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Zambian Entrepreneur to speak at Harvard Business School

Headlines Zambian Entrepreneur to speak at Harvard Business School

(Picture Credit L/R: U.S Embassy Zambia Public Affairs Officer, Janet Deutsch with Mawano Kambeu, Lars Gundersen and Tamika Gondwe from Dot Com Zambia)
(Picture Credit L/R: U.S Embassy Zambia Public Affairs Officer, Janet Deutsch with Mawano Kambeu, Lars Gundersen and Tamika Gondwe from Dot Com Zambia)

Zambian Entrepreneur, Mawano Kambeu, who is the Managing Director of Dot Com Zambia, will be a speaker at the 17th Annual Africa Business Conference, to be held at the Harvard Business School Campus in Boston, USA from Friday 27th February to Sunday 1st March 2015. The theme for this year’s conference, which is hosted by the University’s Africa Business Club, is “A more inclusive Africa: The pursuit of progress for all”.

This year’s conference will include a New Ventures Program, which will bring together ten entrepreneurial visionaries, which includes Mawano Kambeu, focused on solving Africa’s problems. By giving them a speaking platform, the program aims to showcase Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs as well as provide access to a network of industry experts, business leaders, the Harvard community and investors.

Speaking in Lusaka, Mawano states, “Harvard Business School is the best business school in the world; therefore I am honored and proud to be recognized by this amazing institution and to be able my organization and Zambia.” Mawano further explained that three additional employees will be travelling to the conference as part of the Dot Com Zambia delegation, as the company has been given a complimentary booth at the conference.

Dot Com Zambia has recently drawn media attention for their e-commerce solutions for the Zambian market, which includes an innovative intercity electronic bus ticketing system called Bus Tickets Zambia. This innovation recently won second place, last November, at the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition in Morocco, which saw the company walk away with US$7,500.00 in grant funding from the U.S Government.


    • That’s what I am talking about, congratulations! You make the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise proud … we are proud of you for putting us on the world map once more.

  1. This is the news that we need instead of promoting tribalism that will never move you out of the shanties Encourage such news guys that talk about personal and national development.

  2. Chibamba kanyama last time mentioned that, there are few zambian entrepreneurs that you can point that they have grown their business without politic connection, this one is one of the few. I look forward to such crop of entrep in our land…….corrupt free generation


  4. Hope will enable a change of direction for some of our youths whose only weekly achievement is how many they downed at the club.

  5. Continue showing us that we can make it as Zambia as were putting to shame thus,wasting their time on grabbing land,showing pangas and street violence.Bravo Musole i am proud of you and i am greatly inspired by you.

  6. We need more people like this young man in Zambia. This country has tremendous opportunities for business in many areas but unfortunately the culture is that for one to make it one has to be a politician or the like so that they become a minister and the like. We need to harness the business potential of our people otherwise will lose this country to Chinese, Indians, Somalians, Lebanese and other foreigners.

  7. Well Done young man. You see what mixed blessings you get from mixed marriages! This is what we need in multitribal Zambia. The mother is from Luapula and the father is Kaluchazi! Travel safely and please marry a Zambian girl.

  8. Way to go my man. Congratulations for international recognition and putting Zambia on the map in terms of innovation. We need to set you up for repeating your international presentation to Zambians at home. Do not pay attention to negative feedback. Just plow on ahead with your work.

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