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President Edgar Lungu’s Full Interview with SABC

Economy President Edgar Lungu's Full Interview with SABC

President Lungu was in South Africa this week and was interviewed by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) before returning to Zambia. He discussed many issues including reasons for leaving Guy Scott out of his cabinet.

Below is the full Interview

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    • Bet you must have some sort of strong chemical to clean your lips considering the amount of butt kissing you do…..or maybe you don’t mind the stench…

    • are you for real man! just give me only 2 statements from this interview which would make anyone say your lungu is hardworking and dedicated. In all honesty, this does not even qualify to be a political interview,,,,, it’s more like a bar room chat. president obama had a town hall meeting today and i encourage you to listen to it MSNBC just so you can have some idea of what dedication and hard work looks like

    • I Did not know the man, but for a first interview on foreign soil, he carried himself very well. He has only been leader of a political party for 3 months while HH has been for nearly 10 years! HH is nowhere near as articulate and gifted as Lungu. Now that people know the fella, HH will be President of the Bantustan only.



    • The visionless whose diagnostic is alcoholism! One has to be a alcoholic to be in PF & any position at the helm of Lungu.

      “I don’t drink with him….not my friend but an acquaintance” lamented Edgar Lungu. Wasting tax payers monies for going to South Africa & talk about drinking is one of the absurd insinuating statement from a president.
      Dr Scott is second best president from Dr Mwanawasa to stand by the rule of law and respecting democracy. What do you expect from one who was chosen by the way lifting hands sorted by visionless néss!
      The economy is shambles’ as the Kwacha becomes the most pathetic currency in the whole world.
      Seriously te fintu, alifye visionless one Changwa. Mr. Lungu what about the diminishing Kwacha instead of drinking?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Impressive interview. I believe president Edgar Lungu has the vision and the right attitude. Let him not stray along the way.

    • It’s actually the first time I have heard this man speak. Let’s put it this way: he’s miles a breathe of fresh air over his predecessor. If you are a Zambian living in S/A, you wouldn’t be embarrassed by this interview. Take the demeanour away, and don’t compare him with Obama or Cameron, and what you have is a guy who looks real to me and he’s not faking his way to populist contest. By African standards (not sure though I haven’t paid much attention to African leaders these days), he sounds alright.

      I’m no fan of anything PF but maybe I should have listened to him much earlier, I might have been concerted. Obviously there’s no big visionary stuff in this interview (thought he missed a chance to hammer home his case on mining tax and trade imbalance) but he did OK.

    • He’s our opponent in UPND but it would be cool going on a drinking spree with President Lungu. Ati …”i don’t drink with him” lol

    • My friend doesn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with the way he usurped the Presidency at the PF conference! He has an opportunity to redeem himself, if only he could tone down his language; so far, it is foul.

    • zedpoorpeople, no wonder you are poor people. ECL said, GS was not his friend but merely an acquaintance. ECL went on to say, “a friend is some one who would invite you or vice versa to drink a cup of tea, coffee or perhaps something else”. ECL was being honest although, ECL knows GS, the two are not friends but mere acquaintances through their interaction in the PF. Zedpoorpeople, if at all you went to school, I am sure you had a lot of classmates whom you knew BUT not all those classmates were your friends. THERE IN SIMPLE ENGLISH, I HOPE YOU NOW GOT WHAT ECL MEANT.

    • zedpoorpeople no wonder you are poor people, please do not take ECL answer out of context. ECL was asked whether, ECL and GS were friends. ECL answer was that they are not friends but mere acquaintances. ECL went on to say that a friend is some one who will invite or vice versa for a cup of tea, coffee or something else. ECL and GS know each other through interaction in the PF BUT they are not friends. Even you zedpoor at one time I believe you were at school, although you knew all your classmates, you cannot say all your classmates were your friends.

    • Now that I have personally watched the interview, I really think that people criticizing him have simply run out serious issues to attack this guy on. The only things they can pick out are silly things like his posture, his interview mannerisms, his lack of eloquence, his use of certain terms, it is fault of the interview for going “soft” on him, extra, extra! Apparently, none of these observations speaks to the substance of the important issues he spoke about—this is how silly and mundane debates on Zambian blogs have become these days.

