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Examinations Council accused of overcharging for school certificate results


The Examinations Council of Zambia has been accused of overcharging people seeking print outs of school certificates.

The Zambia Youths Association in the Fight Against Corruption (ZYAFAC) Executive Director Rickson Kanema says his organisation is concerned that the national examinations body is overcharging fees to people seeking re-prints of School Certificates after correction of errors.

Mr. Kanema charged that the institution at its Woodlands Service Centre has been charging exorbitant fees amounting to k500 for grade 9 and K960 for grade 12 school certificates.

He has since challenged the examinations body to justify the exorbitant fees especially that the Centre does not urgently attend to clients.

He also appealed to the Ministry of Education to step in the matter and address the problem as it is draining ordinary citizens of hard earned money to have certificates re-printed when the errors are made by the government department.

He also urged the ECZ to improve on its service delivery and ensure that clients are served with distinction.

Mr Kanema however commended the examinations council for stamping out examination leakages as it will restore confidence in the country’s education system.

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  1. Yes these have become day light robbers, someone out there at the Ministry arrest the situation and the fools behind the robbery.


  2. Go to Matero and get a cheaper one! We’re not in a Socialistic or Communist state, unfortunately for you, our Economic state dictates that you pay!


  3. Try Cambridge or Edexcel through the British Council and SEE how expensive it is. Government institutions ought to run in a sustainable manner than ‘cry’ for funding and I bet the Exam Council is trying to remain afloat through its own initiatives, march with the times!


  4. ECZ is in total mess.They are pathetic and hardly ever attend to clients.It takes years for a querry to be attended to.Scrap it and fire the *****s



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