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PF hasn’t suspended Masebo-Chama

Headlines PF hasn’t suspended Masebo-Chama

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo arrives at the Supreme Court buildings in Lusaka yesterday to attend sittings of a tribunal that has been appointed to investigate her
Sylvia Masebo

The Patriotic Front (PF) has distanced itself from claims being made by embattled Chongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvia Masebo that she has been suspend from the party.

PF secretary general Davies Chama said he was surprised to read in a newspaper that Ms. Masebo was suspended from the ruling party.

Speaking to journalists shortly after President Edgar Lungu left Lusaka for Chipata at City airport this morning, Mr. Chama explained to journalists that the party only wrote a letter to Ms. Masebo asking her to exculpate herself.

Mr. Chama said the party was shocked to read in the press that Ms. Masebo was claiming to have been suspended from the party.

He further explained that the party was waiting for an exculpatory letter from the Chongwe PF lawmaker.

He said any failure by Ms. Masebo to produce an exculpatory letter will result in her matter being reported to the disciplinary committee of the party where it will be determined.

And the PF secretary general has disclosed that Kasama central MP Geoffrey Mwamba has also been saved served with an exculpatory letter.

Mr. Chama noted that the party was waiting for a response from the Kasama central law maker.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chama has hinted that the party will soon hold elections to fill all the vacant position countrywide.

He told journalists that the party was not in a hurry to fill any position adding that it will soon call for elections as indicated by President Lungu.

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    • She is panicking, but we make wrong choices at times. Cardinal rule is to be loyal to ones friends- Bembas say don’t hate those you live with because the visitor will go back to where they came from.

    • I regret at one point having respected this woman. even in marriage, certain women behave like masebo. she can’t endure hardship. Masebo has always been a follower and not an independent thinker who can lead others. she always jumps on the band wagon.

      who can cite an example where masebo raised a rebellious movement which has ever turned victorious.

    • Masebo is always very irrational & childish.

      This is a joke! She said, she heard in the press or is it from Mmembe.

      Silva is simply trying to find a way to abandon PF and join UPND. She has sensed the suspension is coming.

      My message to all UPND is stay away from this MAMA. She is trouble in and out.

      I Repeat.. UPND stay away from this MAMA. !!!!!!

      Her irritating & misfiring conduct will push away voters. She is not an asset to any political party, whatsoever.

    • @Nostramadus,,,
      me, i miss wynter kabimba as secretary general of PF mwe,,, mwati is this Davies Chama son of a `distance`

    • What is happening in Zambia is a clear case of what God can do to a hypocritical nation. For a number of years now, Zambian was portrayed a Christian nation, they even included a line in the Zambian constitution. And yet this is a country whose people are filled with tribalism, nepotism, corruption, and what God has done is to remove the veil to expose the true picture of what Zambia is. If you met some of these tribalists on Sunday and see how they worship, you would think you have met classy people, and yet its the opposite. The inside of these people is a different story. They are rotten with tribalism!!!!

    • She doesn’t need to exculpate her self expell her already. She is indisciplined and has no loyalty whatsoever. I remember how cocky she came off trying to block Mr ECL from becoming party president. I don’t really care for PF but Masebo is not an ASSet to anyone but just comes off as an a$$!

    • Ba Ndobo 1.8 – There is a useless organization called rainbow party – if you went there you will most likely find one equally useless Wynter Kabimba.

    • What’s the difference between “exculpate yourself” and suspension? I’m thinking one leads to the other….

  1. LT your english is abysmal. The word is SERVED…not SAVED!
    How can we strive for excellence with such mediocre performance. Mining houses will strip our copper/cobalt without paying taxes.
    Foreign road hauliers will operate without paying taxes.
    Foreign-owned milling companies will operate without paying taxes.
    Retailers of foreign origin will conduct business without paying taxes.
    Private clinics will operate without paying taxes.

    • Excuse me, now what has your comment got to do with the Masebo story? Are you hallucinating? Whatever you smoke, please stop now…not doing you any good Davies K!

  2. This amai librarian pretending to be an economist on account of few courses whilst in school of education is confused as always

  3. As usual ba PF in what they know best ,shoot then aim later.iam also seeing you losing slowly to Nchito.the same with the mines etc

  4. This is very laughable. If you have no confidence in the leadership of Edgar Lungu, why would you fight tirelessly not to be suspended from a party he leads? Zambian politicians are consistently inconsistent without any moral fibre or backbone.

