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Bus and Taxis union to meet govt over new fares

Economy Bus and Taxis union to meet govt over new fares

Zambia Bus and Taxi Workers Union (ZABUTWU) says the Union will soon dialogue with government to determine bus and taxi’s fares.

ZABUTWU President James Liambayi says the old bus fares for local distances have been maintained due to absence of direct dialogue between the Union and government.

He said the discussion with government will help to bring the bus operators and the Union in general to agree on appropriate bus fares that will meet the needs of the travellers.

ZANIS reports that the ZABUTWU president said this in a telephone interview in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr. Liambayi said that his Union was mandated to serve the interest of bus and taxi drivers through engaging other stakeholders to find lasting solution in the matter.

The Energy Regulation Board recent announced the reduction in fuel price by k3 but bus and taxi driver have maintained the same bus fares which has caused confusions between bus drivers and members of public.


  1. Yes & it’s great that union can discuss this issue to finding a lasting conclusion.
    Its a fact that fuel world wide has reduced & the pump prices have reasonably cut down. If the price of fuel was reduced it would also be logical for bus & taxi operators to reduce the fares.
    The majority poor & suffering poverty Zambians are feeling the effects. Most notably of them are unemployment who can’t afford a bus, let alone a taxi.
    Fares should not be exaggerated & people expect that bus & taxi fares are reduced immediately for national interest. Why have different prices for the same route by varying transport operators? Unless their vehicles are equipped with entertainment package.
    The Skeleton Key

  2. This is not the right union to discuss changes in bus fares. This is a union of bus and taxi drivers. Government should discuss with the operators instead. ZABUTWU is a union of workers, not employers or owners

  3. While we appreciate the reduction on fuel by the government and the call for reduction of bus fares we should bear in mind the other related costs attached to public transport. An over view of 30 seater bus to just operate on the road requires the following charges/fees

    1. Operating road license at K94.00
    2. Identity K160.00
    3. Road Tax K460.00- K560.00
    4. Fitness K32.00 quarterly
    5.Insurance now increased from K870.00 to K1400 in 2015 per year
    6. ZRA Presumptive tax increased from K300 to K600 every month
    7. daily Station charges
    8. Running costs such spares, fuel, etc
    9. Wages to drivers

    With this long list of fees compounded by stiff competition because of so many buses on the road, making a marginal profit is becoming a nightmare

  4. Today 23 February 2015, from Kulima tower bus station to Chilanga I have been charged K6.50 when last week I paid a K6.00,this has surprised me because nothing has been heard on news to say fuel has been increased again,does really the consumer protection do their work to see to it that as consumers we are protected because even to the reduction of fuel by K3.00 wasn’t enough to reduce the bus fair by K0.50.
    Our consumer protection fraternity is docile and useless.
    They must be able to see to it that day to day regulation of protecting its citizens. More especially on taxis and buses on the short distances because we are only told of the price while you have already boarded the bus, this is a daylight theft meanwhile the regulation board is seeing.

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