    • Does Lungu need some improvement, even coaching, in certain areas of how he should speak and carry himself as a President? The answer is YES. Does he need to choose his word carefully now that he his president? The answer again is YES! Does Lungu start seeing himself as leader of a nation and NOT just PF? YES! Does he need to make these foreign trips to mend and reignite our international relations with our neighbors and others? YES, YES, and YES! But to hang up on these trivial matters is really to miss the BIGGER PICTURE and the important issues the president raised—that’s what we should be discussing here.

    • Lungu talked about the mines and gave a very straight forward and unambiguous answer, yet no one seems interested in discussing that. Lungu talked about how he sees his Zambia’s relation to other countries such as RSA, yet we want to discuss how harsh he is by using the expression “fall on them like a ton of bricks.” By the way, which I think is simply as a result of lack of range in how most Zambians (presidents included) expression themselves. A Zambian can call someone FAT to their face and mean NO harm at all—an expressio which can be very offensive, even suicidal, to Western social sensibilities

    • At the risk of sounding like I am his apologist, I think in Lungu’s mind the expression “come down like a ton of bricks” simply conveys his profound disgust at people who want to DOUBLE DEAL in politics.

    • Furthermore, Lungu talked about his worries concerning our country’s flirtation with tribal and regional politics which threatens the very fabric of our existence as nation. Instead we want to talk about how and why he doesn’t “drink” with Guy Scott. This is even after he gave what sounds, to me at least, to be the most reasonable and logical explanation why Dr. Scott is not in his cabinet—he said “GIVEN WHERE WE ARE COMING FROM, I THINK IT WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN APPROPRIATE TO INCLUDE Dr. SCOTT IN MY CABINET.” Unless of course we are simply “politicos” trying to score points on non-issues, what reasonable person would argue with this statement?

    • For Starters:

      1. Lungu was once a deputy minister in the vice president’s office. Meaning Guy Scott was his boss. So it would be difficult for anybody to then turn around and start bossing around your former boss. I think even Guy Scott would have found it very difficult to operate in such environment.

      2. Let us bear in mind also that Dr. Scott is NOT like the Munkombwes (the SEBANA WIKUTE types) of this world who are simply in politics to eat. The man has a record, a reputation and some dignity to protect having acted as President during the transition and Vice President for the past three years. So for him to simply turn around and start taking orders from his once deputy minister in his Veep office would have been a bit difficult for him I would assume.

    • 3. And if I may ask, what ministry would Scott have accepted to be down-graded too? Other than being maintained as Lungu’s Vice, what else would Scott have been assigned to? In my humble opinion, I think Dr. Scott has done his duty for our country and he should be allowed to complete his remaining term as MP and retire in peace. He can still be used for so many other national assignments as one of our respected older statesmen. Its about time Zambian politicians are helped to realize that there is still plenty of fruitful life after retirement. Taking up advisory roles as respectable elder statesmen and stateswomen as plenty of values too!

    • 4. Despite all the talk of reconciliation and such, given the acrimony that took place between Dr. Scott (with the help of the cartel) and the Lungu camp, in the run up to the 2015 presidential by-elections, I think it would be very naive for any of us to say that Lungu/Inonge should simply ignore what took place and suddenly trust these guys again. Any politician put in ECL’s position would do exactly what Lungu has done here. If they say otherwise, they are lying. Unfortunately, Guy Scott made his own ‘political bed’ and he should now lie in it!

    • oh @ Yambayamba, please calm down… we all listened to the interview and we can make our own conclusions… so no need to reprint it or lecture us on what we missed or how we should have understood. Seriously calm down and leave some space for others to comment. Sorry no personal hatred but I think even you know what you have just posted too much. Relax brother/sister.

    • Jacob

      Plus one is visionless! The economy & Kwacha are in LIMBO, whilst its become the most useless currency world wide.

      The Skeleton Key

    • This is the man Zambia and the world can look up to. Clear, concise, frank, focused and articulate. Am very sure someone somewhere has realized that he is NO match to H.E. Mr. Lungu.

      Going by this clip, 2016 will be a walk over because our President has clearly shown the world that he is the man of himself. People and other “big” conglomerates should and will never hold Zambia at ransom. Yes, am very inspired a Zambian, for it gives me confidence that our President cannot be mislead by greedy people be it in his Government or otherwise.