    • Lol. Kind of like claiming your step-father has been cruel to you all your life yet you take him to court to try and keep his surname. This mommy should move on already.

  5. Again where is the Minister of Finance called Chikwanda? This is one of the worst Finance Ministers Zambia has ever had and the President must remove him and appoint a competent person.

    This is the same man who is interferes in other Ministries when his Ministry is just in disarray. The man is too old and he needs to rest and should not mislead the President. How can all big companies be non – tax compliant and yet the Zambians are the only ones paying heavily on PAYE?

    Its time to get rid of such people because they will cripple the nation if not well checked. I hope he is not intimidating the new Bank of Zambia Governor as he has been bullying other Ministries and cheating the President on many issues.

    • For a moment I thought I was reading from the wrong page, an I had to pinch my cheek to make sure I was not asleep…now I realise that we are not on the same page with you Secret Code. The headline is PF hasn’t suspended Masebo-Chama
      …so I don’t see any tax issues in the article above.

  6. the sperm bank cant differentiate suspend and exculpate. The only thing she can competently differentiate are sizes of dicks.

    • You are the one who is not serious! Let us learn to be abreast with news as it breaks! The 24 hour ultimatum has elasped for both GBM and Slut Musebo and their cases are being refered to the disciplinary committee of the party where their fete will be determined.

  7. If Masebo was not suspended, Why has she been relieved of her post that of Election Fimofimo in PF? Let us not blame tis hard working lady because of being jealous of her beauty.

    • Beauty? Looks like a cross dressing vamp! Too much hair extensions. Elaborate like her fake personality. Please. Zambia needs better politicians. Her qualities as a politician are overwhelmed by her attention seeking side. Such wilfulness lets down the image of other females in Politics.

      She ought to resign. Dignity.

    • See how beautifull Livingstone looks like.There is no city now in Zambia thats clean like Livingstone,this is due to Masebo’s hard work.She is pragmatic not chi Gean kapata.Her move at the PF convention was correct as she did not want to chose a short cut.In which democracy will you elect a president of a major party by show of hands.This is a Joke of the centuary.

    • @Sido Marks

      Her qualities as a politician are overwhelmed by her attention seeking side. Conduct unbefitting to her Role as people’s representative.


  9. I have always insisted that Sylvia is very right. It is just that most of our commentators are very illiterate, they never spend time analysing issues and make sense out of them. I have always encouraged all our commentators to be good at reading not just opening their mouths like tins. Lungu is a qualified lawyer and knows exactly what the implications are, the more reason he advised CHAMA. We can not have this country be commandeered by the illiterates, it is wrong, because this people lack capacity to read , they are very temperamental and very insultative. You can not specialise in insults, because this is a sign of failing to reason. First look at the logic foe any statement advanced by anyone, there is usually and always a good reason behind. KEEP COOL USE >0.002% of brain.

    • Ba Rasco, are you a nephew to Masebo or what? what about the insults Masebo kept on hauling at ECL because Masebo was sure HH would win. Do want us to wish away those insults? No this woman should go! She has taken the matter to court now because of gratuity from parliament. Masebo’s hope is that she will be a member of parliament by the time parliament is dissolved and hence qualify for gratuity. WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. SHE HAS TO GO NOW.

  10. PF do need to get rid of Masebo. The question is how!

    So far so good. She has cheap morals. She got herself into this tight corner and she is merely providing advantage to the opposition once again by causing bad relations in PF publicly instead of just answering her disciplinary hearing.

    I have represented myself twice in employment cases against world giants in IT and worlds leading music company, Universal Music Group. So I speak with authority when I say, she is doomed, she has not taken all internal processes to resolve this matter and chosen to intimidate her Party by an ill advised legal process. I won an out of court settlement from the IT conglomerate ( to shut me up, £18.000, but could have had £50,000) you need stamina for unpleasant unscrupulous court fights.

    • 7 years later, I am still trying to get compensation from the Music Group, but they had a very DIRTY lawyer! I hadn’t taken internal complaints and it was tough getting permission to go ahead from Judge, I got lucky, had good reason.

