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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Yamfwa Mukanga assures Chinese contractors complaining about non payment of money

Economy Yamfwa Mukanga assures Chinese contractors complaining about non payment of money

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga (left) addresses new Zambia Railways Board members at his office as the new Board Chairperson Davies Chama looks on in Lusaka
Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga
(left) addresses new Zambia Railways Board members at his office as
the new Board Chairperson Davies Chama looks on in Lusaka

TRANSPORT, Works, Supply and Communication Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has said his Government is committed to ensure that contractors working on the roads in Eastern province are paid.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) Limited on Wednesday complained of non payment of money by the Government for eight months now.

Site manager Yimo Wang said his construction firm had not been paid adding that it had limited fuel for the works on the project it was executing of roads network in Chadiza district under Link Zambia 8000 project.

“It has taken eight months we have not been paid by the Government and even doing the work is very difficult as at now,”Mr Wang said.

But Mr Mukanga assured contractor that the Government would do everything possible to pay the contractors working on the road projects.

“The Government shall pay the money owed to the contractors and let me assure them that Government is doing everything possible to pay them,” the minister said.

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    • The truth is now hitting home.

      All the projects which were launched by Sata stalled some months ago because the chinese bank released loan money to PF to pay the chinese contractors but the money disappeared.

      Only chikwanda Sata and Nsanda know what happened to the money for the chinese contractors ,especially those failed to pay Nsanda bribes.

      This government habbit leaves a bad taste in the china man ‘s mouth.

      Of all the people PF fails to honor payment to chinese contractors who employ quite a number of people.

      The unfortunate thing is if you work for chinaman you can not complain of non payment lest you get sacked.

      If most big contractors are not paid then thousands of their workers have also not been paid.

  1. ….just because these guys have a full backing from the Chinese govt….they are able to withstand the liquidity problem due to non payment……imagine if it was an indigenous Zambian company…ordinary people would blindly condemn the contractor for abandoning the works….the contractor would be threatened with blacklisting by the very govt……….how can someone commit to a capital project without ‘funds’…?? ..for once, let us be seen to be serious,,,,,,

  2. Projects all over the country are starting to stall and run behind construction schedule because these reckless empty tins have misappropriated funds….their solution is to according to recent reports is go on the market and obtain a loan to payout a debt..only a sick gambler thinks like that…remember why the removed fuel subsidises.

  3. Overeating usually results in vomit! Link 8000 is a waste of good money, dubious contractors, shoddy works & debt on the nation. Slowly but surely, we could have done it, but no, we wanted our pockets filled. Boma inaa broka.

  4. Ba Zambia we told you all these birds would come home to roost. Now in trickle down fashion the truth is starting to hit home. Last week this same government announced contracts for road networks in NW province. How on earth do you start new projects and you can’t fund the ones already in progress. President Chikwanda needs to understand Chikwanda-nomics is not working. Can’t continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. Ba Zambia we told you so!

  5. Ya-we seriously & faithfully told gullible illiterate voters to be serious!You can not vote for visionless lead PF! Very primitive bunch of dinosaurs & drunkard fleas! I’m seeing the worst last episode of pathetic PF flea circus! Just look at the first month of the Kachasu Man’s rule!Literally nothing to show in terms of social economic spheres! This is the continuity dull voters wanted! Let’s continue & real tribalists will fill it in some provinces!

  6. With the move by honourable ABC to relax VAT rule 18 to refund the ” exploiter” mining companies approx USD 400million, I wonder where they will get money to pay the contractors! With 650 unfinished health posts to be manned by community health workers? Pending constitutional reforms, unresolved and seemingly “to be relaxed” mineral loyalty taxes compounded by the semi-annual 2 eurobond interest payments, Zambians should brace for the unthinkable. I feel sorry for madam VEEP who could not explain what GRZ will do to arrest the poor performing currency but hastily says Minister of Finance will issue a ministerial statement! They don’t know what has hit them but were merely doing things without consulting? Solutions is what Zambians what not ministerial statements..with fake inflation…

  7. And we need a serious explanation or Ministerial Statement over stalling projects!Yes we need infrastructure but it should be been well planned and phased in implementation.Stalled projects with huge debts and dwindling revenue sources pose a serious challenge so some one should start realign priorities before it is too late!

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