      I see a great nation under this man, watch the space. Those that think can control and manipulate others, well, not with ECL. Your excellence, am truly proud of you and thanks.

  1. Lungu is giving so much outside Zambia and too little locally.mines are about to collapse ka!,no bumper harvest this year ka! The problem with a black man in general is that he is usually not proactive but reactive .

  2. Great interview. We like presidents who tell it as it is. No sugar coating or pretending. Very straight forward answers. VIVA ECL!!!!

  3. He might be intelligent but not eloquence enough for a president. How was he defending people as a lawyer.

    • compared to HH, when it comes to eloquence ECL is miles ahead. You cannot compare HH’s cows accent with ECL’s

    • Is eloquence the answer to issues and not substance? Which school did you go to if I may ask? Those who succeed in life don’t go beating about the bush. Answer the question as it is presented to you, in other words, too much and less substance in anything cannot take you anywhere.

      Just accept that our President is in the Obama league. Am very certain those that lie to others wished this clip was not posted on this site. Certainly, now that his Cabinet, changes and appointments are in place, Zambia is poised for a great economic boom never ever witnessed in our beautiful country.

      Mr. Chikwanda, and Luo, you need to work extra hard. Focus on your Ministries and stop interfering with other Ministers’ decisions. The only President we have is Mr. Lungu and NOT you.

  4. # 5 ganja farmer… You mean your father is slow in the head. I am not surprised, all that ganja must have you, your father, brothers, your dog, and your sisters messed up! and now you want to bring that ganja here…. koswe

  5. No diplomatic skills for a president. How do you talk down Guy Scott your fellow citizen in a foreign country?

    • I personally think too that he should have not said or indicate his not his friend….looks like politics of vengeance still haunts our African leaders….”Its anya or wanya”…its sad

    • How did Guy Scott treat Mr. Lungu in the first place? He was eating with the opposition and never supported Mr. Lungu in any way during the campaigns.

      He is the same man who attempted to stop his nomination papers before the then Acting Chief Justice. We cant forget those tricky times he and others put on PF whilst supporting the opposition in dark meetings.

      So if you aint happy, with what our president has done so far, get out!

    • @ 9 The Genius

      You would have called him a liar had he said it otherwise. He was factual. He said it as it was – calling a spade a spade – no beating about the bush. Him and Dr. Guy Scott are not the best of friends. They have never been. What is wrong with that?

  6. To be fair , i was impressed with President Edgar Lungu. To me he came out as a honest and candid person. at least he can sit for an interview which uncle MCS could not. his comments about the mines is spot on. i agree with him

    I did not vote for him , but so far he is trying to do his best , which might be not be appreciated at moment.

    Let us wait n see. after all God was not asleep when he was being elected into office. God can not be fooled , he knows better than any man. He allowed it , so for us is to just wait and see the end product.

  7. Say the truth and the truth shall set you free,i don’t drink with him and all of us would like to work with people we can trust.

  8. Well done Mr President,
    Very sober and reassuring indeed.
    You make us proud to have you as a leader.

    • Have you got too much wax in your ears? There is nothing reassuring about that..the empty tin was contradicting himself with every second sentence.
      Wake up from your docility!!

  9. Mr.President why don’t you admit that your win was due to the marriage you had with Rupiah Banda.27,000 votes difference came from the regional votes of Eastern Province

    • @ 14 Euro Bond

      To the contrary, I would have thought rather that the voting pattern in Lusaka, Kabwe and the Copperbelt, was HH’s undoing. Otherwise, he did well even in Eastern Province.

    • so what? as if HH didn’t have marriages with Munkombwe, Mutati, Dipak, Masebo and all that ilk….Edgar had the winning marriage and that should count highly in strategy points….I attended a National democratic Institute (NDI) review of the Zambian election and the say that in as much as it was a closely contested election, the 27,000 votes was of the highest integrity. They project that 2016 will be harder to win by HH as Lungu will not have the same hurdles he faced in 2015 and may be a much stronger opponent.

  10. Ok gents since i am not in Zambia i have never heard the guy talk now i know why he won he has some brains good interview he is representing Zambia well the good part is that politicians in zambia now know that if you don’t perform well you are gone it is not like in other African countries where the still have wamuyayaya for that i salute you zambians

    • Sadly the bar is set so appallingly low in Zambia that even if it was Kalusha Bwalya seated on that selfsame seat with responses to the same questions you would have said the same thing!