      Masebo was witnessed by all citizens being openly rude to her Party Leader. She said mortifying things that prove conclusively that relations had broken.

      She appears to be angling for a post and not be ‘sidelined,’ but does His Excellency have stamina to face this woman in cabinet? Her second gambit is for financial reward surely. All this is unnecessary. Masebo is a Hell Cat. An Untouchable politically. PF must deal with her effectively. This case should go PF’s way. Public opinion on Masebo is clearly visible, very unpopular disconcerting…

    • @Patriot Abroad
      Congrats on the settlement you won. Coming to Masebo’s issue, you have to wonder why she would want to remain a party which she tried to BRING DOWN. I think that there are powers behind her that we cannot see pushing her to finish what she started and that is to bring down the party or at least cause enough confusion to bring the party down to its knees. It may be that they want her to be the ‘secondary mole’ so to speak because obviously they (E.L and team) will not bring her close to sensitive information. She has to work with a ‘primary mole’, someone she can trust. I may be wrong but that’s what I think.
      Still, the P.F should be careful when getting rid of her. They should not give her what she is longing for and that is confusion.

  11. Ati embattled Chongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvia Masebo! I think PF is more embattled than this mummy! I have a gut feeling that people, inclusive of MPs , councillors and party officials will leave the PF in droves sometime next year (leaving only chibuku hungry non voting violent cadres) and of course people with cases in courts, looking for an easy way out of their legal troubles. These people sitting on the fence are now just playing a waiting game. Its just my gut feeling, I could be wrong!

  12. This country is just scrum bugs at every level. If only the white man didn’t leave early, it could have been far far better. This chama chap came from where kanshi? Just as useless as his pf

    • What point are you making? There are plenty white political scumbags in Western Gov’ts.

      And the White investors are not paying any tax in Zambia as you might have heard if you were not so encased in Slave Mentality.

    • You know Jamawhetever your blog name is,too bad, if you don’t like it here go live with the whites were you will be put where id!ots like you belong, in the lavatories cleaning their poo poo!

    • It’s idi….it’s like you that I dislike. A stupid African that does not realize that we started civilization. We raised baby Jesus and made the Israeli constitution when Zipporah’s father instructed Moses to have judges over the twelve tribes of Israel. Built pyramids all the way to Ethiopia and Sudan. Science in Tibukthu. If you feel like you are inferior to white people that is you and your house. Styopet!

      Moving on Obama a black man, no matter how you spin it put policies in place that has seen the US economy rebound. Reason why all other currencies are free falling world over.

  13. Imwe, Masebo is buying time only to protect her Parliamentary seat and allowances. Potentially she is UPND already though she might join Rainwater party soon. That is where it is sweet

  14. Masebo is dull, how does she read a statement from ZWD and then rush to fill a case in the court? It is a pity that we still have this type of lawmakers in Zambia and no wonder we never move forward. Actually Masebo should have just resigned from the PF without waiting to be expelled or whatever awaits her fate in the party. We cannot seriously continue having unprincipled people in parliament and calling the, honorable for being political prostitutes.

  15. What is happening in Zambia is a clear case of what God can do to a hypocritical nation. For a number of years now, Zambian was portrayed a Christian nation, they even included a line in the Zambian constitution. And yet this is a country whose people are filled with tribalism, nepotism, corruption, and what God has done is to remove the veil to expose the true picture of what Zambia is. If you met some of these tribalists on Sunday and see how they worship, you would think you have met classy people, and yet its the opposite. The inside of these people is a different story. They are rotten with tribalism!!!!

  16. Whatever you think of the woman Masebo, the fact is she is hard working. A workhorse, who can work until others drop, that’s how she managed to successfully host the UNWTO General Assembly in Livingstone. Having said that on the downside, is that she is an egocentric person who cares for no one else but her self.

  17. If you leave a severely injured enemy alive behind thinking he/she is too injured to live on, you will be surprised to face death yourself from the same hopeless enemy you left behind. Masebo will demonish you at election time. You have to finish her, out of PF, or she will use PF to come and launch a great surprise for you. She showed you what is is capable of, abandoning you when it mattered most, at election time she chose someone else rather than her own. Watch her space.

  18. All of you insulting the Government, read the papers: Ghana has borrowed $1 billion from the IMF! Economy has fallen, currency has depreciated . This loan Is starting this April.

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