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Zambia records an increase in the fertility rate


Presenting a baby hamper

Zambia has recorded an increase in the fertility rate currently standing at 5.2 percent children per woman.

Meanwhile, the rate of increase in fertility has raised concern among members of the medical fraternity.

Ndola Central Hospital Assistant Senior Medical Superintendent Sebastian Chinkoyo says there is therefore need to promote family planning among all sexually active people.

Dr. Chinkoyo told ZANIS in an interview in Ndola today that according to the Demographic Health Survey, between 2013 and 2014 the fertility rate stood at 5.2 percent of the number of children per woman.

Dr. Chinkoyo who is Head of Clinical Care and also a Consultant Obstetrician-Gynaecologist said for Zambia the normal fertility rate of the number of children per women should be between two and three.

“There is need to promote family planning methods among all sexually active people as the expected number of children a women should have is at least two or three children”, said Dr Chinkoyo.

He noted that five children for a women was too much adding that this was why medical practitioners should work with the communities and sensitize them on the benefits of using contraceptives and let them know that they were safe if used correctly.

He explained that there are a lot of misconceptions concerning family planning methods as some people believe that they cause infertility.

Dr Chinkoyo said there was a lot of information gap between medical practitioners and the communities which lead to both men and women shunning family planning services.

Dr. Chinkoyo further said people should understand that family planning methods are in two categories which include limiting the number of children one should have and child spacing.

He also explained that there are two family planning methods which include temporal and permanent contraceptives.

Dr Chinkoyo noted that a permanent family planning method can be performed on both men and women but that the temporal ones were for women only.


  1. What else? Please castrate the men if their women can’t be desciplined with the available birth control methods maybe just maybe that country can produce a normal president! There I said it….. So so upset with the current one and how has not only disrepected but also played the late king cobra!

    • We need more people, what birth control? Juts produce, you just copying things and imagining you have the same lack of space issues like Europe, there is plenty of land for 200million more people. Just produce, just have lots of cex that’s all!

    • What?? But that Chinkoyo is not a man enough. Temporary family planning method ku fumyamo… mwasansa ku chitenge.
      To some of sofisticated we even know how to miss, Zambia women don’t know what I am referring to, we learn from these other races.

  2. What’s five children.My wife has given me 10.
    5 are working in the diaspora.
    I just sit and wait for transaction numbers. Am a good customer of Western Union.

  3. Those opposing family planning should read the article again! Family planning doesn’t just mean reducing the number of children one can have but it includes child spacing-having children when one is in their best position to care for them. We need manageable families so that we can care well for each other. Look at the growing number if street children who are mainly there because their parents have failed to adequately provide for them or they are orphans and their relatives have no capacity to take in more children in addition to their own big numbers! Awareness on family planning should be as wide spread as messages on AIDS and Ebola if we have to build a healthy and prosperous nation!

  4. it is not about having a lot of land but having enough resources to match the population. If at the current population of about 13 million we are whining about lack of xyz, what happens with population explosion,more poverty and misery!

  5. Zambians too dull, you still do not know or understand that the best form of family planning is dealing with poverty. World over this is a fact even here in Zambia the well to do have fewer children. Our low levels of knowledge and analysis is the reason why this country remains backward and continues to vote for the backward party called PF

  6. The populations of Ireland and Zambia were 4 million in 1964. Since then, Ireland’s population has hardly grown but Zambia’s has trebled. What have we achieved with such an exponential growth? Whilst the Irish have very high standard of life, we continue to wallow in poverty. Please let’s mind the rate at which we produce children.

  7. Ouch,hii ni mbaya sana coz sasa tutapata more of our Bemba tribalists being born.

    Sad day for Zambia and the 71 most precious tribes.

  8. Zambians are really producing at an alarming rate. I usually go to one of the compounds to visit my aunt. If you see the number of young pregnant girls around, you would wonder whether they really care about the future. Some as young as 13 years.

  9. Its Gods blessings when population increases – The children of Israel multiplied whilst in bondage in Egypt – This an indication of Gods presence in Zambia. Rejoice fellow Zambians and do not let the adversary steal this one

    • Spot on. The biggest economy in the World today is China. what is working for them are the numbers. Nigeria’s GDP is now the biggest in Africa because of the population which is working for them. What we need is a strategy to grow the economy and maintaining population growth.

  10. Sensitization is needed mostly in rural areas and these town compounds. people are fed with wrong information that these contraceptives have effects, so they shun them.

  11. The fertility rate in Zambia is just fine. For the wealth which this country has, we also need to go up slightly. All we need is prudent management and distribution of resources.
    The West has made us to think that we cannot manage. Bufi. Look at how they are now rushing to adopt our children because they do not have a population of young people.
    Zambia has enough land, all it needs is a leadership that prioritizes Human Capacity Development.
    And this so called Doctor, what the hell is he talking about?
    Viva Zambian fertility. Tiye nayo fendela fenduza.
    There must even be a law to incentivise child bearing like tax reduction for those families with more children and more taxes for these lazy rich people without children.

    • I do agree. Fyalaleni. China,
      India, Nigeria are the examples of real progressive development. Uyo doctor was educated long ago when we believed in everything Enland or USA said. They do’t even have their own markets for their products. I like and approve the teory of population growth. More children ili che.

  12. I need a girl to be my wife! So I can add to the numbers burgeon….viva infants galore… viva baby boom!!! Only hoping that they are not the type that will vote for pf kind of thinking…

  13. Power is in numbers.Why you cry about Bemba domination, it is because they are well known for producing a minimum of 10 children with 1 woman!

  14. Sex or sexually active is an activity that most people cherish very much in Zambia, no wonder it is even done by children at an age of as low as 6 years. Believe you me i have witnessed this where this boy lines up his small 4 girl friends of ages 5, 6 4 and 7 years respectively to have sex with them, so where do you think they acquired these practices? of course from the media and their older relatives hence what do you think will happen when they reach 15 and 17 its babies all over the show which is pride of every Zambian and in this case a competition because if you don’t have a children even if you cannot manage them well you will receive sentiments to say wena ha upepi , iwe taufyale and so forth, ideally lets just bring the Chinese policy and see what can happen me and my friends…

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