    • @Jay Jay, What’s up with your fixation on Kalusha Bwalya? Do you get an ORGASM every time you mention his name?

      Because maaaan…, it is like you can’t discuss anything or any topic without somehow finding a way to bring Kalusha Bwalya’s name in your comments.

      C’mon now dude!

  11. Nothing here…this man needs a lot of work by his backroom public relations staff on everything from posture, body language, etiquette and diplomatic language.
    Zambians go and watch how some of today’s leaders conduct interviews..In fact the interview was too soft with him.
    How can this man call himself a lawyer….really laughable!!

    • Jay Jay, are you serious that the man is a lawyer? From which law school? It must be one of the poorest law schools in the world. I don’t believe that the guy is a lawyer.

    • @ 17 Jay Jay

      Mr. Edgar Lungu was not born president. Neither did he go to school to take a course in the etiquette of presidents. Whatever rough edges you may have noticed in him, repulsive though they might be; is because yesterday he was Edgar Lungu, an ordinary guy in the streets of Lusaka like you and me; and today, he is Edgar Lungu the president of the Republic of Zambia. That is the power of democracy.

      Rest assured – next time when it will be president Jay Jay – I will not over-expect anything from him either. Those rough edges you may have noticed in president Edgar Lungu, do fall off and will fall off over time. Wait and you will see the real president Lungu emerge soon. I think he is destined to become a great president. He is humble and honest.

  12. this thing of falling on people like a tonne of bricks, he really loves the expression.

    only thing is that when brick fall, they can cause havoc, but in the process, they also get damaged.

    How does a president use terms like, so on and forth, so many times in 20 minutes.

    Very ordinary behavior, unpresedential talking.

    he is intelligent, but i think he is emotional and unskilled, and this is a problem

    • This is the calibre of leaders will have today these empty tins wouldn’t last 24 hrs in todays corporate world!!

    • He will learn. Don’t be a “know it all person” who sounds holier than thou…just shows what kind of a person you are. Had you been the one sitting in that chair you would have performed even far much worse than him. Be positive and learn to give credit where it is due….is this asking too much from you???

  13. Zambians please don’t make the same mistake again of voting for this guy Lungu….he is only fit to operate in Chawama. Please don’t vote for Lungu. God bless you all.
    “I don’t drink with him” seriously Mr President. So you lied to the people of Zambia about reconciliation with Scott. Shame on you Edgar…shame

  14. I love the humour. A relief from presidents like Sata, Mwanawasa who could not hold interviews.

  15. Edgar lungu is an empty vessel HAHAHAHA i pit with people who just always bring HH in such matters HH made it in life very successful not your lungu who just ants to make himself rich using his position as president of zambia hahahahah

    when he is de-elected,you will see him

    • @ 24 muzimo

      Edgar Lungu is the president. HH is still HH even after four attempts to win the presidency. This last one was offered to him by the gods on a silver platter. How come he still lost when he had it all to himself?

  16. I wonder what is sober about the money when he is actually very dull. It was my first time to hear him speak. He is in the league of Yoweri Museveni. He is suffering from the effects of alcoholism. I never new he had teeth looking like a mole. Kachasu has stained his teeth for ever.
    Back to business, there are two things I picked from that interview, firstly the man is dead scared of all is opponents because of what he did to them. Secondly he thinks that divide and rule would work for him in 2016. By him appointing opposition MPs, he would win the 2016 elections. This is what is making him to start intimidating the other. This man would even be worse than Sata because of his dictatorial tendencies. Like a ton of bricks falling on them. The effects of Kachasu.

  17. He said I do not drink with him and he didnt mention coffee or tea and so its OBVIOUS WHAT HE MEANT-KACHASU OR WHISKY ETC.INdeed wheres the reconciliation?Its his coming together with Scot that made some people vote for him.Siselining Dr Scot has taught us that you can not trust what he says.What does reconcilation mean?Scot went to all rural areas unveiling Satas projects and hence motivated people to vote for EL so sidelining him and calling him not a friend is bad for EL.Pls consider Late presidents co founders of PF.

