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Prisoner bolts, kidnaps 5 -year-old boy

General News Prisoner bolts, kidnaps 5 -year-old boy

Police in Solwezi are hunting for a prisoner who has run away with a five year old boy who was inside the vehicle that he has allegedly stolen.

North Western division police senior staff officer Hackson Mwiinga confirmed the incident that happened over the weekend in Solwezi.

Mr Mwiinga identified the prisoner as Joseph Mponda who is also a metal fabrication student at Solwezi Skills Institute where the owner of the vehicle Warren Chembe is a Lecturer.

Mr Mwiinga explained that Chembe engaged Mponda, a prisoner serving a sentence at Solwezi Central prison to repair his vehicle on Saturday.

Mr Mwiinga said Mponda later asked Mr Chembe to allow him to go for a road test with his son on board and did not return.

Mr Mwiinga said police have since instituted a manhunt for Mponda.


  1. Trust if not checked can be seriously misplaced…I hope for the safe return of the child…I can say so much about allowing a prisoner behind the wheel but no doubt this family is hurting…

  2. Kapondo ni kapondo….. how did he find himself repairing a car in the first place. And y allow a convict to go on test drive with a 5 yrs kid on board…we pray for the safety of the kid!

    • I think the 5 year Old kid was their to make Mpoda had to go without coming back, but stil the theory has failed to work, come back safe young Mwiinga,

  3. I urge all of you parents to be very, very protective of your children. Things have changed these days and its not only the girl child that is in danger. A car you can replace but a child…
    This prisoner deserves the electric chair when he is caught.

  4. I smell a tail of a rat here. Where was the warden? Why did Mr Chembe send a 5 year old on a road test with a convict? The convict is a Metal fabrication student,so how did the lecturer hire him to repair a car? Lets hope the small boy will be left in safe custody as Mponda continues with the run. But I have a reason to believe that this was stage managed.

    • Madness of the highest order. Who permitted the Prisoner to leave the prison on a weekend? What authority does a lecturer have to permit a serving prisoner to go on the road without the warder? Who is the Officer in charge of that prison? What is his interest in the whole arrangement? What is the connection between Solwezi Skills Institute and the Prison Service? Who knows what has happened to the innocent child? Bushe ukushishita kumo lipaalo or bubwa fye? Fwayeni umwana mwefipuba imwe elo nga mwasanga noyo wine Kolwe munenu mukamuteke muli sulphiric acid.

  5. Mmmm! where were other free mechanics? why only the prisoner to fix the car? Arrest the lecturer, he knows what is happening…

    He has asked the prisoner to sell the vehicle in DRC
    Leave the child at the nearest public place
    Will meet later to share the money
    The lecturer does not want the wife to eat any ngwee. So, he is playing on her mind psychologically so that she says even if the car goes for good, all I need is my child.

    Cage the lecturer quickly

    • Have some Zambians and opposition sunk this low. A child has been kidnapped and you moronically are speaking about political affiliations. Pray for the child’s safe return.

  6. Abena Chanda Chilengu… Ati the lecturer just wants to dupe the wife? Some levels of imagination can really be stretched!
    Lets ask God for the quick and safe return of the Child.

  7. Very sad situation indeed and a lesson to others who trust strangers just to win a favour! How can you trust somebody to go on road test with a defenseless child? There are things that one should be aware of. Never trust anybody, especially if it involves life! Regrettable experience! Hope for the better to the child.

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