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Government directs all Millers not to increase the prices of the mealie meal

Economy Government directs all Millers not to increase the prices of the mealie...

Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA
Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA

GOVERNMENT has directed millers in the country not to increase the prices of the mealie meal.

Agriculture and Livestock minister Given Lubinda said his Ministry had set-up an urgent meeting with the millers today to discuss the mealie meal prices and the wheat situation.

Mr Lubinda said in a press statement released in Lusaka yesterday that the Ministry would issue another statement on mealie meal prices and the wheat situation after the planned meeting is held.

“I wish to state that until this meeting is held, no miller should effect any increases on mealie meal prices. My Ministry will issue a further statement on Mealie Meal prices and the wheat situation after the planned meeting is held,” he said.

He said Government is concerned with the increasing prices of mealie meal and wheat and the confusion regarding the wheat situation in the country.

Meanwhile, the Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) has welcomed the Government’s willingness to dialogue over mealie meal prices.

MAZ president Allan Sakala said in an interview yesterday that his association was ready to meet Mr Lubinda and other Government officials to discuss how mealie meal prices can be stabilised.

“We are happy with the Minister’s intention to dialogue over the price of mealie meal, as this is a meaningful approach to such issues.

“We actually wrote to the Ministry of Agriculture seeking audience with the Minister and we hope to meet with him at the earliest convenient time to exchange views on the maize milling and mealie meal marketing business in Zambia,” Mr Sakala said.

Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has also called on Government and MAZ to reach consensus over a favourable mealie meal price that will benefit consumers.

ZACA executive director Samuel Simutunda said in a separate interview that his association wanted government and the millers to work out a reasonable price for the commodity.

“All the economic prospects are favourable at the moment and this paves way for a much reasonable reduction in the price of consumer goods including mealie meal,” Mr Sakala said.


    • Lubinda, please consult what should be done to assist with reducing the cost of living. You seem to be heading the Kaunda type of economics in the 21st century. You will tilt the balance of demand and supply, with this approach. The issue is the cost of production which must be addressed holistically. Just to give you heads up. Address the cost of energy i.e. fuel and electricity (no load shading); address the cost of agric inputs, address the agric business model (FRA should be reformed); address the value addition chain at the community level (I know this approach will be strange to you, it is called entrepreneurship – a new way of doing things to benefit the communities). I end here because you have only short term approach to issues.

  1. Is this the beginning of price controls? I thought costs of production and transportation not forgetting the supply and demand relationships determines the price of ubunga.

    • Your Simple economics don’t work. When a country is invaded by cartels the basic rules economics fail to work. Fuel prices have drastically reduced but have you heard of anyone reducing the price? In such cases then arm-twisting tends to work well.

  2. Government has know money please . It’s all because the power in government are busy stealing . 50 years it’s the some thing ????????????

  3. I learned that we in the diaspora should stop commenting about Zambia?. Well, we love the country so that it is difficult not to say the obvious…….Bwana Given knows price controls are a wrong formula for running an economy. Let the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMEND determine the prices of Mealy meal and other commodities, otherwise you will bring in distortions including artificial shortages. Ask UNIP.

    • This would be working well if there were no cartels. Can you explain why prices, even bus fares have remained high despite the government having reduced prices to almost halt to what it was?
      Government needs a firm hand to fight the cartel on behalf of hopeless citizens.

  4. why did YOU PF remove subs? Now you want to control millers!! First,find out how much millers spend to be able to produce a bag mealie meal. Mwapya mu 2016. Bwana Lubinda,tell your so called party: copper prices are falling,the currency,our kwacha is losing value on a daily basis.What are the factors causing this? What are you supposed to do ? You continue borrowing!! Who will pay back?

  5. @ Barefoot, khikikiki, how come you blogged that one just a second before I could..lol

  6. I really think the language should not be about bullying (“directs”) the millers but that of seeking genuine ways of keeping the mealie meal prices low both in the short term and in the long term. Millers have costs which they would love sincerely addressed where possible in order to keep the prices low. Directing millers to reduce or maintain prices even when it may mean incurring losses could actually lead to even more price increases. Imagine some millers closing down and a few remain in operation! That would mean not only price hikes but also job losses. The minister should seek genuine discourse over this matter and not mere politicking.

  7. Poor soul he does not understand modern economics, he is a simple NRDC technician who thinks he is the most intelligent man around but I guess given the poor calibre of PF people he puts himself on a pedestal that he does not deserve to be

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