  18. @zemuntu, you destitute, you are suffering from the effects of eating food from garbage bins. You sound like a pigmy from the ituli rainforest of DRC. What language are you writing? I am sorry I do understand Chiluba or Lingala.

    • voice of reason, I was saying ” go and wipe your smelly behind coz the stench coming from your corner is no different from your Haleyenda Halekota (HH). Simply put it like this ” shove your head in your backside and fart you caveman

  19. The Interviewer has a Zambian accent and not South African accent and so it could be he is a PF supporter because the questions he asked were too soft for a president.

  20. Lungu has no diplomatic etiquette. He call S.A powerful. You don’t call you competitor ‘powerful’ He could have used the term influential so that Zambia does not appear subservient. He also sounds too vindictive and heavy handed on his rivals. His threatening ‘tonne of bricks’ on his political opponents is dictatorial. He should have found a better way of describing his relationship with former vice and acting president Scott than describing him as an acquaintance because he never drunk with him. he describes HH as regional when he too got regional votes thereby lowering his own standards before the international community. The first impression I get of him is that he apes people. He is not his own. I just felt his admiration for KK will turn him into a tyrant. The KK days are…

  21. What a breath of fresh air! Dr. Guy Scott had almost dismantled all the Zambia RSA strong ties with just one careless and disgruntled rant with during a British interview while drunk. Looking at the posts on this article one can clearly see how forgetful Zambians can be! President Edgar Lungu is here trying to do damage control people.

  22. @job, you are quite right, what man would go to another singing his praises and demeaning himself? He is embarrassing himself and down grading the country. Those dictatorial tendencies would be the weapon that would bring him down. He is a mambala!!!

  23. Edgar lacks wisdom. Sure his description of Guy Scott is not fit for a president to make in or outside Zambia. What was there to lose to say I have respect for Dr Scott although I have not included him in my govt? Anyway, he was speaking after drinking kachasu and mosi.

  24. The man is very smart, he is making the haters like Fred M’membe and HH choke with envy!!!! They wanted to use drinking beer as a weapon to hammer him now he keeps mentioning drinking just to shoot at them so that they don’t have anything to say about that! like what he said at state house after meeting diplomats when he asked ba Chikwanda ati ” nibani atigulile walwa?” and now he says I don’t drink with him he is not my friend!!!! The man is smart watch the space!

  25. This is a no gloves off interview from Edgar Lungu, man being confortable with being himself and sincere with his inner feelings.

    For the proud moment was at the end when he was asked about his living/dead hero in africa today and I sense the interviewer was trying to extract the name Mandela out of Mr Lungu, but he put it as he felt . It is KK. KK might have done things wrong, but to me he remains my number one hero because without his free educational policy, I wouldn’t be here regarding some places some of us were born and grew up.

    It is shameful that both MMD and PF have been a disaster for education in Zambia. Now Education is just for the elite. Despicable indeed.

    KK is the number 1, no doubt

    • I admire Lungu’s honesty. When asked what he was going to achieve in his term, he said not much! Also he admitted that he was not prepared for the elections. But as a party the PF have failed short was what they promised. Verdict: 7/10 for Lungu and 2/10 for PF

  26. Am again asking you people who want to envy everything that is coming from the West. Americans do not even want to hear Obama Speak; Why/ because all his beautiful words have done nothing to Americans! Don’t be cheated by good or eloquent speakers. There is a world recession, unfortunately Zambia has not escaped it this time since our trade with China had been good, but China has been hit hard! Please read widely about the rest of the world before you say things you do not know about on this blog!

    • @ 37 Margaret

      It’s hard to believe you have a functioning brain. You say: “Americans do not even want to hear Obama Speak; Why/ because all his beautiful words have done nothing to Americans!” Are you really able to stand by that?

  27. Hi Edgar….you still got a few things to master….here are tips on how to answer certain questions that attack your feeling:

    How is you relationship with Dr. Guy Scott?

    Answer: (laugh first, or smile at least):
    Actual Answer: Some people and certain sectors of the media wish my relationship with Dr. Guy Scott was negative…Unfortunately it cant be. I have worked with Dr. Guy Scott at different levels for a long time and nothing can change our long brotherly relationship created out of both our experiences and our common values to help develop our mother Zambia.

