionalism in the Zambia Police Force.

This is contained in a statement released by Mr. Mwanza.

And Police in Lusaka are still looking for suspended MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu for holding an illegal meeting at his house.

The MMD Media Team has told ZANIS in a statement today that Mr Lungu is allegedly on the run following the illegal meetings held with other expelled senior members of the party.

The meetings were held yesterday despite the group being ordered earlier by Police not to go ahead with the planned gathering at Chrismar Hotel.

Lusaka province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has also confirmed the development.

The meeting at Chrismar hotel was later dispersed by police but the group relocated to Mika Lodge where they were again dispersed and thereafter moved to Mr Lungu’s house.

According to the statement, the group sent their hired cadres to the MMD secretariat as a decoy while they held a clandestine meeting at Mr Lungu’s home in the garage.

“Mr Lungu had earlier committed fraud by using MMD letter heads to write to the Police and sign the letter as National Secretary even though he and 19 others were expelled at a NEC meeting attended by over 40 people on 31 January 2015,” said the statement.

The statement said the courts have also ordered Mr. Lungu and his agents not to interfere with the operations of the office of the president of MMD, Nevers Mumba.

But Mr Lungu has however told ZNBC in a news item monitored in Lusaka today that he would report to Woodlands Police Station tomorrow morning as he was not psychologically ready to hand himself over today.


    • The MMD should just be dismantled. It is a finished party.

      To my fellow bloggers, Iam saying good bye to you all. Iam this Friday expected to fly to Australia where I am doing more trainings in aviation industry for 15 months together with my husband and I have now stopped commenting.

      When I come back in July 2016, I will be called Prof Jane Mulenga; in Engineering of Assembling Aeroplane. I have got a doctorate in Plane Assembling, a career that no Zambians has ever taken. It has been nice to be with you in Zambia I should confess. Please continue developing Zambia through your positive contributions/comments.

      As for me today is my last day to comment. I will come back in 2016 to usher HH in State House. But in 2016, please vote for HH the Man of Peace and Progress. I LOVE HH.

    • come on,,,, lungu`s police force have no clue of their duties,,, muhabi invites friends for a drinking meeting in his house ,,, you want to arrest him shuwa

    • @ 1.1 your posting is quite strange. Aren’t you aware internet is global? Don’t tell us you’re going to be studying 24/7. Be aware there are very educated people on these boards and that you’re not the only one studying.

    • @1.1 Bana Mulenga.
      All the best with your studies down under. Knock’em dead. But remember “It is attitude and not just aptitude, that determine your altitude in life”. I agree with @1.4 Zambian Namayo. Yours is a very strange posting.

  1. Mr Yali, the DPP himself is not free, he is trying hard to swim to the show. For Muhabi, this serves him right, PF will show him what kind of a party he associated with.

    • Ba ZedpoorPeople; yours is a good observation so ba YALI should panic concerning Muhabi Lungu coz it could take some good days to see our controvercially ‘GREAT DPP’ swimmimg to the show.

    • Point On. This YALI is run by people whose rationality is questionable. Muhabi invited his friends “to a tea party’ using MMD letterhead masquerading as MMD Secretary. These are issues himself has taken to court. Police then realized the mistake and ask Lungu not to go ahead with the meeting. He disregarded lawful instructions. The police want to question him for this office. Our YALI is shocked! How?

  2. Iwe YALI or whatever you are or represent; don’t you know that filomofilomo Muhabi defied lawful orders from the police not to hold an illegal meeting?

    • It was legal to gather in his house with friends. Unless of course you want a police state that does not have freedom of speech or freedom of assembly.

    • @ chitutuma

      Under which Act did ZP issue “house arrest” warrant? Does ZP have any right to force any citizen to be ordered to maintain “incommunicado” status.

      If instead of Lungu, it was you, ZP actions will be illegal?

  3. There is total anarchy in the country. The confusion is being perpetuated through inadvertence by uncaring PF Government.

  4. STÛPID B!TCH CALLED JANE MULENGA your brain is just a piece of sh!t. I hope they ban you from entering Australia before you polute them with your stinking ape-sh!t! You belong in the forest KOLWE! The only engineering you will ever know is to suck white mens scrotums.

    • @Kwacha millionaire- Don’t start insults. The man is saying bye he will bloog no more let him rest with her PhD in engineering. No engineers don’t like commenting on useless things. Stay well in Australia
      As for me we have enjoyed interacting in blogging you kept the show live esp during elections. Your insults against EL were not so friendly, lets hope you come a changed person and support you candidate hHH. Thank you very much for your contributions both positive and negative. God bless you

  5. We are all entitled to each other’s opinion, wether good or bad. Each one of us has a right to be heard. Am afraid Zambia is doomed to remain third world for long. I love freedom and the country I love so dearly seems to not tolerate individual freedoms of expression and association. The poor cops are being sent on fools errands.

  6. 1. Sad that apartheid tactics are still being employed by our police. Surely, Commissioner Katanga’s record is well known, yet she is rewarded for her anti-democracy, anti-freedom stand.
    2. Dual citizenship is is not just a furtherance of the right to freedom of choice and movement but is positive to national development. Progressive countries in Asia and even Africa have the Clause but have not reported any “problems” HE is concerned about. Secondly, the Running Mate and the 50+1 Clauses are essential for cost-saving, checks on power of president and ensures the President is a majority leader. Surely, Hard to understand HE’s opposition to such progressive Clauses.

  7. One thing is clear from the outset; the PF is NOT interested in constitutional change. In a country where more than 70% of the voters lack an understanding of the meaning of good governance and the role a good constitution would play in their daily lives, the PF finds it easy to convince voters that the constitution is not an issue. Indeed, unless NGOs take up the task of educating the masses on what a constitution does in their everyday lives, the PF will remain politically comfortable with the old constitution. Even future governments after PF may continue toying with the old constitution, yet Zambia needs a new good constitution. We are at the mercy of a few individuals we usher into high positions. Sad indeed.
    Freedom of commenting on national issues is a natural right please.

  8. These are the makings of a police state a la Gestapo. If Muhabi or any other citizen cannot meet as they please anywhere they please, how is the democratic process going to be protected and enhanced. This is not only a gross violation of a constitutional right, but an abuse of police authority. How does a modern ‘democratic’ society sink to this level. Police cannot mind control the political thinking and intentions of the people..

  9. Assertions that the MDD party should just wind up and disband are not right. Every institution, society or organization goes through similar patches and its just a passing phase. Yes differences may be there but our maturity is going to be measure in the way we resolve our differences. My appeal to the Party President Dr. Nevers Mumba, please consider reconciliation. The bible says he had given us a ministry of reconciliation and as believers we have no choice but to forgive.
    Its true that a number of MPs and other Party members openly campaingned for the opposition in the just ended Presidential by-elections. This trend did not just happen in the MDD Party, but many people switched sides and supported candidates of their choice. This i know did not auger well with the powers that

  10. The Police are there to maintain Law and order.

    The meeting Muhabi purpoted to hold was unconstitutional .
    He is nolonger MMD SG.



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