    TIP: You know (as everyone else does you are the president)…be sure to dwell on the positive side of issues always…that’s one attribute of leadership you must develop…Amos should help you with this…Goodluck

    • @ SUPERHUMAN….khikikiki….I love that..! positivity!!!

      And you are absolutely spot on: a leader should never show emotions, or any sense of hatred at any moment to the media (only, and only during sorrowful national moments can a leader show emotions-this is understood).

  28. For those of us who understand public speaking, we appreciate that the interview was excellent, if you like top draw.

    1. Composure
    2. Clarity
    3. Eloquent and to the point
    4. Self confidence
    5. Perfect posture/gestures
    6. Clear and concise voice projection
    7. Resolute and forthright
    8. Well researched
    9. Knowledgeable and able to impact knowledge
    10. Well rounded speech with proper tone given different emotions.

    All in all from an expert point of view great interview and we look forward to an even more impressive performance.

    The president’s team might consider thinking about a national address for the first fifty days in office. It will do well

  29. Lungu might not be my preferred choice of president but he is definately a step up from Sata who avoided such interviews for fear of embarrassing himself and the nation. He should just keep at it eventually interviews will be nothing to him.

  30. I will tell you what I liked about this interview. Though on video, it was my very first time to see this person called Edgar Lungu live and to hear him speak. The Lungu I saw was neither masked nor political – he was the genuine and natural Lungu. He was himself. Consequently, I developed a liking for him.

    You can talk about him lacking in etiquette or not being presidential etc.. That to me is extra curricular. What I saw was the real person. The smile that I saw was his real smile. The laugh I heard was his natural laugh. What I heard him say are his natural convictions. That, to me, is what matters. He impresses me well. I have all the reason to believe he will succeed as president. Believe me, I have never been his fan. Now I am ready to cheer him up!

  31. Great interview indeed. ECL is coming up nicely. He is for Zambia for sure. I am liking him more and more. Keep it up mr President Edigar Lungu. Thank you very much.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  32. @zemuntu, there is an adage which says that, never wrestle a pig in mud because you would lose and never give cheese to a dog because it will not appreciate how nice it is. All I am saying is, you and the other pigs will never appreciate a well articulated man like HH. So you can wallow in your poo together with your Lungu. The pig pane is good for you!!!

  33. Trying to be objective sometimes is a tall order when one has clear and declared bias as I do.I have stated in the past that I am not a supporter of the PF or Edgar Lungu. None the less I accept him as our current president and reserve the right to criticize or disagree with his policy positions when I feel they contradict with my own and so does every Zambian. In this interview Lungu raises some points regarding the government’s position on mining and foriegn investment that on the surface seem to be just populist positions and I agree with kudos to Lungu for that. We all want an equitable and fair agreement with our partners. However subliminally inhe has just told the mining companies they should be ready to be replaced. Quote “….what can I do? I will look for partners elsewhere..”

  34. That’s my P R E S I D E N T.
    The President of the Republic of Zambia Till 2022. The truth shall surely set you Free. EL is free…No more opposition threats. That Interview was truly necessary and since it happened to have taken place outside Zambia, it has killed hh “terribly hit below the belt)—– hh is hit pa fibusaali….ouch.

  35. I was very impressed with this interview. The comparison of this guy with HH is a no brainer. 2016 will be easy meat for Lungu. Mutati, Milupi, Maureen, Shikapwashya, Miyanda, Chipimo, Sondasho et al take note.

  36. EL for me is showing dangerous traits of an iron fist leader. I would hate to be EL’s enemy. I am looking beyond 2016 & asking what will happen when protesting Zambians exercising their democratic rights & in the process become EL’s enemies??….what did he say about tonne of bricks again?? For those getting too excited, I would be cautious, wait until this power marinates in EL’s head after 2016, then you will see the wrath of this man.

  37. I am not a supporter of ECL and his PF under Mr Sata. On this interview I am fully converted and would now support him because of the following:
    1. Answers questions posed sincerely and to the point. No waffling as you would expect from a seasoned politian bent on misleading the audience
    2. He has been President for a month and already appears confident and natural. I bet he will get better with experience
    3. He has repaired the damage done to the role of Zambia in international relations especially from the undiplomatic gestures his previous bosses were routinely making

    4. He is clever and has utilised his opponents’ jibe “to drink” to his advantage

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